Imagine how differently things would have worked out for Cinders if, come the crucial moment, Prince Charming was eyeball-to-toe with corns and callouses? Gnarly feet are an absolute no-no, especially when the weather gets warmer and everybody in your foot vicinity is privy to your (previously private) podiatric failings. BUT, don't panic. We'll whip your tootsies into sandal-ready shape with these easy-to-follow (foot) steps.

To eliminate barnacles, start with a foot file to buff away lumps, bumps and unsightly scales. From the A-list's go-to pied-specialist Margaret Dabbs, comes the {Professional Foot File} - a stainless steel, crystal-encrusted wand, which makes light work of surface scurf to transform unsightly extremities. Do this when the skin is dry - focusing on heels, balls (errr) and the sides of your toes.

Follow with an indulgent foot soak. Fill a basin with hot water and add a few drops of essential oil or specialist treatment (MD's {Hydrating Foot Soak} is perfect). 

Use a scrub to liberate your feet from any determined dead cells - use something really gritty and take time to treat your toes (and ankles) to a quick, exfoliating massage. Aesop's {Reverence Hand Wash} is also suitable for leg-ends - with a clean, herbal scent and finely-milled pumice particles, it polishes your skin and re-invigorates your senses.

Dry your feet and gently push back cuticles while they're still soft from soaking, then trim nails straight across using Rubis' {Twist Nail Clippers} - use a series of snips so you don't break the nail - and smooth any edges (and round off snag-y corners) with a {Kanga Board}. 

Slather on a rich, indulgent lotion (ideally pre-bed, when you can stick your feet in sandwich bags and socks to maximise the softening effect). We rate Margaret Dabbs' {Intensive Treatment Foot Oil}, or try Ameliorate's {Skin Smoothing Body Lotion} which contains lactic acid to continue the resurfacing, scale-sloughing process.

Come morning, once your shiny new toots have emerged from their conditioning chrysalises, it's high time for a lick of paint. With a built-in base coat, CND's {Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish} hardens with exposure to daylight, so that your pedicure becomes more durable. Chip-resistant for seven days (if not quite a lot longer), finish with a layer of the {Weekly Top Coat}, for feet you'll want to flaunt.

We think 'Lobster Roll' is the most gorgeous, holiday-ready shade of coral red. Or opt for a glittering shade such as 'Untitled Bronze' - a gorgeous, rosy gold colour that's poolside-perfect.