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    Drunk ElephantT.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial 50ml<p>The ultimate resurfacing treatment for ultra-stubborn, dull and uneven skin, there's a reason (or ten!) that the <em>entire</em> beauty community is utterly bewitched by Drunk Elephant's T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial. Beyond shifting pore-clogging detritus and minimising the look of problem pores and tell-tale fine lines, it gives <em>the</em> greatest glow you'll ever know!</p><p>The closest thing to a facial that you can get in the comfort of your home, this supercharged treatment boasts an impressive 25% AHA and 2% BHA blend of glycolic, tartaric, lactic, citric <em>and</em> salicylic acids; this potent concoction is a recipe for surface-level <em>and</em> deep exfoliation that promises to visibly smooth the texture of your skin and diminish the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. We're seeing a major case of 'baby face' in your future! This pro-quality formula is also infused with a soothing antioxidant blend of matcha tea, milk thistle and apple, alongside chickpea flour and pumpkin ferment to dramatically brighten and even your tone as it leaves it feeling silken and supple. Err on the side of caution when it comes to exfoliating acids on account of sensitivity? The brains behind Drunk Elephant have thought of everything! Made in two different sizes and with all skin types in mind, this formula is even crafted at an ideal pH of 3.5 with a blend of acids that work in harmony to boost efficacy <em>without</em> the redness and sensitisation. Instead, expect more even, radiant, baby-soft skin!</p>DRU057243628565560042725 stars, based on64 reviews 67.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial

    Drunk Elephant
    T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial
    ( 50ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Everybody in the Cult’s getting tipsy! Serious skin, hair and body care heroes that don’t take themselves super seriously, Drunk Elephant’s rise to the top of the industry pops has been (rightfully!) meteoric. It's only right then that this release is equally earth-shaking; making its eagerly anticipated trip across the pond, the T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial has been an object of longing for all beauty obsessives that don't live stateside. Amassing a herd *clears throat* we mean, a horde of fans of those lucky enough to get their hands on it, now's your chance to try out the uber-talented, resurfacing treatment...


    • Description

      The ultimate resurfacing treatment for ultra-stubborn, dull and uneven skin, there's a reason (or ten!) that the entire beauty community is utterly bewitched by Drunk Elephant's T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial. Beyond shifting pore-clogging detritus and minimising the look of problem pores and tell-tale fine lines, it gives the greatest glow you'll ever know!

      The closest thing to a facial that you can get in the comfort of your home, this supercharged treatment boasts an impressive 25% AHA and 2% BHA blend of glycolic, tartaric, lactic, citric and salicylic acids; this potent concoction is a recipe for surface-level and deep exfoliation that promises to visibly smooth the texture of your skin and diminish the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. We're seeing a major case of 'baby face' in your future! This pro-quality formula is also infused with a soothing antioxidant blend of matcha tea, milk thistle and apple, alongside chickpea flour and pumpkin ferment to dramatically brighten and even your tone as it leaves it feeling silken and supple. Err on the side of caution when it comes to exfoliating acids on account of sensitivity? The brains behind Drunk Elephant have thought of everything! Made in two different sizes and with all skin types in mind, this formula is even crafted at an ideal pH of 3.5 with a blend of acids that work in harmony to boost efficacy without the redness and sensitisation. Instead, expect more even, radiant, baby-soft skin!

    • How to use

      Use once weekly. Apply an even layer to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Follow immediately with Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil for best results. Slight tingling may be experienced.


      To get the most out of this product, we recommend starting slow and giving your other potent treatments a break. This probably goes without saying, but if your skin is already in a confused state (i.e., sunburn, redness, or sensitized areas) wait until things are on the calm side before using this product. You’ve made the investment and we want you to get the maximum results.

      Now go have your cells knocked off! Top your results off with their Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil and we think you’ll have a very satisfied glow.

      Babyfacial is not recommended for use by pregnant or nursing mothers. Always check with your doctor before using any new products while pregnant or nursing.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water (Aqua), Glycolic Acid, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Salicylic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Lactobacillus/Pumpkin Ferment Extract, Lactobacillus/Punica Granatum Fruit Ferment Extract, Opuntia Ficus-Indica Extract, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Silybum Marianum Seed Extract, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Juice Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Powder, Cicer Arietinum Seed Powder, Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil, Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, Sodium PCA, Allantoin, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Dextrin, Polydextrose, Sorbitan Isostearate, Amylopectin, Niacinamide, Phytosphingosine, Lactic Acid, Propanediol, Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Polysorbate 60, Caprylyl Glycol, Chlorphenesin, Phenoxyethanol

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    Drunk Elephant - T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial

    Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial Reviews

    5 star product
    Very good! Baby skin face <3
    efficient but
    The product was really exciting to use. I visibly saw the exfoliation results. But it leads to having breakouts a few days after. I am not new to exfoliation and I don't have sensitive skin.
    Pores have become so much smaller!
    This was a bit of a big purchase for me as don't usually spend so much on facial products, but so worth it...I'm about to buy my second bottle! There's a few things this product has done for me, the main one (and the reason I bought the product) is that it's massively decreased the size of my pores. I felt like before this, I did everything to try and make the pores on my nose smaller, but from the very first use of this product I could honestly see a difference. I've used it once a week for about 6-8 weeks now and they're so much smaller and don't think they would be at all noticeable to other people. The second thing this product has done is really decrease the amount of spots I get and the frequency I get them. The third is a general look and feel of clear, soft and bright skin. Roll on second bottle!
    Words Cannot Express
    My face was SO soft after using this product I literally couldn't stop touching it. Word of warning, you can definitely feel it working, I'm glad I read the instructions carefully because when my face started tingling at first I would have been worried I was having an allergic reaction but really you can just feel it WORKING. I'd recommend this the morning of a night out- or the night before for the next day as it can leave you a little red in the face- especially if you have sensitive skin, but not for long! It's one of the best 'at home' facials I'd ever had- and the mini marula oil sample that comes with it is the perfect combination for touchably soft skin- Highly recommend.
    I love this product. I use it once a week and notice a huge difference in the texture and brightness of my skin after. It has a stinging effect when I first put it on but it fades soon after. However, it does require a 4-5 pumps for me to get even coverage over my face and neck.
    Amazing product
    I don’t often write reviews but for this I had to! I was skeptical about all the hype surrounding this product but having used it a few times I can say I understand why everyone raves about it. The kind of glow it has given my skin is has me checking my skin in every mirror I pass and grinning ear to ear.
    VERY potent :)
    I gave 4/5 starts because after the 3d use where I left it on for literally 3 minutes longer than the packaging suggests, it burned my skin. In the morning I woke with two red patches on the apples of my cheeks and by the evening they were all dry and super rough. My skin was peeling slightly the whole week after so the expected exfoliating effect was ruined cause my face needed to heal first and then be exfoliated again :) In general I believe that it is a good product but you've got to be really careful and preferably leave it on for less rather than more time. P.S. I have combination skin and it’s not sensitive so I didn't see that coming at all :D
    Not sure
    This does seem to clear my skin at first but a few days later I do break out a bit. I’ve used it about 3/4 times and always get a spot a few days after. My skin does feel smooth and pores smaller so hence the 4 stars, plus it’s pretty pricey so I’ll persevere with it and finish the bottle but doubt I’d rebuy as I use Alpha H Liquid Gold which I get better results from
    I was excited to try this product and it does not disappoint, brilliant for the skin and prefer to use than retinol. You do need to build up the time you keep on but instant results. Will keep going back to this product!
    This stuff is BOMB! I have slightly oily skin which left me with clogged pores - this sorted them right out! It’s also revealed a glow to my skin I never thought I had! It does tingle for 5 mins or so when you first put it in the face, but that settles. However, if you’ve not used exfoliating acids before I would be careful and build up to this by incorporating them into your routine slowly first. Will defo repurchase! Wouldn’t want to be without this now I’ve discovered it!
    Not a bad product
    I have combination skin prone to breakouts and I’ve been using the Babyfacial once a week for a month now. It does make my skin feel great but my breakouts are much worse. I know it’s normal to go through a purge with a new product but it’s never been this bad. So it’s not a bad product but not for me.
    A New Staple In My Routine
    I have been a Drunk Elephant fan for years and have been desperate to try the Babyfacial. I have particular problems with rough skin on my cheeks and also get occasional breakouts and have already noticed an improvement after only a few weeks of usage. I have been using once a week, as advised, and the product is so potent that the effects last the full week and would probably continue beyond. The rough skin on my cheeks is not usually removed by exfoliants but the Babyfacial gets deep beneath the surface of the skin and encourages renewal in that area. I can't wait to see how the results continue to improve with continued usage and am definitely a convert to this product.
    Brilliant Product
    This product is a game-changer, It leaves your skin so soft with no harshness. It's a unique product and I am so glad I got it!!
    Fantastic product
    This is a brilliant product which lives up to the hype and leaves you with baby soft skin. Tingles when first applied but this soon settles down. Good to also have the Marula facial oil included in the box.
    Excellent product
    Have just started using this product and I get the hype.. my face is just super soft after applying it... great product.. did not experience any ticklish effect... highly recommended..
    Drunk Elephant Babyfacial
    Not much difference and was waiting for tingle or something. Nothing!
    bit dissapointing
    I have used this twice now. I am underwhelmed, I'd been really looking forward to great results as like everyone I had heard much about this product, and from friends, not just internet myths. However, based on my current experience I am likely to give this away to a friend who loves it. Firstly yes there is a little stinging, but it goes quickly, I can live with that. However afterwards my skin is not soft, it's scaly. I thought this was the 'peeling' effect, but for 5 days afterwards, my skin did not feel it's usual soft self. I waited two weeks to try it again and it's the same rough feeling skin. Immediately after using the product my skin does feel soft, but not especially so when patting in the Marula oil. Shame, I had high hopes.
    Nippy but nice ...
    Oh, how it stings the first time you use it! It does do wonders for your skin though, however, I should say that you MUST wear an SPF in the days afterwards (I learned the hard way). Your skin can be a little tender for a few days afterwards, but all in all, I love this little bottle.
    Great product
    The price is a bit high, but it's worth it. Love the shape of the bottle too. Definitely gonna buy it again. I also recommended it to a friend. Really satisfied with my purchase.
    Good stuff!
    Followed the instructions re timings and had smooth skin!
    Baby facial Bliss!!!
    I was so excited to find out we were going to be greeting Drunk Elephants Babyfacial here in the UK and wow is wasn’t disappointed, I am a massive DE fan anyway and this was the missing price to my facial routine. I use once a week and the difference in my skin is immediate, it has a nice little tingle when you apply just to let you know it’s doing it’s a thing and then leaves with you with baby soft skin and a lovely glow afterwards and then followed up with the Virgin Marula oil it really has been a game-changer in my skincare routine!!
    Unbelievably good
    I originally bought this from Sephora in the states & was devastated when it ran out. I wish I had bought 5 and I missed it so much. I was so excited when I saw it was coming to cult beauty. It is literally unbelievably good. I have bad congestion and this is the only thing that improves it. A lot of people say to only use it for 10 mins but I can leave it on for 20 with no issues. I will forever have a back up of this now just in case! If you have texture it’s a game-changer.. acne I’m not so sure as it can sting active spots.
    T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial + Marula Oil perfect combo!
    I got my first T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial at Sephora when I traveled to New York. I’m just so ecstatic it’s finally here in the UK! It does the job of unclogging pores. You’ll feel a slight tingling sensation when you apply it to your skin. If it’s your first time using it, after 10 minutes of application, check whether your skin can tolerate it or not. Otherwise, leave it on for 20 minutes. Immediately after washing my face, while it’s still damp, I use my moisturiser and then the Marula oil (I just can never go without a moisturiser in my routine). The marula oil just rejuvenates my skin. I’ve used like 3 bottles already! (Consistency is key beauties!) Make sure to use this once a week only and with a non-irritated skin. T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial + Marula Oil perfect combo! Loves it!
    Loved this
    This is great for a skin reset - my pores are tighter, skin is fresher and clear looking, and visibility of fine lines reduced. Definitely recommend this for a weekly exfoliation.
    Radiator Installation
    Total game changer in lockdown. Have missed my hydra facials and this product gives all the same results in 20 mins. Sloughs off deadskin and leaves face so soft and smooth and radiant. Followed with beautiful Marula Oil feels like a spa experience. So good.
    Love this product! Tbh I love anything from drunk elephant all their products seem to agree with my skin nicely. My skin is usually quite dry and tight. Amazing product for exfoliating once a week, can feel a little uncomfortable when first applied but the results are amazing after use and after using with their Marula oil. My skin feel so soft and comfy!
    Smoother, brighter skin - a real treat!
    Absolutely LOVE this product, using a thin layer as a Sunday treat-ment I feel it working immediately, gently tingling on my skin. My skin is dry and sensitive but I do get build up in the T zone and chin, which I really focus this product on. Personally I use it for up to 15 mins whilst having a bath - heaven. I follow up with a generous amount of Murula oil and my skin is visibly smoother, brighter and the results last for days. This is absolutely a keeper as a weekly deep clean for softer, clearer skin. As with many other Drunk Elephant products, worth every penny and I would really encourage you to buy this next time you are looking for a high performance yet gentle mask. Enjoy!
    WOW! It really is a Salon Peel at Home
    I purely bought this product from the reviews and beauty media hype as I needed something at home to replace my usual, 3 weekly Peel/Vitamin C Facial/ Dermaplaning. So my skin is used to all the products. I usually use a hydrating mask in between my salon visits but never do a peel at home. So, I went to leave it on for 10 minutes as it was my first time and as it felt fine ended up leaving it on for 19 minutes. WOW my skin is unbelievable. I used the oil afterwards too, it is amazing, so hydrating, so soft and it is glowing. All the other reviews are right, my skin feels amazing. It is expensive but actually, you didn't need too much, so it will last and is definitely worth every penny. Thank you Cult Beauty, I cannot wait to use it again next week.
    I've Been Waiting For This One!
    How long I've waited to be able to purchase this in the UK and slather it all over my face (safely and as instructed of course haha). My skin loves this and looks brighter, clearer and more smooth. My shaving area sometimes can be too sensitive even when I give a longer break than a day before using a strong acid whereas this felt more comfortable and more of tingly sting rather than a warning irritation stinging that I have experienced with others. (People who use razors, shaving tools just be aware in terms of timings before putting an acid over the area) I'm in Love Love Love ... 100% Completly Recommend!
    La la la!
    This product is so good it can cause a few screws to come lose. I’ve inherited a great wealth of bad genes (an assortment of autoimmune conditions, pre-mature menopause) and my skin is such a show off! So I don’t expect any restorative results from my skin care products, just comfort. I was a bit wary of using this mask because when my skin reacts to a pro duct, it does so violently. Not this this time. A layer of dead cells came off to reveal a baby soft, clean, glowing skin I never knew existed. La la la!
    My favourite mask
    I’m so glad this is now available in the uk, I’ve used this for 3 years as I use to work a few times a month in the US, it’s the best mask I’ve used and now the only one I buy, you will see a visible difference after one use, highly recommend, love cult beauty.
    No words to describe this mask, I love it!! I used many products from this brand, this mask is my favourite. My skin looking beautiful. Thank you cult beauty that you brought this product to UK as well!
    But babies don’t need facials, they already have…ahhhh!
    I've waited a LOOOOONG time for this to be EU approved, and I'm not the only one! The ‘steel hand in a velvet glove’ of skincare, this cream mask applies like butter but is the closest thing to a professional peel you can do at home. Considering it's got 25% AHA, the well-buffered formula (velvet glove) means that the prickling and redness I expected did not happen, more a mild tingle for 5 of the 20 minutes. And boy does this live up to expectations, this isn't baby face this leaves my skin baby's butt soft. If I close my eyes and run my finger tips over my face there's no nicks, and it feels like puppy belly. I'm a little obsessed.... If you have sensitive skin I'm sure I don't need to tell you to put your fingers in your ears chanting la, la, laaaaa when reading this so you don't feel left out. we have loads of other awesome products on the site, this is not for you.
    Love this product!
    Such a great product, was scared it would be too harsh but it really isn’t. Leaves skin feeling and looking super smooth.
    A stable in my routine
    I used to have friends bring this from the States so I'm happy that it's now available at Cult Beauty. It works beautifully on my older skin as well as my daughter's younger skin.
    It’s okay does what it says
    I mean for £67 I wouldn’t say it’s a game change sure it gives you glow and if does leave your skin feeling smooth but I wouldn’t say that it’s a must buy but will say it then when I do use it and put on make my makeup ends up sitting very well on my skin.
    Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Facial
    Super good product - does what it says on the blurb - have very sensitive skin and this was fine - and using the Marula Oil (another 5.5 stars) afterwards and daily has really helped my skin look less washed out and dry. Would recommend both products but would use as directed and only once a week on the facial. Expensive but actually working for me.
    I really like this product. I have sensitive skin but have had no issues. I do notice some dryness from overuse so be careful to follow up with the wee oil provided but overall my skin texture is fab.
    SO good
    I love this so much - I am prone to hormonal breakouts around my chin & have some pigmentation/texture on my cheeks. I get a few blackheads across my nose but otherwise have fairly average skin. I’ve been using acids for a long time & my skin isn’t prone to breakouts or product sensitivity. I got a slight tingle when I started using this but no adverse effects whatsoever. I LOVE using this so much & it makes my skin look incredible. I did wince a bit at the price as £60 is normally my limit on products, but this is 100% worth it!
    OMG - Incredible!!
    I can’t get over how amazing this product is! See immediate evening of texture and brighter skin after use. My skin feels so smooth and divine it’s just a gorgeous product. When I first started using the product my skin felt a little hot after applying which I read is normal but my skin got used to it after about 4 uses - definitely build up gradually with how long you leave the mask on to give your skin time to adjust!
    Great product
    Has a really noticeable brightening and 'pore-minimising' effect, very noticeable immediately following use. I have heard that this product has a slight stinging sensation for some people but I didn't experience that, possibly because I use the DE glycolic acid serum. I felt it was gentle on my skin and my skin looked much clearer and younger after each use and I have used this several times. I'm a fan of DE in general and this product did not disappoint.
    Worth the hype
    I definitely felt some tingling on the application, however, this faded after a few minutes. Easy to apply and remove (not sticky like some similar peels). After removal, my skin was somewhat sensitized but after applying the included oil my skin felt soft, smooth, glowy and revived!! Wow! Best results I’ve had with an at-home peel. For reference, I have normal to oily skin and have been using exfoliating acids for several years.
    LOVE THIS! I am a huge DE junkie and was so excited to try this product out! I had to wait a couple of weeks as my skin had been dry and chapped previously, so I wanted to make sure my skin was calm before trying. The actual product has a thick consistency and took a few attempts to get it to pump out of the nozzle. It tingles when it's applied but only for a few seconds, I then leave it on for 20 minutes with no adverse reaction and then rinse it off and apply Marula oil. The results are absolutely amazing!! This has become a permanent part of my Sunday night routine.
    Made eyelids swell up
    I have pretty un-reactive skin as tried many treatments and peels, retinols previously and been fine. So was surprised when reacted to this. It made my eyelids swell up for days after and now they are reactive to anything i use. I thought this was caused by something else. I used the DE babyfacial again a few weeks later and the eyelids were swollen again. obv wont be using anymore now i know this is the cause.
    Game Changer
    I’m a bit of a product junkie and this one didn’t let me down. I was so worried as I have sensitive skin but this didn’t aggravate in the slightest. A bit of a tingle when I first applied then left me with super soft skin- love it!
    Never going back !
    I bought this for my daughter. She tells me, hands down it is the best facial product she has ever used. It feels like a real treat, and leaves her skin velvety soft. She can’t wait to use it at the end of each week, and won’t use anything else now. The bar has been set too high !
    Good, but need to check further
    I like the packaging very much. The face looks and feels smooth after usage. But don’t see long term improvements, need to check after 4 weeks I guess.
    This was recommended by a friend and I love it. My skin feels soft and plumped. I can see a visible improvement. I will be buying again.
    Have now used this mask three times oh how lovely I followed the instructions to the letter, really pleased how my skin feels especially this time of year, it’s my time to relax.
    I honestly love this product. It is expensive but so worth it. I really notice a difference after using it! I use it once a week and have had no adverse effects other than a bit of a tingle when I first put it on.
    The new HG
    Love this, use it weekly and leaves my skin feeling amazing.
    This stuff is amazing. I love DE products but very happy we can get this in the UK now, used it 3 times and my skin gets better every week. I’m 45 so looking for results from the products I buy and this stuff live up to all the amazing reviews... recommend it in a heartbeat
    Great Product
    Skin looks brighter after just one use. Really lovely product!!
    I’ve been wanting to try this for years so it’s amazing it’s finally available in the UK. I admit I was apprehensive to try it after hearing how strong it is but I left it on for the full twenty minutes and I had no reaction and I didn’t even tingle, my skin must be super tough. My skin looked like I’d spent all day in a spa, I will definitely use this forever. Thank you Cult for bringing this to the UK.
    Cannot believe this one is finally in Europe!
    I remember purchasing this mask during a trip to US a few years ago and it instantly blew my mind - it is indeed the closest thing to a professional facial that you can get at home! Very strong and effective, so once a week is more than enough for me - which is great since it’s also a bit pricey.. Cannot be more excited that it’s now available for us Europeans, I bought it on the first day it became available on Cult Beauty.
    Very good
    This product leaves my face really smooth. I absolutely love it. I use it once a week, and I was content to see that it came with a travel size Marula Oil.
    Love it!
    I used it a couple of times now and I am really impressed. The skin is smoother, pores are minimized and the glow is back the next day Definitely recommend using it with the Marula oil
    Love this product. You can feel it working immediately! My skin looked and felt bright and refreshed straight away and this continued into the next day. Will definitely be using it regularly going forward. 100% recommend it!!
    I seem to be missing something...
    So I fell for the hype and amazing reviews and decided to try this product. Unfortunately, I seem to be missing something with this one. I have a combination skin/ oily t-zone and struggle with blackheads on my nose. This product claims to " remove pore-clogging detritus whilst minimizing the look of problem pores and tell-tale fine lines". I saw absolutely no difference, no healthy glow, no tingling sensation and for the price tag, I was expecting to see something after weeks of use. Disappointing! I've given it 2 stars because my skin did feel smooth after though it wasn't exactly rough before and the consistency of the formal is easy to apply.
    This is a fantastic product. Soon as I used the product I could see the difference. My skin looks amazing. I would definitely buy this again. Very expensive but worth every penny.
    Been waiting years to try this
    When I got the email to say this was now in the UK after years of wanting to try it I was delighted. Used it twice now, once a week since Iv received it and you can notice a difference straight away after use. Must must have and I have tried a lot of masks! Similar to Ole Henriksen PHAT but I would say this beats it hands down
    Very nice!
    I have acne / blemish-prone skin I’ve taken years to clear & perfect, This is a very nice face mask, Leaves my skin very smooth after use, slight tingle but I wouldn’t say wowed me as much as the herbivore prism face mask So if you’re looking for something that really packs a punch go for this one if you are looking for something lighter and makes your skin more glowy go for this one :)
    Dreams do come true
    Being a die-hard fan of acid exfoliation I was practically leaping for joy when this finally landed in the UK! The years of build-up in waiting to try this did not disappoint. I do love TLC Framboos, however, I don't find it quite does it for me. When I say that Sukari BabyFacial leaves my skin baby-soft and glowing, I mean GLOWING. This does tingle when first applied, even on my really tolerant skin, but this dissipated in a few minutes. The change in the texture of my skin on first use alone was incredible, and now that I've used it more consistently I can see such an improvement in the overall tone, texture and brightness of my skin. Followed up with the mini Virgin Marula oil included in the box, it makes for the perfect weekly mini facial. Hydration is key after this level of exfoliation, so ensure to follow up with the marual oil, or your preferred nourishing night-time oil, to really lock in moisture and nourish the skin. If you're used to acid exfoliation, and looking to really up your game then this is the product for you! What's more, this makes for the most beautiful pink addition to my 'shelfie'!
    Mini facial in a jar!
    Say no more to expensive facials! This baby does it all! I first stumbled upon this at a Sephora while living back in the States, it had done wonders for my pore clogged, congested skin. I unfortunately was not aware this wasn't initially available in Europe so imagine my great disappointment when I moved to the UK last year only to find it unavailable anywhere even online :( So pleased Cult beauty has decided to be the first to stock this finally in the UK and at long last EU approved! While at a hefty price tag, please don't be put off by the price the bottle managed to last me a good few months without regular use, you only really need to use it once a week, two if your skin is very oily so all in all good value for money Please don't ever discontinue making!
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