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    Charlotte TilburyCharlotte's Magic Cream Moisturiser 30ml<p>This &#252;ber-cult moisturising cream is all you need to bring dulled, dehydrated skin back from the brink. Based on Charlotte's hand-made 'backstage' formula - originally created to prep models' complexions before the shows - this rich, fast-acting formula delivers a serious hit of hydration thanks to its hyaluronic acid booster: sodium hyaluronate to attract and retain much-needed moisture, alongside a patented bionymph peptide complex which helps turn back the clock (in mere moments). Powerfully firming and line-lessening, this moisturiser also contains broad-spectrum sun filters to deflect both skin-burning <em>and</em> ageing rays, while extracts of frangipani, aloe vera, damask rose and vitamin A combine to stimulate regeneration, combat inflammation, soothe redness and leave skin looking enviably even-toned and luminous. Psst, you can now even replenish the full-sized (50ml) formula with the sustainably minded {<a href="/charlotte-tilbury-charlottes-magic-cream-moisturiser-refill.html" target="_blank">Charlotte's Magic Cream Refill</a>}!</p>TIL043_30ML837050605427227594 stars, based on135 reviews 25.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte's Magic Cream Moisturiser

    Charlotte Tilbury
    Charlotte's Magic Cream Moisturiser
    ( 15ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Charlotte Tilbury's award-winning Magic Cream was created backstage to transform models' skin in an instant. It soon became so cult that Charlotte was compelled to 'bottle' her secret formula; a moisturising cocktail of plumping, firming and line-lessening complexes that rapidly bestows a gorgeous, runway-ready glow. Pick from a sumptuous glass full size (50ml), or sized-to-try, travel-friendly plastic sizes (30ml) and (15ml), so you're never without this go-to cream again. Magic by name and by nature, this fan-favourite formula is now housed in a sustainably minded, refillable jar. Simply replenish your stores with {Charlotte's Magic Cream Refill}.


    • Description

      This über-cult moisturising cream is all you need to bring dulled, dehydrated skin back from the brink. Based on Charlotte's hand-made 'backstage' formula - originally created to prep models' complexions before the shows - this rich, fast-acting formula delivers a serious hit of hydration thanks to its hyaluronic acid booster: sodium hyaluronate to attract and retain much-needed moisture, alongside a patented bionymph peptide complex which helps turn back the clock (in mere moments). Powerfully firming and line-lessening, this moisturiser also contains broad-spectrum sun filters to deflect both skin-burning and ageing rays, while extracts of frangipani, aloe vera, damask rose and vitamin A combine to stimulate regeneration, combat inflammation, soothe redness and leave skin looking enviably even-toned and luminous. Psst, you can now even replenish the full-sized (50ml) formula with the sustainably minded {Charlotte's Magic Cream Refill}!

    • How to use

      Try Charlotte’s Pro-Collagen Wonder Workout:

      “A 5-minute work-out for your face that stimulates micro-circulation, decongests puffy skin, relaxes facial muscles and delivers my patented anti-age ingredients deeper into the skin to boost collagen. Lift your complexion, sculpt and define your facial framework and get glowing, youthful skin in an instant! It’s a cheaper, more subtle alternative to the dreaded needle…”

      1. Complexion Lift & Boost Collagen. Apply cream to the tips of the middle 3 fingertips of each hand. Blend into your cheeks starting from the lower cheek, near the mouth, in a sweeping motion up & out. Repeat this motion, moving up the face to simulate blood flow, and penetrate collagen-boosting ingredients deeper into the skin. To blend in the excess and de-congest puffed up cheeks, tap your cheeks with your fingertips in a pitter-patter motion, starting from the top of the cheek bone and working down.

      2. Define Facial Framework: Cheekbones. Place your forefingers under your cheekbones, starting from the nose. Push upwards, into your bone structure, and outwards, smoothing your fingers along your cheekbones, finishing at your ear. Repeat three times.

      3. Define Facial Framework: Jawline. Using your thumb and forefinger gently pinch your jawline, 2 seconds per pinch, moving along the line from your chin outwards. This drains puffy skin and sharpens contours. Finish by running your thumb and forefinger along your jaw again, in a sweeping motion, to smooth out skin.

      4. Smooth Wrinkles & Relax Furrows. Apply cream to the tips of the middle 3 fingertips of each hand. Starting from the middle of the forehead, massage the cream into the skin in 3 circular motions, moving outwards towards the temples. This relaxes the muscles and smoothes over wrinkles. Pat in any excess cream with your ring finger to stimulate micro-circulation.

      5. And Relax... Apply a light pressure on your temples for 5 seconds to finish the massage.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water (Aqua), Homosalate , Glyceryl Stearate SE, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Octocrylene, Cetyl Alcohol, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Steareth-21, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Carbomer, Dimethiconol, Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Chlorphenesin, Caprylyl Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Hydrolyzed Viola Tricolor Extract, Allantoin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Disodium Edta, Tocopheryl Acetate, Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Michelia Alba Leaf Oil, Sodium Lactate, Coco-Glucoside, PEG-8, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopherol, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Plumeria Rubra Flower Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Nicotiana Sylvestris Leaf Cell Culture, Linalool, Citronellol, Geraniol.

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    Charlotte Tilbury - Charlotte's Magic Cream Moisturiser

    Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte's Magic Cream Moisturiser Reviews

    Absolutely dreadful
    I have super dry skin skin so was excited to try a sample of this. It was absolutely horrendous. It didn’t sink into the skin at all, even leaving it for half an hour after application, but instead just sat as a greasy layer on top. It also made my skin itch and burn and my eyes stream. It was so bad I had remove it which left my skin feeling drier than before I’d started. So glad I didn’t pay for this product. I would give it zero out of five if I could.
    Hello break outs...
    Loved the tester of this that I had a while ago, but 4 days of using it have left my skin dotted with tiny spots. It's just too greasy. Maybe applying it just for occasional use would be better. Disappointed.
    Excellent skincare
    I love this cream. It’s my favourite moisturiser and my everyday cream
    Really is magical
    First off, almost knocked a star off simply for the price. It's expensive! But boy oh boy is it good. It looks like quite a thick cream in the jar, and I was worried for a while whether my acne-prone problem skin could handle it. But all it does it skin into the skin and provide the nicest feeling of hydration and being moisturized ever. It really is the perfect pre-makeup cream. I splurged as I am getting married soon and wanted this as my pre-makeup cream on the big day. It's really so so nice and a little does go a long way tbh so not the most extravagant purchase. I use another brands overpriced cream but I'm definitely switching to using CT Magic cream as a regular moisturiser during winter and something more affordable like LRP during the summer.
    great for sensitive skin!
    I previously purchased a smaller jar of this as I have never used it and had seen it online many times by my fave YouTubers, I wasn't disappointed! I have eczema and very sensitive pale skin and thought this may irritate but it couldn't be more hydrating for me. I love using it at night once I've showered as a moisturizer treat, or in the morning as a primer under my mineral foundation. it always helps make my face look smoother and more vibrant, and my hubby loves the smell when he cuddles me. Since then I have bought the larger pot and it is lasting me a long time as I don't use it everyday..would recommend this to others
    one of the best
    I realy like this moisturiser! one of the best I used!
    Broke me out
    Wish I had read the reviews first! Like others I found this broke me out in spots!
    The best cream I’ve ever used, a tiny bit goes a long way. I have always had dry skin and this stuff gives such a natural glow and leaves my skin incredibly hydrated. Can’t give it enough credit!
    Wasn’t worth it
    I tried it 2 times a day for a full week and I won’t be committing to the full size. I have combination skin that can be sensitive sometimes but generally isn’t very problematic. This cream is quite heavy which didn’t bother me, it feels nice under makeup and is more like a base for those mornings when you plan on going full coverage. It wasn’t nourishing enough for a night time cream so I can’t see how it will be good enough for dry skin if it can’t moisturize my combo oily face. The one thing that put me off for good is the smell - this is VERY heavily scented, the smell is overwhelming and it lasts on your face for several hours. It gave me a headache almost non stop for that week and my skin broke out in several areas. I’m convinced it’s due to the cream as that was the only new product in my routine. This definitely isn’t for everyone so try a tester first before you spend the cash
    Not worth the hype
    Got this as a sample after purchasing some new makeup, it's absolutely awful. My skin is normally quite oily on my T zone but this cream stripped all the oils from my skin, leaving my nose skin literally peeling due to being THAT dry!!! I don't recommend at all! I do not have dry skin! But my face has been peeling since I used this cream. Not even worth the 1 star.
    Not For Dry Skin
    My skin is dry and sensitive, so I read the reviews saying it may be better suited to dry skin and this isn't the case. This is probably best suited for those with normal/combo skin. Deffo not worth the price, and very frustrating as I spent £25 only for it to sting my cheeks so I can't use it on my face but maybe I'll use it as a body moisturizer just to use it up. Unfortunately it smells like sunscreen. I won't be buying again.
    I have normal/ oily skin, slightly prone to breakouts and chose this as a sample. I tried it in the evening and wasn't impressed as it does not hydrate as much as my usual cream (Cerave SA). In the mornings, I tend to mix my cream, sunblock and foundation together and apply with my fingers across my face and that's where this cream shone. Literally, my face is glowing with a velvety soft touch and finish. Without adding highlight, it looks perfect in photos and online video calls. Two flaws, I broke out when I used it at night and it's pretty pricey.
    Not for everyday but flawelss underneath make up
    It's expensive for one of those one-off moisturisers or a primer but underneath makeup, it makes the skin glow and glistens beyond belief and foundation skins into it so perfectly. It's also great to make a heavier foundation slightly lighter in coverage! Admittedly as I'm dryer it's hard not to reach for it every day due to its perfect feel and thickness of the formula, maybe it will be worth it instead of my usual active moisturiser!
    Flawless skin, but not for every day
    I wouldn't say that this is an everyday moisturiser for most people, probably best suited to those with a drier skin type. However, this is gorgeous for those days when your skin just needs a little TLC and perfection, it gives a gorgeous base for makeup, makes your skin so dewy and luminous, and feels so soft and smooth on the skin. As an oily/combo skin I do find this too much for every day, but prefer this as a treat for my skin whenever I'm going for dinner and just want a really beautiful and flawless finish. Perfect for brides or anyone with a big event on the day! Plus the packaging is just gorgeous and looks amazing on any dressing table.
    Awesome !
    I love this cream ! I was a little afraid because I have oily skin but, this cream let my skin very smooth and not shiny ! I use it essentially on morning before makeup
    Magic cream
    This is Brilliant and really has made a difference to my skin.
    Don't bother
    Really rich creamy and personally too expensive. I have oily to combo skin, it absorbs fast. I didn't see great results and the spf is not high enough. For what I paid as a minimum spf should be 30. I won't be purchasing again.
    Love this cream
    I love the consistency. I've only been using it for a week so I can't really tell a lot, but so far, so good!
    Not worth the price
    Normally I have very good skin, but I bought this during the time I had flaky dry skin. For such an expensive moisturiser it was very thick and for me, it didn't work magic for my skin. I still have some left. Maybe I'll try once my skin has cleared up and maybe it will have a different effect? But right now. Not best for dry skin. Not for dry FLAKY skin.
    The best moisturiser on the market
    I bought this in March, I’ve had it nearly 4 months and I’m not even near halfway through, although it is expensive, you only need a tiny bit and it lasts forever. My skin is very dry and I had lots of dry patches on my face. So I wanted a moisturizer that was very hydrating that wouldn’t soak up my dryness as previous ones have. I started to see amazing results within my skin after about 2 days. It Completely cleared up the dryness and made my skin look incredibly glowy and healthy-looking which is exactly what I love and look for in skincare and makeup. Highly, highly recommend this product.
    I was apprehensive to buy this after reading mixed reviews about how hydrating this is for people with dry skin, so I bought the 15ml to try. It takes a couple weeks before your skin sees a difference so definitely keep at it but my skin has never looked so glowing and plump! My skin is soft and dewy to the touch and I have ditched my face make up. One thing I would recommend is that you get a hyaluronic acid + B5 serum to go underneath for those with very dry skin like mine as this gives the skin that added hydration to make the perfect combo with this moisturiser!
    Amazing product but maybe not for my skin type
    I bought this cream after reading a lot of positive reviews. I don’t often break out, but I do have quite dry skin. I do find it has a good level of hydration and smells nice. However, I might go looking for a cream that is a bit more silky and lighter for my skin type. Overall though I like the results and think it’s a good product, maybe just not perfect for my skin type.
    My favourite moisturiser ever
    So moisturising and makes your skin feel amazing and look so dewy and plump!! I had quite rough skin along my jawline, but this cream makes it disappear!
    I bought this product because I have used CT's skincare and makeup products before and they were lovely. It is a good moisturiser but doesn't do anything that a moisturiser from Boots cannot do for quarter the price.
    it is decent
    It is a good cream but not magic. I do like the thick and soft texture of it. The scent is strong but nice. I'd say if it priced at 45 pounds, it would be a fair price. I'm in my late 30s, my skin is more normal, it likes the cream. I used to have a jar in my early 30s, my skin hated it. So I'd say maybe it is not too good for more combination type of skin. The bottom line is it is better than any Chanel or Dior face cream I've tried. And it is cheaper.
    Tried a sample and had to purchase!!
    I was sent this product as a sample to try and was told this literally works magic underneath their foundations. I thought this was just a tactic to get me to spend more money after I’d just purchased their Airbrush Flawless Foundation. I used this cream as a primer underneath and just wow the two products really do work together like a dream. A little goes a long way, makes my skin feel instantly smooth and my makeup didn’t cake at all. Had to buy the full sized product. Worth the money!
    It's overpriced and it stings around the eyes. It contains perfume which is useless for the skin. I did not like the sample I got.
    Amazingly Hydrating
    Loving this product! I use it every day and it never fails to make my skin look healthier and plumper.
    Not worth the price
    I was so excited when I brought this cream as I heard influencers say it was incredible and luxurious, for me it was just far too greasy and smells like suncream, luckily I only got the 15MLl to try it out. I wouldn’t buy this again.
    Best as an makeup primer.
    As I tested this out, I can see why some people don't like this just as a moisturiser. I have an combination skin, which can get oily during the day but also is very dry from some parts on my face. So please try this on top on your regular moisturiser, as a primer, if you are seeking for a glowy, sinched-in kinda appearance on your face!
    Magic cream
    I have used this cream for a week and i can happily say this is THE BEST CREAM EVER! It not only makes your skin look bright but also moisturisers your face.
    A wonderful cream with a magical effect on the skin. Magic Cream gives a soft, velvety feeling after massaging to the skin. Love it.Want it.Buy it.
    Waste of money
    Really was looking forward to trying this as a lot of people brag about this. Really disappointed as it does absolutely nothing. Glad I only purchased the small one to try first. You literally look exactly the same as you did before use and no difference when your make up is on. Don’t know why it’s called magic. Only plus I have is that the smell of it is amazing.
    Not enough for my dry skin
    Sigh... I wanted to like this product so much but I just can't. I have very dry skin in the winter and decided to treat it with something luxurious. I got the smaller size, been using it a month. The cream feels thick and heavy, but after I apply it my skin still feels tight even though the cream didn't absorb into my skin. That was very weird. I wake almost every morning with tight skin especially around my dry areas. For the price tag along I won't be purchasing the full size but I'd like to revisit it during summertime where my skin is more normal to combination.
    Wish I'd read the reviews first :(
    This cream does have a very luxurious feel, and my skin felt softer and in better condition after just a few days. HOWEVER - it is so strongly perfumed that it actually makes my eyes stream like mad, rendering it useless to me. I don't have sensitive eyes or skin and no other cream I've ever used (and I've used lots!) does this to me. It also was only any good on "no make up days" as the greasy texture makes any foundation, eye liner or brow makeup just slide right off. Real waste of money - I was so excited about this cream but I'm very disappointed.
    Loving it!
    Smooth and rich. Loving it!
    My holy grail
    After reading comments on the cream I was rather sad to see that the cream hasn’t worked for so many. I’m 28 with normal skin and I use this each morning and I LOVE it. If I’m going to apply make up I will use this at least an hour before putting any other products on to give the cream time to settle into my skin. I’ve tried so many other products but always come back to this as well as the night cream. I personally feel like it’s worth the price.
    Good moisturiser
    Great before makeup. Gives my dry and flaky skin moist. Smells ok.
    Far too heavy
    This cream is too heavy for normal skin, it’s almost like a thick Nivea cream for 10 times the price. I would honestly avoid this.
    Nice smooth textured cream that isn't too thick, it makes my skin glow and it looks more youthful.
    Sooo good!
    This is my third time buying this and honestly, it’s so good. Before makeup, as a night cream, day cream. I think it actually helps with my acne too. I don’t know, it’s amazing. I don’t even care if it’s expensive, if it works, it works.
    Not for me...
    I have combination skin and after using this my foundation staying power becomes non-existent. I also had a reaction to it.
    I have a combination skin and sensitive. It is fast absorbing, very moisturising but lightweight. It's not oily and goes well with the flawless foundation.
    I have combination skin, more to the dry side around chin and lower cheek area. The texture of the Magic Cream is thick and nourishing. It’s not greasy. Would recommend for combination to dry skin. Also, it leaves a glow from within. Love the cream. Simply magical.
    I love it!
    I am 45 years old, normal/sensitive/sometimes combination skin. This is just one, but complete, product in the morning!
    Love the magic cream
    It is the second time I've been buying this product as I use it every day, mornings and nights, and I find it works so good on my eye contour, as well. The parfum is quite soft, flowery, and it does not disturb me at all. The texture is quite heavy, but not sticky or oily. I love this moiusturize!
    Absolute Love for this
    Got this after trying out the 15ml one. I love it! It’s fast absorbing, very moisturising and lightweight. Smell and price takes getting used to though haha.
    I got mine as a gift (the smaller pot) and I am in love with it. I use it sparingly as it is expensive, but totally worth it in my opinion. I use it as my make up base and I love how moisturising it is. It soaks into my skin and helped the dry spots on my face like overnight! Will definitely buy it whenever I can.
    I tried a sample of this. It’s pretty terrible. It just sits on top of the skin, not very moisturising. It also pills really, really badly. I would save your money and avoid this.
    Good make up base.
    The only one thing to know is that this is not a skincare product but a good make up base. It gives the skin light skin illumination and after foundation looks gorgeous
    Wonder product
    Love this! Definitely worth every penny! Looks thick, but goes on smooth and you can apply your foundation right after!
    I bought this cream for my upcoming holiday but gave it a go last night and after one use my skin feels and looks incredible! I’m 62 and my skin looks 32! It’s expensive but I guess you get what you pay for.
    Love it
    One of the best creams for make up artist, use it for lots of clients more than a year. Buy the new one bottle of cream every 2-3 months!
    Magic Cream for Cystic Acne
    I’m not normally someone who reviews products, but I have suffered with cystic acne for a total of 6 years now, having been on various prescription drugs/creams nothing seemed to help even after diet changes etc. I was then stuck with having to get the cysts on my face injected with steroids, as this was the only thing that actually made them go away. I then decided to try the Magic Cream as I had heard amazing things and they weren’t wrong! I have now been using this product for 8 weeks and I haven’t a cyst since I started using this cream. Not only that, but all my redness and dryness on my cheeks have dramatically reduced and my skin is finally starting to show through as a normal tone! I can’t express how grateful I am of this product, if your like me and suffer with skin problems, this cream could change your life, like it has mine. I’ve now changed my beauty regime and brought the glow mask (for over night) and the new cleansers, the results have been incredible. Anyone who says this cream did nothing for them, I personally think they didn’t stick with it for long enough but everyone’s skin is different, and can be down to a lot of factors in their lifestyle. Cystic acne is something that doesn’t have a cure, and is extremely painful! I’m so grateful this cream has prevented them and means I haven’t got to get my face injected every week which is winning in itself!! 5* from me!!
    Bad break out
    Lovely cream as a base under CT foundation , but broke me out so much... I now regret using it. Unfortunately, the same reaction for CT balm and mask. All three were used on different occasions over the last few years, same reaction.
    Poor for dry skin
    Below average quality cream, for an inflated price - and I say this as someone who spends a lot (happily) on skincare. I take good care of my skin and I am always searching for a good, rich moisturiser to use with serums and other actives underneath. I have very good but sometimes dry skin and tend to spend a lot on actives, and less on a good thick barrier cream for the top. Every few months I splash out on something expensive, hoping to find a holy grail to match my old favourite, the discontinued Sunday Riley Bionic. Contrary to claims, this is not a rich cream (it is a silicone barrier cream, I think, it simply sits on top of your skin). I would say it is similar to a lot of the £10 level creams for normal to dry skin in any high street chemist in the UK - take a look at the ingredients. Very blah. I got this out of curiosity and because a few people have raved about it for very dry skin, including Caroline Hirons. I am always trying new creams - but would certainly not bother with this again, I would suggest Eucerin is a good brand that for a similar cream would cost £12 or under and have much better ingredients, and actually hydrate your skin. For £70 there are so, so many better options, Drunk Elephant is amazing, for example, and contains quality ingredients. The moisture this provides is short-lived and does not absorb well (I think this is why they say it is for dry skin - because it just sits on your skin, like a cheap layer of silicone) - It does not absorb. You could use it as a really overpriced silicone primer/crappy sunscreen - I would not wear at night, either, due to the superfluous SPF. I used it up on my hands.
    I was very excited to try this. I have dry skin and love a rich, dewy cream. It definitely makes a nice base for makeup but where I struggled with was long-term benefits. Over time, it clogged up my pores and actually made it look less radiant. There is a strong fragrance and overall really disappointing for a high-end face cream. Definitely, style over substance (something I find a little too often with this range).
    I have purchased this cream many times but recently decided to go off piste and venture into the world of other moisturisers. It was a mistake! I think due to the price tag I was playing the field, sowing my wild product oats, but there's a reason it's expensive and it's because it's bloody ace! This is for the girlies out there who want to look dewy, fresh and feel moisturised all day long! I have normal to dehydrated skin, so maybe it's not cut out for all skin types! I must say I'm pretty shocked to see some awful reviews on here, but hey, we're all different! For me, I will never cheat on Charlotte again! Me and Magic Cream got a thing and it's LOVE!
    OG item!!
    I don't know how it works, but this moisturiser makes my skin look amazing! Full of life, plumper and even gives an added radiance. Ever since I started using this, I have stopped wearing foundation, because I just don't need it! Yes, its super pricey, and the cute tub lasts for ages if used properly! For me it's not even heavy on my skin, I find it light, and gives me added hydration! Makes my tired face look more awake! Doesn't make my face greasy at all, better yet, it makes it feel smooth and creamy! Definitely, something I'd be repurchasing and continuing using forever!
    Rich, luxurious, effective!
    I have extremely dry skin that needs replenishing with a rich moisturiser every hour or two. I love this moisturiser because it's very rich and doesn't need replenishing that often and makes my skin so soft and smooth.
    Not magical for me
    I received a deluxe travel size of this cream in the CB goody bag and was really looking forward to trying it out. Unfortunately, on my combination skin, it made my t-zone unusually greasy under foundation. I thought about using it as a night cream, however, discovered that it has SPF in, which is, of course, great for day wear but not so good for night wear. I also noticed a few clogged pores on my cheeks and forehead while trailing this cream. I would definitely recommend getting a sample before splashing out, as it may be too rich for some skin types.
    Omg!!!!Omg!!!Omg!!! Perfection! I have combo skin and it works great! My skin feels very comfortable!!! First I was afraid cause cream feels very thick but once I applied it I had no doubts since then! Will buy again!
    Great under makeup
    I got a sample of this and I was very skeptical because I have recently been diagnosed with rosacea. After I saw the youtube clip makeover for rosacea, I decided to try this. Definitely didn't feel too heavy and it plumped my skin. Felt quite good and it didn't irritate either but after one use it is a little bit hard to say if this is good for my skin. For reference, I use Dermalogica smoothing cream which is the best all round but I could see myself trying out this for a day cream. Try the samples first. :)
    Love this. Will forever repurchase.
    Good cream but very expensive.
    Good afternoon! I liked this cream very much. The skin becomes more hydrated, fine wrinkles will not remove it, but the whole face looks more well-groomed and the make-up on this cream is a pleasure. But the cream is very expensive in my opinion.
    I have tried so many moisturizers in the last few years (28 now) and this for me has to be up there in my top 3 of all time. I had a reaction to apple cider vinegar and had hives all over my face, chest and back. Nothing helped for a week until I tried a sample of this and my skins texture improved after one day. So I bought it the next day and I won't be looking back. Amazing.
    Enhances skin to its best
    It's an intelligent cream that diagnoses skin type and acts accordingly. I felt it plumped my skin and brought out a glow that I didn't have before. Has SPF so suddenly missed it when my large pot of 100 bucks finished, I quickly wanted to go and grab another. It's worth every single buck and I used it up till its last drop. You only need very little to moisturise your entire face and neck (and elbows if you like) and the magic cream pot lasted me 6 whole months! Excellent value, you will realise only once you've used a pot. Lovely smell and it feels like you are treating yourself to sheer loveliness. Indulge, Please.
    Will save up as I must get this cream!
    Having experienced two samples of this amazing cream I just have to save up and buy it! The samples are very generous and do more than one use, the feel on the skin is really magical, makes my 68 year old skin feel 20 years younger and brings a glow to it which is perfect.
    Really great
    I've read all about its allegedly "average" formula + addition of fragrance but somehow the cream works wonders. It's really moisturising, the smell is divine (and I never had any reaction to the fragrance) and after application, the skin instantly looks more radiant. I don't know why and how but this cream is really magical.
    Great on other areas of the body too
    So I'm currently getting laser hair removal treatments from the neck downwards and have found on the whole that skincare products are suiting my body a lot better in terms of helping to soothe my skin in between treatments. This little marvel I only use in the evenings on clean and dry skin but find it really helps to soothe and nourish my underarms, and the entire area looks smoother and brighter. Now I wonder if they would consider making magic body cream...
    Fantastic product
    I wish I didn’t love this cream as much as I do as it is very pricey! But it is a fantastic product. It’s so moisturising and doesn’t break my skin out or affect my sensitive skin negatively in any way. I always try other creams but go back to this every time!
    I was so excited to try this cream but was so disappointed from the second I opened the sample pack. The smell wasn't just overbearingly perfumey, but it smelled like overscented granny face cream from the 90s and the smell just wouldn't go away. At this point I figured I could forgive the cream if it truly was as good as the reviews suggested, but no. After a few hours my skin was so dry and itchy I had to wash it off. To be clear, this wasn't a sensitivity reaction to the product, it just didn't moisturize at all and in fact seemed to make my skin drier. I have combination skin.
    It is just OK
    Another OK-ish product, which is way too overpriced. It does moisturize, but it also seems to not be nourishing enough and shortly after application I need other sources of moisturizing. I would skip it for better creams.
    Amazing priming moisturiser
    This moisturiser has been a staple in both my bathroom and my kit when I was a working makeup artist. Whilst I wouldn't necessarily use it as my everyday moisturiser because I have an oily, blemish-prone skin type, I can't prep for a full face of makeup without wearing this underneath. It really does instantly smooth and plump up the skin and provides such a prepped base for makeup application. A must-have for makeup artists and makeup lovers.
    Not for acne prone skin
    I received a sample from cult beauty and decided to give it a try since my skin (usually combination) is very dehydrated now during the winter (but still with breakouts and acne) . The result was terrible! It made me breakout very badly! Very frustrating. Wouldn't recommend it for acne prone skin even if it feels really dehydrated during the winter.
    Not great
    Really disappointed! I read rave reviews about this product and I was desperate for a good moisturiser so I stupidly went ahead and bought the full size one. I’ve been using it every day for around 2 weeks now and my skin is so dry! I feel like I could use half the tub just to get some moisture on my face! I really wish I could get my money back.
    Not so great as I thought
    I’m trying it for a month now but I don’t think that it is as great as they were saying! For an everyday cream is ok.
    Love it
    Tried the sample and I’m in love. I normally wear Estée Lauder everyday cream and I’m not a fan of the price or the smell. This one is cheaper and smells delicious whilst it feels super soft and my skin is glowing. Unsure if I’ll be purchasing it as I am oily and prone to breakouts and reading the other comments this is more suitable for dry skin but it’s a contender
    I've used this cream for a few months now and have fallen in love, it's amazing!
    A love hate relationship
    I love it because: - A creamy, not-too-thick texture - Hydrates without over-loading my combo skin - Looks beautiful I hate it because: - It breaks me out :( However, I passed along to a friend with drier skin who loves and has since repurchased
    Definitely a richer cream, but this really did wow me. Absorbed really fast, my skin felt silky smooth after using this and no doubt very hydrating. Would definitely recommend if you like a richer cream. Also extremeley pretty packaging!
    Skin is very hydrated after use, I have very oily skin so use a very small amount and leaves my skin feeling very nourished and a little goes a very long way!
    Ooooh, smooth!
    My skin feels absolutely amazing
    I love this moisturiser, it comes everywhere with me - I did purchase the biggest size so it was quite pricey! However, your skin does feel super hydrated, smooth and dewy after one application so it's definitely worth a go (even if you start off with the travel size) The biggest size has lasted me almost 6 months and I use it everyday, a little goes along way!
    Firm favourite!
    The best day time moisturiser! It’s a thick cream but you only need a little. Absorbs into skin quickly ready for applying primer and make up. I have combination skin, this moisturiser tackles dry patches without leaving skin feeling greasy.
    Wanted to try this moisturiser out as heard good things. However, it is average, sticky feeling on the skin and doesn’t soften your skin like a lot of other moisturisers that are half the price!
    Very hydrating
    This cream does wonders for dry skin. I have very sensitive skin so most creams are too aggressive, but this one is really very gentle. It absorbs well and sits well under make-up. It hydrates the skin deeply and in a long-lasting way. I wish the SPF was higher.
    Very expensive moisturiser creme
    It is a good moisturizer creme, but doesn't do anything that a moisturizer creme for the quarter the price.
    My mom and grandma works as an ITU nurse at NHS. They always go home with dry patchy skin after their shift because of the mask they use so I bought them this magic cream and its so amazing because this helped their skin a lot. Now they asked me to buy them the whole skincare line of Charlotte Tilbury as its always sold out they're afraid that they might ran out of it. Overall, amazing product!
    For use before make up
    I have oily skin, and this magic cream I use before makeup. First time I bought it small. I use it every time, it makes skin soft and doesn’t have an oily layer, like it was with different creams. Now I buy a big one, because for me - it is really very good product.
    Beautiful cream
    I have oily acne prone skin and I am loving this face cream. I was worried that it would be too much as it’s very thick and fragranced but I’m really enjoying it. Haven’t seen any results so far as only been using it for a couple of weeks, fingers crossed it lives up to its name and works magic on my skin.
    Too much money for too little results (long term)
    Nice cream but not worth the money. Makes the skin look lovely but has no long term benefits in my opinion. For £75 you can get much better. Good as a primer if you can afford it. I enjoy the Magic Cream but will not repurchase.
    I have dry dehydrated skin, after a few days of using this my skin is amazing. I only bought the 15 ml as was unsure if I’d like it. Since then I’ve purchased more. It’s like nothing I’ve ever used before. Had compliments coming out my ears. Can not recommend it enough, worth the hype.
    It’s okay, but I don’t understand the hype...
    It’s a lovely thick cream that smells pleasantly like sun lotion and certainly does hydrate and plump the skin. However my acne-prone skin hated it and I always have an outbreak of spots after using it. It’s probably better for more mature and dry skin.
    Magic Indeed
    When a product openly refers to itself as having magical qualities, one does have to wonder... an honest review from a 26-year-old who has had problem skin their entire life? If I had to sum this cream up in one word, I can only wholeheartedly agree with the moniker it so boldly boasts. Magic.
    The magic cream
    This magic cream is amazing I got a small one when I got a order and it amazing it make you skin amazing I use it for a week and I seem a different in my skin
    I was drawn to the product through receiving a 7ml sample with another cult beauty order. The sample pot lasted me just over a month so you really don’t need a lot. The price does seem a little steep, but for the quality and how long the product lasts I highly recommend. Not greasy or slippery and acts as a great base for makeup or just to wear on its own
    Too greasy
    I thought about purchasing this, but got a tester before I decided. Thank god I did, because it's awful, too greasy, yet my skin felt dehydrated in the morning.
    Really disappointed
    I had high hopes for this moisturiser because I really like Charlotte Tilbury products, but this moisturiser wasn’t enough for my dry skin. It didn’t glide onto my skin which is what I was expecting and is way too overpriced. I can’t believe I paid £25 for the smallest size! The only positive out of the whole product was that it made my skin feel nice and soft after I put it on and did give it a slight glow however there are better moisturisers out there for a cheaper price.
    Sample feedback
    Honestly saying, this cream is not for me:( It’s having an extremely strong aroma. Accidentally got the cream in my eye & it was itching:( The skin was softened, but not super hydrated as needed in wintertime.
    Love it
    Best cream I’ve used, I love it. I have combo skin and it’s not heavy or greasy just really moisturising makes my skin glow. It’s expensive but worth it.
    Got sample....
    ...and didn't like it. Too many silicon, not enough hydration for my dry skin. And my foundation doesn't sit well on it. No.
    Love this cream! I have combo skin and this cream is amazing for the cold weather. Everyone started telling me how glowing my skin is since I started using it. I love it under my makeup :)
    Love it
    The item is very good.
    Magic Cream
    Absolutely love it. My skin feels so much better, smoother and more toned. I have more confidence in myself. A bit expensive for me but it does work well so I will buy this magic skin cream again.
    Charlotte's Magic Cream
    I love this product ...a true Magic cream.
    This is a lovely deeply moisturising cream. I love it.
    A love and hate relationship
    I tried this when it 's first launched, my skin hated it. The product broke me out, felt greasy and ended up being used as a neck cream. However 5 years later, I'm getting older and my skin seems to love it. It absorbs it all, still feels thick but my skin seems happier now. I think if your skin is still young, it may be too rich for you. Anyway, it is not a cheap cream. I recommend to try a few samples first.
    I don't think this is anything special, but it leaves my skin feeling soft.
    Best Cream
    I have dry, mature skin and this cream is truly Magic Cream. I use before make up and it's better than primer and in the evening for more hydration. Charlotte Tilbury has the best products for the skin. It’s expensive but it’s worth the money.
    Best cream ever!!
    My go to daily cream!! Just amazing! My skin looks healthy as ever done before!! Best day cream out there atm! Blends well with or without makeup. 100% recommended
    Absolutely amazing
    Kind of magic in a box. Love it.
    AWFUL: contains alcohol and is glycerin heavy
    CT is a brand that polarises people. I received a sample of Magic Cream with my order and I’m SO relieved I never wasted money on it. My sister had already told me she regrets buying a pot, so I’m glad I got to try it for myself. The cream is thick and just sits on my skin. It doesn’t absorb well at all. The first ingredient listed is water, than various forms of glycerin - a cheap filler ingredient. It also contains alcohol - probably to work as a preservative. Alcohol is terrible for the skin. That is why I don’t like open-pots, but prefer dispensers that are hygienic and don’t degrade a product every time you use it. This cream also irritated my skin and I had to wash it off immediately. I couldn’t see parfum listed, but it does have a very strong smell. It’s horrible. Feels cheap. Irritated my skin.
    Not enough slip in this cream! Very disappointing...
    Disappointed in this... Not enough slip.
    Not worth it
    I got a sample of it with my purchase, and I'm glad I did. It didn't sink into my skin, and made my foundation look like it was sitting on my skin.
    Love it
    It is best makeup base for me. Ideal for everybody, but still too expensive Я бы не назвала это уходом, это скорее идеальная база под макияж для всех, кроме супер-жирнокожих! Круто подготавливает и увлажняет кожу. Но стоит конечно слишком дорого! Поры не забивает точно, не бойтесь ) ***I would not call it skincare, it is rather more of an ideal base for make-up for everyone except super oily skin types. Nice preparation and moisturizes the skin. But of course it is very expensive! Pores do not clog, so do not be afraid of this.
    Fragrance is too strong for me
    Just recently purchased magic cream 50 ml used it twice now, but sadly the smell is too strong for my liking, it give me headache.
    More than a moisturiser or a primer. Beautiful, lightweight, hydrating and illuminating. Yes it's expensive but it makes me look and feel better. Make up sits over the top with no issues. Love it.
    Waste of money
    I was lucky enough to be given three samples rather than waste my money on this rubbish! I used this moisturizer on a few occasions and it's awful. I looked like I'd been hit with an oil slick. I had to wipe it off with cleanser and begin my routine again minus the Magic Cream moisturiser. It is an absolute joke. Astral from Boots for three quid is ten times better. I repeated the process the following week and I'm not sure if it's a coincidence, but on the three separate occasions that I used it, I broke out in spots.
    Magic Cream!
    Personally, I found this cream to work really well for me! I have normal/dry skin and it left my skin feeling hydrated and moisturised for the whole day. It takes a little while to sink in but sits really well under primers/foundations! Lovely scent, but something to note is that a little goes a long way with this cream so best to start off with a small amount first to reduce waste. Overall, I love this product, the only thing that really lets it down is the hefty price tag.
    Poor Results
    I bought the full sized cream and was so disappointed. Another CT gimmick, where the quality of the product really doesn't make this worth a purchase. Greasy, scented cream offering no skin benefits at all. Too heavy for daytime use, and doesn't compare to a decent night cream if used in the evening.
    Wonderful as a primer
    This is hydrating but not the least bit greasy. I got this in the goody bag and I have been using it as a moisturiser-primer. Really really nice, but pricey.
    Never again
    It is not for me. I bought a full size one and it made me look greasy. I have combination skin to oily and my mom normal skin. She hates it because of the dewiness. Sometimes when I use a foundation that is too dry for the dry parts of my face, I use it and it helps a bit. But so does the Guerlain "L'Or" And I prefer it as a primer. I can't use the cream at night because of the SPF and all the bad stuff that clogs pores. There's a lot of silicones and did you see what position the phenoxyethanol is ?!
    Hydrating moisturizer
    This magic cream leaves the skin hydrated and give out a soft glow...it's not oily at all. Very good moisturizer.
    The best moisturizer under make-up
    Absolutely perfect before make-up. It smoothes your skin, gives a boost of hydration, destroys puffiness and smells divine. Not my first choice when I don't wear makeup; game changer when I do. (38 years old, very sensitive combination skin)
    Not for dry skin
    This is not magic. It is not even marginal. I have dry skin and a $20 moisturizer is better than this. The glow disappears after you apply foundation.
    Great for neck and decolletage
    My friend gave me this as she couldn't get on with it; she said it left her face very greasy. I found it too greasy as well for my face under makeup but on the neck and chest it is beautiful: it leaves my skin so smooth and nourished, and I swear my skin looks plumper and less lined. Sometimes I use it as a night cream on my face and although I wake up greasy it does feel lovely.
    Rich but not congesting with a luxurious feel
    Let me start this by saying that Charlotte Tilbury is a goddess so never will a bad word leave my mouth regarding any of her game-changing products. They are all so achingly good. Having said that, this cream is great but not for me. It's very rich but does not break you out. It leaves your skin with a superbly moisturized, luxurious feel. It's a bit much for me personally, as I like to layer products, a serum underneath and primer on top before putting my face on for the day. It just feels heavy for my routine. If you're a one-step girl, however, I would definitely recommend this, as it is rich enough to make up for the other missing steps and you'll have plumped, pampered skin throughout the day.
    Good but not for summer
    This was lovely to use earlier in the year when it was cold and my skin was very dry. Really does make your skin look instantly better. However, used it again in warmer weather and it was far too heavy and just made me look and feel greasy, especially with SPF on the top. Too expensive for me for a product I can't use all year round. Drier skin than mine will love it as its a really nice cream.
    Can't understand the good reviews
    Much and all as I love Charlotte Tilbury this cream just piles all over the place. Probably my biggest and most expensive face cream mistake.
    Love it
    I have read a lot of reviews saying it's very heavy but I love it.. I wake up with a nice glow . That's pretty much what I look for in a moisturizer so I love it. I can't wait to try the night cream next.
    Not for dehydrated skin
    For years I assumed I had dry skin because I have eczema, I actually have dehydrated skin that produces a lot of oil. This cream was just too thick to actually sink in and hydrate my skin. Good for bone dry skin not good for anyone who needs hydration imo.
    Holy Grail obsessed
    I'm so surprised this hasn't been reviewed yet! I have been using this for a year and have normal skin, early 30's - wasn't too fussed about skin care an thought I had good skin. The price tag for me was crazy and I couldn't understand what the deal was! I tried it every time I went to the counter and after buying the foundation found it didn't sit as well as when I layered this. I took the plunge and haven't looked back! My skin texture, glow, lines and wrinkles have gone. I am a mum of 2 young boys and most days this moisturizer is all I need and I feel confident. It really is life changing, now I am sadly obsessed with Charlotte's products!! I'm eyeing the Night Cream but if in two minds take the plunge. My skin has transformed, I had a few weeks of hmm but once my skin adjusted to the cream as it's meant to I am sold. Lasts forever don't need much had mine a year and still got half left after everyday use. Bought some for my mum and friend and have a back up waiting for me as I never want to be without it. Holy Grail!!!!
    Good cream but not for oily skin
    It's a very rich cream and just tad too heavy for my oily skin but it didn't leave any sticky residue. I think it's more suited to dry to normal skin types but for the price, you can probably get something similar for less. It's a good product but maybe not suited to my skin.
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