After spending decades in the beauty industry, Virtue’s founders thought nothing could surprise them – until they found Alpha Keratin 60ku, a transformative protein set to transform the hair care world (one strand at a time). Discovered by Dr. Luke Burnett, a retired US army colonel using keratin to heal wounds and regrow tissue, Alpha Keratin 60ku is ethically sourced from human hair, so our bodies recognise it instantly and use it as if it were our own. Binding directly to areas of damage and filling them (without weighing strands down) this incredible range promises unrivalled hair repair available nowhere else on the market.



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VIRTUE Flourish Brow Density Booster 4ml

1.0 Stars 1 Reviews

VIRTUE Recovery Shampoo 240ml

4.58 Stars 12 Reviews

VIRTUE Healing Oil 50ml

4.62 Stars 82 Reviews

VIRTUE Recovery Conditioner 200ml

5.0 Stars 3 Reviews

Virtue Full Shampoo - Professional Size

5.0 Stars 3 Reviews

VIRTUE Recovery Conditioner 60ml

4.5 Stars 2 Reviews

VIRTUE Damage Reverse Serum 50ml

5.0 Stars 3 Reviews

VIRTUE Flourish Shampoo for Thinning Hair 240ml

3.6 Stars 5 Reviews

VIRTUE Full Shampoo 240ml

5.0 Stars 3 Reviews

VIRTUE Smooth Conditioner 200ml

4.5 Stars 2 Reviews

VIRTUE Flourish Density Booster 120ml

4.67 Stars 24 Reviews

VIRTUE Recovery Shampoo 60ml

4.67 Stars 3 Reviews

VIRTUE Full Conditioner Travel Size 2 oz

4.56 Stars 9 Reviews

VIRTUE CORRECT Healing Oil 20ml

4.42 Stars 19 Reviews

VIRTUE Full Shampoo Travel Size 60ml

3.8 Stars 20 Reviews


With the discovery of Alpha Keratin 60ku, the Virtue brand was born around six years ago. When the founders of Virtue determined the transformative effects this incredible protein could have on damaged hair, they set out to create a brand with one vision; to give people the best hair possible with science. This unrivalled hair repair brand is now renowned for bringing back your most beautiful and healthy hair using their luxury yet simple hair care products. From everyday {shampoo and conditioners} to more intensive {hair treatments}, discover the science-based brand focused on restoring your mane to its healthiest form.


The innovative ingredient that makes Virtue products the ultimate hair saviours is Alpha Keratin 60ku. Discovered by Dr Luke Burnett, this patented protein was initially used to heal wounds and regrow tissue. This pure keratin – which makes up 90% of hair, skin and nails – is virtually identical to your natural keratin, meaning the body recognises it and uses it as its own.

As the Alpha Keratin 60ku binds to damaged hair, it weaves broken keratin strands back together to actually repair and smooth them individually, without weighing them down. This form of keratin has been proven to increase thickness, add colour vibrancy, reduce frizz and repair split ends for your healthiest, softest and smoothest hair yet. Unlike other keratin products on the market – that use hydrolysed keratin which is diluted – this transformative pure form of keratin promises maximum and intensive results, making it a must for dry, damaged and lifeless hair.


Designed to work with all hair types, you’ll find a Virtue hair product for every wash, dry and style. Packed with Alpha Keratin 60ku, start your search with the iconic Virtue shampoo and conditioners, including the award-winning Recovery and Full ranges. From Virtue masks and healing oils to the product every hairstyle craves – the {Virtue 6 in 1 Styling Cream} –now you can repair and rebuild the strength and health of your hair.


No animal testing is carried out on any of the Virtue products, making them fully cruelty-free, while also being completely safe for vegan use. Alpha Keratin 60ku protein is derived from human hair, which is ethically sourced by reputable suppliers from wilful sellers, and never from donations. Every Virtue {hair care product} is also gluten-free and free from parabens and sulphates while maintaining a rich, creamy and foaming texture that feels effortlessly luxurious to use.