Party Leg Make Up

Black opaques are the bees knees - permitting four-to-five blissful months of unashamed leg hair growth, and eliminating the need for frantic post-work/pre-party shaving fiascos (more haste - more likelihood that your legs will resemble two cat-scratching posts. Been there. Haven't learned...).

All this being said, there's something about bare, (artificially) bronzed limbs in mid-winter that differentiates you from the masses - like the fairy on top of the Christmas tree, all eyes are drawn to the woman with the guts to flash some flesh when all around are cloaking theirs - especially when that flesh is enviably honeyed (and blemish-free).

A good scrub is crucial - exfoliate with Therapie's {Awaken Skin Rehab Scrub} to eliminate scales whilst replenishing moisture, so skin feels silky soft and nourished.

Follow with a close, non-hurried shave - gooseflesh-induced prickles are a no-no. Take your time (stick a jolly album and this {face mask} on), and use Aesop's slippery {Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum} to 'cushion' skin and reduce risk of redness and rashes.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - we rate Black Chicken Remedies' new {Love Your Body Oil} - it sinks in almost instantly and provides protection from the elements. Or try Kai's {Body Glow} - a dry oil mist that leaves no trace, other than the heavenly scent of Hawaii's white flowers (and enviably dewy skin).

{Prtty Peaushun} is beloved by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett and Rihanna, and is available in five shades to blur imperfections, soothe inflammation and lend limbs a soft-focus finish. The results are miraculous - bruises, blemishes and thread veins virtually vanish - while the cocktail of skin-kind ingredients conditions whilst camouflaging; smoothing, tightening and diminishing the dreaded 'orange peel' effect.

Elongate with an illuminator - applied along the shin bone (think 'contouring' for legs), it makes limbs look leaner and longer. Studio 10's {Youth Lift Glow-Plexion} is subtly pearlescent, or opt for something a little more 'party' - Nuxe's {Huile Prodigieuse Or} contains tiny, glimmering golden flecks for ultimate - understated - enhancement. Apply any excess to exposed shoulders, décolletage or even cheekbones, and get set to get glowing.