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    Drunk ElephantBeste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser 60ml<p>We&#8217;re <em>so</em> ready for this jelly (cleanser)&#8230; Free from nasties and brimming with non-stripping goodness, the innovative Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser unites a blend of mild cleansers and make up-dissolving emollients to rinse away every impurity while leaving skin soft and smooth.</p><p>Coconut-based surfactants (rich in fatty acids) work together to create a rich foam that effectively dissolves even stubborn make up, sunscreen and oils; virgin marula oil, high in critical antioxidants and omegas 6 and 9, boosts the cleansing power; glycerin helps to replenish hydration levels and, finally, antioxidant-rich cantaloupe fruit extract soothes and hydrates. Available in two different sizes and boasting a non-stripping pH level of 5.5, Drunk Elephant considers this ideal for all skin types (it&#8217;s also vegan!) so get ready for your skin to feel clean and supremely soft, whatever phase it's going through...</p>DRU011_MIDI165678123430324154 stars, based on76 reviews 13.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser

    Drunk Elephant
    Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser
    ( 60ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Everybody in the Cult’s getting tipsy! Serious skin, hair and body care heroes that don’t take themselves super seriously, Drunk Elephant’s rise to the top of the industry pops has been (rightfully!) meteoric. Founded by Tiffany Masterson who wanted to formulate products without any ‘fillers’, this all-star collection is powered by biocompatible actives – a mix of synthetic and plant-derived extracts – that skin recognises and knows what to do with. And, because of their ingredient-elimination philosophy, you won’t find any of the following ‘Suspicious 6’ – drying alcohols, silicones, SLS, chemical screens, essential oils or fragrances/dyes – so you can ‘reset’ your complexion and help both your skin and your tresses to flourish like never before.


    • Description

      We’re so ready for this jelly (cleanser)… Free from nasties and brimming with non-stripping goodness, the innovative Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser unites a blend of mild cleansers and make up-dissolving emollients to rinse away every impurity while leaving skin soft and smooth.

      Coconut-based surfactants (rich in fatty acids) work together to create a rich foam that effectively dissolves even stubborn make up, sunscreen and oils; virgin marula oil, high in critical antioxidants and omegas 6 and 9, boosts the cleansing power; glycerin helps to replenish hydration levels and, finally, antioxidant-rich cantaloupe fruit extract soothes and hydrates. Available in two different sizes and boasting a non-stripping pH level of 5.5, Drunk Elephant considers this ideal for all skin types (it’s also vegan!) so get ready for your skin to feel clean and supremely soft, whatever phase it's going through...

    • How to use

      Squeeze into palm and gently massage over wet or dry skin. Add water to lather. Rinse well and pat dry. Use nightly or in alternation with the other Drunk Elephant cleansers.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water/Aqua/Eau, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Coco-Glucoside, Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, Sodium Methyl Oleoyl Taurate, Propanediol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Glycolipids, Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid, Lauryl Glucoside, Cucumis Melo Cantalupensis Fruit Extract, Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Tocopherol, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Chloride, Polylysine.

      Please note, ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package received for the most up-to-date list.

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    Drunk Elephant - Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser

    Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser Reviews

    Effective but gentle
    Lovely and gentle on the skin, removes daily dirt without stripping your skin of goodness. Very nice coupled with the Drunk Elephant cleansing balm, leaves my skin feeling fantastic
    Simple and Effective
    I just needed a cleanser that wasn't going to fail to deliver on the huge promises that came with it. This is a really simple cleanser which is fantastic! There are so many targeted cleansers with specific ingredients that fail to deliver. This is great to start the day off with before I do my skincare and makeup. It is also a wonderful cleanser that removes the grime of the day from your face in the evening. If you want something that isn't going to kick up a fuss on your skin - this is the one you want!
    Nothing special. It was ok while it lasted but definitely won’t repurchase.
    Clean Cleanser
    I didn't really have high hopes as I'm allergic to almost everything that touches my face, however, this has worked well for me. It leaves my face feeling clean and comfortable and works well in a double cleanse. It isn't remarkable and doesn't work miracles on the face, it just does the job in a gentle way with no frills or fragrance! It's likely I will purchase this again.
    Really good as an every day cleanser
    Lovely simple cleanser not drying or too strong but effective at cleaning, great for every day in the shower.
    I am a huge fan of Drunk Elephant - tried almost everything from their line so far, however this one left me rather disappointed.. It doesn’t foam enough and is extremely irritating to my eyes, it’s also quite hard to wash off leaving me rubbing my face for an overly long time.. Will not be repurchising this one.
    Absolutely love this cleanser, it removes every scrap of makeup with ease, smells great and leaves me skin soft and not tight at all. 100% would buy again.
    Love it
    I’m on to my second bottle and just love it. Takes off makeup and the day’s dirt off well without drying out my dry/acne prone skin. Skin feels clean and balanced after.
    A really great cleanser
    This really works to remove all traces of make-up and dirt at the end of the day. I work in a polluted environment and really noticed how much cleaner my skin felt after using this product. I also noticed a difference when I switched to a different cleanser so purchased this for a second time. My skin is on the dehydrated/sensitive side and find this gentle and to cause no irritation whatsoever. Good to use as a second cleanse but also just on its own. A little goes a long was so worth the investment!
    Can't get over the smell..!
    Honestly I just feel like this cleanser isn't very special. It's gel based and certainly makes you feel like your face is really clean - I personally find it a little on the drying side and I have combination skin. But what puts me off using it most days is that it really smells like washing up liquid and I can't help but feel like that's actually what I'm using..! Overall, don't think it's worth the price.
    The BEST Cleanser
    This cleanser is genuinely the best cleanser I have ever used and my fave DE product!!! I feel it really cleans your face and gets every ounce of makeup/dirt off. Love this product and would now not be without! I apply on to a dry face all over and then use a little bit of warm water to make it froth up and then wash off with warm water - I find this is the best way to use the cleanser on my skin but understand not everyone will apply like this, I have combination skin and this is amazing for me!
    A nice cleanser
    I don't want a lot from my cleansers, as long as they clean my skin and doesn't irritate, then I'm good. This definitely lived up to that, it removed everything nicely, didn't cause any irritation or dry out my skin. It's no miracle product and if you're used to a cleanser really working for you, this might not be the one for you, but I enjoyed it.
    Second Cleanse Dream
    I wasn't expecting much from this product, the first bottle was given to me when I had no cleanser at all. On it's own, no, but as a second cleanse it's a dream. It removes everything and my skin felt gloriously clean after. I had no residue from my first cleanse. It felt a little soapy, as it lathered, and I expected that to be drying, but it really wasn't. I won't be changing this cleanser for love nor money
    Such an underwhelming product. I got a deluxe sized product and didn't even finish it. Very average for what it is. Spend your money somewhere else.
    Great cleanser
    I loved this cleanser. It's fragrance free, doesn't dry out my skin but removes all makeup in a second. A great product worth buying
    An amazing cleanser
    I usually never leave reviews but I've been having serious acne issues since November 19 and have been working really hard to control it. This cleanser was recommended by my facialist and I have to say its amazing! It's really light but effective and doesn't make your skin dry up (I have normal/combination skin). It removes all my makeup but I do double cleanse. I'd deffo recommend trying. As an acne sufferer, not every product will work for you but I do recommend trying. It would be good if they could release travel sizes so people can try it without paying too much! Nevertheless, I will continue purchasing this!
    Holy fail to holy grail!
    I used to hate this cleanser because I found it too drying with no deep cleaning effect. HOWEVER, I changed how I used the product, just using my fingers for 60 seconds with no cleansing brush and I could feel my skin plugs dissolve. It can still be a little drying but the deep cleansing effect I experience is worth it, nothing a little sheet mask can’t fix.
    My holy grail!
    This cleanser has completely changed my skin. Initially, I got this product as a tester and it has transformed my skin, it now feels super soft and the best it's been in a long time. I use this 3-4 times a week to clean my skin (I use wipes to remove my makeup). I have dry skin and I couldn't live without this product now!!!
    Love it
    I have really bad rosacea and this is the only cleanser that doesn't give me red and dry Patches and pustules. Since I ran out of it I've been using the FAB cleanser and my rosacea is at it's worst right now. 10/10 recommend Beste for sensitive Skin. Doesn't dry me out and it feels so gentle.
    Best cleanser
    This cleanser helped to calm my skin down and gives me a clean feeling without dryness, I love it!
    I have reasonably good skin but do find some cleansers drying. This one - not at all. I use it for my morning cleanse, not to take up make up off though. It's ideal for a refresh.
    Decent, but not incredible
    This cleanser is perfectly fine - feels nice, lathers well, isn't too drying on my combination skin. However, I don't think it's dramatically better than far cheaper cleansers I have used, and it doesn't always effectively remove all makeup, so I would definitely advise double cleansing.
    Takes the toughest mascara off
    It's a pleasure how this one works. Perfect of a one step, clean-it-all cleanser. A bit pricey for the size (that's why it's 4 and not 5 stars for me).
    Delikatny i skuteczny ***Delicate and effective
    Używam wieczorem jako drugiego kroku po Slaai clenser i solo z rana. Przyjemnie, delikatnie się pieni, delikatnie oczyszcza i nie wysusza skóry. Polecam. ***I use in the evening as a second cleanse after Slaai Cleanser and solo in the morning. Pleasantly foams, gently cleanses and does not dry the skin. I would recommend.
    Brilliant for problem skin
    I have combination skin prone to spots. This has worked like a dream. I rarely get breakouts anymore and the texture of my skin is smoother. I only use once a day - I think anymore and my skin would become dried out. Not sure it would be suitable for individuals with dry skin.
    I LOVE this cleanser. I have combination skin - it doesn't dry out my skin and it removes make-up as well. The smell is nice but not too strong and there are great ingredients in it, that will benefit your skin. Definitely recommend it !!!
    This is a great texture great smell great feeling. But it doesn’t even clean the face that well. Not even as a morning cleanse. It doesn’t remove makeup either.
    Really nice!
    I love This cleanser! I have combination skin and this wont dry out my dry areas and doesnt cause any irritating. The scent is very mild and it feels so pure and clean. I often use This with my Foreo luna and it works perfectly!
    Love it!
    The best cleanser I've found for my problematic skin, leaves it clean, yet smooth! I bought the mini package first to test and my skin just cleared up! as soon as I stopped using it my skin started acting up again! Will buy again!
    I do like it! Good for dry skin
    As if I started lash extensions I need oil-free cleanser and I have dry skin and there is winter now. Tried this cleanser from the little kit and I need more. It doesn’t dry skin, very soft and does great work with my makeup removal. I hope the big version will be available soon.
    Good product, bad package.
    I don't like the way you're supposed to use this product, it's not hygienic at all. Why need this fake-lid weird mechanism if just a normal one could work better? It drives me nuts when I want to use it or put on the shelf. Instead of locking the product normally I need to twist the lid and then clean it all the time of the product or microbes, it's like having no lid at all, but time-consuming. In general, the cleanser is soft and smells like soap bubbles.
    At last!
    A cleanser that removes all my make up, even stubborn mascara. I didn't recognise myself when I looked in the mirror after cleansing, I had natural squeaky clean lashes for once! I have been using other lovely cleansers and removing with muslin cloth but always, always had residue when toning - no more! The packaging is so cool, I love!
    Love it!
    A really lovely silky cleanser. Great for my super sensitive skin, leaves it feeling soft, supple and looks radiant. Will definitely be trying more products from this brand!
    So so drying
    This is very drying, when I mentioned this the response of drunk elephant was very dismissive as if their product was perfect and that if there was an issue it was all in my mind. Very strange customer service tactics.
    Should be called Beste 13
    Beste 9 (named so because it was formulated 9 times before selling) has still had to be reformulated 2 more times since. And it's STILL mediocre. Stripping and overly purifying for a twice daily cleanser for sensitised skin, dry or dehydrated skins and if you're struggling to find balance, the over 6PH won't help either - stripping your barrier. My skin felt tight and and immediately dried out. Within 2 days my skin was red drying out. Returned. Maybe for TRULY oily skins, but otherwise, I'd avoid.
    Overly drying
    I immediately threw this away after the first time I tried it. I got this in the littles set but honestly I still would have tossed it even it was a full size. Why? My face felt as if I was wearing a clay mask that had completely dried! All the hydration and moisture was sucked out of my skin and left the barrier compromised. Not my cleanser.
    Used my little of this when my beloved Glossier Milky Jelly ran out sooner than the new one arrived and I'm not likely to use this product ever again. It left my skin feeling tight, as if i’d just washed off a clay mask, rather than soft and clean like a cleanser should.
    Love it!
    As for now this one is my favourite. It is delicate and does not dry my skin. Removes mascara very well.
    Love this
    I got this for me and my teenage daughter to use as she has frequent breakouts. We've tried everything from Mario Badescu to other well known brands and her skin is actually clearing up and hasn't had anymore breakouts since using it. My skin is always very clean and glowing and just looks amazing. I love this brand and I can't wait to buy more.
    Great cleanser
    I love this cleanser, bought it 3 times already and it's worked really well for my skin. I have been using it in combo with other drunk elephant products so together it's been very effective.
    Just perfect
    This cleanser was recommended to me by a friend. Definitely have to say she was right about this cleanser it is just perfect. It's very gentle on my skin and leaves my skin feeling clean again. Would definitely buy this again.
    Just bought another one!
    My skin feels so clean after using this. My complexion seems more clear too, but I have been using an array of Drunk Elephant products lately so maybe that's why? It foams so well and doesn't agitate my sensitive skin.
    Been using this everyday and it make the skin feel and look amazing!! I love most drunk elephant products and so didn’t have a doubt that this would be great too and it definitely lived up to the standard. Spots appear reduced since using and firmer. Definitely would recommend :)
    This cleanser that is unique and alright for the price
    This is a nice, simple, non striping cleanser that still cleans your face. I might repurchase, it’s nice.
    So fresh and clean and great for my sensitive skin. I use this twice a day now and I love how it cleans my skin so well. Very simple smell but works so well.
    Great cleanser
    This was my first jelly cleanser; I've been reading good reviews online and finally decided to give this one a try. Don't regret it at all! I feel a drastic change with my skin- doesn't feel dry after cleansing, no need for makeup remover afterward and my skin stopped breaking out. Highly recommend and worth the price.
    The best jelly cleanser!
    Bought this as my skin has become sensitive and dry with an oily t-zone. I only use the cleanser in the evening, It strips all make up off and leaves you with clean, balanced skin. So glad I purchased this!
    My dream cleanser
    I’m in love with the cleanser. Since it is a gel based it’s not harsh on your skin. It just swipes make-up and dirt so easily. This is so far the best cleanser I have ever tried in my life. The most important thing about the cleanser is it does not leave flakiness on the skin and instead gives extra hydration to the skin and leaves my skin baby soft. I’m so happy I made the best decision buying this cleanser.
    Dream for oily skin
    I love this cleanser, it works wonders as a second cleanse on my oily skin to get rid of any traces of makeup, dirt, grime etc after my balm cleanse. Some people find it a bit drying but for oilier skins it works like a dream, lathers up nicely and leaves my skin feeling nice and fresh.
    Good cleanser
    This is a good cleanser, seems to be clearing up my skin and I would buy again once this runs out. It is quite soapy, it creates bubbles and does leave my skin feeling tight/ dry after use. It doesn’t smell that nice, but I guess fragrance-free is the point of the DE products!
    Very sticky.
    Has a very weird consistency, I found it to be very stick and it dried my skin out.
    Drunk Elephant Beste No 9. Jelly Cleanser
    The best one! I have normal to combination skin (acne-prone). I love this cleanser! Definitely worth the price.
    Not for me
    I wanted to like this, but having incorporated into my routine, I stopped using it after a week. I find it terribly drying on my skin, which tends to dryness anyway. Post lock down I will be giving it someone else to try.
    Definitely isn't worth the price, just your regular gel cleanser.
    Best cleanser I've used - saved my skin.
    My skin is normal and quite good but on and off I get blemishes that I can not leave alone. I take good care of my skin and use good products so I assumed that these blemishes were going to show up either way. BUT then I started to use this cleanser. I got a small version of it as a gift. I was, of course, thrilled to get the gift but at the same time, I thought to myself that I would never buy his because cleansers are just cleansers so I could always get a cheaper one because you end up rinsing it off after a few seconds. But this cleanser just saved my skin. I see now that it really matters to have a good cleanser, even though it will only last on the skin for a few seconds. I haven't seen one blemish showing up until I finished the tube and used something else. I will definitely by this Drunk Elephant cleanser over and over again!
    Pretty mediocre and I had the feeling, that it doesn't clean well after all. Maybe I should give it one more chance, idk... I got sample.
    Works pretty well
    I am pleased with this cleanser, third time I have bought it.
    Love it!
    It cleanses my skin thoroughly but it’s so gentle at the same time. My skins feels clean but not dry or parched. It’s become a firm staple in my daily regime!
    This product is only average, it is a gentle cleanser but not gentle enough for dry skin. My oily/rosacea skin can handle it, but I also have milder gel cleansers I prefer. It does a decent job at makeup removal, but I don't wear a lot of makeup generally so it might not work as well for someone wearing a full face. The biggest issue for me is, although it is marketed as scent-free, it has a mild plastic/chemical scent that puts me off a little, so I try not to breathe too deeply while I apply it. I will finish up the product but I don't know that I would repurchase.
    Very disappointung
    I've been using this cleanser for only 3 nights but can already see it is not for me. I have an oilier center and dehydrated rest of the face, so I usually really like milk and oil cleansers as they don't strip my face. As it is summer and hot where I am, I wanted to try a new gel cleanser. This one is SOOO disappointing: dries my skin awfully (I had to put 2 layers of lotions/serums and a rich cream afterwards). Feels like a cheap soap my granny used to use for cleaning her face: basic consistency, no nice smell. I wish I could try a sample before buying this huge tube. A complete waste of money. My advice: definitely try a sample before purchasing this cleanser.
    Perfect for combo/oily, acne prone skin
    I like this simple cleanser for my combo, acne prone skin! It’s summer right now but not very hot where I am and this simple cleanser has proven to be all I need. It does not strip my skin, but I do follow DE’s suggestion and only use it once a day in the evening. I wasn’t sure if this was enough and if it will aggravate my acne. Lately, anything I put on my skin seemed to be doing just that, but the Bestie cleanser doesn’t! I am in the process of switching to DE only to try to cure my acne, large pores, and fine lines. So far I’ve been very happy with most of their products. If you have dry skin, however, I am not sure if this is the cleanser for you. Though if you decide to try it, I’d only use it once a day. Great product!
    Most thorough cleanser
    Started using this about 6 weeks ago and my skin is better for it - much clearer, brighter and smoother without causing any irritation or drying. All my other cleansers are now jealous.
    The best
    An absolutely amazing cleanser. I have combination skin with an oily nose and dry patches everywhere else. It's so gentle on the skin, removes all makeup and excess oil and leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant. Can't recommend enough.
    Not worth the hype
    I ordered this and the product came broken, from what I could use from it, it didn’t do anything to my skin I wouldn’t recommend using this to take off makeup but it did make my face feel nice for 40 minutes or so
    I probably would have given this cleanser a lower rating if it wasn't for the fact that my husband has taken ownership of it and is loving it. I found it quite drying and the lid irritates me but his skin is squeaky clean after using it and he likes the 'non girly' smell. I'd happily sacrifice this cleanser to him so maybe it's just more suited to less sensitive skin types.
    Great non-drying cleanser
    I love this because it doesn’t dry my skin out at all or leave that tight sensation you get from generic cleansers. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth! I use this with a Konjac sponge which helps the cleanser to go a long way. Very happy with this!
    Very disappointing
    SO disappointed with this, the dispenser is awful - its leaks out everywhere. Left my skin very dry - and a sticky feeling, tot worth the money at all, it is over priced and over hyped. It's the worst cleanser I have used so far!
    Doesn't do much.
    Not gonna rebuy.. It didn't do much except for dry my skin up.. Nope.
    Love it
    I love this cleanser, I've found it has kept away any breakouts so far and has helped improve the clarity of my skin. I can see that it would be a little drying for some skin types, but I only use it once a day in the evening (as suggested by Drunk Elephant) so haven't really experienced dryness. I'll definitely be purchasing again.
    It's okay, but I wouldn't trust it to remove all make-up and cleanse deeply. Nor does it lather easily, in fact it kind of gloops if you don't use enough water. Definitely over-hyped and over-priced. I have other cleansers I love, so this won't be re-purchased.
    This is stripping and drying, my skin feels so tight afterwards.
    Great Product
    Absolutely love this cleanser, removes make up beautifully and your skin feels generally so clean after washing it off, I have sensitive dehydrated skin so it’s not too strong. Very gentle cleaner & doesn’t have a smell (which I like). Love this product.
    Better out there
    The cleanser is meh. It’s a horrible texture, doesn’t remove makeup but is good for a morning cleanse or second cleanse if you have oily skin (dry skin will hate this). I wouldn’t recommend it, there are much better cleansers for the money.
    My skin felt very dry after using this and I don't have particularly sensitive skin. I wouldn't recommend this product, especially at that price.
    So far very disappointing
    It doesn't foam a lot so you think its good for your acid mantle but let me tell you ..when you first try it, it seems ok but whatever I put on afterwards for hydration doesn't seem to work. I don't know if I will stop using it and use the other Drunk Elephant products from the inspector kit and I will see how it ends up...
    Tight & Drying
    I'm only a week using it but I'm not a fan though it's early days - skin feels tight and dry which is concerning. Put it this way, if it was QVC, I'd return it within the 30 days. That said, was impressed by Cult Beauty giving the £5 cash back on revised pricing (thank you CB).
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