It’s cold, it’s rainy, your hair is probably feeling dry and – what with Covid still very much plaguing our lives – you could probably do with a little pick-me-up. Enter: our hair care guide of dreams! Welcome to the ultimate list of hair heroes that you definitely shouldn’t be living without. (Seriously, stop it.)


If you didn’t bleach your entire head during lockdown – in a fit of boredom or out of pure despair after the eighth week of those roots – did you even go into lockdown? The answer is almost certainly a no, and the result was also (probably) certainly a whole lot of tress distress. That’s where the {Pureology} Hydrate range comes in – their {shampoo} and {conditioner} use the brand’s signature antifade complex (so that all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste, and the colour you want looks better than ever), without any ‘nasties’ like sulphates or animal-derived ingredients. Boasting plant-based amino acids and really quite concentrated (read: long-lasting), these formulas flood thirsty hair with much-needed hydration for silky, soft strands. Hair is strengthened with multi-weight proteins of soy, oat and wheat, while an aromatherapy blend of ylang ylang, peppermint and bergamot soothes the scalp. Refreshing (without stripping!), the hair shafts themselves are nourished – leaving locks feeling oh-so luscious, with less chance of breakage. Take it from us (we’ve been using this duo ever since we accidentally dyed our hair green when we were 19), these are absolute bath-side must-haves.

After your hair-wash routine, try the {Playa Monoi Milk Leave In Conditioner} – a leave-in treatment that uses the very best naturally-derived botanicals to boost moisture, smooth frizz and enhance shine. Monoi oil from Tahitian gardenia flowers overhauls chemically treated, dry, stressed or environmentally damaged hair – oh, and did we mention that this lightweight Holy Grail also primes, tangle-tames and protects hair from heat damage too?

In an ever so slightly avant-garde approach to hair care, the {Slip Silk Pillowcases} are firm beauty tools, not just bedding. Working to maintain your mane as you slumber, the 100% pure mulberry silk will protect precious strands from unnecessary twisting, friction and damage – unlike cotton, which can draw moisture away from your head and scalp. Ideal for the post-Christmas-dinner nap, these beauties come in an array of fashionable shades to match anyone’s taste in décor – and will keep expensive holiday blow-dries intact.


Curly hair deserves some extra special treatment, which is why {Charlotte Mensah} should be your go-to gal. Not once, not twice, but thrice crowned 'Afro Hairdresser of the Year' at the British Hairdressing Awards, she is somewhat of a legend in the British hair care industry – specialising in afro and curly textures. So, you can imagine our delight, squeals and screams when her decadent products landed at Cult Beauty HQ earlier this year. The {Manketti Hair Oil} recharges dull and dehydrated hair with a burst of ethically and sustainably sourced, organic oils. Allowing your natural hair texture to take centre stage – enhancing, not suppressing, your curls – hair is conditioned and nourished for super-soft, frizz-free twirls. Providing comfort for your scalp and protection from heat while strengthening and repairing each strand, this is a multitasker that every curly-haired gal or guy needs in their kit, stat!

If your issue is less about frizz and more about limp, lifeless curls, allow {Bouclème's Curl Cream} to swoop in and save the day. Here to give lacklustre coils and kinks an instant revival, the creamy, 96% naturally-derived formula pumps strands with moisture without any sulphates or silicones – all while lending unrivalled protection against humidity. The result? Softened, defined, bouncy and velvety curls… *chef’s kiss*


A little and large duo to keep you fully equipped no matter where you are, the new {Living Proof Volume, In An Instant} set includes two sizes of the bestselling {Full Dry Volume Blast} – a supercharged spray that lends ma-hoo-sive levels of volume to fine, flat hair without weighing it down, stiffening strands or leaving a tell-tale crunch. (We would never put you through that).

If you struggle with pumping up the party on your head as it is, straightening or styling can turn down the volume even further, which is why the {ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush} is a borderline addictive tool for all who seek a head of glorious heights. Winner of the ‘Harper’s Bazaar Best of the Best Award’, this tool comes prepped with an intense CV: think – double the volume in comparison to naturally-dried hair, and optimised bristles that allow for close root contact and extra lift. (Just give us a moment as we tell Alexa to add this to our Christmas list…).


It’s beginning to look a lot like… everyone is going to adore you for bestowing them with the healthiest, shiniest, softest mane of dreams. Yup, that’s right, get the wrapping paper out – we’ve sorted yours, your mum’s and your best friend’s dog’s Christmas presents already, and you didn’t even need to leave your seat. Oh, and it’s only November, so you are officially one of those super-organised, ‘I really have my life together’ kinda people.

Begin your ride on Santa’s sleigh with the {Briogeo Merry Multi-Masking Kit} – an exclusive trio of fan-favourite masks that deep condition and rebalance for healthier and happier hair. Not only are the bottles of the {Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Superfood Hair Mask}, {Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask} and the Don't Despair, Repair! Honey Moisture Deep Conditioning Mask recyclable, but the formulas are free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, DEA and synthetic colours too! Perfect for any friends with a sensitive scalps or eco-friendly ethos.

Adding some glitz and glamour to Christmas morning, the {KAYALI Glitz} boasts a luxe duo of the {KAYALI déjà vu White Flower} and {KAYALI déjà vu White Flower Hair Mist} – a perfume and a perfume for your hair. Imagine delivering a burst of floral freshness with every sassy hair flick or tuck behind the ear! A truly evocative blend, delight the senses with heady sandalwood, complemented by citrussy notes of white nectarine and orange flower – delicately balanced with soft jasmine, gardenia and patchouli. And as if this heaven-scent formula wasn’t already snazzy enough, it even conditions strands and encourages shine.

Ah, and now for the ultimate present: the {Aesop Animal Wash}. When we said we had presents for absolutely everyone, we weren’t joking! Integral parts of the family and (usually) boasting more hair than us humans, pets need some TLC too! With a cleansing cocktail of lemon rind, antibacterial tea tree and invigorating spearmint, this works to soften fur, deodorise and lift grime with ease. (We do not want any mucky pawprints on our brand-new Christmas jumpers, thank you very much). Let’s face it, this would be quite the treat for both owner and pet.


It’s always important to give yourself some tender loving… hair. In fact, the exclusive {CENTRED. Tender Love and Hair Supplement} is an everyday necessity that puts the needs of your head front and CENTRED. (Ha, see what we did there?). Using a bunch of nutritious, super-charged, plant-powered ingredients, these capsules encourage healthy, strong hair while respecting the scalp’s fussy equilibrium. Kiss goodbye to lacklustre locks and moulting strands (your plughole will thank you) and welcome a host of vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids that’ll encourage sensational levels of shine. Good for your body too, the clever capsules contain strengthening zinc, iron and vitamin C – ideal for the wintry cold and flu season.

Er, so, when we say that we have at least two of these in our flats, we aren’t lying. It’s just that, the {Go Green Treatment and Shine} brushes by {Wet Brush-Pro} are so good that our boyfriends/girlfriends/flatmates have stolen ours and refuse to give them back. Yup, these brushes are no ordinary brushes – they’re eco-friendly, biodegradable (!), pain-free with IntelliFlex bristles that don’t cause snagging, split end-preventing and infused with conditioning, reparative oils that end up dispersed evenly throughout the hair. That’s a lot. *Mops brow*

Often overlooked, the scalp is the root of all hair health. With that in mind, the {Virtue Topical Scalp Supplement} is a non-negotiable addition to everyone’s hair care kit. Working to rebalance, soothe and replenish stressed out scalps, the formula is fuelled by vitamins, peptides, prebiotics and brand-perfected Alpha Keratin 60ku – repairing the very site of damage, fortifying compromised follicles and feeding the ‘good bacteria’ to supplement the scalp’s complex ecosystem while ‘fertilising’ roots for optimised growth. The only flakes we want this Christmas are the snowy kind, not the itchy kind…