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    BY TERRYBaume de RoseSkin care with colour, By Terry is a pioneering make up range from one of the beauty industry’s most respected creatives. Having inspired and developed Yves Saint Laurent’s eponymous colour range, Terry de Gunzburg opened her own beauty laboratory in 1998 and dedicated herself to distilling her virtually unrivalled expertise into a comprehensive range designed to enhance – not detract – from your natural beauty. Terry believes that ‘a woman’s beauty essentials are an excellent moisturiser and a fresh, natural-looking complexion’ and her range is true testament to this philosophy; starring skin-friendly formulas and flattering colours so you look like ‘you’ on a great day. BYT003596637000764400105 stars, based on33 reviews 40.00Cult BeautyNew
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    BY TERRY Baume de Rose

    Baume de Rose
    ( 10g )

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    • Why it's Cult
      One of By Terry’s best-loved lines, Baume de Rose is an indulgent, multi-purpose balm which is adored by hordes of beauty editors, bloggers and the AAA-list. A firm fixture of many women’s handbags, nightstands and bathroom cabinets, this nourishing treatment is brimming with rose flower essential wax and pastel oil, alongside conditioning shea butter, antioxidant vitamin E, SPF 15 and strengthening ceramides, to encourage cellular regeneration and dispel dryness to leave lips feeling kissably smooth and soft. It’s also a brilliant cuticle treatment – fortifying the fabric of fragile skin – and can be used to accelerate healing, or soothe any dry, scaly patches. Beautifully housed and delectably scented, this makes a wonderful addition to your bedside table; just massage over lips before you go to sleep and wake up to pillowy plump, supple skin. It's totally addictive!
    • Description
      Skin care with colour, By Terry is a pioneering make up range from one of the beauty industry’s most respected creatives. Having inspired and developed Yves Saint Laurent’s eponymous colour range, Terry de Gunzburg opened her own beauty laboratory in 1998 and dedicated herself to distilling her virtually unrivalled expertise into a comprehensive range designed to enhance – not detract – from your natural beauty. Terry believes that ‘a woman’s beauty essentials are an excellent moisturiser and a fresh, natural-looking complexion’ and her range is true testament to this philosophy; starring skin-friendly formulas and flattering colours so you look like ‘you’ on a great day.
    • How to use
      Apply Baume de Rose directly to lips with your fingertip, massaging excess into cuticles.
    • Full ingredients list
      Active Ingredients: Octinoxate (7.5%), Avobenzone (3%) Inactive Ingredients: Castor Seed Oil, Synthetic Wax, Diisostearyl Malate Tridecyl Trimellitate, Methyl Hydrogenated Rosinate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Polyethylene, C10-30 Cholesterol/Lanesterol Esters, Petrolatum, Shea Butter Extract, Stearalkonium Hectorite, C20-40 Acid, Caprilic/Capric Triglyceride, Fragrance, Tocopherol, Rosa Centifolia Flower Wax, Rosa Damascena Flower Wax, Propylene Carbonate, Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Lanolin, Sodium Pca, Water, Polysorbate 85, Trihydroxypalmitamidohydroxypropyl Myristyl Ether, Alumina, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Silica, Methylparaben, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Butylene Glycol, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Carmine, Phenoxyethanol, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Isobutylparaben
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    BY TERRY - Baume de Rose

    BY TERRY Baume de Rose Reviews

    Well I got a sample as a gift with my order here, but I also had the full version. When I say a sample, it lasted me a long time and the full version? I used it for around 10 months- every night before I was pregnant and during. This is why I think the money is well spend here. It is also divine! You still feel it on your lips the next morning. This is a lip mask, so it is heavy and luxurious. Love it and will repurchase it for sure. I don’t even know why I am buying other things, as it works so well!
    Very good
    Top product on my favorites list.
    The best lip balm you will ever use!
    I suffer from really dry lips all year round so there isn't a minute that goes by where I don't have lip balm on my lips, it is my absolute staple. I have tried them all from low end to high end and this is by far the best lip balm, ever! It even smells and tastes good! It is quite expensive for the size but it's definitely worth the money!
    Excellent product. Probably the best money can buy
    This is the best product I’ve ever used on my lips. And oh, have I tried some at my ripe age! You name it! All the natural ones, incl. Dr Hauschka , all the less naturals, including Carmex, Chapstick, Labello- you name it.. So this is the one I’ll stay with because it’s definitely the best! Smells and tastes HEAVENLY, doesn’t smear and does the job. I have 2 pots as a rule- one in my handbag and one at home. Do NOT want to be without it. On dry days, I also use it on my cuticles. Perfect product.
    It is a nice balm, but doesn't hydrate that much, plus the smell can be irritating for many people.
    My god, does this smell/taste horribly! I don't understand how is this worth the money. It's also sticky and uncomfortable so save your money for something else. This doesn't deserve it
    love love love
    I love this lip balm, especially for night time. I wake up to plump, moisturised, full lips, and the smell is so lovely. I do find it expensive but will definitely repurchase. The best lip balm I've ever tried!
    Beautiful but sticky
    A beautiful hydrating lip balm, it definitely helps dry lips and the appearance of the balm on lips is pretty, great for a natural look. The only con of the product is that it is a little sticky.
    Not great
    So sticky the entire time it’s on the lips that I hate wearing it. Such a disappointment.
    Not worthy
    A very basic lip balm that smells way too harsh, a waste of money, it hydrates the lips but way, way, way too expensive. The Sol de Janeiro lip balm is better than this, I regret spending my money on it.
    Miracle balm ?????
    I suffer from dry lips probably 11 out of 12 months of the year. It’s very rare my lips are normal. I’m not dehydrated I don’t know what it is. I’ve tried Carmex, Vaseline, Oskia, coconut oil, nipple balm, you name it. I put this on today (a thick layer) and left it and my lips are normal now just a few hours later!!! I don’t get how this has worked!! Beautiful product, and smells so lush!
    Fav evaaa
    Got in with my freebies and oh my god!!! Will be buying the full size as soon as I finish that!. Absolutely obsessed and the smell is to die for.
    My lip balm costs more than my moisturiser...
    and it's worth every penny! I would never have believed it if I hadn't had a sample to try - this lovely, rose-scented balm slicks on to your lips, hydrates them instantly: and keeps on hydrating them for the next twenty-four hours at least. If you have even slightly chapped lips, it works to slough off the chapping in the space of a single treatment - and leaves lips plump and smooth. It isn't sticky or thick, so you can wear it easily during the day - but I find one application at night time has been enough to keep my normally super-dry lips super-hydrated. This really is the holy grail of lip balms!
    I like it and feels really fancy. It's quite a thick balm though so I'm still getting used to it. But it stays put, so you don't have to apply often.
    THE BEST on the market!
    I suffer from severely dry lips (all year round, especially in winter). I have tried so many different lip balms. Some were a lot cheaper and others were a lot more expensive than Baum de Rose. I eventually tried this lip balm 3/4 years ago, and I haven’t looked back. I love this lip balm, I heard all the hype around so I committed. Yes, it’s expensive for a lip balm but it’s the only one that moisturises my dry lips. I have heard mixed reviews on this product, but I think you have to try it and see if it works for you. I love it that much I’ve brought a few as Christmas presents. My trick to getting baby soft lips in the morning is to exfoliate my lips at night time, then apply a thick-ish layer of this lip balm. When I wake up in the mornings not only are my lips super-soft and hydrated, but they are also very plump. (Unfortunately the plumpness doesn’t last all day, but it’s nice to wake up to fuller lips). I like to apply it during the day too, because it has SPF (which is very important to me). I have naturally red lips, so this give my lips a lovely sheen on my lips and tones the redness down a little bit. I would highly recommend this product based on the results I’ve personally seen while I’ve been using it. I’m about to purchase another one. So I’ll have 3 at home! I’m definitely addicted.
    A staple product...
    This is my go-to lip moisturizer; perfect texture,scent and "look and feel"; nothing to complain about :)
    The best
    I really like this lip balm. It feel good on the lips & give the lips a lovely shine.
    Oh my goddess lips
    I came across this product by a tester and OMG ... nothing has ever made my lips look more beautiful, it was instant addiction. It’s simply stunning and yet somehow natural.
    My favourite balm
    I put it on before I go to sleep and the next morning it gives me smooth plump lips. It's my go-to when my lips are very dry and I prefer it over the Laneige lip sleeping mask.
    The very best and still Champion
    Mysterious, these one-star reviews — in a lifetime of searching this is by far the best balm for my sensitive, blister-prone lips. It’s expensive, but a jar lasts four months or longer of daily and nightly salvaging. My poor dry lips are soothed and silky all the time now.
    The ONLY lipbalm that really works for my very dry lips!
    I just LOVE some of By Terrys products, though they are even more expensive in Sweden, payed with SEK :-( But I can’t live without 3 products that REALLY changed my world, & face! to the better! First of all: this gorgeous lipbalm (I have only re-bought the original lipbalm in the big jar). It started with a very tiny sample of By Terry’s original, famous lipbalm. But the content in this little jar got me totally hooked, for life! ❤️ And lasted much longer then I ever had expected & so does the original jar too. So even though, it’s in fact is too expensive for me, I still buy it, because finally I have found THE BEST balm, that really worked like magic on my dry lips, just over one night! And I’m soon 42, so I have tested quite a few!
    Since using this product the last two weeks, my lips have gone from slightly dry to cracked and bleeding. This lip balm has made my lips worse, they are split in the middle, they bleed when I speak or open my mouth to eat, and you can pull long strips of skin off them easily. Worst product I have ever used, the damage it has done to me is painful and ugly. DO NOT BUY.
    Best bedtime lip balm
    Such an amazing hydrating lip balm! I use it before bedtime and my lips feel great in the morning. It hydrates my lips throughout the day. A little goes a long way. It's definitely worth the splurge!
    Recieved a sample size, I do get rather dry lips, and it works wonderfully. Has become part of my everyday prep. I use this about 10 minutes before applying my liquid lipsticks and it just makes my lips feel so nice and smooth making it much easier to apply my lipstick.
    Average Lip Balm
    I’m a self-confessed lip balm addict and was hoping this would live up to the reviews where people have said it’s so moisturising they only put it on twice a day. It smells lovely but I don’t find it any more moisturising than your average lip balm. The Nivea stick lip balms are just as good as this and a tenth of the price.
    Not suitable for extreme dry lips
    This balm has great smell and texture, easy to apply and makes lips look gorgeous while it stays in place. Once you remove it, you can notice that lips became even drier than your lips without any balm. For such pricy thing, this is a huge fail.
    Worth it!
    I’d heard so many people saying this is great but couldn’t bring myself to spend £39 on a lip balm. Every winter I get really dry and flaky lips - I love matte lipsticks but in the winter I had previously been able to wear them for a day, then spent two days trying to repair the damage!! Not this winter! I apply this twice a day with my morning and evening skin care and it’s been a god send! It also looks beautiful as a balm/gloss during the day, it is expensive, but I’ve definitely found its worth it! Now I can wear matte every day!
    Hands down, the Best
    Having been bitterly disappointed with the La Mer lip balm after all the hype, I decided to try this one and boy do I wish I had done this soon. It’s every bit as good as the reviews make out - beautiful texture, soothing, hydrating, and nourishing. I suffer from dry lips constantly and many products just feel like a film that doesn’t absorb but this is magic. No longer are my lips chapped and peeling. If your purse allows it, give this a go before any others, it’s stunning.
    Hydrating balm
    A very hydrating lip balm, just that the balm doesnt worth the price. Very nice rose smell.
    The Best!
    This is my favourite lip balm. There’s been a lot of hype (by celebrities and bloggers) around this product. I first tried this about 3 years ago. I still use it. I try to keep one in my handbag and one at home (and one in the car)! That’s how much I am addicted to this Lip Balm. I’ve previously tried hundreds of different lip balms (all cheaper than this Lip Balm) and nothing has ever worked. I have severely chapped lips (worse in the winter). This is the only Lip Balm that seems to saturate in my lips and stay put for a long time. I layer it more when I go to bed, and I wake up with baby-soft lips. It’s easily the best lip balm I’ve ever tried. The smell may not be a winner for all, but I love roses therefore it’s perfect for me! There are other cheaper alternatives to this Balm, that I’ve recently discovered, but nothing else makes my lips as soft as this lip balm - so I always keep coming back to it.
    Luxurious and so hydrating
    This is an expensive lip balm, but I needed a treat one day (sometimes we have those days) so I bought it. It is so pretty and I love having it by my bed. But I actually have super dry lips and struggle to find products that hydrate enough without being overly greasy. This is the best. It's pretty enough on the lips to wear with nothing but a bit of lip liner all day at work but hydrating enough to put on right before bed and know I will be set for the night - LOVE THIS PRODUCT.
    A lovely treat
    While ruinously expertise (it would seem, for a lip balm), this is a truly lovely, luxurious treat that I adore using and would thoroughly recommend. The quality is outstanding and a little goes a very long way, so the product lasts a long time. With daily, sparing use mine lasted for more than six months. The rosy scent is subtle and pretty. The pictures show the balm as pinky but it is clear going on. It lasts really well on the lips too. No sliding off after ten minutes, or after a coffee etc. I have just ordered one of the tinted versions and am looking forward to trying it. A delicious treat for myself.
    This is luxurious smoothing balm, worth the money. And a little goes a loong way. I do recommend!
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