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    Glow RecipeAvocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask<p>Intensely nourishing, this luxurious Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask is crammed with moisturising, age-defying and brightening ingredients to leave you looking bright eyed and bushy tailed come morning. Rich in antioxidants including conditioning vitamins E and C, avocado oil and extract soothes and nourishes the delicate under-eye area while protecting it against harmful environmental aggressors like free radicals. Other hard-working ingredients include niacinamide, which helps to strengthen the skin&#8217;s barrier while visibly improving the appearance of dullness, fine lines and wrinkles, along with caffeine-laced coffeeberry to reduce puffiness and dark circles. The star of the show? Encapsulated retinol, which helps to firm, smooth and plump fine lines and wrinkles without the harsher side effects often associated with retinol. The encapsulation allows the ingredient to sink deeper into skin and release its youth-prolonging powers more slowly, making it gentler than other traditional retinol formulas. On top of being Ophthalmologist &amp; Dermatologist Tested, the sleeping mask is free of all kinds of questionable ingredients and chemicals, including synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, parabens, sulphates and silicones!&nbsp;</p>GLO012194658500013162794 stars, based on58 reviews 41.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask

    Glow Recipe
    Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask
    ( 15ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Advocating natural, gentle skin care products, Glow Recipe’s goal is to make South Korea’s latest skin care trends accessible to beauty-forward women across the globe. The latest product to join the brand's fan favourite formulas is this potent Ophthalmologist Tested and Dermatologist Tested eye sleeping mask – a must-have for all skin care buffs looking to brighten, moisturise, smooth fine lines and de-puff their eye area without the harsh side effects often associated with retinol. 

    • Description

      Intensely nourishing, this luxurious Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask is crammed with moisturising, age-defying and brightening ingredients to leave you looking bright eyed and bushy tailed come morning. Rich in antioxidants including conditioning vitamins E and C, avocado oil and extract soothes and nourishes the delicate under-eye area while protecting it against harmful environmental aggressors like free radicals. Other hard-working ingredients include niacinamide, which helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier while visibly improving the appearance of dullness, fine lines and wrinkles, along with caffeine-laced coffeeberry to reduce puffiness and dark circles. The star of the show? Encapsulated retinol, which helps to firm, smooth and plump fine lines and wrinkles without the harsher side effects often associated with retinol. The encapsulation allows the ingredient to sink deeper into skin and release its youth-prolonging powers more slowly, making it gentler than other traditional retinol formulas. On top of being Ophthalmologist & Dermatologist Tested, the sleeping mask is free of all kinds of questionable ingredients and chemicals, including synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, parabens, sulphates and silicones! 

    • How to use

      To use as an eye sleeping mask: After cleansing, apply a pea-sized amount to the entire orbital eye area and gently pat into skin using ring finger for optimal absorption. Apply nightly. Do not layer with other eye creams. Use before applying serums.

      To use as a daytime eye treatment: Follow instructions above. Layer SPF that is safe for the eye area on top of the formula.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua, Glycerin, Propanediol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Persea Gratissima Oil, C9-12 Alkane, Stearic Acid, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Kaolin, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Persea Gratissima Fruit Extract, Squalane, Niacinamide, Malachite Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hexylresorcinol, Oryza Sativa Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Coffea Arabica Fruit Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Retinol, PEI-10, Hydrated Silica, Sodium Chloride, Fructan, Maltodextrin, Spirulina Maxima Extract, Curcumin, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Phosphate, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Phosphate, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate, Maltooligosyl Glucoside, Arginine, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Sodium Dilauramidoglutamide Lysine, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, Caprylyl Glycol, Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract, PPG-3 Benzyl Ether Myristate, Polyisobutene, PVP, C13-15 Alkane, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Sodium Hydroxypropylsulfonate Laurylglucoside Crosspolymer, Parfum, Hexylene Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol.

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      Transparency lies at the heart of our philosophy which is why we have partnered with tech-platform – Provenance – to cut through the industry ‘noise’ and equip you with key facts that matter. A 'proof point' with a green tick means a third party has verified the accuracy of the statement whereas no green tick means that there isn't independent confirmation (yet!), but that the brand has still supplied substantiating evidence (which you can view yourself). Discover the proof points for this product below.

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    Glow Recipe - Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask

    Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask Reviews

    It's OK
    Nice, but not a favourite
    I'm not really big into eye creams as I find most aren't worth the money. I got this one in a sample set and found it to be really good, very moisturising and seemed good quality. I knocked off a star as it is rather expensive and it doesn't brighten my bags as much as I would like it to.
    It's OK
    Probably me as I don't seem to have much luck with eye creams/serums/whatever actually working or making a difference - this one is OK, wouldn't buy again as think I've had better products/possible results from similarly priced or less expensive products.
    Really happy
    Don’t be put off by the price, a jar lasts me well over 6 months. I’m under 30 and started noticing more and more fine lines around my eyes and would say that it’s helped keep them at bay. The texture it really moisturising as well which I love. Note I only use this on an evening and use the ordinary caffeine to wake up my eyes on a morning
    Amazing eye cream
    I did a lot of research before buying this product, as I have really sensitive/reactive skin. I’ve been using it for about a month, it’s amazing. In terms of reducing my lines, I haven’t seen anything, but it's unrealistic for those changes to occur in a month. The cream is so hydrating, hasn’t caused any irritation on my skin or causing my eyes to sting. When I wake up in the morning my under eyes are still soft and smooth. Also love the tiny spatula, so cute!!
    Read before buying
    Okay so I've had 4 months testing this product now. Over that time I started out with some minor fine lines around my eyes, barely noticeable to normal people but to me and my super self critical nature could see them and they were bugging me. This product has removed them completely and I can't be without it now. It does sometimes leave my eyes a little sensitive due to the fact that it is a retinol product but that's only really when I'm tired, it's very expensive for a small amount but I've not even gone through half a jar yet. I've seen people complaining about the packaging of this product.. saying they can't fit their fingers in... you're not supposed to use your finger hence why they give the small spatula to get the product out. It's a wonderful product and I feel that more people need to give it a chance
    Amazing product
    I really love this mask, I’ve been using it for 2 months now and I can see the results which btw were pretty instant. My under eye area is so soft and visibly smoother although I don’t have that many fine lines. As per the dark circles which are my biggest skin issue - they are not gone but they are a lot lighter now. I’ve been also using this mask on my upper lip area since I have dark skin there (hyperpigmentation). I was pleased to see the skin becoming a lot lighter. Overall it’s an amazing product texture- and effect wise. The only concern I have is the packaging - I have no idea what was the designer thinking when they came to an idea of a glass jar with tiny opening, I’m looking forward to my attempts to get the product out of the jar once it’s almost over. It will be epic
    Just ok
    I ordered this as it had good reviews and I am constantly on the lookout for the cure to my puffy, dark circles and this just wasn’t it. It felt nice enough but it didn’t actually make any noticeable difference to my skin at all.
    Not bad
    Nice texture, absorbs quickly, hydrating but it irritates my eyes overnight. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin or eyes. It’s also hard to get the product out of the jar given the narrow opening. The spatula is very fiddly and seems a bit unnecessary.
    I find this eye mask very hydrating and I use less than a pea-size. I use it before I go to sleep and wake up without any puffiness, it’s also helped with the dryness I get on my eyelids in the winter.
    Not great
    I don’t feel like this made any difference to me and the pot is hard to get the product out of. Disappointed given the price.
    A pleasant surprise!
    I got a mini of this in the Fruit Babies pack and I will definitely be adding the full version to my Christmas list! I've had dark under eyes my whole life and nothing has ever worked to brighten them, I gave up a long time ago on creams and serums and focused on learning to cover them with makeup instead, but they've got worse the last few years and harder to cover. After a few days of using this they've brightened up, it's amazing! I didn't see any results for the first one or two applications but then it suddenly seemed to work. I also don't think you need to use as much as they recommend (so you can make it last a bit longer!) I'm very fair with combination/oily and sensitive skin.
    Bad packaging
    The cream I like it just fine but I will never repurchase this just because of the packaging design. This little bottle is absolutely ridiculous to grab the product from, it has a very small neck and the cream is not sticky to the finger so you end up pushing it away no matter how hard you try to grab a bit of it. you just smear it continuously around and under the neck of the bottle making it even harder to reach. no thx, not worth the trouble.
    lovely product
    This is a lovely product which makes my eye area seem smoother and brighter in the morning .Would buy again.
    I have really sensitive eyes and I get white dots under my eye with certain creams and this has been helping smooth outlines but also get rid of those dots. I will keep this in my routine for a long time!
    Great product!
    Great product, I wake up every morning looking good with no dark circles under my eyes and no more puffy eyes!
    Super expensive
    Have been using it for a week now but haven’t noticed a difference. It also comes in a super tiny jar so quite expensive and hard to reach the product with you fingers.
    Rich and nourishing
    Perfect for who has dry skin under eyes area or after a stressful day for you skin. To use at night (abundantly in my case), it helps to awaken with nourished (and smoother) skin. I found it a great allied for my eye-area every time I travel, helping me to wake up with healthy looking skin.
    Best eye cream
    Its expensive but worth it. I love the texture and my eye make up has been going on much better since using it.
    Best under eye cream
    The only product which helps with my Milia or under-eye oil glands! Great texture and smoothens the eye area!
    Fine I guess
    Wouldn't buy again
    Great for milia and very fine lines
    the texture and milia I had under my eyes have completely smoothed out and I’ve noticed a difference in the small creases and lines under my eye too. A very light creamy texture feels very nice. I would definitely think about repurchasing when I finish this. I’ve been using it every night for about a month now and am about halfway through I think.
    Absolutely love this eye cream! Smells so good as well. I suffer from milia around my eyes and after using this cream every night I’m definitely starting to notice that they are reducing so I’m very pleased by this product. Would recommend!!
    Really like it
    I love the texture and how creamy it feels under my eyes! And it’s definitely improved the skin under my eyes and made it brighter as well as feel more tight and elastic
    No improvement.
    I used this product for quite a while, I felt some tingling sensation whenever I applied it which made it seem like my under eye appearance was going to improve but really it didn’t do much just a sensation with no results..
    I had 2 milia under my left eye. 2 months and they were gone. This is an Eye-saver. Definitely a good investment as it also heals dark circles and puffy eyes overnight. It's more than 3 months since I have been using it and is still not over.
    It's OK.
    I really like the feel of the cream, sinks in beautifully and defiantly moisturises... however I did not notice any improvement in terms of the darkness around my eyes! Maybe you have to use it for a couple of months before you can see a difference? But if your looking for a eye cream for dryness then its great!
    I have dry skin and round my eyes are fine lines, puffiness, under eye area is a bit dark at the inner corners as well as milia (little white bumps). I’ve been using this cream for 2 weeks and there is definitely a difference. Everything is looking a lot smoother and brighter. There is no scent, there’s a lovely cooling effect and my eyes don’t sting or water after use. The fact that the jar is adorable is just a cute bonus!
    its a no from me
    I really like the aesthetic of this brand. Looks very cute in my bathroom and definitely gets me excited to do my skincare routine because of how pretty/ "instagramable" the brand is as a whole. That is what the 2 stars are for. This product isn't good at all. I'm an experienced retinol user and I just feel like the marketing on "encapsulated" retinol is just nonsense. It did absolutely nothing for my under eye circles. I actually woke up with fine lines under my eyes a few times (which I don't usually have - for context I'm 21) because the product made my eyes dry some how? ..... Very cute packaging. Very aesthetic. But that's about it. I genuinely enjoy the Inkey Lists brighten-I eye cream way way better. I really wanted to like this but..... no. Consider this review before purchasing.
    I love Glow Recipe products and swear by the Watermelon Sleeping Mask and Pineapple Serum. I enjoy this eye cream as it reduces eye bags immediately but not sure how it works in the long run to reduce fine lines & wrinkles. I would recommend it as it is nice to use and does have some instant results.
    I've been using this for many months, and it's fine - no more, no less. The texture is nice, it does remind me of avocado actually. The cream sits for a bit rather than sinking in, but that's not surprising for a mask. It feels hydrating but that's about it: I didn't see any improvement in dark circles or puffiness (my main concerns), nor did it get rid of my single milia (as mentioned in another review). The packaging is awkward because small scoopy spoons get lost very easily (and it's one more thing to clean with each application). I didn't have any issues with it, but it also doesn't stand out.
    Used it for 3 months, didn't notice any difference in the texture around my eyes
    Love this eye cream
    I really do love this eye cream, I have tried so many and they all make my eyes itch in the night, but not this one, it sinks in easily and isn't just for night as it goes under make up well too.
    Really happy with this
    I use this alongside the avocado sleeping mask for face, over my moisturiser, love it, I could notice some lines around my eyes and this mask really smoothed them out, no irritation as I sometimes get with other products.
    Amazing eye cream
    It's not clear to me why they have called it sleeping mask as it can be used at daytime too and you can't layer any other eye cream on top at night time, but I love it anyway! I have massive problems in find an eye cream that doesn't make me watering or cause me conjunctivitis and this product is perfect in my opinion. I use it at night , in the morning the Dr Sturm's eye cream that is my other love, as a common eye cream and in the morning I can see my eye contour smoother, brighter and my fine lines are almost disappeared (I'm 40).The jar is beautiful and I really like the fact that GR provides the small spoon to get the cream out. As all retinol products perseverance is the key.
    Waste of money
    Normal skin, wanted to treat dark circles (nothing dramatic, just not enough sleep), used it every night for 3-4 weeks. Did it work? No. It did nothing with my dark circles but made my eyes bit puffy in the morning. Packaging: Very cute but for me very uncomfortable. Comes with a little spoon (keep it clean, find a place for it, clean after usage...). other products coming with a spoon has a determined place fot that within/on the packaging, but not this one. Moreover most of the times you scoop out way too much product. Consistency: thick cream with some bigger avocado(?) pieces. Will I repurchase? No. I usually like GR products, but this didn’t work for me unfortunately
    Causes eye irritation
    I like the packaging and the look and feel of the product, but every time I use this overnight (and I'm careful to apply far away from my actual eyeball!) my eyes really hurt in the morning and look red/yellow bloodshot, and I have to rush to wash my face. I've used a ton of eye creams and have never experienced this before! I've been trying as an eye mask for 20 min or so but really makes no difference in terms of appearance or hydration.
    I waited to finish the entire tub before writing this review. Given the price of this product, I expected to see a visible difference. There was absolutely no difference. I don't have crows feet but I do have crepey skin under my eyes. I also have dark circles. If anything I felt like layering this product on every night was actually making my eyes slightly puffy in the morning. The only thing I can say that was good is that the packaging is cute. Would be even better if the lid was also a holder for the scoop for hygiene reason. Definitely won't buy again.
    A great mask
    I was happily surprised by this product. On the first few applications, I felt like nothing was happening and I was just patting some very expensive guacamole under my eyes but kept applying this consistently every other night and I can now confidently say it's making a difference. I'm 29 and getting my very first fine lines to the corners of my eyes, however, after introducing this to my routine, I feel like those lines are slowly but surely fading. The skin around my eyes feels more plump and firm. However, I have to point out two flaws: 1) the packaging is awful. It's so hard to scoop out the product as the shape of the bottle is anything but user friendly. The product is constantly stuck under the nail of my little finger. 2) I do find this can be a teeny tiny bit drying (it does contain retinol after all), so would in no way use it as the sole under-eye moisturiser. It leaves a very light film which I can still feel and see in the morning if I squint my eyes, so I always rinse my eyes the next morning and then apply C-vitamin eye cream to finish off the routine. I found this combo gives the best results and makes the skin around my eyes so smooth.
    Really rich eye cream
    I have been using this cream for about 3 weeks now and I cannot say I have absolutely no puff under eyes, but I do see the difference and you can really feel how its richness provides moisture to the under-eye area. I have never had any burning or tingling effect and I always wake up with a good, healthy look. It takes so little of this cream for one application that I feel it will last me for months to come.
    I never usually leave reviews but WOW
    As I have put in my description, I don’t usually bother leaving reviews but this cream is something else and I want all the ladies (and men) out there that suffer from any under-eye problems to seriously give this a try. I have very dark and even slightly hollow rings u see my eyes and now at the age of 32, I can certainly see lines coming through, to the point where my concealer started to make my eyes look worse. I was at a loss and super self-conscious about my eyes and I even went to the extent of paying for under eye filler and a tear trough procedure to which the results were minimal. I was going to go back for more filler but I found this sleep mask and I tried yet again another eye cream with not really much hope but I was intrigued by the fact it’s an eye sleeping mask. Oh my goodness guys!! I kid you not, the next day my concealer started to lay just like it did when I was in my mid to late ’20s, my eyes didn’t look as dark and my eyes are no longer something I feel embarrassed about and even when Iv has not had a full 8 hours I can still pull off a pretty fresh face!! It’s really brought my confidence back and I’m thrilled to bits about it! So I would highly recommend especially before you go down the same route as me with getting fillers. The reason it has got 4 stars, which I am so so sorry about but, the design of the jar is quite annoying it has the smallest hole to get your little finger in and I do feel like I’ll waste product by it not being easily accessed to get the cream out so please if the makers of this magic potion read this!! Please redesign your pot!! Otherwise, good luck my lovely’s!! I hope everyone gets super good results and can feel amazing about their under-eye appearance again :-) xxx
    I love Glow Recipe`s products and this mask is amazing.
    I have a fear of milia under my eye, this product not only banishes milia that are already existing on your skin but prevents it from coming back! The encapsulated retinol makes for awake eyes in the morning and fine lines, who are they? There's no scent it's the perfect texture for the under the eye, not too heavy but not too light, leaves your under eye feeling moisturised! I've finished my pot now and I can safely say that it's made such a difference to my under eye!
    The best eye treatment for sensitive skin
    I chose this because it has kind ingredients and rave reviews. I was worried it might be too strong for my sensitive eye area but it is a perfect consistently and doesn’t migrate. I’ve used for a week so far and my eyes look awake, bright and smooth each morning, very soft too. No eye product has achieved all of this for me before!.
    Beautiful product!
    I use this around the orbital bone at night and wake up in the morning with far less puffiness and lines apparent. Very nice rich consistency, not at all greasy though. I really like Glow Recipe products in general and this may be my fave? Will definitely re-purchase this little miracle worker. Recommended.
    Brightens, smoothes, hydrates... This really does just do it all! I have sensitive, easily irritable eyes and this does all the wonderful things an eye cream should without any irritation. I use both morning and night, of course using under an SPF during the day. I’ve tried SO many eye creams over the years and never found that any would actually make my under eyes look any better. This eye mask truly does do it all! Cannot be without it now! Also works great under makeup too. Love it!!
    Feels dreamy
    I've just ran out having bought 5 months ago and using nightly. The jar is very cute and comes with a tiny spatula, so great for avoiding dipping fingers into pots. The product feels very thick and luxurious, although it doesn't always sink in immediately. I have noticed a definite improvement in dark circles and fine lines (for context I am in my late 20s and tend to work shifts, so dark circles are common for me!). I've generally found eye creams a little meh, but this definitely works and I will be repurchasing.
    Nice one
    Absolutely love the texture, feels really luxurious. Sinks in like a dream and moisturizes well. Don't know about the anti-aging properties (yet), one has to be realistic about what a cream can achieve. Still, it's so nice I just want to keep applying it. Looks good on the shelf, too.
    Avocado melt eye mask
    Not bad still making up my mind, skin looks a bit smoother and less lines had a couple of milia which I hoped it would get rid off as it did for other customers but it didn’t, however it’s smells lovely the texture is cooling and not too heavy and it is pleasant to use.
    Since the lockdown started Iv been giving myself a break from makeup and thought now's the time to start taking better care of myself. After buying this my undereyes are brighter and noone believed I didn't have concealer or foundation on. It goes on smooth and a little goes a long way. I would definitely buy this again, even the pot it comes in is cute!!
    Not so wow
    It’s okay. Not bad but not that impressive too. Didn’t do much for me. I read reviews that it reduces the milia spots from eyes which is why I purchased it but strangely I feel like mine have gotten worse. I don’t think I’d like to repurchase.
    Its ok but not amazing, haven't noticed much improvement whilst using it.
    Works wonders on Milia!
    The texture of this cream feels amazing after you put it on as a night mask and you really feel like it will stay on and work all night. I had a single milia under my eye for over a year and tried everything to get rid of it. After just 1 week of using this mask it completely disappeared! I can't say it helped with dark circles or dullness as much as my other eye creams have, but no eye cream I've ever used has got rid of my milia until this one! You also only need to add the smallest amount on your under eye area so it lasts ages.
    Great eye cream
    I love this eye cream. I get milia really easily if I use products that are too heavy but since using this the texture around my eyes has actually improved. It hydrates nicely and I wake up with less puffiness than I used to. It's also just so nice to use, I love the packaging!
    I've used this product for couple of months, really wanted it to work for me. I noticed that my undereye area was looking dull, dry and a lot of fine lines started appearing after using it. I went on vacation and didn't bring this cream with me, and I immediately noticed how better looking my undereye area was. I gave it a go again after I came back home, same issues started appearing, I had more fine lines than ever and even deeper dark circles. I quit using it, and probably will not buy any of GR products again.
    Reduces Dark Circles Immediately
    I have used this product a couple of nights in a row now, and I can say it has an immediate effect on my dark circles - they are so much more reduced! The skin around my eyes feels a bit tighter too. I am a bit of a newbie to the eye mask game so this is this first product I've tried after 27 years of no eye products, but this really felt good! The packaging is super cute too, and it feels like spreading avocado around the eye - so good!
    I just dont know.
    I'm trying really hard to love this product but I feel like it doesn't do a whole lot, it's not really adding any hydration to my under eyes and they just don't look any different.
    I’m 65 with combination skin. Nice cream, feels good at the beginning. But- in the morning, my “bags” are still there and the skin around my eyes feels very dry
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