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19/99 BEAUTY

Pushing youthfulness off its pedestal, 19/99 Beauty affirms that beauty is ageless. Whether you’re 19 or 99, you should be able to experiment with the latest make up trends, perfect statement looks and subvert expectations at every turn — who says graphic liner is strictly for twenty-somethings? Or that shimmer has an age limit? Certainly not 19/99 co-founders Stephanie Spence and Camille Katona! Frustrated by the industry’s lack of representation of woman at different stages in their lives, they set out to create performance-oriented products for those who aren’t concerned about what is considered ‘age-appropriate’. Instead, this collection of elegantly designed, super-intuitive formulas is centred around versatility and sustainability - these beauty staples harness only the best-vetted ingredients, so you can augment your eyes as easily as your lips and cheeks.

19/99 Beauty

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