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    Angelina Jolie wears Nude Attitude

    Angelina wore 3 Custom Color's Nude Attitude Lipstick (along with the BIGGEST emerald earrings known to man), to work the red carpet at the Oscars (five years ago (yikes)!), and now the brand's generous co-creators have finally made the perfect cool-meets-warm toned, neutral hue available to normal folk. Hoorah!...Read More

    Karlie Kloss' Cult Beauty Picks

    Having bridged the chasm that usually separates high fashion waifs and Victoria's Secret babes (probably because her limbs are so extensive), Karlie Kloss manages to be both Miuccia Muse and male fantasy. In fact, the fashion world is at her feet - and like anyone professionally good-looking, Karlie invests great time and effort into keeping her face looking flawless (with a little help from these Cult Beauty must-haves)....Read More

    Alexa Chung's Cult Beauty Picks

    Undisputed 'Queen of Cool', everything Alexa touches turns to ice (ice baby) - from those studded Valentino flats, to her signature cut-off dungarees - there's nothing this girl can't make covetable. We were therefore delighted (but not in the least bit surprised) to discover some Cult Beauty stalwarts amidst her must-have stash... so read on to discover which products she pilfers (her words, not ours), and which 'does everything' balm she is learning to love....Read More

    Emma Watson's Cult Beauty Picks

    A woman's handbag says a lot about her, which is why - in this time of homogenized stock-answers, cynical publicists and over-protective PRs - we've all gone a bit doolally over a snapshot of the contents of Emma Watson's before she was due to walk the red carpet for her latest film Noah. It turns out she likes rather a lot of our products, what excellent taste she has!...Read More