Spearheading a new and inclusive era of body care, Fur’s approach to skin and hair is gentle but highly effective. So, no matter your preference, the brand’s hard-working range for up top, down there and everywhere in between hydrates, softens and eradicates ingrown hairs. Plus, housed in luxurious monochrome packaging and formulated with the help of dermatologists and gynaecologists, these self care essentials soothe and smooth, making them ideal for even your most delicate areas.



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Whether skin is in or the bush is back, Fur has dermatologist and gynaecologist-approved staples that soothe and smooth even your most delicate skin. Not only do these gentle formulas soften, but they also aid in treating and preventing ingrown hairs and refining regrowth. Safe enough to use from head to toe, the brand’s collection ranges from ingrown specific hair oils to deodorants and targeted exfoliating treatments. Whether you’re partial to a wax, prefer to be au naturale or brave a shave, Fur has all the essentials for happy, healthy, bump-free skin.


Bestfriends Lilian Tung and Laura Schubert have always been interested in the trends within the beauty sphere. When the tide was changing, and inclusivity was making a steady rise, they noticed that this inclusivity wasn’t stretching to the body hair care category. Both being young mothers and wanting to create a shift in the world their daughters were growing up in, Fur was born in 2016 to create an inclusive space where the focus is not only on hair removal, but on maintaining healthy skin and hair too.


Buffing away bumps and redness, Fur’s iconic Ingrown Concentrate is the perfect partner post-waxing or shaving your face, pits, legs or bikini area. Fusing coconut oil to eradicate dryness, soften ingrowns and speed up healing with antimicrobial tea tree and tamanu oil, this potent potion delivers moisture to soothe and nourish skin. Ideal for a post-shave indulgence, the fan-favourite Bath Drops are a perfect addition in your routine. Gently nourishing, replenishing, softening and relaxing the jojoba oil infused bath beads pack a hydrating punch. Infused with vitamins E, D and C, they not only nurture but calm irritation and neutralise excess sebum production. With a no stick residue and a luxurious, comforting scent, this spa-in-a-jar product is the ultimate self care addition.