New to the 'sheet mask' phenomenon? We recommend you rectify the situation STAT. Here's a list of the best quick-fix treatments for every skin crisis.

When your face is upset, reach for TONYMOLY's {I'm Real Mask} with aloe vera, to alleviate stress and reduce any redness. It's a super-charged saviour - you'll understand why these sheets are so loved by South Korean {skin care} gurus.

Need to look fabulous fast? Charlotte Tilbury's miraculous {Instant Facial Magic Dry Sheet Mask} is an industry game-changer. Perfect for perking up jet-lagged complexions, this moisture-less {mask} has a scarily 'Hannibal Lecter' aesthetic, but leaves your face literally luminous.

If you need a brightening boost, Blithe's beautiful {Intensive Mask with Sea Cucumber} is infused with a cocktail of nutrient-rich marine extracts, to help inhibit synthesis of melanin and fade existing dark spots.

Susceptible to blemishes and breakouts? Try FARMACY's cellulose {Oil Control} mask which is packed with antioxidants and carrot extracts, to regulate sebum and in turn, control shine and combat congestion.

And if you're just looking a little bit 'bleurgh', try WEI Beauty's {Millet Sprout Instant Nourishing Mask}, which replenishes much-needed {moisture} to lessen fine lines and restore your skin's 'bounce'. It's great for restoring some 'life' to lacklustre complexions (perfect for end-of-the-week face maintenance).