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    Drunk ElephantSlaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser<p>A must-try for any Drunk Elephant devotee, this brand new Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser unites a clever oil to milk cleanser that when used on dry skin with dry hands, effectively melts away all traces of dirt, debris, make up and sunscreen &#8211; even water-resistant formulations.</p><p>Free from the suspicious six, Slaai is infused with antioxidant rich fruit extracts and oils to help soothe skin while an African oil blend of marula, baobab, Kalahari melon, mongongo and ximenia, intensely moisturises, restores elasticity and helps to recover your skin's luminosity. Designed to be used on dry skin, Slaai removes excess oil, grime and make up from skin. Adding water activates Slaai into a milk that rinses cleanly, leaving behind a dewy glow. Use the accompanying Bamboo Booster &#8211; a physical exfoliant, formed from ultra-fine bamboo and charcoal spheres, once or twice a week to gently slough away build-up and dead skin cells to help reveal a dewy complexion.&nbsp;</p>DRU021181688565560047535 stars, based on257 reviews 29.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser

    Drunk Elephant
    Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser
    ( 110g, 3g )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Everybody in the Cult’s getting tipsy! Serious skin, hair and body care heroes that don’t take themselves super seriously, Drunk Elephant’s rise to the top of the industry pops has been (rightfully!) meteoric. Founded by Tiffany Masterson who wanted to formulate products without any ‘fillers’, this all-star collection is powered by biocompatible actives – a mix of synthetic and plant-derived extracts – that skin recognises and knows what to do with. And, because of their ingredient-elimination philosophy, you won’t find any of the following ‘Suspicious 6’ – drying alcohols, silicones, SLS, chemical screens, essential oils or fragrances/dyes – so you can ‘reset’ your complexion and help both your skin and your tresses to flourish like never before.


    • Description

      A must-try for any Drunk Elephant devotee, this brand new Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser unites a clever oil to milk cleanser that when used on dry skin with dry hands, effectively melts away all traces of dirt, debris, make up and sunscreen – even water-resistant formulations.

      Free from the suspicious six, Slaai is infused with antioxidant rich fruit extracts and oils to help soothe skin while an African oil blend of marula, baobab, Kalahari melon, mongongo and ximenia, intensely moisturises, restores elasticity and helps to recover your skin's luminosity. Designed to be used on dry skin, Slaai removes excess oil, grime and make up from skin. Adding water activates Slaai into a milk that rinses cleanly, leaving behind a dewy glow. Use the accompanying Bamboo Booster – a physical exfoliant, formed from ultra-fine bamboo and charcoal spheres, once or twice a week to gently slough away build-up and dead skin cells to help reveal a dewy complexion. 

    • How to use

      PM: On dry skin, use dry fingertips to massage Slaai over face and eyes. Add water to activate, rinse well with warm water and pat dry. May also be removed with a soft, damp cloth. 

      AM: (optional) 1-2 times per week, add our Bamboo Booster to Slaai for a customised, skin-refining physical exfoliation to aid in the removal of dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface overnight. Avoid the eye area when using the exfoliating booster. 

      Tip: If using retinol, we recommend avoiding Bamboo Booster, or using with caution, as it can be too much for skin. 

    • Full ingredients list

      Slaai Makeup Melting Butter Cleanser:

      Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Lauryl Laurate, Polyglyceryl-3 Laurate, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Wax, Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate, Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil, Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Oil, Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi) Fruit Extract, Fragaria Ananassa (Strawberry) Seed Extract, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed Oil, Borago Officinalis Seed Oil, Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil, Polyglyceryl-2 Caprate, Citrullus Lanatus (Watermelon) Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Schinziophyton Rautanenii Kernel Oil, Vaccinium Angustifolium (Blueberry) Fruit Extract, Ximenia Americana Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Glycerin

      Bamboo Booster:

      bambusa arundinacea stem extract, charcoal powder, microcrystalline cellulose, mannitol, zea mays (corn) starch, potassium sorbate

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    Drunk Elephant - Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser

    Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser Reviews

    I have used all the product up and here are my thoughts. I liked the thick texture it had and it removes all of my make-up. Used as a first cleanse it works wonderfully. I do think it would be a 5-star product if it emulsified a bit more. It leaves a bit of a film and can't be used by itself twice(in a double cleanse) So if you do a no-fuss double cleanse with one product it might not be for you but it is great as a first cleanse if you use another for your second cleanse that doesn't leave any residue.
    Effective yet gentle
    Really good product, takes off even waterproof makeup very easily. No nasty scent and does not leave a greasy residue. Just lovely soft skin that doesn’t feel stripped of moisture, will definitely be buying again
    this is great!
    I love this cleanser, it is a little expensive but I love the little spoon and the bamboo booster that comes with it - removes make up and waterproof eye make up really well and smells good would 100% recommend.
    Good for removing makeup
    Great for removing makeup, even mascara. I have noticed however my skin feels tight after adding this to my night routine. Not sure if this is because of the cleanser itself, because I’ve started double cleansing, or if it disagrees with products already in my routine.
    I never really thought about using an oil based cleanser before as I have combination skin but I'm glad I've tried this. It's lovely and soothing on the skin especially when used after having to wear a mask all day which dries out my skin so much. I would recommend it but definitely a luxury product.
    My favourite
    I’ve tried lots of balm based cleansers, but this is by far my favourite. A little goes a long way and it’s super gentle. I have sensitive skin and contact dermatitis around my eyes (on occasion) and this balm isn’t irritating, just soothing and calming for the skin. Love love.
    Perfect solid cleansing balm
    Love this! It’s a step up from Clinique TTDO with the magnetic spatula, smell and bamboo boost. But not as spenny as Emma Hardie or Eve Lom. It definitely needs more water to emulsify otherwise trickier to take off with a flannel but takes everything off and skin feels lovely after. Will be perfect for travelling with too as it’s solid.
    Takes off make-up so well, especially waterproof mascara! Even made my skin less dry than usual.
    Love it!
    I was a bit sceptical at first, I thought this balm would be very heavy, but it has the most lovely light buttery texture and doesn't block pores. You just need a tiny bit and it melts easily between your fingers to be massaged all over the face. The price is also pretty fair for the size. I'm on my second jar and really love it.
    This is my holy grail makeup remover, I prefer a balm over an oil. This is also polyethylene(micro plastic)- free, which is really nice for someone living close to the ocean. This also lasts a long time as you don't need a lot of product each use. I also love the magnetic spatula!
    Ordered second product!
    This is the best make up remover I have used yet. I was really worried that this product was going to cause breakouts as I have combination skin, but it doesn't. It is really soothing on the skin and instantly removes make up. I was impressed at how it left my skin feeling hydrated.
    Would not recommend.
    I love Drunk Elephant range overall, but products with too much oil in it cause me break outs. I have combination skin type.
    Really nice worth the money
    This cleansing butter is amazing and you only need a small amount I like the idea of including a spoon that attaches to the top which is nice for not just dunking your fingers into something which that is not very hygienic the bamboo booster is nice and gentle also the packaging is amazing and makes your bathroom look more trendy
    my favourite way to remove makeup!
    As someone who always used to use makeup removing wipes and who has only recently transitioned to using oils/balms, I have to say out of all the products I tried this one is my favourite. It doesn’t leave a layer of oil on your face after you remove it which is something I experienced with other products. I wholeheartedly recommend it!
    One of the best
    It does what it says of removing all oil, dirt and makeup even Safa on the eyes without irritating them. Won’t grease the skin or dry it. Love it. Having the bamboo booster is certainly a bonus!
    Works beautifully, I wholeheartedly recommend Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser
    I've sensitive, combination skin and the emollient texture of this cleansing butter is wonderfully effective cleansing thoroughly without leaving residue or causing eye irritation. I initially thought I'd reach for it a few times a week but it's so nice I use it daily, sometimes both times I wash my face. I dip a quarter teaspoon or so of product out onto my palm using the small plastic spoon secured by magnets on it and the jar's lid. Both end up back in place without difficulty making it more likely I'll use it than I'd originally thought given the jar and product qualities. The butter is slick, warming up fast making skin contact. It's easy massaging it onto my face and I usually do it for a couple of minutes before rinsing. It's emollient and slick but cleans well and rinses clean using only my fingers and tepid, not too warm water. My skin is clean and soft after every wash, every time. The exfoliant particles are housed in a sturdy little shaker container on its own. The lid is screwed on and off and the exfoliating particles come out easily but not too fast so you'll get the right amount and not too much when adding that to the butter. I use the exfoliant once or twice a week.
    Awfull Smell
    It works, but the smell is so strong - like rancid oil. I'm actually considering throwing it out and going back to Clinique Take The Day off. I just wondered because I was curious, think the packaging is super nice and loved the concept of exfoliating powder on the side.
    I was skeptical at first, felt like I was rubbing Vaseline on my face which isn’t very pleasant, however now it’s my favorite part of my skincare! I love the feeling now, I use it along with the best No.9 Jelly Cleanser and my skin has never looked better! It’s the BEST for taking off makeup, it really does melt!
    Didn't leave this tight feeling (which I have with the clinique cleansing balm) and I did feel like it got sunscreen and makeup off eventually and gently, but I didn't like the fact that it didn't completely emulsify and washed away clean. I would definitely follow up with the DeliKate milk cleanser for example to get any oily residue off, because I have sensitive, combination skin.
    Best cleansing balm
    I’ve tried a few different cleansing balms to remove make up and this one is by far my favourite. It easily removes waterproof make up without to much ‘rubbing’ and it literally just melts the make up right off your face. Now that I’ve tried this I will never be able to not use this product. Also, the bamboo booster is a great addition for turning this balm into an exfoliating scrub. I used this combo once a week just to give a deeper clean to my face and neck. The clam is vertically scentless but has a hint of a cleanliness smell. All in all I love this product and will defo recommended and be purchasing over and over again! Drunk elephant is an amazing brand!
    Such a waste of money.
    While I've not had any issues with any products purchased from Drunk Elephant this product is terrible. It's a poor cleanser. I've followed the instructions and read as many reviews as possible to ensure I was using the product correctly, but I'm still left with a oily film on my face and make-up not removed. When I dry my face using a cotton pad the cotton pad is covered in make up as if I didn't use a cleanser at all. I've used other oil cleansers in the past and have no issues at all but this is terrible. You might as well use a basic coconut oil or other oil to try and remove your make up because you'll be left with the same result. Such a waste of money.
    Love it!
    Absolutely LOVE this product! I've tried other cleansers that although have left my skin visibly clean when I've used a toner after there has still been grime left behind. Not this! Squeaky clean and leaves my face soft and moisturised! Only need a small amount so lasts ages! Definitely recommend!
    Makeup Remover
    I wear makeup 5 days a week I love the way the makeup melts from my face with just water. Really awesome product on my second tub everything used before is just not good enough.
    Love it!
    I have loved the Clinique take the day off cleanser for years, but wanted to find a 'cruelty free' version and this is exactly that and better! It lasts ages, takes all my make up off, smells great and leaves my skin feeling clean and so soft Would 100% recommend!
    Excellent product
    I have been using this cleanser for a couple of years now and love it. I massage the cleanser in for a good few minutes as a mini face massage it leaves my skin feeling so clean and silky soft. I have sensitive and aging skin but have never had any problems with reactions or sensitivity. I recommend to my friends and family and now my daughter uses it too.
    Worst for stinging eyes!!
    I have tried cleaning balms from multiple brands, and although this balm itself is good - it does lift my make up and leave soft skin afterwards. I have found it to be the worst for stinging eyes, and therefore have not reached for it much at all and would not buy again!
    Good for taking makeup off
    I love balm cleansers and probably tried most of them available on the market. This type of cleanser is great for face massage and/or taking the makeup off. Drunk Elephant's Slaai is good, but not the best. The problem I have is that it's very difficult to wash off completely since it tends to form an oily film on my face, so second cleanse is absolutely necessary (so for me personally it is an ok cleanser for the evening, but not for the morning). The second problem is the smell - it isn't strong, but quite unpleasant for me. Would I repurchase it? Well, I would if it goes on sale, but I'm not likely to pay full price for it considering there is a huge selection on the market.
    Skin Pampering Ritual
    I am a huge Drunk Elephant fan and this product is one of the best from the brand. Its a super rich balm-to-milk formula that actually lifts all make up (even my most stubborn mascara) and leaves a super soft skin when rinsed. Although it's very oily it leaves no grease or residue in the skin and it doesn't poke my rosaccea (usually oil-based products are a no go for rosaccea skin) . Once a week I shake the tiny bottle with the active charcoal and mix it with a small quantity of the balm for a soft but mighty face and lip scrub! Love it!
    This cleanser literally makes my skin feel so soft and clean after using it. I could never go back to my old cleansers after using this!
    I didn’t realise how much I needed this till I got it
    I don’t know how I’ve never used a butter cleanser before, but this is amazing. I’ve been using it for a first cleanse to remove my makeup and spf. It melts onto your skin and removes everything so well by literally melting it away. Even eye makeup if removed without any scrubbing etc. I love everything about this product the packaging is amazing. I love the magnet on the little spoon to clip it back onto the top of the butter. It’s also huge, it will probably last me ages as I rarely wear makeup anyway. I also love the bamboo exfoliator it comes with although it is pretty heavy duty.
    underwhelming, overall ok but there is better on the market, it does not take off all my eye makeup especially mascara. has a weird out of date cucumber smell. For the price there are so many better balm cleansers that can take off makeup much better so won't be repurchasing
    It stinks...
    ... so badly that I cannot use it on my face. I use it to clean makeup brushes.
    It is fantastic product. I always use it as first cleanser. It removes makeup, dirt and etc. It is gentle yet effective. I love a wee tub of charcoal sprinkle for deeper exfoliation as well. Great price for a large tub.
    Does the job but not worth it
    I like this cleanser. It removes most of my make-up but definitely not all of it. I don’t care for the bamboo booster. It irritated my skin both times I used it. I get that this is a more natural cleanser but I still think it could have a better smell to it. The packaging is very nice. I like that it comes with the magnetic spatula. Overall a good cleanser but not worth the price tag. I much prefer the Squalane cleanser from The Ordinary. That one actually removes almost every trace of my make-up and is way cheaper.
    I would recommend
    I love this product, a small bit goes a long way, it takes all my makeup off in one go, it's the first product I have used of Drunk Elephant and it has intrigued me to buy more as I have been impressed. I've never had a product like this, I usually use a foam type makeup remover with a cotton wool pad, so this has been a pleasant change. I would say the only negative, which is the reason I couldn't give it a total of 5 stars, is that my eyes get very itchy when using this product, I have to give them a good rub after using it, and I wouldn't say I have sensitive eyes or skin so it was very random. Also, I tend to wash my face with a facial wash after just because the texture of this product is quite oily, and I have oily skin anyway so to feel refreshed I wash my face again after using it :) But still, I will be buying again when I run out, which I dont think will be for another couple of months! So you definitely get your money's worth.
    When they say it melts off the makeup, they mean it! I will never go back to using anything else to remove my makeup. My skin also has less breakouts and redness. I would 100% recommend this to anyone!
    A little goes a long way!
    This tub is HUGE and comes with a little spatula to make it easier to decant the amount you need. Applied a small amount to a full face of makeup and worked the product into the skin, added water to activate and I’d say about 90% of my makeup was dissolved away. Didn’t say 100% because I always double cleanse no matter what. As you only need a small amount this big tub will last a long while and is worth the money. It also comes with a product to add into it to create an exfoliator that I am yet to try!
    Love it!
    I’m so pleased with this product. I had been using Glossier milky cleanser but felt it wasn’t really getting every trace of makeup off. This is a total winner. My skin feels incredible and there was not a trace of any makeup left. My skin feels nourished and not stripped. I’m a total convert. Love.
    great make up remover
    I am a big believer in double cleansing and this makeup remover balm is brilliant. It becomes this super-soft oil when you warm it up in between your palms, it melts down the makeup brilliantly and it is very easy to wash off. Recommend to everyone.
    Very Soft on the Skin
    This balm is amazing, it feels very luxurious as it glides onto the skin and it removes makeup so well without having to scrub at the skin. A little goes a long way, too. I’d really recommend it!
    The best balm cleanser I have tried
    It leaves my skin soft and removes everything on my face. It doesn't make my eyesight blurry as the Clinique one does. I'm surprised it didn't break me out. The DE marula oil broke me out and this balm is loaded with it.
    One of the best balm cleansers
    I started using this cleanser when I bought the amazing Wayne Goss box and I was not disappointed! I use it every night to remove my full face of makeup, a little goes a long way and there is a spatula so you don’t need to use your fingers and potentially contaminate the product. Makeup is removed successfully and the balm cleanser does not dry out the skin. Use on a dry face and the balm turns to a cleansing milk when water is applied. I have oily skin and the product works so well that I’ll keep it in my beauty product cache. The only drawback is it does smell slightly odd, although the results are too good to put me off!
    Removes all makeup gently!
    Perfect for the first step as part of a double cleanse! I have dry skin and my skin doesn't feel stripped after using this. I've not experienced any waxy or oily residue after using this. And compared to some oil cleansers, it's good value as it lasts a while. Full marks!
    Alright but leaves grease
    Very good and effective at removing makeup, I never have any makeup left on my face after using this product, however, it does have a plastic like smell that is rather off putting and leaves a greasy residue on face after using. Fine if you wash your face after use.
    Too Oily
    This was a great cleanser, but if you have oily skin, like me, it might be a little too much. I was hoping it would be great for my first cleanse, but the consistency when it melted was very greasy, and this just didn't work for my skin. It is clear that it's an excellent product though. My sister and mother both use and it works wonders for them.
    Great for double cleanse
    Love this product. This cleanser melts away all makeup and SPF. I have oily combo skin and this does not break me out either, which some cleansing oils have done. You also get a lot for your money so totally worth it.
    Love her
    Melts of makeup, smooth and satisfying to use. Smells lovely and the bamboo booster is a nice occasional treat. I rub in on dry face and then lather with konjac sponge and then cleanse after. Good first step in cleansing.
    Excellent cleanser
    Lovely cleanser, melts makeup and leaves skin feeling clean and soft. I have oily / combination skin and suits my skin really well.
    Overrated in my opinion
    I purchased this expecting a miracle product. The consistency is great, it doesn’t have any synthetic fragrance or essential oils which is fantastic. I also like the little magnetic spoon but it doesn’t remove my makeup well even though I hardly wear any. I noticed that my pores have become more and more congested after using for over a week, the scrub powder is very harsh and I don’t enjoy it at all so I wouldn’t repurchase.
    Love this cleanser, it works really well and quickly. My eyes are quite sensitive so I can't use it to take off my eye makeup.
    Best make up remover!
    This product is sooooo good for removing all make up. It's especially fab at removing eye make up effectively and gently. Will be repurchasing soon as one pot goes a really long way and I've been using it for almost a year!
    I love a cleansing balm and this one is great! Love the addition of the exfoliator :)
    Loved it!
    Big fan of balm cleanser and have used many of varying prices this one is definitely my fav! Leaves my skin feeling super clean without any drying out or tightness and dissolves all make up no problem! will be purchasing as my regular cleanser from now on!
    Drunk Elephant Melting Butter Cleanser
    I love it! It cleans and removes all your makeup with a small amount and it leaves you skin feeling soft I will definitely buy it again! Now I need to try other Drunk Elephant products.
    Best balm cleanser
    One of the best balm cleansers I've used! Great for sensitive skin and eye area, and works quickly. I strongly recommend as part of the first step of a double cleanse
    This is a good product as a first cleanse. Takes off all make up and moisturises in the process. The smell isn’t the best in comparison to the EH moringa balm however it is cheaper so can’t complain. Comes with a handy spoon that has a magnet so it doesn’t get lost. Have repurchased twice now and will continue too.
    Hurts my eyes
    I was a melting butter-virgin before this. This product does the trick but stings in my eyes. I don’t think I'll repurchase. I looked for an alternative.
    Currently on my third pot of this amazing cleanser... removes everything including false eyelash glue. I couldn’t ask for more! Do people say that the smell is off-putting? The smell doesn’t bother me one bit at least you know there are no nasty ingredients. I will continue to repurchase.
    First I wasn’t sure to purchase this as everyone said it hasn’t got a nice smell and yes it’s true but the smell doesn’t stay and even when I’ve a full face makeup on this product (even if I just use a little bit) gets all my makeup off!! I’ve tried so many makeup cleanser but this is so gentle to the skin. It’s a must have for every girl who loves heavy makeup!
    Love this product from the DE line! It’s so luxurious. The little magnetic spoon is genius. And the price point is great for a product this size compared to others on the market. It’s really improved the texture of my skin. Would totally recommend!
    Good product
    In my opinion, this product is good, it removes all make-up but one can find even better product for less money.
    It’s O.K
    Lasts a while as you only need a small amount. Doesn’t smell very nice. Leaves a waxy coating on your skin after rinsing so I feel the need to double cleanse with another product. Love the packaging though, with the magnetised applicator. Not sure if I’d purchase again.
    Nice Product
    It works, it takes the makeup and spf off but it needs a second rinse, otherwise it will leave the skin oily. For that kind of money I guess I expected better scent swell. It would have been great to just rinse it off and be done with it but it is not the case. Therefore 4 Stars
    Amazing First Cleanse/Makeup Remover
    The best makeup melting cleanser I have ever used, it’s super hydrating. It comes with a little applicator so you do not have to stick your fingers in the product which is SO helpful. Following from this product I use Ole Henriksen's Double Cleanser (Pink one) and my skin feels amazing and is clearer than ever.
    Not worth the money
    I had high hopes for this cleanser however it was a let down. It doesn't emulsify as it should so you spend far too long tugging at your skin to take make up off. Also, I didn't like the fact that it left a reasonable oily residue, you definitely have to double cleanse with this one otherwise your face is left greasy and tacky!
    Good cleanser
    I like how it removes the makeup. It’s a good product especially for dried skin that lacks natural oil. I don’t like the rancid smell.
    This product doesn’t remove make up very well at all and leaves a slimy residue that usually takes a couple of goings-over with a foaming cleanser and a face cloth to remove. Will continue using as I’ve paid for it but there are much better products on the market that leave your skin feeling clean and visibly remove makeup.
    Love it .....
    Simple to use and does what it's supposed to
    I got a sample of this makeup remover/cleanser and it actually smells of real butter which I don't mind but in terms of removing makeup its weak, I prefer my other oils to this, thank God it was a sample.
    Love it!
    I have normal skin and I use this as the first step of a double cleanse on days I wear foundation. Not only is my skin really clean after using this but it also is very nourished especially the next morning. Can't live without! 5-star product. The smell is not luxurious but I personally don't care as I have lots of well smelling products in my routine already.
    New favourite
    I keep reading reviews saying that it doesn't remove mascara. My favourite mascara ever is almost impossible to remove and this butter just did that. It does leave some kind of oily residue, but that's no problem because I use another cleanser after that anyways. So colour me impressed
    The worst
    1. It does not turn into any milk or emulsion or whatever they promise. It’s just oil. 2. It turns into a thick slimy mass that is impossible to take off unless you use a cloth or another cleanser. Hello? Why do I need this one if I then have to use another cleanser? 3. The cloth will damage your sensitive skin. I’m still recovering. 4. Forget taking off your mascara with it - the oil will lock it half-melted under its layer and you’ll have to literally scrub your eyes. 5. It won’t necessarily go well with other treatments that you use afterwards. 6. I cannot turn my mind around the fact this product is a winner in any beauty awards. I need to heal my face after using it. I do realise not everyone has sensitive skin but hey - a product that has to be scraped off your face to remove makeup locked under it? F no.
    The easiest and best make up remover I've ever used. Very gentle on the face. However, leaves your face looking oily so recommend double cleansing.
    Universe best cleanser
    All hail the best cleanser! It takes the whole day off your face! Leaving it fresh and CLEAN! And so CLEAN!
    love at first sight
    Until now I love the smell and the softness, besides I like the texture and the important thing is that it removes everything.
    love it!
    The best melting cleanser I've ever had. I use it as step one in my evening skin care routine, and continue with DE face soap to get rid of the leftover oil. This cleanser perfectly removes both mascara and eyeliner and does it very gently. I love how my skin looks and feels after I use DE products. Will definitely repurchase.
    A very good staple cleanser.
    I have combination skin, and this melting butter cleanser is mainly for normal to dry skin as most cleansing balms are, but it's a very good cleanser for my skin. The jar has a magnetised scoop - brilliant idea - the amount of scoops I have misplaced over the years!! I was concerned about the cleanser being in a jar, but the cleansing balm doesn't contain water, making it less susceptible to bacteria. I love also the bamboo booster that I have used twice so far, my skin was left so polished afterwards that even my few blackheads were diminished. A winner for me together with The Ordinary cleanser and Disciple night shift.
    Glorified oil, does not emulsify
    The packaging is very nice and I love the magnetic spatula. However this is a very expensive oil, it's like slathering pure oil on my face and then trying to get it off with water. It simply does not emulsify, unless you take it off with a cloth then it won't work at all. I have sensitive skin and can't use cloths. I really wanted to like this and used it for about 1 month but I will stop, it just doesn't do it for me.
    No smell
    First product of this range I’ve used and i am not that impressed. I’ve used other similar products for cleansing my skin and have to say I prefer something that doesn’t smell of rancid oil!!! Elemis is far superior.
    Just Ok not the best
    I’ve used better products, It’s ok. Don’t think I’ll buy another one after I’ll finish it.
    Absolutely love!!!
    This balm is amazing at removing makeup and the perfect step for a double cleanse. It doesn't strip your skin leaving it dry but still is extremely effective in taking off dirt, makeup and spf. I would 100% buy this product again.
    המסיר איפור הכי טוב שיש משפטי מאוהבת קשות ***Removes the best makeup that there is. Seriously in love with this.
    Gorgeous Cleanser! Removes ALL Makeup
    This balm is beautiful and one of my favourites at the moment for getting rid of all my make-up like an oil slick! Basically, you just warm the product in your hand then apply straight to the skin and it melts all my make-up! I then use warm water and a bamboo cloth to gently remove everything and this also gives a nice exfoliation during the process. My skin is then left baby soft and highly moisturised! It's non-drying and just leaves my skin happy and glowing! I couldn't be without this now for the ease of melting my make-up (even eyes) and not having to worry about second cleansing (when feeling lazy) or using eye makeup remover.
    Dat s*** crayyy!!
    It dissolves everything with a small amount of product and after the skin is so smooth and glowy! Doesn't really have a scent. Also I always double cleanse even if everything is clean, so I follow with the Beste cleanser (just a little bit). Will repurchase for sure!
    Nice Texture
    I found this balm had a lovely texture when it melted... WHEN it melted, as it doesn’t melt 100% and gets lumps, meaning it can take a little while to work in properly. Fragrance free which is nice and a lovely rich oil.
    Like all the other reviews, a little underwhelming. I adore all of Drunk Elephant minus this, decent price for how much product you get but the main ingredient is palm oil which obviously isn’t the best from the company. There are much better balm cleansers: Emma Hardie & Elemis.
    You have to have it
    I LOVE this product. Taking off my makeup - mascara in particular - is the worst part of my day, I really dread it... however, Slaai has changed that. It takes off all makeup effortlessly and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and clean. I double cleanse and even though in the instructions it is written don't rinse off, I do with my second skin cleanser, but as far as makeup remover goes this does the job wonderfully. I have acne-prone skin so was worried about it first but it actually seemed to calm my skin down. It also lasts a long time because you just need a small amount of product to remove everything. Will be buying again.
    Personally, I find it very underwhelming. It‘s a decent cleansing balm but nothing special for the price tag. No perfume in it, which is great. However, it does have a strong „oil“ smell almost rancid mixed with cartoon... yep, can‘t describe it better. It does get the job done but will take more time and rubbing compared to others. In addition, I find the consistency a tad too heavy. So all in all, very average and considering the price tag very underwhelming.
    Gorgeous cleanser for dry skin
    Loving this cleanser for my extremely dry and sensitive skin. It goes on as an oil texture and I emulsify with water, removing with a damp flannel. I use Bioderma to remove my eye make up first. This is super hydrating and leaves my skin supple and not tight at all. I love the little spoon that it comes with to ensure it doesn’t get dirty from using fingers. I used to use Clinique take the day off balm but think this is now better!
    PALM OIL is the first ingredient
    I'm a big of Drunk Elephant in general. I had hoped from their branding and advertisting (100% Free of essential oils, silicones, fragrance and PEGs) that they are a "green brand". The first ingredient in Slaai butter is Ethylhexyl Palmitate, a derivative of palm oil. Please DE can you replace this with a less environmentally destructive ingredient or indicate that it has been sustainably sourced.
    The best product I've ever used. This is so easy and my skin is so smooth.
    Favourite cleansing balm
    I'm not a DE enthusiast, was just looking for an efficient cleansing balm with minimal ingredients as I have pretty sensitive skin. This is the fourth cleansing balm I've tried and I feel like my search has come to an end. I will repurchase but as a little really does go a long way that'll take a while. Worth the money, love it!
    Not that special
    This says it's unscented but it smells like melted crayons. It also has a lumpy consistency that takes a while to turn into oil. It's fine, it does its job I guess, but it's not very nice or special and I will not repurchase. Emma Hardie Moringa balm forever! Was stupid to buy this because EH was out of stock.
    Waxy cleanser
    I think I'm one of the few that doesn't like this product. I have normally used Clinques cleansing balm and thought I would give this ago. I hate it it is waxy and does not breakdown my waterproof mascara! I feel like I have to do a triple cleanse to get everything off and clean. It hasn't got the nicest smell, once used never purchasing again.
    Pretty good
    I bought this as I am now a double cleansing, Caroline Hirons follower. It works really well and I love the magnetic scoop. It takes some time getting used the lack of fragrance (it smells of something though, probably shea butter). The more I use it, the more I like it. Can't wait to try more from this brand.
    Makes my skin really soft
    I don't use it for eye makeup removing, but for the rest, it cleans the skin nicely and it leaves it soft and fresh looking.
    Мне очень понравился! ***I really liked it!
    Отличное очищение. Очень приятный продукт. Смывать нужно прохладной водой, тёплая вода не смывает и не эмульгирует а размазывает его по лицу. ***Excellent cleanser. Very nice product. It is necessary to rinse with cool water, warm water does not rinse or emulsify, but smears it over the face.
    Great cleanser.
    Oh my god
    I'm a cult follower of double-cleansing and I've always favoured cleansing oil. Had never been that much into balm because of certain ingredients that are irritating. Until DE came out with this heavenly product!
    The best
    I absolutely LOVE this makeup cleanser! Using it is my fave part of my nightly face routine. I love the balm texture and the way it makes my face feel so soft after rinsing off.
    Not pleasant smell
    I was not sure if I should try this as I am really happy with my rose balm to remove my make up. Unfortunately, I have to say I regret purchasing this. Firstly the smell is not bearable, it has this artificial, factory-made smell. I normally can endure weird smell but based on the fact that you have to massage this on your skin for at least 30 sec, I can't stand it. Secondly, the feeling of the texture is greasy and oily. I really dislike it. I will keep using my RMK rose balm.
    Super efficient and gentle
    The amount you get is huge and you only need a little to get your makeup off. I know some people say it doesn't melt but I think that's when you take too much of it. I think it is super efficient at getting 95% of my makeup off (except my mascara is a little difficult) and afterwards I just get the rest of my mascara off with a foam cleanser. If I use this on its own it makes my skin baby soft and does not clog my pores. Love it!
    Before this, I using the Emma Hardy Moringa Cleansing Balm, which is great but quite pricey. With this one, you get so much more for a better price. It removes all my make up, even waterproof, so well. I prefer the smell of this one to the Emma Hardy which in my opinion can be slightly overpowering. I would 100% recommend this!
    Great value
    This is the first Drunk Elephant product I have tried and I'm very impressed. You only need a small amount of product and it glides on effortlessly into the skin. I also like the fact it's unscented and causes my skin no irritation. The magnetic spatula is also a great idea for someone like myself aways losing things. The price is very reasonable and will definitely re-order once I've run out.
    Lovely product; cleans off all the makeup and dirt, melts all the makeup without hard work - just makes life easier!
    Love it
    Love this product! Like I mean, totally love. Melts the make up and is the perfect thing for a first cleanse.
    Huge disappointment
    Too oily even after I rinse it with water. 100% not gonna buy it again.
    So disappointed!!
    I bought this after rave reviews and am v. disappointed. It smells horrid, the texture is unpleasant and most importantly it doesn't even remove my make up (of which I use very little - 4 products total), I'm left with panda eyes. Don't waste your pennies, buy something else.
    Amazing 1st cleanse
    This is great at getting makeup off, and makes a fantastic first cleanse. It gets rid of everything (mascara, etc.) easily, whereas with some other balms I find I have to go over my eyes a few times, I get none of that with this one. The smell is neither nice, nor bad - but the fact it's not perfumed makes me think it's better for the skin anyway. The magnetic spoon is so simple yet a real game changer - genius. It doesn't leave any residue and my oily/acne prone skin loves it.
    I absolutely love this product and cannot recommend it enough. It gently removes every trace of makeup from my sensitive skin, including stubborn eye liner. I use MAC Liquid Last and it’s very difficult to remove, however, this product removes it instantly! It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all or leave a cloudy film over my eyes like some other products do. I rise it off with water, which turns the product into a milk and then dry with a cloth. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft. It comes with a magnetic spatula that sticks to the lid which is great as I’d probably end up losing it otherwise. Although this product is quite expensive I would 100% repurchase!
    Amazing product!!!! Can’t recommend enough
    I never ever write reviews about products but just felt like I had to with this one! The cleanser takes makeup off like a dream and leaves your skins glowing and feeling so hydrated and clean! The exfoliating powder that you can mix in with the cleanser occasionally, works a dream! My blackheads and pores have completely gone!!! Highly recommend.
    Really nice cleansing balm. No irritation and it removes makeup like a dream. Really enjoy using it!
    Nothing special
    I don’t love or hate this cleanser. It does take the makeup off, but I feel like my skin is not 100% clean and it does leave residue on the skin. The good thing about it is that is gentle and doesn’t irritate the skin. I use it as a first cleanse. I wouldn’t buy it again just bc there better ones out there.
    Game Changer
    I was looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to my usual make up removal method which involved an oil-based remover and wasteful amounts of make up remover wipes, so I thought I'd give this a try. First of all, the formula is great. It really does feel like butter melting into your skin; it melts away your makeup and feels amazing when you massage it over your face and you can easily wipe it off with a cloth or a cotton pad. I have combination/oily skin and it hasn't upset the balance of my skin and my face does feel softer and moisturised after I use it. I also tried the bamboo booster which is a good bonus when you want to add a little extra. It's also not too harsh, but I wouldn't use it as my regular exfoliator. The packaging is also great, the little magnetic spatula means you don't use too much and is more hygienic than just digging in with your hands, the jar feels heavy and expensive and I love the green colour. Another amazing product from DE!!
    I wanted to love it
    But cannot. The butter dries my skin and the Bamboo Booster is too much for sensitive skin as well. I would not recommend.
    This product has majorly improved my skin and I recommend it. It is honestly the best cleansing balm I’ve ever used
    My new favourite
    I love oil/balm cleansers and have used most of the high end gear. Tata Harper, Eve Lom, Emma Hardie, Sarah Chapman, Sunday Riley, you name it, I’ve had it. This Drunk Elephant Slaai cleanser is an absolute bobby dazzler for a great price. The texture is bang on - quite often in the UK you have to warm them a little before you get the right grip to lift your make-up. This is gentle enough to use on eyes but decimates makeup. I wear full Charlotte Tilbury liner and shadow with NARS Climax mascara eye makeup everyday which is set with a primer; this annihilates it. I use a clean face cloth with it and would never just splash it off. I have found I don’t need a second cleanse - I follow up with an acid toner and don’t see any make up residue on my cotton pad. I have used the exfoliating sprinkles in the morning and they are really nice too. I think this is a superior cleanser for a great price point.
    One of the best cleansing balms out there.
    New favourite
    I’m a huge fan of Drunk Elephant as a brand and, while I could never give up my essential oils habit, I love that they make a stand and stick to their guns in a world of wishy-washy people pleasers. I have not met a product from this range I didn’t instantly assimilate with, spotting the upside in a couple of days and Slaai (almost deducted a star for the name though) continues the winning streak. I’m not sure how Tiffany managed to create such an oil-rich, slippy cleanser that also just washes off, am coming to the conclusion it’s witchcraft - so hot right now - so I’m starting a petition right here to change the name to the Witchcraft Cleanser! Anyone?.... Slaai provides a great massagable surface and makeup slips off with minimal effort, no scrubbing or pulling, which is also a great habit for anti-sag protection especially around the eyes. I’d recommend this to any skin type, gender, makeup preference. The only thing I can’t tell is what this would do in a hot country because, well, this is England.
    Absolutely love this. Melts on and great at taking off make up. The bamboo extract is fab too. Recommend for sure!
    Simply fantastic! It makes my skin so soft!
    Holy mother of elephants
    This is absolutely amazing. I never go out without makeup and this literally saved my skin!! I have very pale skin with discoloration around the nose, oily, clogged pores and red cheeks and this cleared it all out. My skin looks like I've got foundation going on all the time and this was after 2-3 days. Initially it felt very weird on my face - it removed every trace of stubborn makeup in one go but when I rinsed it off, it felt like I has waxy residue on my skin, no matter how much water I used. I thought it was going to break me out or clog my pores but no such thing! A little goes a long way, I only use water to rinse it off, without a cloth or anything. I'm sold for life :) oh and the smart magnetic spoon is genius!
    I have been using this cleanser for the last week or so and I absolutely love it! Literally melts like butter and doesn't irritate the eye area at all, which makes it perfect for removing mascara!
    Where do I even begin? After winter stripped my skin of moisture, this cleanser literally brought it back to life! After one use only my skin felt moisturized and plump and I had no more dry patches on my skin. While moisturizing it also removed every last trace of makeup. And the magnetic spoon is just plain genius. What's not to love about this product?!
    smells like cardboard but does the job
    i have been using FARMACY's green clean cleansing balm but bought this as it costs less for more product and essentially will be doing the same thing. first thing i noticed was that it smells like cardboard which i disliked however it did a great job at removing my makeup and left my skin feeling soft.
    Squeaky Clean.
    I absolutely love this product! I used it twice and only received it yesterday. My face felt squeaky clean after 1 use. My makeup slids off my face, definitely the best makeup cleanser I have used and at a fantastic price too. This will last ages as a little really does go along way. I love the magnetic spoon!
    My new obsession!
    Absolutely love this new cleanser. A little bit goes a really long way, after one application, it pretty much removed all my make including my mascara! It leaves the skin feeling hydrated and radiant, I also occasionally get redness after cleansing but with this my skin looks smooth and even! The cleanser doesn’t really have a smell, just very none offensive but neither pleasant which doesn’t really bother me. The Bamboo Booster is such a clever little add on and feels lovely on the skin! The packaging is a bonus, it’s so cute! I can’t bring myself to throw the box away so I’m just keeping the cleanser it in for now. Also another perk is that the spatula has a magnet on which is magnetic to the lid, such a clever idea so that you don’t lose it. All together I was super impressed, it’s an amazing cleanser for removing makeup, super gentle and all the little extras just make it even better. I would definitely purchase this again and would 100% recommend this!
    Great cleanser with no fragrance
    This is a really lovely unscented balm cleanser that easily melts into an oil. It easily removes all my makeup (but I haven’t tried waterproof mascara) and is a great first cleanse. It leaves no residue on the skin after and doesn’t make my skin feel tight at all. Really great value.
    Amazing new cleanser
    I’ve only used this twice, but it only arrived yesterday! Wow wow wow, I didn’t think anything could convert me from my holy grail first cleanse product.... but this is most definitely the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
    Repeat buy
    My daughter and I both love this product, she's 14 and uses it every day to cleanse, whereas I prefer to use it as a massage/ exfoliator once to twice a week. Either way, it's versatile and doesn't cause either of us to break out...
    Super effective yet kind
    Loved this balm, really cleaned deep without being harsh, left my skin super clean and smooth, great for eye make up removal as well as the full face! I used with a Cult Beauty double-sided face cloth, worked a treat. The smell isn’t great but you get used to it, it’s not offensive and doesn’t stay on your skin. Love the magnetic spoon that stays put on the lid! Brilliant.
    A staple cleanser
    This is a regular repurchase cleanser for me. The perfect first cleanse, all make up and spf is taken of easily but it's still gentle. Would highly recommend.
    Good but pricey
    Works brilliantly as a first cleanser and literally melts away makeup. You only need a small amount to remove a medium coverage face full. The only downside I'd say is it's slightly pricey compared to The Ordinary Squalene cleanser (they are basically identical).
    I absolutely love this cleanser! It is so rich and silky. It dissolves any makeup so quickly. It leaves skin feeling lovely and clean and never stripped.
    Really good.
    This is my favourite cleansing balm. It removes makeup, sunscreen and doesn't irritate the skin at all. I gave it 4* because I really don't like the bamboo booster. Better off without it.
    Great Cleanser
    I got this in a set and gave it a go, not usually being a fan of this type of cleanser but I absolutely loved it. It’s buttery but doesn’t block pores and dissolves all my makeup so I feel super cleansed. Loved it so much, I ordered myself another pot and have also gifted some to friends at Christmas, both of who have also been converted!
    Not very good
    I love a balm clenaser, but this one is just not it. I don't know what the issue is, but this one feels thick when applied and it's quite hard to rinse with water, and it feels like my second step of cleansing can't quite wash off all the oils (that never happened to me before). My skin i on the drier side recently, maybe that affected the product's performance.
    Will never use any thing else to remove my makeup - love it!
    Honestly, this stuff is amazing! I use heavy eyeliner and waterproof mascara every day and this stuff takes it off so easily. Best remover I have ever used. My eyes are also very sensitive but this stuff is so gentle I've had no issues. I was suffering from dry skin before I found this product but since using it I've had no issues, even in the cold weather. Magic product, and although pricey to start with mine has lasted me about four months...looking forward to purchasing my next pot!
    Just ordered my second jar!
    I am obsessed with balm cleansers and this one is great! It has no strong smell, removes makeup easily and comes with an extra jar of charcoal for exfoliation! Love it!
    Won’t repurchase
    Was so excited after hearing the hype, however.. yes it does what it says on the tin but the smell is so weird, it smells like it’s gone off, also leaves a residue on face so would only recommend using first to remove makeup in double cleansing routine. I would not repurchase as far too overpriced.
    Has something changed?
    I'm now on my 3rd tub and the first 2 were amazing, but this time it leaves a film on my face. The only way I've found to get it off is to scratch my nails across my face. Nothing else has changed in my routine.
    The first ingredient in this product is very comedogenic and clogs your pores. I rarely get any pimples but this broke me out. It's great for melting away makeup, but you can't use it as your only cleanser. If you use it as your first cleanser it might work, but if you leave it on your skin you're going to have some serious break outs.
    Not suggested
    I’m really disappointed with this item, it’s still oily, even when it turns milky. I have to take more steps to clean my face, not like other balms, you could feel it turns into milky water and easily clean your skin.
    My first drunk elephant product and defo not the last! I used to think face wipes were the easy way to take my make-up off - until I tried this! It’s great, super moisturising, the packaging is ace and a little goes a long way.
    It smells like cake mix before it’s been in the oven, which isn’t terrible but isn’t amazing. The butter melts nicely and takes off makeup really well but even though it says suitable for taking off eye makeup it still stings my eyes a bit. Leaves a bit of a residue so best for a first cleanse. Not sure if I’d buy it again.
    So great
    I absolutely adore this stuff. I use it as my first cleanse before a gel-based cleanser to remove my makeup, and it just melts everything off so gently but efficiently (on a typical day that'd be The Ordinary silicon primer and Too Faced Born This Way foundation + concealer, Beauty Bakery setting powder, ABH brow pomade + eyeshadow and Zoeva mascara). I have a very troubled and sensitive skin that's prone to breakouts, but this cleanser hasn't caused any breakouts even after having used it every night for the past couple weeks. It doesn't leave the skin feeling stripped or tight. I couldn't be happier with the product and have already ordered my next tub.
    So disappointed
    It’s just such a lot of money for what it is. It definitely removes makeup but it doesn’t feel like a luxury product at all. It’s like a pot of grease and the smell is horrible!
    Drunk Elly
    I repurchased this item because I love it for removing make. Super soft and calming. The smell isn’t too great once it’s been opened for a couple weeks. Highly recommend, face felt lovely & clean afterward
    1st Cleanse
    Perfect as a first cleanse. Helps get my face squeaky clean without stripping it.
    Squeaky Clean
    Absolutely love this product! Would 110% recommend it to anyone, removes all of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling super clean and soft. Will definitely buy again!
    Not the best
    Doesn’t smell very nice and doesn’t make my face feel clean. It really struggles to remove mascara. I was using the Emma Hardie balm cleaner before and was trying to find a cheaper alternative.. this definitely isn’t it.
    Beautiful cleanser
    Over the years I have tried many cleansers, I have compared this to other famous balmy oil based cleansers & I think this is absolutely a 5 star beautiful cleanser. I think the price is quite reasonable considering it’s just as good if not better than some other famous brands I tried. This goes on so buttery and smooth, I rub it in for a few minutes and then it turns into a milky consistency with warm water. After rinsing off my skin feels baby soft and looks evidently clear immediately. I would say it looks quite plumped too. If you are looking for your next balm cleanser I would definitely recommend this one!
    This removes heavy-duty makeup effortlessly. Does not break me out. Washes off fast. I bought a backup and I'm not even halfway through the one I'm currently using. RECOMMEND.
    Excellent Balm Cleanser
    I find myself reaching for this cleanser each night though I hadn't thought I'd come to depend upon it. I can recommend this cleanser for anyone, the soothing oil rinses cleanly leaving skin protected and fresh. I spend several minutes massaging the balm all over my face before rinsing. My skin looks great.
    Amazing cleanser but just not for me (Sadly)
    Balm Cleansers are amazing!! First off this Cleanser does what it says on the tub - takes off my make up so easily and doesn’t sting my eye which is great. Also no smell :) I really tired with this cleanser for a good 2 months and my skin hates it .. Just break out constantly with this balm and it gets worst so had to stop using it (I thought because is has more natural-ish ingredients that it would not be so harsh on my skin) But still would recommend it to people because is it a great cleanser
    Great cleanser
    It’s great for dry skin, made my skin feel smooth and soft after cleansing and normally my skin gets dry after cleansing. The fragrance of the balm is neutral, not bad at all. I use it every evening and in my opinion it’s a good buy
    It just stays on
    I honestly wanted to love it so much but I just can’t. I even started using another balm and while I’m not finishing this up. 1. It removes the make up - of course - but simply not as easily as others and leaves behind some mascara. The one that gives you a black eye the next morning. And 2. It just stays on the face. No way to simply wash it off. And I feel like a double cleanse isn’t enough with this because the second one is just for removing the balm. I hate that you can not simply wash it off with warm water. I also usually break out in one spot when I used it. I guess that’s just due to its heavy formula. For me personally it’s a big no no and there are other balms much easier and more effective on the marked.
    Couldn't ask for anything better
    I absolutely adore this product. I love Drunk Elephant. I like the fact that they do minis of most of their products so that you can test them and make sure you like them. This cleansing balm wipes away all of your makeup and when I say all I really mean even that stubborn mascara that gives you the racoon vibes in the morning. It leaves your skin feeling fresh
    Every scrape of make up and gunk
    A stunning, buttery formula that isn't too much. This formula is almost second to none, no need to rub at the eyes to get that pesky waterproof mascara off, no need to go in for a second scoop it's literally get rid of everything that's on your skin and even more, I think it could even get rid of the beer fear from the night before. Scentless but luxurious you'll never look back on purchase another balm again.
    Highly recommend
    I absolutely love this product! It goes on SO nicely- super smooth and feels like silk on your face. I like to use it in combination with a hot cloth at night time, perfect for taking off make up and grime. The exfoliating booster that it comes with is a great addition!
    For years I was super lazy and just took my makeup off with a cleansing wipe or recently, Micellar water (because of eyelash extensions).But when this was recommended to me, I bought that Nice Too Meet You pack and... yeah, this has converted me to makeup balms. My makeup melted off effortlessly and my skin didn't feel dry afterwards (which is a big problem for me), could not recommend more. A little goes a long way here, so I know what I'll be continuing to use!
    Love it
    I swithered for ages about buying this due to mixed reviews. I’m SO GLAD I went ahead and bought it. Tips: if you use the back of the wee spoon and mix a little before scooping some out there are no lumpy bits. Use a warm face cloth to remove gets everything off and removing eye make up is easier. I rinse off with warm water or warm face cloth and it takes absolutely all makeup off. I really enjoy using it and my skin feels lovely after and not greasy at all (no tightness which I found happened with fresh soy cleanser). Hasn’t broken me out at all and you only need a wee bit so will last ages. I use this on makeup days and Bestie on no makeup days. I’ve got normal/dry skin and the occasional hormonal breakout if that helps!
    Won’t buy anything else
    I literally buy every rave skincare product and I’ve said to myself for ages how they won’t make my skin better if I don’t use them. I realised with this is that I’m not seeing enough results. I use this PM to remove makeup and I love it. Better than any other, similar ££ I’ve tried. Bought my second of it, and I’m not sure the last product that I could say that about!
    Nice but not the best out there
    This cleanser is actually pretty good value for money given the size of the pot. The design of the container is great. The cleanser itself is fine as an oil cleanser and will easily remove makeup and sunscreen but it feels a little gritty and doesn't leave my skin feeling very nourished. I will keep looking for my HG oil cleanser.
    new favourite!
    I love makeup, but dread removing it. I have always been a huge fan of balm cleansers, as they are super gentle on the skin and not to forget effective in removing makeup. For me DE is value for money, you might think this is expensive but if you have used their product you will know its not. A little goes a long long way. I love this as my first step of cleansing my face.
    Smells so bad
    The consistency is ok and does remove the make-up well... BUT, I just can't stand the smell. It is supposed not to have any smell at all I guess but the result is that it smells just like some kind of animal fat.
    I absolutely love this cleanser, it really gets the job done and does not leave any kind of film on my face. You get loads of product too which is an added bonus!
    Holy Grail!
    This was love at first use and I haven't skipped a day since we met! You need such a small amount to completely dissolve your entire makeup. I wear waterproof mascara daily and this gently removes this without any tugging or scrubbing on the delicate eye area. My sensitive skin loves that this is unscented and I love that I don't need to use makeup wipes or cotton rounds so my waste is reduced (yay environment!). I'll never be without my Slaai <3
    Make up removing at its easiest and quickest!
    I have always been a big fan of oil/melting makeup removing products, so this was a no brainer for me. A little goes a long way, and it gently removes makeup. I personally have quite normal to dry skin so this leaves my skin feeling amazing.
    Brilliant cleanser, removes make up really well and leaves my face looking so fresh afterwards. I really noticed differences in my skin after using it. It is now a must in my skin care routine!
    Best balm cleanser with best ingredient list
    This balm is absolutely great. not only is it good for taking off every inch of your makeup + but can you also use it in the shower to not have that dry/tight skin feeling when you get out of it. truly the best. quick disclaimer: the smell might disturb some people because it is very earthy but I don't mind it
    Great, but not fantastic
    I really like this cleanser. it removes makeup fantastic and leaves skin hydrated. HOWEVER... I feel that the results and benefits from this product could easily be found in a cheaper alternative. Yes it works, but is it worth the 'hype' or the price? Definitely not.
    Quick, efficient, but not the best out there
    So I've given it 4 stars as I found it does the job well, it takes off heavy makeup with just one cleanse and it doesn't leave a waxy coating on your skin or anything and smells faint and natural. The reason I haven't given it 5 is, the product doesn't melt well in your hands, so when you're rubbing it in sometimes there's hard lumps of product that won't melt down. Overall, gets makeup off quickly and efficiently without irritating my skin, but if you're looking for luxury this isn't it. Would look for better alternatives before I repurchased, but if I was desperate and didn't have time to look would repurchase this product as it does the job.
    IN LOVE!
    I was not expecting to love this, but boy was I wrong! I absolutely love it, it takes every single trace of make up off, YES even waterproof make up! Lasts a very long time as not much product is needed. WILL definitely re-buying it for sure!!!
    Amazing for removing make up!
    I LOVE this product. I use this as a first cleanser to remove my makeup and SPF and it absolutely melts everything away without me having to use any tugging at all. And due to the fact that I wear waterproof mascara this is a work of miracle for me! BUT (just so everyone knows) you have to use another cleanser (like a gel based one) to remove the rest of the oil after washing it off with water to ensure that there's no oil left on the skin.
    Great staff!
    I love the product, the packaging and the quality over all! I do recommend it. ***** from me.
    Great product
    I really like this product... It’s very buttery and really dissolves all make up and residue with a small amount. I will definitely repurchase once mine is finished.
    Best cleanser ever!
    This is such a beautiful cleanser, and at age 41, I’ve tried many! I have oil cleansed for years. For me it’s just the best for my skin. I normally use pure jojoba oil which melts away all makeup and sun block but tends to leave behind residue even when removed with a hot cloth. This Drunk Elephant cleanser is just brilliant. All the positives of oil cleansing with none of the negatives of so many on the market. Applies so easily. Melts all makeup and impurities quickly and easily with a hot cloth. I adore this brand. I have nothing negative to say about them. Their products just work and are so pure.
    A skincare go-to
    I’m a serial skincare buyer. I’ve purchased this cleaner 4 times now. Says it all. It doesn’t have a particular luxurious smell but it does what it needs to! My skin feels clean, soft, hydrated and everything it should feel after cleansing. It will forever be in my bathroom cupboard!
    The best ever balm cleanser
    This is my ride or die!!
    This product is totally overrated, you need to cleanse at least twice and still, it does not remove eye make up at all.
    Loved it..
    This product is awesome. It does not clog the skin, nor hurt the eyes.. it just depends on preference as to whether you like buttery, balm style cleanser. I love a buttery product that destroys make-up and wipes squeaky clean with a hot, wet cloth. My skin is combination, big pores in areas, sometimes spot prone but most dehydrated. Can’t stand my skin being left dry, tight or dehydrated; this product provides all those attributes. ESP.. that you get 2 products in 1 as they supply a shaker with which you add exfoliant to the butter.. makes my skin feel like baby skin.. super. Love it.
    This balm is definitely more nourishing than the Clinique TTDO. It doesn´t leave my combination skin dry but I had to buy a new gel cleanser (for normal to oily skin) to wash it off. It does its job. I like the smell and the packaging is very practical. I have never used the Bamboo Booster as I don´t use physical exfoliators. Not decided whether I will repurchase or not.
    Ideal for people with dry skin
    I bought this balm cleanser as duo with the polypeptide cream and I have to say I am very impressed! After reading the reviews after I have used the product I am really surprised at the amount of people who dislike this product. I think first and foremost this product should be aimed at people with drier skin or who suffer from eczema/dermatitis prone skin as that is what I suffer from and find it perfect. 1. People complain about the smell but I would say it smells oaty and plain. If you like nice smelly products, this is not for you but personally, it doesn't bother me. 2. This balmy cleanser does go very oily and slippery and a small amount goes a long way! 3. I use a warm rinsed out flannel to pat off/wipe off the residue and this does the trick nicely leaving my skin feeling hydrated and not horrible dry and tight. 4. I then used the polypeptide cream over this and my skin feels so soft and moisturised! If you hate oily products or don't want a product that is going to leave a light sheen on your skin this won't be for you. However, if you're like me and suffer from dry skin and like having that sheen feel then this will be perfect for you! If you're unsure, try the small duo version first as it's only £19!
    It’s ok clogged skin
    I thought I loved this at the start but really it has actually clogged my skin really bad and it didn’t take makeup off as good as other brands. Skin was in a good place until I used this.... thanks a lot
    Just Okay
    I bought this to replace my EH Moringa cleansing balm because of the cheaper price tag and good reviews but I am disappointed. The smell is off-putting and whilst it does a good job of removing makeup the product is too heavy on my eyes. I find I have to continuously rinse my eyes with water in order to get it all off and even then my eyes can feel irritated and heavy after.
    takes off make-up, but irritates my eyes
    As I don't like cleansing oils, I went with this balm instead as a first step in my double cleanse routine. It breaks down makeup very well, but when I try to remove my eye makeup (no waterproof mascara), it irritates my eyes, a slight burning and icky feeling. Have to really go into with water to clean the eyes properly. I wrote to DE, asking for help, i.e. what ingredient might cause this irritation to my eyes. Basically they only said "none of our ingredients causes irritation. it must be your makeup" - well, I use the same products for years, never had a problem with them on my eyes while removing it. I bought a different cleansing balm recently (Clinique Take The Day Off Balm) and this works perfectly - no irritation or burning feeling! So, it's the Slaai that didn't work for me, not my makeup. Asides the issue with removing eye makeup, I didn't like the feeling on my skin, after removing the balm with water. You can feel the 'oil slick' on your face. I'll always double cleanse, but it's just a weird feeling. Considering, that I found a better product, I will not repurchase the Slaai Cleansing Balm again.
    Awful smell
    My point of view is that you have to enjoy your products while using them. It is effective removing make up but I stopped using it due to its smell. I can't, seriously. They should improve this mandatorily.
    Good, but nothing special
    Nice product, helps to take off make up quickly and effectively, good for my dehydrated skin. The only thing I don't like is the oily feeling it leaves after rinsing, you really need to wash your face thoroughly to get rid of it
    Great make up removal and not drying!
    Great product! Takes make up off amazingly, especially eye make up, and is not irritating at all. I was worried it might leave my skin feeling greasy but it washes off easily and leaves it feeling my skin feeling hydrated. I've always gone for strong, drying cleansers as I am prone to spots but am getting better results with this. The little magnetic spatula is pretty novel too. Love it!
    Neither here nor there...
    Yes this "does the job" and will get your makeup off relatively easily, but so can many other cheaper alternatives! Not worth the price IMHO, but not terrible either - just a bog standard cleansing balm really!
    Love it!
    I don’t understand why people think this is a one-step cleanser. It’s obviously for double cleansing and you obviously need to rinse it off and then cleanse again with a gel cleanser or whatever you use. Anyway, it’s excellent! It melts off your makeup and SPF and you don’t need a lot of product either. 5 stars from me
    I wear a lot of makeup with work and it takes waterproof makeup off like a dream. Would recommend this product for those that don't want to use makeup or baby wipes anymore.
    Звезды только за упаковку, ложечка на магните -гениальное решение. В остальном , неприятная текстура , бальзам плохо смывается , с трудом превращается в эмульсию и самое главное-отвратительно пахнет! После бальзама от Emma Hardie пользоваться этим почти невозможно, даже в dragstore есть гораздо более приличные варианты. ***** I just can't stand the smell. And the texture is not great. I would not recommend.
    Good for sensitive skin
    No fragrance, good for sensitive skin.
    Fun Product
    Great packaging and a fun addition to the beauty routine (if that's your thing). Definitely requires a second cleanse (sometimes a third due to the oiliness) after use as make up residue remains after rinsing thoroughly
    Removes even the toughest waterproof mascara
    First time I use a cleanser butter. The smell reminds me of Italian olive oil, which actually isn't such a bad thing. I was a bit skeptical about its effectiveness on waterproof black mascara, but I got sooner disproved. Firstly I got panda eyes and was pretty scared they had to be rewashed with something more aggressive. While using lukewarm water, everything disappeared. It doesn't emulsify that much (perhaps I used too little product?), it's truly efficacious and doesn't leave behind the same make up traces as other products, micellar waters included. Great on delicate skin.
    Pleasantly surprised
    I did not expect to like this cleanser as I’m not fond of oil cleanser. Got it in the best of 2019 goodie bag and it really impressed me! After the initial awkward step of figuring out how to apply it, it melted away every particle of mascara without issue. Just not sure it gets a milky texture with water though.
    I got this as a sample in the Goody Bag, and normally use Take The Day Off balm by Clinique. I have to say I was a bit disappointed with this. It felt good on my skin and left me feeling soft after, but it's not at all possible to get the product off with just water, which Clinique's balm does. Instead, you have to be very thorough with a cloth, and need a second cleanser after just to make sure that you don't stain your towel when drying your face.
    Not the best from DE
    I've used a few Drunk Elephant products and generally liked them, but this is not one of their best. I find it really struggles to remove even a small amount of eye make up, smearing it over your face rather than removing it, leaving you with panda eyes that you have to scrub it with a flannel in order to remove fully. I'm battling through it because I hate wasting product/money but I can't wait to go back to Clinique's Take the Day Off.
    I have acne-prone, combination skin, and I love this cleanser and am on my 2nd pot. I actually really love the smell - one of the reasons it works so well for me is because, unlike so many other cleansers, it isn't loaded with synthetic fragrances and perfume! It's thick, a tiny bit goes a long way, and for me, it feels luxurious and silky. Removes all my make-up, no problem, and comes off nicely with a warm flannel. Very happy!
    Absolutely love this, melts off every trace of makeup and leaves my skin feeling moisturised and not stripped. Will be re-buying forever
    Just Perfect!
    Very satisfied with this product! One of the best cleansers!
    Very hydrating & cleanses well
    This is the best cleanser I've ever used. It completely removes all makeup and I highly recommend it. It is very gentle on the eyes, I can finally remove eye make up without rubbing my eyes. I have combination skin, mostly dry and since using this it has worked wonders.
    Nice and buttery, it melts away everything while being gentle on your eyes :)
    Worth trying
    This is a great product, it removes makeup and cleanses the skin well. It's a bit too heavy on the eyes and I need to use a face cloth to properly wash it off. I will definitely restock as it’s a pretty good product!
    The best Makeup remover I've ever used, melts like butter into your skin. Removes all my makeup with ease and doesn't leave my skin with an unpleasant tightness I feel with most cleansers. This cleanser lasts a really long time.
    Slaai Cleanser
    Very very nice.
    Glorified oil - will not repurchase
    I expected this to become milky when wet however it's just oil so it doesn't do anything when wet. It's hard to remove and it doesn't even remove mascara well (I'm not even using waterproof mascara). I like that it feels hydrating and it's good for when skin is sensitive but unless you use it with a cloth this won't remove makeup properly. I use this as 1st step and then I cleanse with a gel but the oiliness comes off very slowly. I wouldn't purchase this again and I don't recommend because it's expensive for what it does and is.
    New holy grail
    I can’t say enough good things about this cleanser. As a loyal Oskia user, I was skeptical that this would top my long-standing faves, but this is just beautiful. The formula is gorgeous, so rich and emollient, so it’s really kind to my dry skin, never leaving it feeling stripped. It’s also fantastic at breaking down makeup, even waterproof mascara, my face always feel really thoroughly clean after use. I also love the little exfoliating beads that come with the cleanser, I use them twice a week for a gentle exfoliation and my face always feels lovely and smooth. This product may seem pricey initially but there’s a ton of product for your money and a little goes a long way because of the nature of the formula, so it will last really well. Can’t recommend this enough, especially for those with drier skin!
    Amazing Multitasking Product
    This is an effective and multitasking product. Comes with the spoon and the powder to use with the balm and exfoliate the face too. I have dry and sensitive skin and this is the best cleanser so far.
    melt my mascara please
    This product is good, I wouldn't say it's the best way I've found to remove my make-up, but it sure is different. The smell of the product, just smells oily? but no overwhelming scent which I personally think it quite nice. You also get a lot for your money, I've not even used 1/8 and I've used it for two weeks. I have to say afterwards my face does feel soft, HOWEVER I've noticed for around an hour after I've used it my eyes do not stop leaking? It doesn't sting my eyes or anything like that, I just think it affects my eyes in a different way. Which is super strange. Another con, a big con, is that it doesn't remove mascara that well, everything else is great, but mascara it doesn't like... and that's practically the one thing I always wear so I haven't used it much when just wearing mascara... so a bit of a waste throughout the week.
    Best Make Up Remover I've Used!
    This product works like a charm taking all my make up off every day. It leaves my skin smooth and soft. I have sensitive/oily skin and this balances everything out - not stripping my skin or leaving it oily. I won't switch back to foamy cleansers after using this!
    good product, yet not my favourite
    I find this balm good enough, it does what it is expected to do but I find it a little too on the greasy side. Other similar cleansers (like the Farmacy one) are as effective but more pleasant on the skin and leave less residue.
    Worth Trying
    Bought this in April and it's now end of August and still have a couple of weeks left. This is a lovely cleanser and gets all your make up off. Love the magnetic spoon, it is trial and error to start with on the amount of product you use, you don't need a lot. It does take your eye make up off, but I still use coconut oil as I personally think it's the best. This product reminds me a lot of Coconut Oil, so if you can not afford this then my tip would be to try coconut oil. I personally think this product is good value for money and have bought this for friends birthdays and they all love it too.
    Waste of money
    Hydrating but does not remove mascara, sometimes not even after two cleanses. Will not buy again.
    I haven’t ever found a product that melts my make up off like this and doesn’t sting my eyes. I have suuuuper sensitive skin and this is a God send. I’d still recommend following up with a more liquid cleanser/toner to make sure all your stubborn eye make up is off but can’t fault it! A little goes a long way
    Good! But...
    I don’t know why, and if it’s just me but this will remove just about anything EXCEPT my mascara! I rub it in and I insist on my eye area trying to get that mascara out and it will slightly sting my eyes and make my eyesight foggy. Clearly I’m getting some of it on my eyeballs too. However, my skin feels AMAZING after using this to double cleanse! Just that goddamn mascara xD
    Love the packaging, hate the product
    Starting with the positives, it does a pretty good job of removing makeup, and I absolutely love the packaging of this cleanser. Partially because I love the way all DE packaging looks, and partly because of the magnetic spatula. I’ve lost count of how many tiny cosmetic spatulas I’ve lost (or just neglected to use because I can’t find somewhere sensible to put them), resulting in me just digging into the product using the painted side of my thumb nail. This is a genius innovation and I’ve actually kept the packaging to reuse now that it’s empty. Which brings me onto the negatives... I COULD. NOT. WAIT. until this product was empty. I hate the smell (although I did get used to it after a few weeks) and just did not find it a joy to use at all. To add to that, I had been getting tiny pimples all over my face in places I don’t ever usually (middle of my cheeks, between my eye and my brow kinda on the brow bone, middle of my forehead), but couldn’t think why this would be. It wasn’t until I was watching an ‘empties’ video on YouTube and the YouTuber said she didn’t like this because it broke her out, that I realised this cleanser must be the culprit (and yes I double cleanse, using this as my first cleanse). I’m not one to throw away products, so I used it up (so as not to add to my ridiculous stockpile of cleansers), but I hated every minute of it and will not repurchase.
    Nice product
    Not a wow product but nice, I had a travel size in a beauty bag, might considering buying? Yes but as travelling cleanser, since it is very practical. It is like a butter and melts when you touch it, and if you want to add the scrub, you add the black seeds (bamboo booster), I proceed after with a second cleaning to remove any greasiness. I also prefer to remove the mascara with an eye make up remover and I used this cleanser after.
    New favourite product
    This is the second time I’ve bought this product. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and cleansed. When I’m feeling any flare ups as well I’ll use the bamboo cleanser to calm my skin down and clean out any impurities. I love with this product and will keep buying :D
    good but not great
    I am used to Korean cleansing balms which rinse off easily. This is a bit tricky to use. You have to take a much smaller amount, Melt it well in the palms of your hands. Make sure to use completely dry. Then add a little bit of water and emulsify very well till it's all white and then rinse. With this balm double cleanse is a must. Even then it leaves the slightest film on your face so for that reason I am going back to my favourite Heimish All Clean Balm. I will use it up but will not re-purchase.
    5 star
    Feels amazing on my skin and removes all make up.
    Can't fault this product in any form. Removes all traces of makeup and leaves a lovely dewy look and your skin feeling amazing, without irritating it. You'll never go back to any other cleanser after using this one.
    FA. BU. LOUS
    OH MY DIOR! This product is unbelievable! It's the second Drunk Elephant product I've tried and I'm amazed. It removes makeup easily and doesn't irritate the eyes. It leaves the skin feeling soft and non-greasy. A marvelous invention! Drunk Elephant, you've got my heart.
    Removed the toughest of makeup
    I’ve been using this product a couple of months now and it does exactly as it states it will and removes all traces of make up. The additional exfoliator is a lovely bonus to use, for me that’s once a week as my skin isn’t congested. All in all, this is a very good product. I have used much higher profile brands and the only downside to this particular product is its scent, or lack of.
    Gentle and effective
    A lovely buttery cleanser, a little goes a long way. Leaves skin feeling clean but not dry/tight. Texture is balm to oil so some people may find it a little heavy, especially during summer.
    Melts make up like a dream
    This cleanser is my absolute go-to when wearing lots of make up. It is very thick, almost butter-like but you only need a tiny amount. I normally struggle getting mascara off (I wear a lot), but this wipes it away in moments without dragging your eyes. I use it alongside the Foreo Luna mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush to get all the grime off and give it a thorough deep cleanse - my skin is left baby soft!
    Just amazing!
    So good on so many levels - easy to use, just scrape a small amount onto the spoon and rub it briefly between your hands to turn it into an oil (this is incredibly fast and makes it glide over your skin so easily!) then rub it all over your face and even your eyes to remove ALL trace of make up and leave your skin feeling lovely. I recommend using a warm, damp face cloth to remove it rather than rinsing it off (you will need to wash it after one use tho as it is oily residue) and a cotton pad for your eyes if taking off mascara so your face cloth doesn'y end up with black marks on it as I don't find that washes off easily. I am 55 with lots of problem areas on my skin - greasy areas, open pores on my nose, patchy discolouration - and after using this for 3 weeks my skin has never looked so good without make-up! I've also only used about a tenth of the tub so this will last for ages - incredibly good value for money.
    The best makeup cleanser I've used
    I've been using it for a month now and it's amazing. It takes a little time to get used to the balm/oily texture, but now I just can't see myself without it. It takes everything away in no time and with no effort. I just love it. And for the price, you get a huge amount of product. It's definitely a winner and a game changer. And for all the people like me searching for the cleanest beauty products, this one is completely organic and safe for the skin. Even the Farmacy one (which I thought was the most natural beauty cleanser) isn't this clean. So go for it!
    Great product
    I've been using it for more than two months every night and still have lots left in the jar. Great value for the money. Brilliant cleanser, removes SPF, mascara... Doesn't burn, sting or dry out and does not leave a residue. My acne prone skin loves this cleanser and I already have a backup. Bamboo booster is very useful. I was fully against physical exfoliators, but this one is really nice once in a while.
    Gorgeous cleansing balm
    I purchased this for my mother on mother's day, but I do admit I've often asked to steal a little for a cleanse, it's just that nice. Everything from the packaging, to the little magnetic spoon and tiny little bamboo exfoliant, this is truly something special. Also a little go's a long way! If you're used to balms, then you'll really notice the difference with the amount you need to cover your whole face, I've got full on facial hair and even then it still glides and gets in there thoroughly! One of my favourite cleansers on the market right now to use on myself, or clients. Can't recommend enough.
    Great in combination with face wash gel!
    The way I use it is I gently rub it all over my face and neck, and I put my Simple Face Wash Gel on top of it, so it creates light foaming, then I remove all of it with a cleansing sponge. After that, when I use tonic on the cotton pad, I can see that all of my make up is removed. The balm is also hydrating and you get the Bamboo Booster for the price, which is a plus! The butter lasted me for 2 months, you really only need small amount. It's a quick and effective way to remove your make up, and I've reduced using cotton pads to minimum.
    Holy Grail
    I've never used a cleansing balm before and honestly, this has changed the game for me. It's very gentle and removes all of my makeup without drying my skin or making it too oily.
    Love it
    Love this product - it leaves my skin super soft. Removes all make up in a gentle way and rinses off really easy. Would recommend!
    Drunk Elephant Slaai Cleanser
    It was my first Drunk Elephant product but I don't get why everybody likes this cleanser. It doesn't remove my makeup properly (even though I don't wear a lot of make up!) and it is hard to rinse off with water. I have a much better drugstore cleanser which is 10 times cheaper, works much better and also has good ingredients. To me, it is a super overhyped product that benefits from Drunk Elephant's reputation.
    Doskonale czysta skóra ***Perfectly clean skin
    Bardzo przyjemny w użyciu, dokładnie oczyszcza skórę z makijażu bez podrażnienia i wysuszania. Doskonale rozpuszcza podkład i makijaż oczu. Używam jako pierwszy krok przed bestie nr. 9. Polecam. ***Very pleasant to use. Thoroughly cleanses the skin without irritation or drying. Perfectly dissolves foundation and eye makeup. I use as the first step before DE Beste No. 9. I recommend.
    Best cleansing balm!
    I love, love, love this cleansing balm. I have tried a fair few, and this is my favourite. It gets everything off - including my waterproof mascara, but it doesn't strip the skin. It moisturises and it doesn't leave a residue. I've seen many people compare it to Green Clean from Farmacy, which didn't impress me. I'm going to repurchase this.
    Great product but the price...
    Beautiful product which took all of my makeup off very efficiently. Nice melt-in-the-hand texture with very little smell. The addition of the exfoliator is a nice touch but the price is a bit steep.
    Transformed, calmed and unclogged my skin!!
    It took around 8 long years of using a harsh acne targeted cleanser to realise my skin is very sensitive to essential oils and harsh cleansing ingredients, so when I came across this product I was so excited and for good reason!!!!! I do remove my makeup before using this cleanser (only as my skin has always been better suited to double cleansing, although I only use water and a Face Halo!), but it removes every last scrap of makeup and leaves your skin SO hydrated!! My mum tried it and didn't even need to use a moisturiser afterwards and her skin is really dry! Although, it doesn't leave a residue!! Best of both worlds!! AND (potentially TMI but!) it’s really helped unclog my pores and seems to.’unplug’ the stubborn sebaceous filaments that were abundant on my jaw and forehead!! So it’s even refined my skin's texture!! 11/10 recommend!!!!!
    Like it but wouldn't re-purchase
    I can’t say that I do not like this balm cleanser, but the texture is not special and a bit difficult to work. First, you have to heat the product a bit, and after take a cotton towel and wipe it with warm water. And it does not leave me feeling like my face is clean! Dù được nghe các beauty youtube khen nức nở nhưng mình vẫn không recommend mua em này sau khi đã dùng qua cleasing balm của FARMACY hoặc Clinique. Có thể da khô sẽ hợp dùng hơn! ***Although listening to Youtube bloggers reviews, I still do not recommend buying this, especially after I using cleasing balms from FARMACY or Clinique. Maybe will suit better on dry skin!
    Best cleanser I’ve ever used
    When I first tried the DE soaps I was completely converted but found I couldn’t use them to remove eye makeup. Then came Beste no.9 cleanser which completely removes all makeup without stripping your skin but I’m not the biggest fan of the smell or texture. Now there’s Slaai - wow! I love everything about it. The smell, the jar, the magnetic spoon!!! But especially how my skin feels afterwards, completely clean but a teeny bit moisturised as well which is perfect if you’re also using A-Passioni. It’s also the first cleanser I’ve ever used which is not only great for my skin but removes ALL eye makeup without irritating my eyes. If I hadnt just found Face Halo, I’d probably never use anything but Slaai for the rest of my life.
    Absolutely love this it melts the thickest make up even eye makeup! This is my forever find! Easy to use pleasing smell and it works! What more could I ask for. This is a keeper.
    Feels good
    It smells good, it feels like it‘s healthy for my skin and super easy to use. It melts immediately onto the skin and breaks off all my makeup. There is no issue washing the product off after usage and leaves my skin feeling clean. I honestly also love the magnet so I can keep the spoon on the lid and don‘t lose it.
    So good
    I really like this. Removes makeup so easily! At first I thought it was breaking me out but I think I just wasn’t wiping it off correctly, plus I was hormonal so my skin was already against me. Really, really good!
    Really lovely gentle cleanser, just melts into the skin! I love the Emma Hardie one and this is just as good but without the lovely smell. Very gentle around the eye area and good at removing waterproof mascara. I find it best to remove with a cloth.
    Really wanted to try the Drunk Elephant range - was not disappointed! This works! The exfoliate ‘seeds’ are a great idea! And love the magnetic spoon. This will def make me try more of the range. Non-greasy, non-drying and just such a lovely product. Will def repurchase!
    Game changer
    I was so excited to hear Drunk Elephant had launched a new oil-based cleanser. I’m a massive DE fan and use pretty much all the products in the range as part of my daily skincare routine. I felt the cleanser let them down as never fully removed all my make-up. My face never felt 100% clean after using it. This little beauty, however, more than makes up for it. A tiny amount goes a long way and I, hand on heart, don’t think I’ve ever used such an efficient cleanser when it comes to removing every single trace of make-up. It leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished. The little granules are genius as is the magnetic spoon/lid. Won’t be looking to try any new cleansers in the near future.
    Love it!
    Bought it with the purpose of reducing the use of cotton pads... mission accomplished! In addiction, this cleanser leaves the skin clean and sooo soft (and mine is pretty reactive/intolerant.. tends to react with dryness). a real treat!
    LOVE this!
    This is an absolutely lovely cleanser. You only need a tiny amount, smaller even than the surface of the little scoop provided, and it takes off makeup - even mascara - and leaves your skin feeling wonderful. I really am so impressed with this product. If you have dry skin like me, you need this in your life!
    Slaai 'slays'
    This is probably the best cleanser I have ever used, the quality is supreme and it does the most amazing job! Only a little amount is needed to cleanse the whole face and neck. It dissolves into the skin easily and feels luxurious! I was literally amazed at how it removed every scrap of makeup on my face, not many cleansers remove everything and it normally takes a double cleanse! Mixing with water enhances the experience and the cream turns milky. I also tried the Bamboo Boost mixed in and it is a great exfoliant - I use retinoids and wouldn't use this more than once a week as it is quite a strong exfoliant but the results were lovely! My skin is soft, bright and feels so clean! DE is fast becoming a staple brand for me - another absolutely fantastic quality product!
    I can honestly say this is by far the best cleanser I have used, I have very sensitive skin and this balm didn’t aggravate my skin at all, it left my skin plump and so clean. You only need a tiny amount so will last a while, I can’t recommend this enough, my skin glows after using the balm, very impressed!
    What an amazing balm cleanser. It melts like butter and takes mascara off with no pulling. It has left my skin feeling soft and smooth without an oily residue. Plus the magnatised spoon is a fantastic idea, no more losing that in the cupboard! I would highly recommend this product.
    Clean, glowing skin comes easy with this.
    I really wanted to try a cleansing balm so gave this one a try and so far it’s been great. As others have said you only need a tiny bit so it would last you ages and I thought the price tag was very reasonable considering the brands usual pricing range. I felt like my face was properly clean as with a lot of other cleaners I feel they just sit on top of the skin, I found this one penetrates into the pores to remove that sank in make up. I especially love the little magnetic spatula which is such a clever idea if you have butter fingers like myself. Would purchase again.
    I have been using Drunk Elephant skincare for over one year so far, and it has been more than a pleasant experience. Each product has amazed me, and has transformed my skin in he greatest of ways. On their Instagram, I checked their story and saw the announcement of this product and I was excited. I have been using Clinique's cleansing balm for a considerably long time and loved it but I was willing to switch to something which I know will be better. And I was right! Although the scent is similar to Clinique's cleansing balm, Drunk Elephants cleansing balm is different. I noticed that it made my skin feel insanely soft after washing it off, and is still soft after following with my second cleanse. I didn't notice that with Clinique's cleansing balm. Furthermore, following up with the Protini moisturising cream, my skin felt so much more moisturised, soft and smooth compared to other days. I used it again the next day, and had the same results. I also feel like this is making my skin look better? My post-acne marks look much less red, and my skin overall looks more even... This is definitely going to become a holy grail item for me!
    I use the whole Drunk Elephant range after being introduced to the Littles set. This is hands down the nicest makeup remover and exfoliator ever. My skin is quenched and full of moisturise and my makeup melted off in minutes... It comes off easier using a cloth than just your hands. My foundation glides on and looks like a second skin which is a major bonus for me as I have very dry skin which sometimes makes foundation grab and look cakey. This will last ages as you only need a pea sized amount to cleanse your whole face and I love the magnetic spoon!
    Makes skin look flawless
    I love all the Drunk Elephant range - actually, everything but the jelly cleanser - and I must admit after trying so many cleansers like this I did wonder what it was going to bring to the table. Well, it’s incredible. It makes my skin look like I’m wearing foundation, actually my skin looks better than when I wear many foundation - and I’m not someone blessed with naturally flawless skin. I’m not sure what ingredient has done that, but it’s wonderful. It also has made my skin feel incredible too. The only downside? It’s sooooo easy to put mucky makeup fingers in the butter to grab more and not use the little magnetic spoon, but I can’t see how this could be designed any other way, since it’s a solid that turns to a liquid/thin paste with the warmth of your hands. Would repurchase, for sure.
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