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    • All Purpose Skin Cream
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    • Why it's Cult
      Based on a formula that was created thousands of years ago in the land of the Pharaohs this versatile cream uses all-natural ingredients to moisturise & nourish skin and hair from head to toe and it's safe to use on the whole family. Egyptian Magic has earned its reputation through word of mouth. The likes of Madonna, Kate Hudson, Karolina Kurkova, Emily Blunt & Rachel Zoe are all devotees making it a truly global cult product and an essential in your bathroom cabinet.
    • Description
      Everyone finds their own favourite use for Egyptian Magic balm - some love it for clearing up their baby's nappy rash, while others swear by its miraculous eyelash-lengthening properties and some love the way it cures split ends or banishes under eye circles. Olive Oil, beeswax, propolis, honey & royal jelly work to reduce the appearance of scars & stretch marks, banish acne, soothe sore, cracked hands & restore chapped lips to pouty perfection, as well as balancing oily & dry skin. It's best applied before you go to bed, which allows it to soak in & work its magic, giving you a radiant glow on waking.
    • How to use
      Take a small amount and rub in your hands until it takes the form of oil and apply it gently to your skin or hair. It can be used as face cream, eye cream, neck cream, foundation base, on hands, arms, body, legs, and as an after shave moisturizer to prevent cracks and itches. It is excellent on burns, minor cuts, eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, Feet Saviors etc.
    • Full ingredients list
      Olive oil, beeswax, honey, propollis, pollen, royal jelly

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    Sarah Brock

    Bridal Make up ArtistI am addicted to this product!

    I am addicted to this product! Great to carry in my pro-kit for any dry skin patches - it is so healing and soothing. I also always have a few pots at home, as I use it on my teenage sons for shaving rashes, as it cools and soothes any irritation. Everyone needs a pot (or three!) of this magical formula in their bathroom cabinet!


    Its a bit over rated

    I bought this reading the reviews. However, I was not as impressed. The portion is huge so yes, it will last a long time. However, it is a bit oily and upon application tends to make my skin sticky and oily looking. You cannot step out wearing this. Can only be used at night.


    Nurturing and highly moisturising

    I purchased this after reading wonderful things and am impressed! It is PETA approved and I love that it is all natural, with none of the irritating parabens, colours, fragrances and oils that often irritate my skin. The only downside with this gorgeous balm (I am using it purely as a face cream) is that it takes soooo long to absorb, which is great perhaps for rough heels, chapped hands, lips, but I am using it at night as a face cream and have to be conscious that it could spread onto my clothes, pillows etc. A little goes a looooong way so it is very economical and presents great value! I have very sensitive skin and this hasn't irritated me at all, I would absolutely recommend this product.

    Sara Raeburn

    Make Up ArtistMy desert island product

    Egyptian Magic is my one of my desert island products, I discovered it about 15 years ago in Los Angeles. I love that as an all natural balm it can have so many uses healing and moistuising lips, elbows, heels, noses (especially after a cold) and I have even used it as a cleanser. An all round emergency friend! My tip is to decant it into a small pot so it can slip into your handbag and wash-bag so it is always at hand.


    Found it!

    This is the product I've been looking for but didn't even know I needed! I've had persistent acne for years, and dull rough skin. I bought this on a whim before a long-haul flight and I started using this product to rehydrate and never looked back. I use it every evening on my face and my breakouts have all but stopped. I also use in on my wind-chapped hands (I live in Canada) and it works instant wonders. I'm amazed! My skin is so smooth and soft I can't believe how perfect Egyptian Magic is for me. I've all but halved the amount of makeup I need everyday and my lips have stopped cracking. I've even been handing out sample pots to my friends, and they love it too!

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