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    FreshRose Deep Hydration Facial Toner 100ml<p>As beautiful as it is hardworking, fresh's Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner is jam-packed with real rose petals that creates a gorgeous amber-toned hue that you'll adore. A bestselling must-have, this alcohol-free formula is laced with toning rose fruit extracts, skin-soothing rose water, nourishing rose oil and angelica leaf extract to help retain moisture levels while hyaluronic acid also helps to attract and hold moisture to enhance suppleness in skin. The perfect follow-on from your cleanser, this hydrates and clears skin of leftover impurities, leaving it silky soft and prepped for the products the next part of your routine.</p>FRE002_100ML188748092801396115 stars, based on66 reviews 21.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner

    Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner
    ( 100ml )

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    • 100ml - £21.00
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    • Why it's Cult

      Launched in 1991 as an apothecary store curating upscale, natural beauty products from around the world, fresh has transformed the skin care industry with its pioneering use of natural ingredients from soy and sake to sugar. Marrying world-leading, good-to-skin ingredients with centuries-old cultural beauty rituals, fresh delivers sublime products with mind-healing and skin-transforming results. A revolutionary toner infused with real rose petals and hyaluronic acid, this Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner not only increases hydration but also minimises pores too.

    • Description

      As beautiful as it is hardworking, fresh's Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner is jam-packed with real rose petals that creates a gorgeous amber-toned hue that you'll adore. A bestselling must-have, this alcohol-free formula is laced with toning rose fruit extracts, skin-soothing rose water, nourishing rose oil and angelica leaf extract to help retain moisture levels while hyaluronic acid also helps to attract and hold moisture to enhance suppleness in skin. The perfect follow-on from your cleanser, this hydrates and clears skin of leftover impurities, leaving it silky soft and prepped for the products the next part of your routine.

    • How to use

      Pour onto a cotton pad and sweep over your face and neck. Use daily, morning and night, after cleansing and before your serum and moisturiser.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Rosa Centifolia Flower, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract, Angelica Keiskei Extract, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, PEG-150, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Citrate, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, BHT, Parfum (Fragrance), Phenoxyethanol, Citronellol, Geraniol

      Fresh product ingredient listings are updated periodically. Before using a fresh product, please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.

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    Fresh - Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner

    Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner Reviews

    best toner
    I have oily skin but this works absolutely amazing. This really hydrates my skin as well as it helped with blemishes. I like to apply it with my hands and you don't need to apply a lot. It smells really good and lasts a long time.
    Nice product but rubbish packaging
    Lovely toner for dry skin, I wouldn't say much better than its high street counterparts though. And the floating bits mean that you use 75% of the bottle and then the hole gets clogged so you can't get any more product out.
    Not so hydrating - and picking rose petal pieces off my face is annoying!
    This toner looks beautiful - and smells beautiful. But that’s about all I can say that’s positive. It isn’t very hydrating at all. But the most confusing thing is that the little rose petal pieces, while are nice to look at, disintegrate in the bottle over a few weeks and end up coming out and sticking to the skin. I end up picking little bits off of my face every morning and evening. Not sure why the brand would’ve made this choice - and quite frankly it means that much of the remaining liquid at the bottom of the bottle is blocked by bigger rose petals so you can’t get it out and it goes to waste. What a shame! Not a repurchase.
    Just amazing
    Lovely hydrating toner! Highly recommend for a gentle soothing toner with that luxe feel. Bonus it looks just stunning on display and smells beautiful.
    This left my skin glowing and radiant and is incredibly hydrating!
    A really lovely product, it looks gorgeous, lightly moisturises as it tones. Smells delicious but in an overwhelming way, I really like that it is not sticky or oily and just sinks in instantly without leaving any sticky layer or residue behind. It's also gentle enough to be used daily and works really well alongside my other serums.
    It looks pretty but
    I wanted to try this product for a while. It looks and smells amazing. However it didn't do anything for my dry, sensitive skin, it only made me feel like a princess cause it's so cute :-)
    Best toner ever
    I have got very dry sensitive skin and this toner is perfect for it. It moisturises and gives my skin a nice glow. It makes my skin look fresh and does not irritate it like other toners I have used before. The smell is very nice as well and it's not overbearing like some.
    A dream!
    Absolutely love this toner. It is a more luxury purchase but it is really hydrating. Suits dry, combo and oily skin well. It’s great if you feel you need that extra kick of hydration or you want to feel pampered.
    Good but honestly pricey
    The product itself I do really like but honestly, I wouldn't buy it again just because for the bottle size it's just too pricey for me personally. Otherwise, I do like the feel of it.
    Fresh rose toner
    I enjoy how gentle this toner is on my skin, I use on a reusable cotton pad and sweep over my face. it feels fresh and my skin feels super clean. It doesn't give you the tight feeling a lot of toners do. Although it works fine for £21 I want more than fine. I think for the size of the product its overpriced and for me there is a better fit for what I want. I probably wouldn't purchase again.
    So Very Hydrating
    This was a bit of a slow starter for me but suddenly I noticed how much more hydrated my skin was and brighter. I like to a be a little extra with my skin care so love using this as a toner on my legs when on holiday as a 3/4 step routine to make sure my tan looks flawless, and to really help make everyone envious on my return.It also increases the longevity of my tan.
    A great gentle toner on drier skins
    This is beautifully gentle toner which provides relief for drier skins. I just pour some in my palm and pat it into my cleansed skin gently. It sinks in quickly without tackiness and you can feel the immediate hydration. I am not the biggest fan of rose scents, but it's not too bad and doesn't linger. It may be a little too much on oilier skins.
    love it but...
    I love this product and it does get the job done. The one reason Why I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because once you are l eft with half t he bottle, the petals inside the bottle make it a little difficult to get the product out and it it quite unnerving especially when you are in a hurry
    Gorgeous scent
    This is such a delicate toner! I have combination skin and adult acne so always struggle to find a toner that doesn’t strip my skin raw, is soothing without being oily and does some go.is. But this is it! I love the super sweet smell of roses and will be keeping this in my regime as a staple product.
    Best hydrating toner
    I’ve tried so many different types of toners but none of them hit differently except this one. First of all, it smells absolutely gorgeous!!! And once applied to skin it feels so hydrating, but not sticky at all!!! It’s done wonders to my skin. I have predominately dry skin with a normal/ oily T zone. Honestly definitely worth buying!
    one of my favourites
    I've never been so in love with a toner before. this one smells amazing and is so hydrating and gentle. will definitely be a repurchase
    It smells nice but not as hydrating as expected from all the hype. Certainly overpriced for what it is. Honestly, for the price, I'd rather stick with Mario Badescu's rosewater and witchhazel toner.
    I love it but...
    I love this toner and I’ve used it years back and now again but it;s very small compared to its price.
    Excellent toner
    This product really agrees with my skin. I have combination with quite a bit of dryness and I find this toner is gentle, purifying but moisturizing at the same time. I would definately repurchase
    Cheap packaging
    I got this in the mail today after a couple months of debating if I wanted to splurge and spend £34 on a toner. I was really disappointed by 2 things, first about how little product you get for the price and that the bottle is plastic. For £34 I expected a glass bottle and a bit more product. The plastic just looks cheap and takes away from the luxury of the product. I haven’t actually tried the product yet but will say I’m disappointed with the plastic bottle.
    I have large pores and redness on my cheeks, nose and forehead. I have found a considerable difference on my pore size and overall redness and dullness in my skin since using this product. I bought the small bottle for trying purposes and will definitely recommend and repurchase before it runs out. This is a firm product in my routine which is gentle enough to use day and night whilst being balancing and hydrating. I like to use it on my hands rather than a cotton pad, to apply to my face. Smells beautiful and not overpowering. Also stunning packaging with the addition of real rose petals.
    Oh yeeees!
    Overall, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by this toner. I have struggled with my skin during my teen years and then this bad boy showed up. I struggle with combination skin and sometimes a lot of breakouts, it depends on the day and my mood. However, this toner has helped me in so many ways. It helps my skin restore moisture and balance out my skin tone. With all these benefits in mind, I have to give it five stars, mainly because of how it changed my skin for the better.
    Happy with it!
    I love its fresh rose smell, it works well on my sensitive skin, leaves the skin hydrated and smooth.
    I find this toner hydrating, but since I have sensitive skin the added fragrance isn’t the best for me. To be fair, it smells amazing though and I appreciate that, it honestly makes for a better “experience” when doing your skincare routine. I won’t repurchase this product because I don’t think it’s worth the price tag, also there are other toners out there that have many other benefits in addition to hydration that also suit my sensitive & combination skin better.
    Bad product performance
    I thought it smelled very good at first, but later I found it very unpleasant, probably adding a lot of pigments, flavors and additives. And my face is a little burning and very uncomfortable. I don't recommend it!
    in love!!!
    The smell and how it hydrates my skin, I love it.
    I have sensitive and acne-prone skin. I heard this toner is very similar to Kiehl's Calendula toner so I bought a small travel size of it. It irritates my skin. It gets red and burning. I guess that's because of Citric Acid it has among ingredients.
    Very hydrating
    I really am surprised at how much I love this toner. It's really hydrating and smells great (if you like roses). My only issue is that the petals sort of become a murky slush when you've nearly finished the bottle so some of the toner goes to waste. Would recommend.
    Really nice!
    This is a really lovely, smoothing toner that smells divine and is very gentle. The rose petals are a nice touch. The only issue is the plastic bottle; for £34 I was expecting a glass bottle, so was quite disappointed to see the bottle was very thin plastic. Makes it feel cheaper.
    finally a good toner
    I was searching a very long time to find a toner that helps my very dry skin with moisture. I apply it in the morning to gentle cleanse my face, then go in with a moisture serum. Does my skin no harm, great product.
    Tests on animals
    The product is alright - smaller than I thought but smells good. Felt hydrating on the skin, but haven't used it long enough to see any difference. However, their website FAQ implies that they are a crluetly free brand - they are not. Broke my 2 year cruelty free streak due to this. Will be passing the product onto a friend.
    Amazing toner!!
    I have oily to combo skin and I’ve been loving this! It feels so luxurious and hydrating! Didn’t break me out either which is a plus.
    Best toner you will ever try.
    Not only does this look beautiful on my table, but this is also an alcohol-free toner which rose petals inside! After cleansing my skin, this feels super soft and gentle and prepares my skin for my following skincare products. My skin feels fresh and hydrated as soon as I use this. Definitely recommend.
    Great for dry, sensitive skin
    Very good toner for dry and/or sensitive skin Highly recommend using a toner for pores, and really rate this one.
    This is my go-to hydrating toner, I think I'm on a repurchase bottle....5! It's light and has such a delicate smell that I really enjoy the experience of using it - plus it's so pretty to look at on my shelf!
    I usually opt for an acid toner in the evenings, however, I'm a massive fan of the Fresh Rose range so I was eager to give this a try! I've been using this in the evening before my serum and moisturiser and I've definitely noticed my skin feels and looks a lot more hydrated. It also smells beautiful.
    I LOVE IT!
    Good product, however a little expensive
    Finding the right toner for sensitive skin is a challenge. It's trying a number of products to find one that ticks all the boxes. I love this toner, it's delicate and hydrating and smell gorgeous too! However, it is quite expensive for the size of the bottle that you get. It would be also nicer if the bottle was glass, the product itself would be cooler and more refreshing.
    I bet it's good but....
    I was really excited when I got my Fresh Rose Toner but unfortunately my skin does not react good with it at all! I've got an awful red rash on the sides of my nose and on my forehead. I used it twice to test if it's really the toner and yes it is. My friends are using it and they're all loving it! So I think it really depends on how your skin is reacting.
    Basically, I loovvee this product! It's hydrating my skin and also I have sensitive skin but the fragrance in this toner doesn't hurt my skin at all.
    Hydrating, not not wow
    Got this a few weeks ago after my Elemis Ginseng toner finished. I was excited about this product as I read many great reviews which seemed to say it's great for dry skin, but I am not so impressed. It's ok, hydrates just fine, but the Elemis one gives a smoother surface and smells 1000x better than the Fresh one. Personally, I won't repurchase.
    LOVE IT!
    I looove this toner, initially I bough the small size as I wanted to try it first, but now when I am convinced that it works, I ended up buying the big bottle from 250 ml. I usually don't like rose scented products, but this one smells amazing and the fragrance is not so overwhelming. Also it really helps with skin hydration and if I am having some breakouts, the serum is really good for helping me calm my skin. Overall I am very happy with this product and Fresh brand as a whole, I've used their Soy Cleanser and Rose Face Mask as well and I am amazed by the results which I am getting from these products! Definitely recommend them! <3
    good but not worth the extra price
    It's a nice rose toner but I did not see or feel any difference to the regular rose water toner, which is cheaper, after using for a good few months. I probably wouldn't pay the difference again and just get the regular rose water version.
    Love this toner
    This toner provides deep longlasting hydration, which is a great result for such a lightweight texture. I don't use cotton pads and apply it with my palms. My dehydrared skin feels soft and plump instantly. It's a bit pricey but the results I get worth the money. I'll keep it in my routine.
    Best toner around!
    I love this toner, it's perfect for my dry skin. Also it has rose petals inside the container, very fancy.
    My favourite toner!
    I’ve tried so many toners and although this is quite pricy it’s worth it. Love the scent and it’s very gentle. Would be even nicer in a glass bottle as opposed to plastic.
    Love it!
    I got the 100ml just to try it out, cos I ave heard a lot bout this toner, it's super hydrating, I love the smell of fresh rose petals so much, it didn't break me out (well I hardly breakout anyways) and the bottle is just... BEAUTIFUL!! The way the rose petals floats around.. 5star toner But I'd appreciate a price reduction tho I mean it's just a toner 250ml should be 21bucks.. skincare these days so unnecessarily expensive.
    Great Toner
    I have been using this toner for a little over two weeks, I have dry and sensitive skin and it has been very calming and hydrating for my skin. The reason for the 4 stars is that in comparison with other toners it is expensive however I will be continuing to use as part of my skin routine as it works for me.
    Not worth the price
    I purchased this product after looking for a hydrating toner and seeing it given the thumbs up by a very popular aesthetician. It’s okay but for the price I really do think there is better out there. I am also put off by the perfume added and prefer my facial products to only have natural scents. If you have sensitive skin I wouldn’t suggest something with perfume in. It looks very pretty in the bottle with the rose petals but I didn’t buy it to look at.
    Does the job, but not worth the price
    This product is very overpriced for what it does, I must say I do feel like it gives me a deep hydration to my skin, and makes the skin really smooth and soft. It seems they’ve bumped the price up because of the fresh rose petals... which is silly. The size is also really small! Not worth the price! However, I feel like I could buy fresh rose water from the Indian shop for 90p and it would do the same job. Undecided if I would buy this product again... otherwise I’ve heard great reviews on this brand.
    Treat not essential.
    There's nothing wrong with this product per se. It looks beautiful, it smells beautiful and it gives an extra layer of soothing hydration. However, I haven't seen any major differences in my skin since using this product. For me this is an extra treat in my routine rather than an essential, and for the price I would rather add another serum or sheet mask. For this reason I would not repurchase.
    I will not use any other hydrating toner
    Lush! Just lush. Hydrating! I tried this using face pads and my hands and both very effective.
    Loved it
    Definitely pricey for what it is but so worth it, I can’t help but repurchase. Leaves my skin super soft and hydrated. This has become a staple in my skincare routine.
    Best toner for my dry skin
    I have tried many toners, this is the best for now to recover my dehydrated skin. I will continue buying it until I could find the better one.
    I liked it
    A natural toner that is like medicine, you will love your skin, the smell of roses, I love this toner
    Good performance on my skin
    Lovely, hydrating toner with a good smell that does not bother me although I am very picky with smells. It is very gentle and all and all a great toner.
    Very hydrating
    This is an amazing toner and helps me hydrate my skin. My skin becomes very dry in winter months especially my cheeks. I sweep with a cotton pad and then splash and pat my face to hydrate more. Great product
    Beautiful looking toner ..... at the beginning
    Recieved this in a gift bag from Cult Beauty. It is a lovely toner which does make my skin feel fresh afterwards and it's lasted me for ages. I have about a 3rd left and the petals get in the way of getting the rest of the liquid out which is very frustrating!
    A good toner
    Love it
    Very nice
    Leaves the skin moist and with a good feeling, however, I'm not sure it worth the high price.
    Best toner
    Smells like roses. Very gentle on my eczema sensitive skin. Glad I tried it.
    Huge no
    I don’t recommend using this one - heavily fragranced and broke me out. Use pure rose water - the result would be better for a smaller price.
    I'm very happy i bought it. Works well for my dry skin.
    This is the best toner I have ever tried. Leaves my skin hydrated and super soft! I highly recommend it.
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