Eyes are (as we all know) the windows to our very being, so if yours are looking less than 'sparkly', equip yourselves with the perfect eye cream for your concern.

Find the Perfect Eye Cream for Your Concern


Verso {Super Eye Serum} is ever in demand. Rich in supercharged 'Retinol 8 Complex' - providing 8 x the potency of 'standard' retinol in the same dosage (without the irritating side effects) - this 'bothers' lazy skin cells into action. By stimulating synthesis of collagen and elastin, this gradually increases the density of fragile skin around the eyes and in turn, diminishes dark circles of doom.

As one Cult Beauty customer has testified; 'My biggest skin concern has always been dark circles, so I have tried pretty much any product that claims to heal or conceal those. Sadly, it was usually only the concealing products that showed some sort of effect. FINALLY I found THIS (excuse the drama of this exclamation but this serum deserves some solemn emphasis). It does sting a little for the first ten seconds after applying but that is a price I'll gladly pay for the improvement it brings. My dark circles are hardly visible anymore, I have even stopped using concealer." SOLD!


If you're plagued by puffiness (usually the sorry consequence of too much fun), try Aurelia Probiotic Skincare's {Eye Revitalising Duo} - a dual, morning and night-time treatment, the beautiful {Revitalise & Brighten Eye Dew} has a cooling rollerball - to bring relief from any tightness or discomfort and help disperse accumulated toxins. Perfect the morning-after-the-night-before, you can keep this in your handbag to quickly take down inflammation. And if you don't already own a mini {Jade Facial Roller}, your fridge needs one! A cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine, jade encourages lymph drainage - perfect for preventing fluid pooling underneath your peepers.


The skin surrounding your eyes is incredibly delicate - considerably thinner than anywhere else, this area is often the first to show signs of sagging. SkinOwl's revitalising {Eye+} is rich in hyaluronic and L-amino acids so you can feel it 'lifting' upon application. Soothing aloe combats inflammation while cucumber brings instant relief from any itchiness or irritation (perfect if you've spent too many hours staring at a laptop screen). A perfect base for make up, this tones, tightens and leaves your skin perfectly prepped for concealer - and it's ENTIRELY natural. We're besotted.


If you've spent your summers squinting in the blazing sunshine, repair existing damage and prevent deterioration with Alpha-H's multi-tasking {Absolute Eye Cream SPF 15} - ultra-lightweight and non-chalky, this rehabilitative eye treatment wages war on the ravages wrought by UVA/UVB rays, whilst a cocktail of antioxidants scavenge skin-ageing free radicals. Brightening, tightening and hydrating, you can use this one its own - or layer over {Absolute Eye Complex} for maximum protective and reparative effect; dark spots appear lighter, crêpey-ness is countered and crows feet are 'plumped' so the appear less visible.


Without any oil glands to keep things lubricated (er... ?), the area around your eyes can often feel parched - and when skin's dry, those tell-tale creases become much more evident. Odacité's {Eye Contour Serum Concentrate} stars baobab oil - a rich source of skin-essential vitamins (A, E, F and plant sterols) to fortify skin's fragile fabric. Incredibly nutritive, this brings immediate relief from extreme dryness while sarsaparilla, lavender and neroli oils combine to 'iron out' wrinkles, reduce sensitivity and exhibit a subtle, skin-firming effect. This is ideal layered under your favourite, targeted eye cream whenever you need a moisture boost.