If your sparse, thin arches need a little fattening up, you’ve come to the right place. Growing brows takes time and dedication, but with persistence – and the right products, tips and tricks – you should be well on your way to growing a pair of beautiful brows Frida Kahlo herself would be proud of.

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Don’t be tempted to tweeze

Resist plucking for at least a year – the unkempt brow look is still in vogue, so you’re in luck with this one ({soap brow} trend anyone?) Frequent plucking, threading and waxing can weaken the hair follicle, slowing the regrowth or stopping it altogether. So leaving them to grow for a year will allow you the maximum amount of brow to work with.

Comb with castor oil

While you’re abstaining from tweezing (see above) you can always keep them looking tidy and luscious mid-growth with {Charlotte Tilbury} {Legendary Brows}. This ingenious wand not only grooms and defines brows with a natural, non-sticky gel pigment, but also contains conditioning castor oil, which actually promotes hair growth (we found out people have actually been slathering it on their scalps for centuries...). This is due to the ricinoleic acid it contains - an essential omega 9 fatty acid that easily penetrates and nourishes the hair follicles, helping to speed up the growth process.

Be gentle with your brow make up

Brow hairs are delicate and can fall out more easily, so take care not to fiddle around with them too much and apply the lightest of touches when it comes to tidying and defining. For thinner brows, we recommend liquid products such as Fairydrops’ {Brow Wow Wow Liner}, which features a light brush nib to softly dispense colour. And when it comes to taking brow products off in the evening, choose an oil-based remover, such as Sonya Dakar’s {Eye Wash} that dissolves pigment easily and won’t require a hefty amount of scrubbing.

Take a hair supplement

The hair on your brows grows in the same way as the hair on your head and anywhere else on your body. So the supplements you take to improve hair condition and growth will not only give you more luscious locks, but should also give your brows a boost in the bargain. Case in point is OUAI Haircare’s {Thinning Hair Supplement}, which contains a cocktail of all-important vitamins, essential fatty acids and active extracts to give hair follicles a boost, to increase strength and shine, setting you on your way to Delevingne-esque arches (plus your nails will look fab too).

Use a special ‘brow’ serum to nourish and improve growth

A hardworking serum can really give brows an all-important nudge in the right direction. One of our top-rated sellers is {RevitaLash} {RevitaBrow}, that contains peptides, vitamins and botanical extracts to condition brow hairs and speed up growth. Use this morning and evening, and if you apply along with your skin care serum, it will easily become part of your beauty routine. (We keep ours in our toothbrush holder so we can't forget it!)