Although we love a beauty innovation as much as the next maven, sometimes the 'old faithfuls' can't be beat. A firm fixture on skin care (and fragrance) ingredient lists, roses not only look beautiful, but are proven to help skin recover its bloom (sorry). Antimicrobial, aromatherapeutic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory... the list of beauty benefits is seemingly endless. So read on to find out why rose is still top of the beauty pops.

{Anti-inflammatory} Rose is renowned for its skin-soothing properties; it's phenomenally calming and a common ingredient in redness, rosacea and eczema treatments. The latest member of the fresh family - {Rose Deep Hydration Oil-Infused Serum} - is a boon for those who're blessed with petal-esque complexions, uniting precious rose waters with oils of rosehip and camellia to swiftly soothe and cherish stressed-out skin.

{Antibacterial} Rose naturally combats spot-causing bacteria, which makes it an excellent equaliser. Cleansing and disinfecting, those susceptible to blemishes and breakouts should look for rose-based cleansers - to soothe redness and help prevent pimples. BY TERRY's {Cellularose Micellar Water Cleanser} contains rosewater 'micelles', which attract surface dirt while respecting skin's natural flora, or fall for Pixi's gorgeous {Rose Cream Cleanser} which is gentle, effective and makes for a very-millennial sink-side addition.

{Toning} Unlike alcohol-based toners, which can leave skin dehydrated and uncomfortable, rose water is naturally astringent but softening - firming and 'tightening' to grant skin a luminous glow. Post-cleansing, spritz your face with MV Organic Skincare's {Rose Hydrating Mist}, to seal in moisture and prep skin for subsequent serum or face oil, or gently dissolve surface 'scurf' and brighten lacklustre complexions with fresh's bestselling {Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner} - a few drops on a cotton pad will instantly revitalise.

{Moisturising} Rose retains moisture - fact! It's conditioning and soothing, bringing instant relief to dry and dehydrated skin types. fresh's dual-action {Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask} not only smells like heaven but will leave your face feeling like cashmere - a gorgeous rehabilitative night treatment that guarantees you wake up with a plumped and dewy glow. And for kisses in need of conditioning, BY TERRY's cult {Baume de Rose} has some nourishing cousins - a {Lip Scrub} to softly eliminate scales and a chic {Stick Levres} to keep your lips smoochably smooth on-the-go.

{Antioxidant} Brimming with vitamin C, rose can help fight the good fight against ageing free radicals - providing protection from the everyday environmental onslaught, to keep skin young and beautiful. Odacité's {Youthful Glow Serum Concentrate (Acai + Rose)} and MV Organic Skincare's stunning {Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser} are perfect partners in the war against oxidative stress; ideal for city dwellers.

{Aromatherapeutic} The warming signature scent of rose is adored for its ability to soothe stresses, promote positivity (and inspire romance... ahem). The ultimate bathtime companions, Oskia's {Rose de Mai Massage Candle} will create a restful ambiance, while REN's multi-award winning {Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil} will transform your tub into a spirit-lifting retreat. Aaaaand relax.