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    BiossanceSqualane + Omega Repair Cream<p>The deeply hydrating Squalane + Omega Repair Cream is enriched with lipids and ceramides to plump and smooth your complexion for a gloriously dewy finish.&nbsp;</p><p>With a super velvety whipped cream-esque texture, meet Biossance&#8217;s answer to dull, dehydrated skin that craves a shot from the fountain of youth. Saturated with omega fatty acids (to calm and replenish), squalane (to seal in moisture), ceramides (to help maintain a healthy moisture barrier) and acai berry sterols (a plant-derived ingredient that mimics and replenishes cholesterol in our skin), this youth-prolonging formula fortifies your skin and smooths rough, uneven texture. Delivering an added double dose of moisture, hyaluronic acid and shea butter help to &#8216;plump&#8217; out fine lines and ease crepiness while granting enviably radiant and dewy skin. Need some more convincing? In a 28-day clinical study, 97% showed improvement in visible lines and wrinkles, while 100% showed improvement in skin hydration.&nbsp;</p>BIS003207578590490078975 stars, based on79 reviews 49.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream

    Squalane + Omega Repair Cream
    ( 50ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Melding leading scientific research with a staunch commitment to sustainable practices, Biossance is leading skin care into a new age: one that prioritises product efficacy without compromising the environment. From their vegan and cruelty-free status to the ethically and sustainably sourced squalane in every product, this line is setting out to change the beauty industry and your skin for the better. 

    • Description

      The deeply hydrating Squalane + Omega Repair Cream is enriched with lipids and ceramides to plump and smooth your complexion for a gloriously dewy finish. 

      With a super velvety whipped cream-esque texture, meet Biossance’s answer to dull, dehydrated skin that craves a shot from the fountain of youth. Saturated with omega fatty acids (to calm and replenish), squalane (to seal in moisture), ceramides (to help maintain a healthy moisture barrier) and acai berry sterols (a plant-derived ingredient that mimics and replenishes cholesterol in our skin), this youth-prolonging formula fortifies your skin and smooths rough, uneven texture. Delivering an added double dose of moisture, hyaluronic acid and shea butter help to ‘plump’ out fine lines and ease crepiness while granting enviably radiant and dewy skin. Need some more convincing? In a 28-day clinical study, 97% showed improvement in visible lines and wrinkles, while 100% showed improvement in skin hydration. 

    • How to use

      Apply to clean face and neck following eye products, serums and treatments.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water, Squalane, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Isoamyl Laurate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Sorbitan Olivate, Cetearyl Olivate, Ceramide NP, Jojoba Esters, Sodium Hyaluronate, Euterpe Oleracea Sterols, Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Linolenic Acid, Ethyl Linoleate, Tocopherol, Isoamyl Cocoate, Cetyl Palmitate, Sorbitan Palmitate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Gluconate.

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    Biossance - Squalane + Omega Repair Cream

    Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream Reviews

    Not enough for my very dry skin
    Has a lovely texture and feels nice when applied, but makes my very dry skin look oily, and also it does not hydrate enough. When I apply in the morning, my skin becomes dry and flaky by noon. As a comparison, this does not happen with Lala Retro. I was looking for an alternative to Lala, as I have used it for so long, but this is not the one.
    The best night moisturiser for combination skin!!!
    I was a little apprehensive about purchasing this product as I heard it was suited more to dry skin, however, as a nighttime moisturiser this has worked absolute wonders for my skin. I have an oily T zone and my skin can be quite reactive (goes blotchy and red in patches) to certain products but this one feels as though it repairs my skin overnight and completely balances out the oil. I would 100% recommend and have definitely found a holy grail for my skincare routine!
    It’s just SO good!
    I was not expecting it to be this good honestly, it came in a set with the oil. I have sensitive combination skin (mostly oily In the day) that’s easily dehydrated. I usually prefer oils rather than thick creams as creams usually break me out. BUT I was really blown away by this one. It’s thick to the touch but doesn’t feel thick at all once applied and sinks in beautifully into the skin. I use it during the day and sometimes at night too. It sits so well under makeup, I notice it keeps my skin hydrated all day. The scent is a bit unappealing like algae or seaweed kind of smell but it’s not strong.
    The best moisturiser for oily dehydrated skin
    My skin is combination, acne prone and often dehydrated but this moisturiser is my absolute holy grail, I wake up with a healthy glow in the morning. I was scared it will break me out or it will be too heavy for my skin but it's actually perfect.
    Best night cream... I'm obsessed!
    Purchased this as a night cream after it was recommended to me by a Cult Beauty specialist and I LOVE it! I have naturally very dry, sensitive skin, which has been made worse by recently moving to an area with very hard water. This cream has restored my skin to its full, hydrated glory and I couldn't be happier! You only need a small amount, particularly if you're layering over serums like I do in the evening, so a little goes a long way. There is a very slight vegetal smell, but I don't find it off-putting in any way.
    The best!
    This is by far my favourite moisturiser. I love thick, creamy moisturisers but have oily skin so I never found one suitable. This is perfect! Lovely texture and thickness and saw results after a week or so.
    Skin Saviour
    After having a reaction on my skin from trying too many new products at once and compromising my skins barrier (I should know better by now) this cream really helped to bring my complexion back to some kind of balance. Usually I prefer the gel textured moisturiser from Biossance but in desperate times this felt like heaven to use so I will keep this cream around for when I need something with more oomph!
    Very good
    It is a nice rich moisturiser that just works. I love the ingredients and the texture and how nice it makes me feel when using. I like to use it at night and give myself a gentle massage. Absolutely ridiculously nice. It just has something that other moisturisers don't have. I will repurchase and recommend to everyone who will listen.
    Favourite Night Cream
    Can't live without this! Gorgeous night cream, feels thick and super nourishing and I wake up with baby soft skin every morning. Fragrance-free which is a winner for me as I react to fragrance usually. Wouldn't use it in the day as a bit heavy for under makeup, maybe not if you have very dry skin but I'm more combination with dry cheeks and oily t-zone.
    Just didn't suit my skin type
    I am very sorry to rank this so low. I got this as part of a set, which is also offered on the website. I never used Biossance before and thought it was a good way to introduce myself to the brand. I really like other products included but this one just didn't fit my skin type. It was too heavy for me. My entire face was shining and feeling like it could not breathe. I had to wash it off in a couple of hours and put on the gel-based product, which so far has been amazing. If you have sensitive, combined skin prone to redness and oiliness - I would not recommend this one.
    Little goes a long way.
    Honestly, I don't know why folks are complaining about the scent of this - it smells like a good, non-fragranced cream... slightly nutty and completely natural. I find it actually quite pleasant. This moisturiser is so full of squalene that a little goes a very long way, so for the price point this is actually pretty good value. I've only been using it nightly for 3 days but my rosacea has already disappeared. Totally worth trying; and if you don't like it, just buy a different night moisturiser in about 5 months time, because that's how long it'll last. :)
    Nice enough. Smells a little odd
    It’s a nice enough cream. Glides on, not sticky but it isn’t the nicest smelling cream and I can’t see any dramatic differences as of yet. Happy to keep using as it feels like a nice quality neutral cream
    Texture & fragrance
    I bought this cream to try it as I am a true fan of the Biossance Squalane oil and as a change to my usual cream (by Elemis). I used it in winter but the texture is light- not too heavy so can definitely be used in the summer too. A little goes a long way and leaves your skin feeling velvety. However, the fragrance is the only thing that would keep me from re-purchasing. I don't believe there is additional fragrance but it does have a funky scent that makes me cringe a little during my morning ritual.
    Wanted to love it
    I have read and heard so many great things about this moisturiser and was really looking forward to using it. However, it stung my skin and I did not find it to be moisturising enough. I have dry, rosacea-prone skin and I don't know if maybe my skin barrier was just particularly irritated, but as soon as I switched from using this moisturiser the stinging resolved and my skin improved. Other people seem to love it though, so maybe my skin was just acting weird, but I won't be purchasing it again.
    Instant hydration
    My skin instantly felt hydrated after the first use. Not for every day as it is quite rich, but great as a combination with retinol.
    Dreamy & Creamy
    The ingredients list sold me alone than when I used, it was so lovely and rich but not too heavy for my combination skin, during the winter I can even use this as a day cream but will have to leave for the evenings in the summer. Such a nice way to start and finish the day with its luxurious texture that feels soothing and pampering as soon as it touches the skin.
    Great cream
    I have just finished this cream. I used it in the morning and I love it. The smell does not bother me as it goes away very fast, but the moisture it gives you is beautiful!
    So so good
    First of all, I love this brand! They have such beautiful formulas and the omega repair cream is so nice if you have a dry skin type. It is very hydrating and nourishing, and left my skin soft and supple. There is no fragrance in it which is always a bonus for me!
    Skin saviour
    So, it doesn’t smell the best as it has fish oils in it but... it’s literally the only thing that has improved my skin! I had regular breakouts which were sore and inflamed and my skin was extremely dry and itchy and sensitive. I have eczema so I know this is why my skin was dry. This moisturiser is so good that I barely get breakouts, my skin has this amazing bounce to it and it’s just healthier! I do layer this with other serums and creams and I have to say that it took me a while to find the combination that works for me and I ran out of this and my order got delayed through Hermes messing up and so my skin just seemed to dry and start to react so I know this is working for me!
    I was so excited to try this because my skin has been particularly dry over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I don’t really like anything about it. I didn’t find it particularly moisturising – I felt like it just kind of sat on top of my skin and never sank in. I found the texture kind of weird – almost plasticky? I really didn’t like the smell and I almost always use unscented products so I was excited to find this brand. However, I felt like it had an unpleasant, almost chemical smell. I ended up having to put other stuff on top just to mask it. A few times, I just washed it right off. I also don’t like the fact that it’s in a jar rather than a tube, though obviously, I knew that before I bought it. The colour scheme is nice though!
    Soothing and hydrating
    This cream is perfect for dry, sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts. Since the weather has gotten colder, my skin has been irritated and reactive. This moisturiser instantly soothed any irritation and redness! It really hydrated my skin but it didn't clog my pores or break me out at all. I think its a lovely feeling consistency. The only downside is I really don't like the smell of this cream. It might just be me but I think it weirdly smells a bit like cheese!! The smell doesn't linger for long though and to be fair, I would rather it didn't smell very good instead of being perfumed in any way.
    Expected More
    I bought this for my mother as it is mostly recommended for older ages. She did not love it. We heard great things about this product but the consistency was a bit weird(maybe because of the squalane). My mom has a typical 50-year-old woman's face and thought this was a very thick cream that did not worth the price point. I assume it is for very very dry skin. Overall I don't think it is worth that much and would not buy again.
    Serious moisture
    Now, this IS some SERIOUS moisture! If you have dehydrated skin then this is THE STUFF... a soothing, smoothing, silky, comforting cocoon for your face jam-packed with the most gorgeous ingredients. Worth the money as a little goes a long way. Best cream I've ever used.
    Great moisturiser - even for combo skin
    I love moisturisers and I’m always on the hunt for a new one as their efficiency seems to be dimishing with time. However this one has proved to be the best I’ve used in years. It feels a bit thick at first but when you start massaging it into your skin you feel the instant moisture and it helped me got rid of dry patches. I use it in the evening only, after retinol and it’s been great to compensate for the drying treatments I often use. Would also recommend as an eye cream.
    soothes dry patches and repairs skin like none other!!
    I have severely dry skin after using accutane for my cystic acne. No moisturizer was rich and hydrating enjoy and my skin constantly felt uncomfortably tight, dry. After months of searching I can finally say that I’ve found the perfect moisturizer for me. I use it day and night!
    worth it
    Good moisturiser doesn´t have to be much, this it probebly the most simple moisturiser that I´ve had, and also the best one! Does not have any smell other than just smells like moisturiser, with doesn´t bother me, actually I like it just like that. Just worth of the money I think. I have naturally very try skin and very sensitive on, so now when I happen to have irritatin on my skin, this is really been helping! Also good under the make up for me, now even when the weather is still warm. I will buy again.
    Not hydrating enough
    I don’t usually have problems with my skin but for the past 5-6 months my skin barrier has been seriously damaged. My face feels tight with red rough/scaly patches, flakey areas and textured skin. This is all very new to me so I thought I’d invest in this cream as it has ceramides, squalane and omega. I was really hoping it’d be my skin saviour as many reviews said it even helped people with eczema but this is nowhere near as hydrating as I thought it’d be
    Squalane and Omega Repair Cream
    This cream is absolutely amazing. It makes my dehydrated skin feel hydrated again. This is definitely on the pricier side but it is money worth spent!. I will continue to repurchase this as it has become my holy grail product. I have tried so many moisturisers in the past and nothing compares to this. I hope you can also bring out the SPF in this range!.
    Nice !
    Very rich and nourishing cream can be a little to heavy for hot summer days but it’s a must-have during colder days.
    Very good face cream with no strong perfume and sinks into skin like a dream. I’m a 45+yr old with weather-worn skin from working at sea in the tropics for 12yrs and this moisturiser is one of few that actually helps my skin become hydrated and glowing. No cream will undo the effects of UV damage but this moisturiser definitely helps with the appearance of my lines. I will be buying it again.
    Too rich for my skin
    I can have dry, sensitive skin, but I am very prone to acne, so have to be really careful what I use. I do like Biossance, but this was too rich for my skin. I would wake up with new spots every time I used this (and none when I didn’t). I’ll keep it and try it in winter when my skin gets drier. Otherwise, it’s a lovely, intensely moisturising cream, if your skin needs it. You only need to use a TINY amount.
    Finally, a dream cream!
    This sinks in beautifully. I have dehydrated/dry/sensitive skin that soaked this cream up without any irritation. It left my skin soft and supple, and save me throughout the winter months. I use it AM & PM. I may try the other Biossance moisturiser now that it's summer but will definitely be keeping this one as my night time moisturiser.
    Really good
    I’m pathologically dry and this stuff works. Combined with hyaluronic acid, this is excellent.
    A nice, good cream
    I like it a lot! I have dry skin so I use it after or before I use the Indie Lee Daily Vitamin Infusion.
    Made a big difference
    My skin had been very dry and dehydrated before using this cream. It's also sensitive, so I have to be careful with a lot of products. It feels and looks so much better now, and there has been no irritation at all. The tone of my skin is clearer and more even, too. I will definitely repurchase.
    New holy grail
    My skin has been very reactive lately with eczema flare-ups, leaving my skin drier than usual and with flaky patches. This rich cream is absolutely amazing. Soothes the sensitive parts and keeps me hydrated all day - particularly the flaky bits! Although I have an array of moisturisers at home, I keep reaching for this saviour. LOVE!
    Very Good
    I have very dry, sensitive skin, I decided to try this clean cream, and it's perfect. Most moisturizers cause me to break out so it’s a constant struggle between having dry skin or having clear skin. Now, I have been using this cream together with the vitamin c rose oil every day and my skin has never looked better.
    I’m a 30 yr old man who has FINALLY found his holy grail moisturiser. This stuff is really amazing. I’ve been using it for about 8 days now. No scent. Sinks in beautifully, no tackiness. It may not be moisturising enough for some, even I sometimes wish it was tiny bit more moisturising, but my sunscreen I layer on afterward in the AM usually fixes that. This is legit the first moisturiser I’ve used that hasn’t broken me out, irritated my cheek area or left me with an uneven tone. And I have used a lot, probably spent thousands in my lifetime looking for the right one. I also love that it doesn’t contain hyaluronic acid, because I think my skin is sensitive to it. I will buy this forever!
    Highly Recommended
    The only moisturizer that works for my dry but sensitive skin. Almost everything makes me break out in acne bumps or a rash, but this soothes my skin and keeps it hydrated. Holly grail moisturizer. I like to wear it alone during the day. At night, I do a small layer of this, then squalane oil.
    Only for night time
    This cream has definitely helped with hydrating my skin, but it leaves me feeling really greasy, so I'm only using it before I go to bed. Probably won't repurchase this again.
    Texture excellent but the smell…
    I’m 37yr old and have sensitive mixed towards dry skin. I’ve been using this cream at night after the active serum and I love the cream texture and the way my skin feels restored In the morning. However, this cream smells like a swamp and for that reason I am Not repurching it again.
    In love with this product, it's so hydrating. My skin feels and looks so amazing. Also loving this brand, I have purchased everything and my skin looks incredible. Highly recommended.
    This is gorgeous
    I adore this moisturiser. I bought it after being impressed by the ingredient list and was not disappointed. You can feel that you’re putting something wonderful on your skin. I use it as my nighttime moisturiser and find it so nourishing.
    Great unscented, gentle but powerfully hydrating face cream. I use it at night after acids and my face is still lovely and smooth in the morning, I would highly recommend.
    For me it's a night cream
    This is a lovely, thick, moisturizer that really does the job. Its calming, soothing and moisturizing but it calls itself a day cream and it doesn't absorb well enough to be a day cream for me. My skin is dry and sensitive, so in theory it should be able to absorb this, but it still left it shiny under makeup, so now I use it as at night cream and it's lovely! Thing is, I still need a day cream, so I am going back to my beloved Protini! :-)
    This is for you if you have dry and sensitive skin
    Life-changing moisturizer. I have really dry and sensitive skin which doesn't react well to most facial products. This moisturizer is gentle and so effective. When it massage it in I literally feel like my skin is drinking it up. I never experienced any irritation from it. You don't need a lot so the pot will last a reasonable amount of time. I am already on my third one and I got my partner to buy it as well. It's just that good.
    I've bought this twice
    I love this stuff!! I have psoriasis so my skin is really dry and irritated, and this moisturiser is so soothing and so gentle, and keeps me from having to re-moisturise during the day!! a little goes a long way and it lasts me three months and that's after using it twice a day!! I think this stuff is great, and after I finished the last jar, I rebought it. would def recommend it to anyone with dry, sensitive skin!
    I really wanted to love this product as the reviews were great, the ingredients are clean and the company is vegan and sustainable, however I was expecting way more from a cream with this price point. I have combination skin and I found that this cream did moisturise my skin enough but I had to use quite a lot of it. I was hoping it would improve the texture and appearance of my skin by deeply moisturising and providing a ‘glow’ but I didn’t really notice that. I just thought this was very overpriced for what it does, but I encourage other people to try it as the company is ethical.
    I couldn't use it
    I tried to like this cream especially since it has such amazing reviews, but I honestly can't understand why. First of all, it smells. Bad. Fragrance-free would have been fine, but this smell is very unpleasant. I tried 3 times to incorporate it into my routine and it broke me out every time so I gave up. Also, the price is way too high. I regret making this purchase.
    Rich but not greasy!
    Really love this cream so rich yet not greasy so still looks good under makeup. Only thing I don't like is the pot not a fan of having to scoop product out and feel like there's bits you just can't get when it's almost empty so I feel a bit wasteful. This is a repurchase for me so clearly the pot isn't make or break for me!
    Dramatic changes in 5 days
    This product is a game-changer! My skin was almost past the point of no return with dehydration, flakiness and just all-round tightness. I would generally have normal/dry skin, but religious usage of this in 5 days has turned my skin around magically. Top tip! If you're going for a walk in this freezing weather apply a generous layer and it saves your skin from completely drying out. I'm honestly in love with this product!
    Lovely creamy moisturiser
    This is absolutely wonderful. I've always had combination skin but recently, it is getting drier and uncomfortable at times so I was looking for a richer cream but not greasy as my skin easily breaks out. Well...this is perfect! Beautifully creamy and rich but not greasy at all, sinks in perfectly, I use it day and night combined with vitamin c or retinol. This is perfect for winter, but might be too rich for day use in the summer? I love the fact that it is fragrance-free, too. Will certainly repurchase.
    Loving this cream
    Really impressed with moisturiser, I had read the good reviews and I agree. Sinks really nicely into the skin quickly but does a great job of holding the moisture in. Am very tempted to buy further products from this range.
    Love this brand!
    I bought the omega repair cream along with the 100% squalane oil and I am obsessed. I use both products during my night time skincare routine and wake up with glowing smooth skin. There is no fragrance, so the "smell" was a bit odd at first but nothing to stop me from using this cream.
    Great for sensitive skin
    I have acne-prone, sensitive skin AND eczema (lucky me), but this really calms down my skin. It feels soft and supple and is comparible with the substance of the CT magic cream (minus the fragrance). It smells a little fishy but hey, thats what you get if you want fragrance free, it doesn't bother me one bit!
    Like a blanket on your skin
    I love love love this product, I first tried this out in the overachievers kit - I was using this in the evening and the probiotic gel in the Morning, I had used this kit for 2 months just to see how my skin was would react as I am acne prone and have a oily but dehydrated skin. I used to use a lot I mean a lot of products but my skin just wasn't reacting to anything and I just kept breaking out. I took a big break from skincare around 2/3 years and only had a 2 step routine, cleanse the moisturise. My skin deffo calmed down but I noticed the past few years where i took a break my skin would flare up in the transition stage between summer into autumn and then my skin would keep breaking out until spring/summer. I decided to go slowly and 1st introduced niacinamide which my skin defiantly went down when I was using this. I then decided to try a new moisturiser and bought the kit as I wasn't sure how my sin would react. The omega cream defiantly came out on top along with their lactic acid. The gel wasn't too good for me, I must react to soybean which can be pore clogging but I am fine with shea butter! This cream is soooo soothing, I love it, at night I use this as a blanket mixed with a few drops of rosehip oil and when using retinal I sandwhich it and no problems. I use this in the morning too and love how the cream and oil combo gives a glow. This is thick a cream though so may not suit everyone but deffo works for my oily dehydrated skin, I apply it on outer cheek area and neck first then spread over the Tzone so the cream isn't soo thick in the more oil/ance prone area Remember everyone's skin is different - if you have similar skin to me this may work for you! I love it
    It’s good but you can find better than it in the same price.
    Lovely texture and very moisturising
    This is a lovely moisturiser for dry dehydrated skin. Not easy to find a moisturiser with no added fragrance and this one has none. I would prefer if it came in an airless pump jar and also at a lower price point.
    Such a great cream
    This is so lovely, rich and moisturising without being greasy. I’ve never felt my skin feel so soft. This is my winter night time go-to. I recently had dermatitis near my eyes and every soothing product I tried just stung. Not only did this soothe the area, it practically healed the skin barrier overnight. I am so impressed!
    Game changer
    So pleased I purchased this, it’s changed my skin. It doesn’t smell great but I prefer a product to do it’s job rather than be filled with fragrance. My skin is so well moisturised and looks so much plumper and healthier. Great for if you have dry skin and like a thick moisturiser! Will be buying again and again!
    Holy grail
    Very good cream,i use it every night as a last step in my skincare regime. I have a combination skin and so far it made my skin very hydrated and very soft.Love it !!
    Best I have ever used
    All my life I have had very dry skin. Until I finally used this cream. Its so beautiful and moisturizing, my skin is normal, no flakiness, dryness, tightness. Best cream I have used so far!!!!
    Good for nightregime with retinols
    I ve got a pretty oily and sensitive skin skin plus tendency to get acne. Have been using it in summertime in Moscow only for nighttime, still need to test it during the day probably later in colder and more dry season with central heating on. My perfect combo is retinol serum first then this thing for the nighttime regime
    I have been using drunk elephant's protini for quite a while, the texture is quite similar as both are not very thick and oily but this definitely is a better moisturizer so it's perfect for night and the days when you need a bit more hydration. I have tried it under makeup as well and it performs well under it as well. Haven't really used it long enough to confirm any other skincare benefits other than the hydration.
    Squalane and Omega Repair Cream
    Only been using the cream for just over a week but it leaves my skin exceptionally soft and moist for many hours without needing additional applications throughout the day as I usually find with most other moisturisers. Small areas of mild rosacea
    Thick moisturiser
    I bought this after watching a youtube video. It's very thick and makes my skin oily which I don't mind at night times. I am not sure if it has actually done anything but I have been wearing this for over 2 weeks. It doesn't break me out or anything. Not too sure if I will repurchase.
    So rich
    Very moisturising and rich, fortunately not oily, but I really use a small quantity on my face. To be honest, I've tried it on my neck and bust too and it's great.
    Helped with dry patches but...
    I had a rough winter and developed dry patches on my skin around my mouth and this was a godsend in helping my skin heal and stay moisturized. I really liked the feel of this on my skin and wish my skin was more tolerant of rich creams. Feels very moisturizing, silky almost, and gives a nice glow to the skin. I’ve been using this for around 2 months in the nights to try and get my skin to adjust to it but sadly it never did. I always seemed to have some small blocked pores and new little white pimples when I woke up. Will have to stop using it for now but might reuse during winter.
    I love this moisturiser and use it every evening. It sinks in really well and doesn’t clog my pores / break me out. My skin has improved since I’ve started using this and my skin looks plumper and healthier when I wake in the morning. It’s pricey but I will definitely restock when I run out.
    Fab moisturizing
    Very nourishing and moisturizing cream love it
    Holy Grail for Dry, Sensitive Skin
    I have super sensitive, acne-prone, dry skin and this is the only cream that actually hydrates and replenishes my skin. Almost every other moisturiser I’ve tried over 10 years has either been too light, too greasy, gave me an allergic reaction, blocked my pores, or just sat on my skin and didn’t absorb. Plus it is full of natural ingredients and has no chemical nasties or silicones. I wasn’t sure about the price at first but it is worth every penny and a little goes a long way. I will definitely repurchase. Love!
    I’m not used to spending so much on face cream and was nervous doing so, but I have no regrets. This has really made so much difference to my abused skin. From over a decade of work on/in the sea in the tropics, this wonder cream has breathed life into my facial skin. I wake up with plump and nourished skin, wrinkles are diminished and my skin glows (I’m in my late 40’s FYI). Biossance, thank you for allowing me to give my skin a treat without compromising my principles on sustainability and animal cruelty.
    Wonderfully moisturizing
    I was a bit scared to try this as I have more oily skin and this is meant to be more aimed at dry skin, but personally I do not like moisturising gels on my skin. This is amazing. Absorbs as a treat, it feels luxurious, there is no oiliness after application, and the formulation is amazing. Couldn’t recommend more.
    Heaven made product❤️Your skin will love it❤️
    After 2 months of experience,this holy grail product helps My skin to became so smooth plumped and rejuvenated.I didn't have fine lines or wrinkles yet since I am 29years old . consistency of this product is heavenly just like melted butter on your face.. I can't say enough about how good this product is..!It something simply I can't live With out that's how my skin Loves it...❤️
    Very Good Cream
    I really enjoy using this cream. I am using it at night before bed It feels like butter on my skin, very hydrating. I have never used a cream that works so well, my skin looks fantastic
    Feels like a big hug
    White, fairly thick and creamy but doesn’t feel heavy it sinks in lovely. I've been using the sample size that came within the gift with purchase, I use it at night as a great protective base for my retinol like Susan Yaras YT pm skincare routine. Like all the other Biossance items I’ve tried I’m very impressed. I will definitely be purchasing a full size.
    The Best
    I have tried a ton of other products including lots of clean moisturizers and have always found they either didn’t hydrate enough or they made my skin greasy. This is the first one that hydrates really well but doesn’t make my T zone greasy.
    Amazing cream
    This cream is absolutely amazing! I have never used a cream that works so well with my skin and provides the same amazing results this does It feels like a luxury, the texture is like butter. Rich and creamy I use retinol nightly, so I really needed something to help balance how dry my skin became
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