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    Escentric MoleculesMolecule 01 Travel Size Refill<p>We've been waiting for the travel version of Molecule 01 for a looong time, this is the refill for the gorgeous travel box.&nbsp;This modern classic shook the industry when it launched ten years ago &#8211; and now a decade later it still has many fragrance fans (and a fair few celebrities) loyally spritzing it on. Maverick perfumer Geza Schoen, created Molecule 01 to blend with the wearer&#8217;s natural pheromones, for a spellbinding effect. Yet it will never be cloying or overbearing &#8211; indeed, when it comes to scent that will have a spellbinding effect on others, less is really more.</p> THC00650601033100745 stars, based on39 reviews 36.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Travel Size Refill

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    Escentric Molecules
    Molecule 01 Travel Size Refill
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      At first glance, the gentle warmth of Molecule 01 shouldn’t be as seductive as it is – yet that’s what probably made this now classic scent so ground-breaking upon its launch. Based around a single note - Iso E Super, it doesn’t go in all guns blazing – flashing its wares like a can-can dancer. Instead it’s somewhat of a smooth operator, deceptively subtle and melding with the wearer’s natural pheromones to enhance their allure and put a spring in their step. The fact that it's not quite tangible is what makes this concoction all the more enticing. This handbag (or man bag)-friendly version is perfect for topping up when you’re out and about, or have limited space in your carry-on.

    • Description

      We've been waiting for the travel version of Molecule 01 for a looong time, this is the refill for the gorgeous travel box. This modern classic shook the industry when it launched ten years ago – and now a decade later it still has many fragrance fans (and a fair few celebrities) loyally spritzing it on. Maverick perfumer Geza Schoen, created Molecule 01 to blend with the wearer’s natural pheromones, for a spellbinding effect. Yet it will never be cloying or overbearing – indeed, when it comes to scent that will have a spellbinding effect on others, less is really more.

    • How to use
      Apply Escentric Molecules' Molecule 01 fragrance to skin wherever you like to be kissed.
    • Full ingredients list
      Escentric Molecules Molecule 01: Iso E Super (65%). Stocking filler. Cover up your sins.
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    Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01 Travel Size Refill

    Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Travel Size Refill Reviews

    Molecules 01
    I've ever had so many people ask what I’m wearing.
    Molecule 01
    This perfume is amazing the smells are gorgeous and the best bit nobody knows what it is unless they wear it themselves
    Whenever I wear this perfume I am always asked what it is. I love this perfume as it's so versatile, can be worn day or night.
    I have had more compliments about how lovely I smell than with any other perfume I have worn.
    Vraiment exceptionnel
    J'aime beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup❤ ***I really like a lot.***
    My sister got me hooked on this perfume. I have been stopped in the street to ask what my perfume is. It has to be my fav perfume.
    First class
    The second time that I’ve ordered from Cult Beauty, both times first class service. Wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or recommend to friends and family
    Love it
    I bought the travel size to test it out and I have to say it smells amazing and I’ve literally not worn any other perfume since buying it. I’ve had lots of compliments whilst wearing it as the scent is really unusual. Definitely my current fave!! Xxx
    Can't get enough of it
    I receive lots of compliments everytime I wear this and it is definitely a good bottle of perfume to take with you on holiday, because it's not too strong for wearing it in the day time and is super chic for dinner time too! Plus, I like that you can get different perfumes from this range and mix them up, it will give you very unique scents! I personally use Escentric 01 too.
    An interesting experiment!
    I bought the travel size of this perfume after reading an article in The Times, more out of intrigue than anything else. In the space of 1 week I have had 3 people comment to me 'you smell lovely, what is it?' One was a new work colleague, another a chap in the village pub and lastly my sister! I asked her what it was she liked (and told her about the news on this fragrance) and she replied that she wasn't entirely sure, it just smelled like me but with an extra 'something'! So far so good!
    Just started wearing this recently and I cannot believe the amount of comments I have received. All positive I add and from all age groups. My only worry is putting on too much because I am unaware of the scent myself. I would definitely recommend this fragrance
    I bought this as I had heard such good things about it, however, when I put it on and it smelt like Palma Violet sweets, very chemically and reminds me of an old lady sent.
    A bit like the Emperors new clothes...
    I decided to take the plunge I purchase the smaller size of this, after reading the great reviews. I sprayed it but couldn't smell anything. My Daughter came home from school and said I smelt lovely. Even hubby said it smelt wonderful, but alas I cannot smell anything. So either they are having me on or it really does smell wonderful ! I will wear if for work next week and see if the comments continue. I've knocked off 1 star cause I haven't got a clue what it smells like !!
    So unique
    I love this perfume. I spray it on myself throughout the day just to smell it. Its Beautiful! The travel size price makes this completely unique and wonderful smell affordable too!
    Molecule 01
    I was complimented on it the first time I wore it. Unfortunately I cant smell it on myself at all. A pity as it does smell lovely when I first put it on.
    When They Love You But They Don't Know Why
    This has been my go to scent for over 10 years now. Remember smelling it on a female friend and commenting how lovely it was. She told me it was unisex so I asked if I could try some. When she put it on it was hard to notice any scent, very subtle. That afternoon I had the first of dozens of compliments asking me what I was wearing. The unique and intangible equation about Molecule 01 is that it really doesn't smell the same on everyone. For me though, the compliments are almost daily. I find that people react as if something has touched their senses on a deep level. "You always smell so good.' 'You smell gorgeous, what is that", etc. 01 is my scent for life. Two bottles a year works just fine. Shame the travel sizes aren't a little bit more cost effective otherwise I'd have one in my bag everyday. It's a five star scent but here I'll give it four stars, just because the 100ml is £65.50 and the 30ml is £38. That and the fact that Molecule never seems to be included in Cult Beauty offers. Still my favourite scent of all time. For me it works an absolute treat. I may not be able to smell a thing but others around me love it!
    Beautiful smell, last's all day. Love it smells fresh and sexy!
    Beauty Writer
    It was love at first sniff and my inner soul had to have Molecule 01! A child from 5 metres will compliment you.
    I'm already a fan of Escentric 01. Bought the 30ml size of Molecule 01 so I could try it out without committing to a larger and more expensive bottle. I prefer niche fragrances to the mass market department store favourites. I don't like to smell like everyone else. Molecule 01 changes throughout the day and smells different on everybody. A truly magical and unusual perfume. I think I'll get another bottle for my sister for Christmas.
    I like this Refill because it is cheaper, but is the same as the travel size, without the box.
    Strange situaiton
    Before I ordered Molecule several times and it was really beautiful. But now I don't feel any scent at all. I can not understand where the problem is. What did change in it? May be some changes something in the composition? I am so upset
    Molecule 01
    This perfume is brilliant I have had so many compliments when wearing this. I love this perfume.
    A winner in every sense
    Simple and unique.
    If you like petrol buy it.
    When first sprayed it you get the same smell as when you use a petrol pump and it gets on your hand. After 30 seconds it’s almost gone, leaving you with the faint aroma of wd40. Never been so disappointed with a fragrance, already binned after 1 spray.
    Exciting, elusive, gorgeous to wear. Feel unique wearing it. I'll wear it forever.
    I have loved molecule 01 for a long time, it is unique. This purchase was a birthday gift for a close friend, who loves it too after I gave her a bottle some Christmas’s ago. When she wears it at work all her colleagues want to know what it is.
    This perfume is the most unusual perfume I have ever purchased in a good way, of course, people have complimented me a lot of it, as I spelt it on a customer in my workplace I had to ask where she purchased it from and she told me here!! And now I love it so much as I sprayed a little on my skin from my customer to see how well it would stay on my skin. A very happy customer indeed I will for sure buy more when it runs out :D
    Molecule 1
    Feel like I have wasted my money, cannot smell it at all and been wearing it 4 days now and no one has commented. Won't be buying again very disappointed customer.
    Subtle & Elegant
    I smelled the 01 on a friend and bought some for myself. As others say, you cannot smell it on yourself, your clothes in the wardrobe may retain some of the scent... I love the subtle smell and being asked by others in shops which perfume I am wearing is a first!
    I love it
    I started buying this 4 years ago and it's lived up to all expectations. My staff used to follow me around just to sniff me, even doctors at work used to say I smelt divine, people stop me in the street and ask what perfume I wear. I can't smell it on myself but I know it's there and others love it!! An amazing perfume that lives up to its reputation.
    Molecule 01
    I bought this after smelling it on someone and then reading the great reviews but I absolutely hate the smell of it on myself and my daughter. I had great expectations for the perfume, so disappointed.
    Great scent
    I decided to try this after reading the reviews in the hope of being chased down the street simply because I smelled so good, especially as this has never happened to me before. I haven't been chased down the street but weirdly enough I have had lots of people compliment me on my perfume which is a bit of a first. Smells great.
    I bought the travel size as I wanted to test the scent on my own skin. WOW literally blown away by how nice this perfume smells. I have had endless comments and people asking which scent I am wearing and where can they buy it. I love the fact that Escentric Molecules isn't sold everywhere! making it that much more luxury and out of reach of all! Its my new signature scent...SO happy I stumbled upon it. Mine forever!!
    Received Molecule 01 very swiftly from CB great service, love the smell however I cannot smell it on myself at all, it smells very strongly on friends but very faint on me.
    Lovely on me
    Ordered the travel version in case it was a failure. Initially it smells chemically but this fades to a not unpleasant black pepper scent which then turns into something bordering floral but a deep floral but not spicy floral. I haven't had people rush up to me to ask what I'm wearing but neither have I had people running in the opposite direction. I think it smells stronger to other people rather than yourself. Happy with purchase and would buy again.
    Lovely smell, love it. Everyone asks what perfume I have on.
    Lives up to the hype
    I've been familiar with thus fragrance for a few years after noticing it in various people. As a Miller Harris devotee it has taken me a while to get around to buying molecule 01. I'll be using both from now on. It is true what they say there is something incredibly magnetic about Molecule 01!
    Bloody awful
    I feel compelled to write this as this perfume has given me a few skin tags around my neck and has brought me out in spots! I thought it might be a coincidence so I stopped using it, after a few weeks of a lot of aloe Vera on my neck to get rid of the rash I thought I should try again and the rash came back. I have never had a reaction to anything before so this is definitely trouble for my skin. Just thought I should share this with you, and all for nothing as my husband said it smelt of nothing on me.
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