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    Alpha-HLiquid Gold with 5% Glycolic Acid<p>Starring 5% nature-derived glycolic acid (it comes from sugar cane), the Liquid Gold with 5% Glycolic Acid harnesses the cell-stimulating and exfoliating properties of alpha hydroxy acids, which melt the 'glue' that binds dulling dead cells to skin's surface, revealing the healthy 'new' skin cells beneath. </p><p>What's more, by lowering skin's pH (from 5.5 to around 3), this overnight treatment stimulates cellular activity &#8212; accelerating the repair and renewal processes, as skin works hard to re-establish equilibrium. It bolsters synthesis of elastin and collagen (the 'scaffolding' that keeps skin firm), while penetrating deep within pores to eradicate spot-causing bacteria, all while the resurfacing action helps to diminish visibility of post-blemish scars, dark spots and brown patches, so your complexion quickly looks more even-toned and luminous. It's a must-have for anyone concerned with premature skin ageing, sun damage or problem skin conditions &#8212; just build up skin's tolerance gradually (to minimise redness). Apply with a dampened cotton pad, once a week for 2&#8211;3 weeks while skin acclimatises, then build up to 3 'neat' applications a week for maximum skin-brightening benefit.</p>ALP00140293363280050165 stars, based on292 reviews 39.95Cult BeautyNew
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    Alpha-H Liquid Gold with 5% Glycolic Acid

    Liquid Gold with 5% Glycolic Acid
    ( 100ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      A powerful overnight 'serum', Alpha-H's bestselling, multiple award-winning Liquid Gold with 5% Glycolic Acid looks more like a toner - a clear liquid, whose appearance belies its remarkable efficacy. An 'overnight facial', the pioneering formula (it was originally developed in 2000, and was the very first of its kind) is a phenomenal, leave on, 'sleep in' liquid peel, which swiftly (and dramatically) revitalises dulled, ageing skin that's lost its lustre, whilst gradually lessening the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, blackheads, blemishes, pigmentation, scarring and redness. In fact, there's virtually nothing this skin care miracle can't accomplish!

    • Description

      Starring 5% nature-derived glycolic acid (it comes from sugar cane), the Liquid Gold with 5% Glycolic Acid harnesses the cell-stimulating and exfoliating properties of alpha hydroxy acids, which melt the 'glue' that binds dulling dead cells to skin's surface, revealing the healthy 'new' skin cells beneath.

      What's more, by lowering skin's pH (from 5.5 to around 3), this overnight treatment stimulates cellular activity — accelerating the repair and renewal processes, as skin works hard to re-establish equilibrium. It bolsters synthesis of elastin and collagen (the 'scaffolding' that keeps skin firm), while penetrating deep within pores to eradicate spot-causing bacteria, all while the resurfacing action helps to diminish visibility of post-blemish scars, dark spots and brown patches, so your complexion quickly looks more even-toned and luminous. It's a must-have for anyone concerned with premature skin ageing, sun damage or problem skin conditions — just build up skin's tolerance gradually (to minimise redness). Apply with a dampened cotton pad, once a week for 2–3 weeks while skin acclimatises, then build up to 3 'neat' applications a week for maximum skin-brightening benefit.

    • How to use

      Apply to cleansed skin every other night. Moisten the cotton pad with solution and apply evenly over the face, neck and decollete, avoiding your eye and lip area. For an intensive treatment leave on overnight without applying a night cream over the top. Always use a daily sunscreen with an SPF of at least factor 15 when using resurfacing products.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua, Alcohol Denat, Glycolic Acid (5%), Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Silk, Potassium Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract.

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    Alpha-H - Liquid Gold with 5% Glycolic Acid

    Alpha-H Liquid Gold with 5% Glycolic Acid Reviews

    Believe the hype. Seriously.
    This is my number one product. My one holy grail. Whilst I am still in search of the perfect everything else, I will not stray from this. I have been using it for at least five years a couple of nights a week. It tightens pores over time and without fail I wake up in the morning with the most glowing skin. Almost sun-kissed-looking. When I first used it I thought it had some tanning ingredients in because my skin just glowed so much. It has almost completely cleared my dark spots from previous blemishes in my teens (along with other products I use, I’m sure). It’s super hydrating too and works best for me when used on its own as a single step treatment before bed a couple of times a week. But you can use it with other products too. If ever I run out and forget to stock up for a while my skin goes dull and my pores are more noticeable. I love it.
    Great product
    Bought it as recommended by my colleague. I have been neglected for over 40 years never used any cream on my face. I suddenly realise that my skin is so bad and melasma on my face. So I decided to have a go. And I must say my melasma has faded. So I will be purchasing again and again. I already recommended it to my daughter.
    Always a re-purchase!
    I love this product by Alpha H so much! It gives you a gorgeous glow overnight and is great for tackling blemishes, scarring and pigmentation. I can’t be without it, it just works!
    Holy grail
    I have been using Liquid Glow now for 5 years if not longer. I cannot be without this product at all. I have suffered from Cystic Acne on and off for over a decade and this is one of the very few products on the market that has actually made a difference. You see results overnight and have recommended this to several of my friends who also swear by it. Just remember to use SPF every day!
    Great product
    Will purchase again.
    Alpha H Liquid Gold
    This stuff is amazing! I have been using for just over 5 weeks now and my skin is usually sensitive, very greasy with dry spots on my cheeks. I’m 34 and I’ve always had awful skin but now it is so unbelievably smooth and brighter than ever. My spots have gone, my skin tone is evening out and it’s firming up nicely. I use it just once a week at night and I cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and evening every day. I also use it alongside The Ordinarys Niacinamide and I think this combination is what has benefited my skin so much. You hardly use any so the bottle lasts for ages making it great value for money. Please remember to use a SPF every day when using this. Definitely worth the hype and I will be purchasing more in the future.
    Worth The Hype!!
    Amazing product!! I didn’t know what to expect as I have tried many products with 5 star ratings before that didn’t worth for my skin. I have combination skin (oily around the T zone and dry towards the outer cheek area) this is an absolute miracle!! Anybody with oily/combination skin will understand that we are so prone to blackheads and large pores, liquid gold has made them appear so much smaller and my skin is so soft. Always wake up glowing in the morning :) totally worth it. Give it time, I’ve used mine for a month. Will definitely purchase again!
    It works. If you use it as the directions state and give your skin some time, you will not be disappointed. I had zero expectations before using this and now it's like a staple in my skincare regimen. I don't use it all the time mind (I'm partial to many a chemical exfoliant), but when I do, boy does it deliver!
    My skin was breaking out with having to wear masks for work all day and I used this and it’s changed my skin for the better! Magic In a bottle!!
    Exceedingly Good
    I am an avid acid user and have tried everything under the sun, and thought I had my staple Desert Island acids sorted. Boy was I wrong! I decided to try this just on it's own for a more intensive experience as advised and I cannot get over how much of a change I can already see in my skin. It has a slight tingle when first applied, but this settles fairly quickly, and my skin still felt really hydrated and I wasn't missing my nightly oil either. I love how this is so targeted for the skin and the pH level is perfect to really trigger a response in the skin without irritating it. I can't believe I hadn't tried this sooner, and I'm so happy I have now! I don't think I'll ever be without this, and can see this being amazing for my breakout-scarring and uneven skin tone.
    Works miracles
    I had read up about this product for quite over a year and finally bought it about 5 months ago and it has changed my skin so much! It leaves it so glowy and feels so smooth the next morning. Will buy over and over again!
    Holy grail skincare
    This is one of my holy grails. I put it in the evening with no cream afterwords and next morning my face just shines in the best possible way you could imagine. Far superior product to many similar kind of ones that claim to do the same. I just cannot praise this one enough
    Not always been big on toning, as I enjoy misting. However, on days where I keep like my skin needs a little more exfoliating or 'dull' like, I use this on a cotton pad all over my face. Most definitely a slight tingle as such but will disappear soon after a minute or less! I feel as though this also helps with evening out my skin. Definitely up there in my top 5 glycolic acid toners! Recommend!
    First time trying a gycolic acid product. The result is astonishing. The. best thing about this product is the ease of use. No fuss, just apply to clean skin and wake up to great skin in the morning. For a working mum, this is the perfect skincare routine. How I wish every product out there works in a similar way.
    game changer!
    wow!!! 一晩でお肌のトラブルが治りました。こんな事がありますね!奇跡のようです。みんなのreviewから気になって試してみました。本当でした。お肌のトラブルが治ります。お肌が綺麗になります。my skin is so clean now. love it!!!! wow!!! My skin problem was healed overnight. There is such a thing! It's like a miracle. I tried because I was interested in everyone's review. It was true Your skin problems will heal. Makes your skin beautiful. my skin is so clean now. love it!!!!
    If you have troublesome skin, this is for you!
    Oh my ... This product was incredible. I've only purchased it twice because of the price tag but if I had the available money, it would be a staple in my bathroom. I've tried finding a cheaper alternative to this, with the same results, but no luck yet! It will make your face tingle for the first few times of using it, and your face will feel so soft and bright in the morning. I like that you can dilute it with water on a cotton wool pad, to make the product go further.
    I use it daily and it changed my skin a lot.
    Worth it
    This really made a difference to my skin. Didn’t necessarily stop me breaking out completely (still have the odd spot every couple of weeks!) but made my skin clearer, smoother, and looking so much better! I would definitely recommend it. I use it every other night and the bottle lasts for ages.
    Holy grail
    I have loved this for years! It really does what it claims. Plus great for the lazy nights when I wash my face, apply this with eye cream, and am done!
    Best thing for breakouts
    I’ve gone through a dozen bottles of this and now my tween son is starting to get zits so we’re using the Alpha H Clear skin products and it works.
    Tough but gentle
    You can tell this product is working hard on the skin, yet it is gentle enough for sensitive types of skin at the same time. A great product and a staple in the skincare regime.
    Love It!
    It’s obvious from the reviews that this product doesn’t suit everyone. However, fortunately for me, my skin loves it! I always use at night, and the next morning my skin looks bright and fresh. I will definitely repurchase.
    Good performance, good product
    This is a very good product if you’re looking to get into chemical exfoliators. It is gentle, so it takes a bit longer to see results, but it works wonders. It is not for every night use, use every other night or every two nights depending on how sensitive your skin is. If you start using this, sun screen is a must because Otherwise it can cause serious damage to your skin. I would also recommend applying moisturiser after it so it doesn’t dry your skin out/irritate it.
    My problematic skin didn’t like it!
    Contains alcohol! I have a tendency to oily, sensitive skin, this does not suit me. What is the charm of this product, and why is it called "liquid gold"? I did not feel any good changes.
    Magic in a bottle? It cleared my skin
    Here's the truth, I had textured skin and loads of acne before trying the product. So, I thought it would help clear it out based on the reviews I've seen and Lydia Millen's recommendation on Youtube. When I first started using it, I saw no difference and noticed my acne got worse, so I stopped directly after that. After a couple months I decided to give it another shot but tried a different technique of applying the product. I would use it once every other day and before bed by 2 hours. I start by steaming my face (hot water and towel by the sink). After the steam, I wash my hands and clean out any dirt I have (blackheads and Milia). After that, I give my face awash with lukewarm water and apply Alpha H Liquid Gold on a cotton pad and rub it all across my face and let it do its thing. I do not steam every time I apply now, I only did it in the early days of using it and when I feel like I have dirt that I have to get out manually. Alpha H Liquid Gold is a game-changer really! I do use it along with Luna Sleeping Night Oil.
    Incredible product
    I've been using this now for four weeks every second night and what a transformation! My skin is glowing, radiant, pores are smaller and I don't get anywhere near as many blemishes. The first couple of weeks saw my skin purge a little and I had some breakouts. I guess this was a combination of hormones and the product cleaning out my pores. However after a couple of weeks my skin has settled down completely and looks radiant. I also found that this product also dries out those horrible hormonal cystic spots in a couple of days. Absolute game changer and I'll definitely buy again!
    Best product
    Love this product! After one night I saw a significant difference in my skin. 100% recommend.
    Alpha H Liquid Gold
    A good friend recommended this product, I use it every other day and my skin feels smoother, I don't have acne and it tingles when used, but it feels normal and I actually like it. I love the feeling of my skin after using it and the next day you see a perfect glow. The bottle lasts. It's worth every penny.
    Exactly what it says it is.
    It’s liquid gold in a bottle. Literally. I purchased it three years ago and have been repurchasing ever since. It’s completely changed my texture and tone. Whenever I go awhile without using it; the next day there’s a noticeable change in my skin. It’s brighter and more even. The day after your make up will sit better too. Make sure you use SPF afterwards.
    Liquid Exfoliator
    This has been a long time exfoliator favourite for me. The bottle lasts for ages even if you use it every day - which you can because it is gentle. The brightening effect is great and will help with cell turn over. Really great for texture and light scarring.
    must have
    Great product, it helps with huge range of skin issues.
    Long time fav'
    A really good product with a good price. It was one of the first exfoliating toners I have tried years ago (packaging was a different colour) and it worked really well. It brightened my skin without it feeling dehydrated. I stopped using it in order to try others but I may go back to that one. Like the texture, application and results!
    very happy
    I was actually really impressed. I've only used it once so far (only going to use it once a week) but the next day my skin was glowing and didn't really dehydrated at all.
    Holy Grail
    My Holy Grail skincare product. Has def changed my skin. I have been using Liquid Gold for over 3 years. You are supposed to use every other night after cleansing. It will fade blemish scarring and age spots. Like someone else said, I can't live without. A++++
    This product is beautiful
    I'm about 5 weeks into trying this product and I am genuinely surprised despite the good reviews. I am weeks from my 40th birthday but I have an unfortunate issue with my hormones that gives me rosacea and hormonal breakouts. I have been trying this with one other product and the difference is very noticeable despite already having a good cleanser and moisturiser. It given a silky quality to my skin, calmed the redness a little and given a more dewy soft appearance. My boyfriend commented on it also. Will definitely repurchase
    Life changing
    My skin has never been better, acne marks slowly fading, skin tone more even and spots appear very rarely. I went from doing my makeup every day to cover my skin to wearing none on a daily. Doing my makeup is now a treat rather than a chore.
    Miracle product
    I've had trouble with spots from the age of about 20 right up to 32, I now use this a few times a week at night, and I have no spots, my skin feels soft and looks amazing. I use with their moisturiser too. Worth every penny, plus it really lasts.
    It works
    Nothing game changing for me, but it works well for my combination skin.
    Wouldn't repurchase
    Weirdly, this product did nothing for me (despite the amazing reviews). Wouldn't repurchase.
    So worth all of the reviews and hype!
    I'm on my 3rd or 4th bottle right now and already have a back up one. It's the one product that i will keep repurchasing as the results are so visible and pretty quick (not 1 use of course, but in a week or 2 you will see the difference for sure). My skin (a bit oily type, not sensitive) is soft, gentle and clear, the skin tone is so much better than usually after I use it! Although I have to admit after 1-2 month of usage I switched to 2 times (PM) per week just to keep the results, don't feel the need already to use it every second night. Anyway - highly recommended! Truly the Holy Grail of any skin care routine.
    love it
    My skin feels much smoother and cleaner after using this and therefore I have fewer blemishes.
    Holy grail!
    The only skin care product that works for my skin. Love it!
    I can see results
    I don’t have major skin problems, yet with this product, I saw positive results. Will repurchase!
    I've received it in the GB 2018 and it is a good product overall, nothing bad to say about it. It's a regular toner, haven't broken out but haven't noticed any improvement either. It is ok actually, but I'm giving it 3 stars as my skin really improved in terms of dark spots/pimples/brighter complexion with the Glycolic toner from The Ordinary, so (as it's cheaper and has more percentage of Glycolic acid) I'll go for TO one instead of this.
    Nice, but there are better alternatives.
    I got mine in the Cult Beauty Bag and it was a brilliant item. It is really nice and does the job. My only problem is that it contains alcohol. I understand that it evaporates while you apply the product, but I still would prefer not to have it in the formula at all. Although it is very good, I feel it is also more suitable for more mature skins. I would repurchase it, but for my Mum.
    My go to product
    I absolutely love this product and would not go without. It keeps my skin radiant and completely free of breakouts. I struggled all my life with congestion and this along with some Perricone MD products has truly changed my skin. My skin looks better than it did in my 20s and I’m 39 now...can’t recommend it enough!
    Alpha H
    New buy, I usually use the ordinary products. This has changed my combination skin, I used to get breakouts post period and I do have sensitive skin. My skin is glowing now, I use it daily and do not wear foundation and I have purchased another bottle before I run out.
    I use on cleaned skin in the evening before going to bed. In the morning my skin is beautifully lit and smooth. I recommend.
    Beautiful results
    I have been using Liquid Gold for about three months now and although my sensitive skin tends to react with excessive dryness on my cheeks, the rest of my face loves this product. I have notices a significant reduction in the expression lines on my forehead, my skin looks brighter and the clogged areas on my nose and chin have cleared.
    Bad for sensitive skin
    Not good for sensitive skin, this product made me breakout more and made my face feel so dry and patchy.
    It works!
    I suffer from moderate acne, and this product has worked particularly well for my Whitehead clogged nose. I've noticed a good difference within a couple of weeks of using it. It's also handy when you've had those pesky little breakouts on your cheeks/forehead. If you've had chemical peels before, this product is a walk in the park.
    Made me breakout
    I suffer with mild adult acne. this did make my skin look more radiant the day after use but unfortunately made me break out further. I’m not sure if it was due to over exfoliation using it alongside other acne clearing products. I would avoid if you are using other acne products or have sensitive skin!
    Best thing ever!
    Have tried soooo many stuff, but this! This is a miracle! My skin has never been better than after I started using this! i can see the result after wearing it one night! but ass time goes my skin gets better than I ever could imagine!
    Love it !
    I was a little bit scared before the first use, because my skin is sensitive. But no irritation appeared. Little tingle after application, but no redness or anything negative. Now I use this almost every evening, and wake up with smoother skin. My acne scars are less visible. Of course don't forget to use SPF in the morning!
    The formula has been changed?
    That used to be my favourite exfoliating product. However, I recently purchased the new version that comes now in a white bottle and I have the feeling that it's a different formula. It still works but the old one used to completely transform the texture of my skin overnight. Still, I would recommend it but I'm kind of sad because that used to be my holy grail product. For a reference I am almost 33 years old, with large pores, texture and acne scarring.
    Holy grail
    It makes my skin so smooth.
    Love it! I don't have acne but it make my skin smooth and the fine lines disappear.
    Worth the hype!
    This is such a raved about a product within the beauty community. In just one use I could understand the hype. It leaves my skin feeling so much smoother, with less texture and more minimised dry patches. If I have any blemishes, the scarring clears up quickly and my skin just looks so much better for using Liquid Gold! I couldn't be without it within my collection now.
    Love this treatment. My dry sensitive skin is happy. It became more smooth and healthy. Post-acne scars and blemishes disapearing. Wrinkles on forehead became more shallow. It tingles only upon application, but causes no redness or dryness.
    Must have.
    I have oily congested skin and this product has visibly cleared and reduced blackheads after just a few weeks, skins texture has improved and pores seem to have shrunk, I will definitely be buying again - a skin care must have!
    Beautiful Product
    Love what it does for my skin- gave 4 stars because i sometimes feel like it maybe breaking me around my chin area. It definitely has evened out my complexion and reduced sun damage. Love it for that! Haven't been this confident going out without makeup in a while!
    Первая баночка попалась мне в подарочном наборе и не оставила меня равнодушной.Легкая не липкая текстура,освежает и тонизирует Буду использовать весь осенне-зимний период,чтобы выровнять тон кожи. ****** I received the first box in a gift set and really liked it. The light, non-sticky texture refreshes and tones I will use the entire autumn-winter period to even out skin tone.
    Great product!
    I am very happy with this product, I saw results really fast after using it! I feel like this is one of the reasons why my skin is so glowing nowadays. Will be repurchasing!
    Very good
    My skin is combination and textured, this toner is one of the best, it does what is said, my skin is clear, and free from breakouts, glowing. I've bought my 3rd bottle
    God send
    I read reviews on this product and thought I would try it out as I was suffering with bad breakouts all over my cheeks. At first it took a little while to get used to, I have sensitive skin so it stung every time I used it but now it’s absolutely fine. My skin has fully cleared up and all my old scars/blemishes have gone! I really struggled to find a product that actually lives up to what it says it will do but this fully does - worth every penny! I don’t think I will ever not use it! My skin feels so clean I use it morning and night. I wish I could attach a photo to show my results as they truly are amazing.
    I have been so impressed by the visible difference to my skin since using this. My congested, unhappy skin is much clearer and my skin tone is evener. The dark patches where my hormonal breakouts were are definitely fading. It hasn't prevented my hormonal breakouts altogether, but I'm successfully tackling those with my EradiKate products.
    Wow!! Liquid Gold...
    Ok, I am a bit late to the Alpha H party but better late than never. I have been using this every other night for nearly 3 weeks and I cannot believe the difference in my skin. It is literally glowing. It has fast become my desert island product. It stings but it feels good and is completely worth it. If you want to try this product, I know it’s pricey but go, buy it right now. You will not regret it.
    Not for me
    Bought it for good reviews, but it dried my skin and it wasn’t dry before using it. After two weeks I stopped using it. Now I am putting creams for dry skin to fix the damage. The product is full of alcohol and this must be the reason.
    I Will Never Be Parted From This Product
    Have been using for four months now and my skin has never looked better. Don't get me wrong, it's not a miracle. I'm 53 and I don't suddenly look 20 years younger but my skin is clearer, my skin tone more even after years of sun damage. I also use it on my neck, décolletage and the back of my hands. The best thing is a little goes a long way. I'm not even halfway down the bottle yet.
    Stick at it for good results
    I bought this product about two months ago as I kept having constant minor breakouts. The first couple weeks I didn’t notice much of a change. However from a month on my skin was noticeably better. This isn’t a miracle and I do still get the occasional spot but no more crazy breakouts. Couldn’t be without this product. My skin has never looked better.
    Not the holy grail
    I have hormonal acne. so after a month of using this product, I don’t see any improvement. It did nothing to my skin. Acne and clogged pores are stili with me.
    This product really is as good as the reviews! Been using for about 3 weeks now and really notice a difference. Helps keep my spots at bay and my skin feels so clean and soft in the morning! My skin is more even on my cheeks and I imagine will really clear with long term use. Great product!
    I love this stuff and will continue to repurchase this. It leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft the day after! I love using this once/twice a week as a treatment.
    This product has done wonders for my skin tone, texture and clarity. it's helped clear out spots and my old acne scars have visibly lightened ever since I started using this. I use it every other night on its own and my skin feels plump and clear the next morning. I've repurchased and will continue to do so.
    At first I was sceptical
    After reading all the positive reviews I decided to give this one a go. I have to admit, at first I was sceptical. I have very sensitive skin with occasional bumps and hormonal breakouts, and so I was afraid this might irritate my skin even more. I use it once a week now before my night cream, and I can 100% tell the difference in the morning. My skin is smoother and less irritated and red. Not to mention, I think it will last me a long time.
    Couldn’t live without this
    I love this, if I stop using it (normally because I ran out and forgot to order more) I can see a difference in my skin. I use every other night and it keeps my skin clear from spots (which I have had a problem with for years) and bright. I had to be consistent with this through the first time I used it, it took about 3 weeks of use before I saw a difference and now I can’t live without it.
    Отличный продукт ***Great product***
    Всё, что пишут в описании - правда до последней буквы! Очень рекомендую всем к покупке. Продукт не агрессивный, работает на отлично! ***All that is written in the description is true to the last letter! I highly recommend this to everyone. The product is not aggressive, it works perfectly!***
    Life Saver
    I didn't want to do a review because I want to keep this secret to myself it's that good!!!. When I turned 30 I suddenly broke out with spots everywhere (bad case of adult acne) it made me so self conscious after having good skin all my life. It literally has cleared up my whole face in less than a week. It literally is liquid gold. It's just unbelievable. Also for those wondering there is no warming sensation even though it is acid based.
    Best skincare product I have ever bought!
    I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and bought this with a healthy dose of scepticism as I didn't think it would quite live up to the hype but it really does. After one application my skins tone and texture was greatly improved. I can't emphasize enough how nice this makes my skin feel, so soft and smooth - and it evened out areas of redness almost overnight. I have been using the product for nearly a month and the bottle still feels pretty much full so you really get your money worth out of it - if you used the product as instructed every other day I think you'd only have to re-purchase every six/seven months or so. I would recommend this product to anyone!
    Not sure
    I've tried it but as I have very sensitive skin, it itches my face as soon as I put it. I've been recommended that I slowly increase the quantity of Glycolic Acid so I started with Glow Tonic by Pixi. I'll use this one when I'm done with the other.
    I didn’t realise just how good this was until I stopped using it. It completely clears the spots and rough patches on my chin area. Can not wait for my next bottle!!
    If you have problem skin, this stuff is the best. After the first week of use (using every other night) I noticed a massive difference my skin is smoother with fewer breakouts. It does sting slightly especially if using a face mask, but worth it. 100% recommend.
    The original and the best
    This caused no irritation or problems at all. Left skin incredibly soft and renewed. I could see a difference after the first use. Nothing not to love about it.
    I got this product in an advent calendar and was sceptical of using it as I know little about acids and thought it would be too harsh for my extremely dry, eczema prone, sensitive skin. The first time I used it, it was tingly and nice to use and didn't leave my face feeling tight or dry. I have now been using it every other night for a couple of weeks and my skin has never looked better, my surface flakiness is gone, my skin looks hydrated and glowing. Will 100% repurchase when I finish this bottle.
    The Best!
    I have been using this for over a year now and it's my holy grail skincare item! My face was full of texture, pores, blemishes and ache. Ever since I started using this, all of that has reduced a lot!!!! I rarely get any spots now, I use to apply every other day! But now my skin is so used to it, I use it every day and apply my spf moisturiser on top in the mornings, it gives an extra added hydration and leaves my skin feeling baby smooth! I will continue using this forever!
    The best thing I've ever had
    Долгое время были проблемы с лицом - периодические прыщи и покраснения после них. Косметолог решал мои проблем, но ненадолго. Обычно я не верю восторженным отзывам. Но это волшебная вещь. Лицо стало ровным, отшлифованным, прыщи не появляются, тон выровнялся. Пользовалась 4 дня подряд на умытое лицо перед сном. Без крема. Сейчас раз в неделю For a long time there were problems with the face - periodic acne and redness after them. The cosmetologist solved my problems, but not for long. Usually I do not believe enthusiastic reviews. But this is a magical thing. The face became even, polished, acne does not appear, the tone leveled. Used 4 days in a row on a washed face before going to sleep. Without cream. Now once a week.
    Ok so I’m 30 yrs old, started breaking out all of a sudden from 26 onwards... there is not a solution that I haven’t tried to get my skin to calm down, ALPHA H is the ONLY brand that has completely gotten rid of my acne! I bought this on a whim and honestly, I can’t praise this brand enough. The liquid gold solution just on its own will do the job! Baby soft skin, no new breakouts, scars from previous breakouts fading! Get it you will not regret it!
    Slow and steady...
    I've had these little bumps on my face for ages, particularly around my forehead and temples, and some acne scarring on my lower cheeks and my chin. Wish I could post pictures because this baby just cleared it right up, and I am so unbelievably happy? One thing that I would note is that it wasn't overnight for me like it is for some, but then again I have quite possibly the most stubborn scars in the world, and still saw a noticeable difference after 3 times of using it every alternate night. Another is that it smells like chemicals, but it's not a strong scent, sort of like the ink on a whiteboard marker, though it didn't really bother me. About two weeks into using it, I genuinely have people asking me what I'm using to get such a clear complexion, and my acne – even my pre-period hormonal breakouts – is nowhere to be seen, so much so that I was shocked when my period finally came because I didn't get spots on my chin and forehead that always tell me when my period is a few days away. To me, despite the price (and even then it isn't the most expensive product out there), this is more than 100% worth it. It takes a while to get going, but oh boy it is hardworking and consistent, there's no product fatigue with this. If you're looking for a product that does what it says, this is absolutely it.
    I am on my third bottle of this now and I am so glad I have found it! It has really cleared up some of my old acne scars and help get rid of and prevent any new spots. Leaves the skin beautifully soft as well.
    Saved me!
    I suffered from a really bad acne break out approx Oct 2016, and tried product after product, diet change, you name it I did it, and nothing happened. On a mission I searched through website after website and read review after review until I came across this little gem on CB in March 2017. Ordered the 200ml version on a whim - it arrived and I used it every other night as recommended to start with, then switched to nightly once I felt confident my skin was coping with the product. Within a month my skin was a million times better, I had lost the horrible breakouts, any spots appeared and were gone within a day or two, and my skin felt and looked so much better to the point I was much happier not wearing makeup. Now 7 months on I have expanded my Alpha H collection and along with the every other night use of Liquid Gold my skin barely breaks out any more, my scars are more faded and less angry, and if I do get any breakouts it is minimal, comes and goes within a day or two and is nothing like the horrible painful week long lump spots I was getting previously. Will never stop buying this product now, as it has changed everything about my skincare and I couldn't be happier.
    Love it
    Really love it. I can't use it every night because it makes my oily but sensitive skin dry, but it really makes my skin smooth.
    Life changing
    When I first read all the positive reviews, I thought the product sounded too good to be true. However, as I have been struggling with my skin since early teenage years (I'm 30 now), I thought I would try this one more product. I battled with really bad acne and oily/combination and sensitive skin all at once. I tried every single antibiotic for acne, spent a fortune on all kinds of expensive skin care, was put on a pill and even did a course a medication. The last one worked - for a few months and brought a lot of side effects. I have almost given up on trying, stopped all the medication a few years ago as was fed up taking antibiotics for over ten years and decided I would just live a healthy lifestyle and wear good make up to deal with my skin. Somehow though, all the reviews tempted me to have a go and so I purchased the small bottle. No tingling feeling after application or immediate effect as some say but I persevered. Have been using the product for about month and a half now and am finally seeing the difference (didn't want to rush to write the review). There is still a huge room for improvement with my skin's condition. However, the texture of my complexion has improved dramatically, it feels really smooth with just a few random bumps as opposed to oily in T zone, rough on the sides and full of breakouts and huge clogged pores. I even went to work yesterday without makeup other than a few dabs of concealer where I still have some discolouration from old stubborn spots. I was on holiday for the last two weeks and not worn any makeup so this might have helped a bit as well but I was starting to see the difference even before the holiday. I am using the Liquid Gold religiously now, every other night without a moisturiser as recommended. I have reduced the amount of moisturiser I use altogether as my skin feels a lot softer and comfortable. As I said, still a long way to go, some pores are still enlarged, some redness and pigmentation issues due to old spots and scars, occasional pimples. But comparing to how bad my skin was, it feels amazing and I have confidence not to wear any makeup now! Never thought this would happen. Furthermore, I have now encouraged my partner to start using the product (sharing is caring), as he suffers from bad razor bumps and ingrown hair with occasional pimples on his face. His skin is also slowly starting to improve. I genuinely recommend this product to people alike and will be purchasing a big bottle now. Or ten.
    Worth the hype!
    I use this now a couple of times a week and leave it on overnight, my skin looks so much smoother and even toned the next morning. Will 100% be repurchasing when mine runs out!
    Made me break out!!
    I got a sample of this with my last cult beauty order and was very excited to try it out since it gets so many raves online. Initially when I applied it my skin looked great - my pores looked smaller, however when I woke up in the morning my face was very oily and I had some breakouts of my forehead (which is typically quite clear) which were also a little itchy. My face is quite used to acids since I use them on a regular basis so I assume there’s something in the formula which does not agree with me. Will not use again.
    Much brighter skin
    The product works well with my acne-prone combination skin; the next day my skin looks a lot brighter and every morning I wake up after using the product I don't have any new spots. Would recommend- definitely seen an improvement in my skin since using it, but not done too much in regard to my acne scarring.
    Nothing has cleared my skin better
    I definitely notice the difference when I don't use this, the product clears and brightens my skin. When I ran out of my first bottle I started to notice my skin becoming more congested and breaking out, once I returned to using it my skin cleared back up within a few days.
    Can't live without
    Before discovering this product, I thought I just had bad genetics and would have to deal with my skin more or less how it is. I started using a fancy French toner a few weeks before this product, but when I started using Liquid Gold, my skin literally transformed overnight in a way other products never did. I have oily skin, and the first time I used it I did wake up a bit oily in my t-zone, but subsequent uses did not yield the same effect. It's been 10 days now and I literally look forward to the Liquid Gold days in my routine. My skin has truly never looked better, I can finally go foundation-free for the first time in a decade, and I can't imagine life without Liquid Gold.
    After my hormones went haywire, I started to experience non-stop, painful cystic acne across my entire jawline. I tried so many different products, including benzoyl peroxide from the GP. Whilst I saw a bit of improvement over the five months it was nothing quite like I wanted. Enter Alpha-H. Within a few uses, the cystic acne was reducing and the pigmentation was improving. After a few weeks of use it's the closest my skin has been in five months to its previous state. I will never be without it now.
    Love it!
    This is my favourite toning product. I use it a few nights a week after a deep cleanse. It really has made a noticeable difference to both the look and texture of my skin. My monthly breakout is much less severe and easier to control, my skin is radiant and looks plumped.
    Love this product
    This product is great for my pores and my oily t zone. My skin feels fresh and polished and I wake up with clear skin the next day.
    Stick with it
    So I began having skin problems in my early 20s and now at 26 I was fed up with my oily/combination, sensitive, acne prone, hormonal skin. I also have acne scars. I tried all the creams, washes, cleansers, masks...you name it I tried it. Affordable and expensive products, nothing changed my skin. I was admittedly a bit scared of using acid on my face, but I'm glad I took the plunge. I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now and I can really truly see a difference. After the first week of use it broke me out BUT that's a good thing. This was just my skin purging and pushing out all the underlying spots and bacteria. But the skin around these areas was amazing. I'm currently on the second week of use and my face is clearing up and my skin texture is soft, smooth and just beautiful. I have noticed my pores are smaller and there are none of my usual 'under the skin' spots. Overall very happy and can't wait to see my skin when it's completely healed. If you have had a similar experience then trust me just stick with it and be patient. The spots I developed were not itchy or red which is how I knew it was not an allergic reaction.
    This is the first liquid toner-like product that I have been able to use (in my life) that has not had an adverse effect on my skin. When consistently used, it works wonders on the appearance of blemishes and acne scarring. Since using this product, my complexion has changed for the better, and has evened out my hyper-pigmentation #RepeatPurchase
    Must have
    I've been using this every night after cleansing and I noticed a change in my skin straight away. I don't even have monthly break outs now thanks to this product!
    So disappointed
    I researched this product before buying it and saw such good reviews so was very excited to try it however I'm so disappointed it's given me spots if anything and my skin is most definitely not looked better the only positive is its softer but not worth the money at all.
    Got it in the sample and I wanted to buy! Used at night and in the morning skin my looked good, the pores are minimized and tone evened out.
    Transformed Skin
    I use liquid gold most nights after cleansing my skin with Liz Earle, cleanse and polish and it has honestly transformed my skin. Skin visibly brighter, pores minimised, breakouts gone. Highly recommend! Does tingle for a minute after application which I was wary of as I like to use gentle and natural products but this is minor. Thank you Alpha-H!
    Holy Grail Product
    I have battled with quite severe, cystic, hormonal acne (especially on and around my chin) for most of my adult life. I've tried pretty much every treatment, both oral and topical, but nothing has ever had a long lasting effect. It was getting to the point where I was at my wits end and just hated the way my skin looked. I've been using Alpha H Liquid Gold every other evening before bed after cleansing and moisturising (occasionally every evening if my skin is going through a particularly bad patch) for the last four months. THIS. PRODUCT. IS. AMAZING. Whilst my acne hasn't disappeared entirely, the ferociousness of my breakouts and the time it takes for spots to disappear is one hundred times better. I now get far fewer spots, that look far less red and angry and heal a lot quicker. It has also made a huge improvement to any acne scarring and also to the overall complexion and of my skin. It as evened out my skin tone and my skin looks healthier than it has in years. When applying, you can almost notice the difference straight away. I put the smallest amount onto a cotton pad and once applied you can really feel it working - it tingles and almost stings on the skin, a sensation I don't actually mind. The next morning I wake up with skin that feels fresh and looks rejuvenated. Whilst my acne is yet to clear up completely, I am seeing improvements every day and I'm just so excited at the prospect of finally having clear skin. It takes a lot for me to rave about a product but if you have struggled with adult acne for a long period of time as I have then you need to try this! Holy Grail Product!
    Alpha H liquid gold
    I have suffered with really bad acne my whole life and I also had scarring on my cheeks and forehead. I've been using this product for under a week and it is genuinely a HG product. I wish I could post a photo of the results just to show how much my skin has improved. Absolutely amazing how much my scars and acne have almost completely disappeared. Would recommend this to anyone with oily/acne prone skin!! Incredible!!!
    Absolutely love this product. I have always struggled with breakouts and scarring as a result of this. I bought this product after reading all the great reviews and thought I would give it a go. The best decision ever! My face has cleared up, my scars are fading and I don't breakout as much as before. Also, it lasts forever!
    Can't describe how great my skin looks the next morning after applying this on its own, I do not follow with any serum or cream as an intensive treatment. It gave me an even toned super soft skin and cleared my occasional break outs. I won't stop using this.
    Not impressed
    I thought for such an expensive product and such high reviews, that this would somehow transform my skin. I have acne prone skin with a congested forehead and had hoped that this would clear some of the congestion or fight my spots. However I noticed very little difference to my skin despite using this for several months. I will not be purchasing this again as I really didn't see any results at all.
    This is an amazing product which I insist that everyone I know should buy. Whether they need it or not, they all love it. It's very good for all skin types and I have sensitive skin and this does not cause any redness! I think it has some calming effect and I use it alone and never had any issue with redness nor dryness (I have very dry and dehydrated cheeks). I love to use it when I notice any pimples or flakiness on my cheeks even if I has some redness because it is very gentle and will get rid off my flakiness and minimize my pimples/acne when I get them. It helped me a lot with my skin that I don't use it as often as I used to; I only use it occasionally now and when need it like once or twice a week so that my skin will stay in a good shape. I cannot recommend this highly enough. If you're looking to buy an exfoliant treatment/oil/pads/toner whatever you're considering, I say that you should purchase this one first and then try the other products.
    Wow! For 30's acne skin
    So... I'm early 30's, STILL have acne: the full works - spots, huge pores, oil, acne scars, now a few wrinkles trying to creep in now, and over the years I have tried so many products. This is the best thing ever, better than some prescription only serums & lotions! I use every other night, on freshly washed face, nothing else. After a couple of weeks my skin is clearing, redness & scars dying down, make up glides on so smoothly. Even after the 1st use there's a big difference, can't recommend this Alpha-H Liquid Gold enough.
    What a great product for such a lovely price
    I purchased this following all the hype about it. I have very dry skin so the first time I used it I also put a serum and a cream on top of it. Nothing magical happened, my skin was fine the next morning. Then I decided to give it a try without any serum or cream. After washing my face I would just saturate it with a cotton pad and wipe it once on my face and neck area, then off to bed. The next morning, to my surprise, my skin was not dry at all! Of course my skin would look smooth and radiant, but that you can achieve with the right products and a good night's sleep. But to achieve this with nothing but a toner like product? I am SOLD! I bought a few more bottles for myself and my mom. This is such a good product at such a lovely price, I now use it about twice a week.
    Before my previous order I had lots of breakouts (more 'texture' than actual spots) - after using my skin was completely clear in a few weeks. I reordered a little late and have had about a two week period of not using so with all skincare, I tend to 'forget' my previous issues and think the quality of my skin is not attributed to the product. But since I've stopped using Liquid Gold the breakouts are back! Can't wait for it to arrive so I can re-clear. It has also improved small scarring from spots dramatically and skin tone overall. I am now a lifelong fan!
    Very good
    First, I ordered a small bottle to try it. I've never had any experience with glycolic acid before so I was a little scared since I found that I'm allergic to salicylic acid. This one though turned out to be a miracle. It really did make the surface of my skin smoother and more radiant. Can't tell if it helps with breakouts but it definitely gives a healthy glow to the skin. I recommend giving it a try. 1 star off because alcohol is one of the ingredients.
    Amazing and easy - perfect combo!
    This is just so easy to use and yet the results are magical! Even my husband is hooked as a swipe of this over his face is just about 'manly' enough to not feel as if he's a woman - he falls strictly into the 'old school' bracket for gender stereotypes. So, you can imagine that he's not easily swayed towards spending money on and using any form of skincare. He is, however, a born again preener thanks mainly to this product: even he could see the quick and dramatic results. he is now a slave to this, luna oil (Sunday Riley) and Su Man's exfoliating scrub (possibly my fave overall product EVER).
    Give it time to work its magic
    At first, I wasn't convinced by this product. My skin looked okay, but I still had spots and bumps and it wasn't particularly smooth. I carried on using it, simply because it wasn't making my skin any worse, but it wasn't initially making it better either. Now, about a month later, I am so happy that I persevered! My skin is now super soft, skin tone has evened out, and is clearer than it has been in years! I still have the odd blemish, but after having stubborn spots and breakouts for years I'm so happy with the results. Give this chance to work its magic on your skin, don't just give up if you don't see instant results.
    Not worked well for me
    I bought this to help with my hormonal acne and the resulting pigmentation spots, and my uneven skin tone in general. In the morning my skin looks quite shiny but once I've washed it there isn't a huge difference. I've nearly finished the bottle now and wouldn't say it's done a huge amount EXCEPT the bumpy skin on the apples of my cheeks has smoothed out a lot. I won't be repurchasing but to be fair when I emailed Alpha-H for advice on my skin they didn't recommend Liquid Gold, my bad!
    Pure magic
    This is AMAZING. I cannot recommend it enough. You really see results overnight. Just the other day, I had a terrible breakout (forehead + cheek + chin) and after using this almost as a mask (patting a splash of this in after swiping it over face with a cotton pad) my face was calm, smooth and hydrated. I was afraid that using this without a moisturiser over would dry me out, but oh boy was I wrong. I could not stop feeling my face, because it was so soft. Its like waking up with new skin. The only hard part is only using it every other evening, as I am tempted to slather it on every night AND day!
    I was so looking forward to receiving this product after reading so many good reviews about it. I've been using it for a few weeks now and my skin does look a lot nicer after using it, a lot fresher and radiant, but if you're hoping for a miracle, you'll be disappointed. Still give it 4 out of 5 because it does make my skin lovely, but I was expecting bigger things from this product.
    Deserves cult status
    I've been using this for about two years having read the recommendation of Ruth Crilly, A Model Recommends. It is definitely a wow product - I used to have fairly regular spots (late twenties) but this product has cleared them up and I am confident waking up each morning that there will be no nasty surprises! But it's not just that which I love about this product - it plumps your skin, smooths it and evens your skin tone. It also lasts ages and ages so isn't expensive per wear. What's not to love?!
    Does everything it says it will do, and more!
    I have very dry skin and this overnight exfoliant is gentle but exfoliates away all my dry patches overnight. I've also had much less breakouts since I've been using this. Considering how long a bottle lasts, it's very reasonably priced too. Love everything about it.
    A Good Product
    This is a good product but not a miracle product so don't expect to wake up looking different! But it does work well over time. I use this once a week (so as not to over do it!) but you can use it 2-3 times to get rid of dead skin on the surface. It will last a long time, so well worth the price! Leaves my skin a little oily in the morning but definitely brighter and it's getting more even with each use! Give it a go! :)
    This is a holy grail item for me. Amazing for eliminating little bumps & helping acne scars fade.
    Great little exfoliator
    A quick and easy glycolic acid exfoliator. After cleansing I put it on a cotton ball and it's good to go. Renews my skin a little, I must say, for me it's not the most amazing product I've ever come across like it's often lauded, but to be honest I've never come across a skincare product that has turned my face into Angelina Jolie's. Damn my problematic skin. Worth the price? yes yes yes!
    Stick With It!
    Received a free 50ml sample in the 'with love collection'. Didn't like it at first because of the stinging sensation on my sensitive skin but stuck with it because of the 5 star reviews. Can't live without it now! It balances by dehydrated and combination skin. Helps heal acne scarring and minimises the look of open pores. I use it every other night when I'm not using Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream. My skin got used to it quickly, no more stinging just a slight tingling sensation now. Can't live without! Still amazed at how health my skin looks first thing in the morning.
    This product has worked magic on my mid-40s skin, which is dry, sensitive and prone to breakouts. After the first use my skin was clearer, less dry and the breakouts have disappeared! This gives me the results that I had hoped Sunday Riley Good Genes would provide (was very disappointed with Good Genes). Amazing! I will forever repurchase!
    I am in my mid-30s with combination skin. I travel often and this has caused a lot of dryness and flakiness that I absolutely hate. I was a bit skeptical about this product at first, but hey - I loved the lazy girl routine every other night. Cleanse, swipe and you're done! I was increasingly desperate for a solution as I had obvious dry patches on my forehead. Makeup looked awful with all the dry skin. No amount of moisturizer or clarisonic could help me. I was incredibly self-conscious. The first application, it was prickly and I thought that it was too harsh on my skin. This quickly went away in the next few applications. After a week, my dry patch was gone, my skin smoother and no breakouts at all. Some days, my skin does get oily but this a much better thing to deal with than dry, flaky patches! I cannot be without this product now, having used it every other day for a couple of months. I wish the bigger bottle would be available soon so I can stock up proper.
    I am just about to purchase my 5th bottle of this. I use it every other night, and when I do I can reduce the amount of foundation in wear dramatically. People even comment that my skin looks glowing. I absolutely love it.
    Too dehydrating
    I don't think my skin agrees with the high alcohol content. It makes my skin (combination oily) feel tight and dehydrated, thus making me oilier down the T-zone. Will not repurchase.
    Hall of Fame!!
    I cannot praise this product highly enough!! Providing that you're not allergic to any of the ingredients (obviously) I highly recommend that if you haven't tried Liquid Gold yet, that you do so!! The very kind people here at Cult Beauty offer a 50ml 'Try Me' bottle which is what I first purchased. Within days I had fallen in love <3 I use every third night after a double cleanse. Personally, most of the time, I follow Liquid Gold with my eye cream and a light moisturiser. I will say that since using this product, I haven't suffered very much with blemishes (praise the Lord) but if I do have a few monthly hormonal spots, I'll then leave Liquid Gold on without following up with any other products. The following morning my skin feels as smooth as silk!! I never leave a review without trialing products for at least two months. I have been using Liquid Gold now for about five months so it's fair to say this........overtime, I've noticed a HUGE overall difference in my skins appearance. Softer, smoother, clearer, the list goes on and on. I'm 25 so don't have any major 'aging' skin worries but firmly believe that prevention is better than cure. I hope that over the years, the possible aging benefits of this product show themselves. Fingers crossed.
    Amazing product!
    I had heard about this product for a while and was so happy to find it here on Cult Beauty as I live in the US. I have sensitive red prone skin with and uneven texture and oily/clogged nose, chin, and in between the eyebrows. My forehead gets really dry and flaky. I have used this product twice now this last week and oh my gosh. Liquid gold is absolutely amazing! I am so impressed and was not let down by all the hype! My skin has never looked smoother or prettier and that's only after using it twice! I can't wait to see the results over time.
    My favourite skincare product
    I only have good things to say about this product, it clears the skin like nothing else. Will continue to buy as long as they keep making it (I have oily, sensitive and acne prone skin).
    A great one
    I have been using this product for two months now. it actually works for me which make me happy. I used it once a week and every time I woke up in the morning, I can feel that my skin more glowing and brighter.
    Thumbs up
    I decided to write a review 4 weeks after first using Liquid Gold. Initially the product broke me out in spots but I read the reviews and saw purging was normal. So glad I stuck with it, as now my skin is so much clearer, acne scars faded, hasn't stopped the odd hormonal spot but clears a lot quicker. I love this product and use 2/3 times a week. A must buy in my eyes.
    Pretty good but not gold!
    This was not quite as magnificent as the beauty blog hype would have me believe. Perhaps I should not expect the 'wow' type gains because I have an existing effective and militant skin care programme. I was very nervous the first time I used it - I wondered would I still have skin the next morning??? Yes my skin was there and looked brighter and a little softer. More importantly my products sunk in better the day after use. I think it is reasonably priced and fairly effective. It did not give me the 'wow' reaction I had when I began using P50. I only use this once a week, and to be honest I much prefer the Lavender mask. Still it is a wonderful treat- it is like eating takeout- there's little effort required- just swipe it over your face. No need for any other product. Free time oh yes. It amazes me that my sensitive cheeks are not irritated by this product. Using this make me even more diligent about applying and reapplying daily SPF on my face. Bonus.
    So great
    I have suffered from acne all my life. It was never anything too serious to anyone else, but to me it just felt like it was never going to go away. I ordered the luxury sample collection, and this by far is the stand out product. My acne has decreased by far, and my skin is less red and my pores less clogged. This needs a couple of weeks to work (I've been using it for three weeks), and this in combination with a healthy diet, good sleep and lots of water is proving to be what I need for my skin to improve!
    Great results
    This is what I rely on when my skin is hormonal or a bit dull - it always sorts out my spots in a few days. I don't use it regularly though as it can be a little bit harsh.
    I heard about this product on a beauty blog. So glad I purchased it. This has a cumulative effect. When I used it for the first time, in the morning my face was super soft and more even. If you use it regularly, your face will be transformed. Careful though, your face should be totally dry before you apply this. Fist couple of times that I used the product, I saw no difference on my skin. In fact my skin looked as if i put a cheap cream on it. Then I noticed that my face wasn't dry before I applied. A great anti-aging product.
    Holy grail product
    I really bought this without any deep thinking just to try and see if it works. I have combination skin, it's oiler on the forehead and t-zone in general and normal/sensitive in other areas. Both my sister and I tried it and she has very sensitive, combination oily/dry skin. What can I say, we were both amazed by results. Usually I don't get fast results and don't get any significant results after using a cream or a treatment. But this is something different, after I apply it in the evening, in the morning my face is glowing; especially the cheeks and forehead. I get fewer breakouts if any and I really look much younger. It lasted us for 3 months (my sister and I using!) and it's one of those products that really are not about the packaging. You really see the difference. Highly recommended even for those who have sensitive skin!
    what a great product!!!
    I read about Liquid Gold on a beauty blog and after some research I decided to purchase it. I have fair complexion and normal to sensitive skin. I'm 47 years old. I have been using it for a month now, every other night, as recommended, followed by a high SPF in the mornings. I don't have visible pores, acne or wrinkles (thanks to my family DNA) but I can see the benefits of this product. My skin is glowing and is smoother. I am going to buy more products by this brand!
    Take it or leave it.
    I had heard nothing but amazing things about this product and I think I probably ended up expecting miracles from it that it, alas, has not achieved. It tingles upon application and for a couple of minutes after but then that completely goes away. You don't need to apply moisturiser after using it and your face won't be completely dehydrated in the morning from not doing so. I did notice an improvement in the texture of my skin in the morning. It was a lot smoother and this was the same after each use. But I didn't notice a visible difference from using this product and I wouldn't buy it again.
    Fab product
    I am addicted to Liquid Gold! My face can look quite grey and dull but after using this at night I wake up to skin that is clearer, fresher and glowing. I use it on alternate nights with the Liquid gold intensive night repair serum a couple nights a week. Thanks cult beauty I will definitely be buying this again.
    The Jury is back!
    Despite my initial underwhelming review of this product, 2 months later I can confirm that it is an amazing skin treatment and resurfacer and my skins texture and appearance is pretty flawless following continuous use. You may need to persevere a little with this product. I initially broke out a little from it, but one it cleared up, I've had practically perfect skin. I use it three times a week and it appears to be the ideal number of applications for me. I will be repurchasing. Highly recommend it.
    Really nice
    It's been over a month since I started using this and I can definitely see a difference to my skin. A beautiful product and must-have, I reckon.
    Strong product
    I find this product a bit harsh. I get really oily skin the day after using it. I can't see any difference and I don't think it would work for my blemishes any better than other products I prefer.
    The best
    I used to use this all the time and it left my skin glowy and clear but I realised I wanted something a bit more from my acids. I then switched to good genes by Sunday Riley which made me get so many spots and I didn’t really find too much of a difference in terms of glowiness which was a shame given it costs so much more. I then tried TLC framboise by Drunk Elephant. This made my skin plumper and gave a nice glow but I found I had a lot more milia on my face. It also costs a lot more than liquid gold so I figured I’d try liquid gold again having tried the others for about 2 years in total. I’ve literally only used liquid gold twice since I switched back and so many people have commented on how good my skin is, asked how I keep it so clear and glowy. All the spots from the previous TLC are going down and the milia are reducing. I didn’t think it would make such a distinct difference but this is definitely my holy grail. If you want clear, glowy skin get this asap. Just for clarity, I have very dry skin, I usually use this once a week or bi-weekly, only more if I feel any spots coming through. I wouldn’t recommend using it too often as no one should be using any acids very frequently on their face so don’t overdo it! It does tingle a little (more than the other 2 I’ve mentioned) but I don’t mind that. It has a more liquid/toner type consistency compared to the other 2 which are more like gels - I use a cotton pad to wipe this over my face as I find it too thin to put straight in my hands or on my face.
    Strong but effective!
    I use AH about twice a week and it really gives my skin a boost. I usually use it on its own as I’m very used to it but sometimes if my skin feels a bit tight I’ll add a moisturiser afterwards but I’ll try to wait a couple of hours in between. My skin feels really much better afterwards and after a couple of months, I really notice the difference.
    It works!
    Good product. I use it before sleep. I soak a cotton pad, and lightly press all over my face except the around the eyes area. In the morning my skin looks dewy, and glowing. It brightens my skin somehow. Thank you!
    I've noticed a difference pretty much from the first use of Alpha H! I've also noticed a difference if I stop using it for a small amount of time. Definitely worth buying!
    This Really Works!
    I am absolutely addicted to this product and cannot imagine life without it. If I could, I would use it all over my body. It’s THAT GOOD!
    I didn't like it at all! First of all, I couldn't see any changes. Secondly, have you seen the ingredient list? The second one is alcohol... And to top that all, the product is leaking from the bottle. The only purpose of this product is to gift it to your enemy so they would start aging faster.
    If you put this on in the evening you really will wake up to brighter skin in the morning. Doesn't dry out the skin (though I always mix it with my face cream).
    Amazing product!
    This is one of my top skin saver products. When I am having a flare-up or feel my skin isn’t at its best I use this every few days in the evening and it really sorts it out!
    Alpha H Liquid Gold
    Loving this product so far! My skin glows post use and my redness finally feels under control. I’ve just ordered the Vitamin B serum to add to my collection and the cleanser is next on my list.
    Great for sensitive acne prone skin
    I have sensitive, combination, blemish-prone skin. This one, work really well for me, I had many years hard to find products that work for my skin. Alpha-H is the first products for a long time that helped to calm my skin. I used the Alpha-H online tutorial to get the right products for me. I use Liquid Gold once a week. My skin feels great every time.
    One amazing product. The best th8ng I used as a toner. It just makes you glow the next day and you will look into the mirror and admire your clear skin. Bravo alpha H
    A must have!
    I love an acid toner, this product is the perfect prep for serums and other steps in my routine, as the glycolic helps with exfoliation. You might feel a slight tingle when applying, but you can dilute the solution if you wish to (although I just deal with it!) The liquid gold dries down quickly, leaves the skin more plump and looking like glass. Helps minimise pores and wrinkles, my absolute favourite skincare product.
    Freshens and softens the skin
    It tingles when you put it on and does something amazing overnight (use it every two nights and use sunscreen in the day), and in the morning, my skin is so soft and smooth. It's worth the money and a little goes a long way.
    A game changer
    Absolute holy grail product for me now since buying the double pack in May. I will always buy this now as my skin loves it. Evens my skin tone, reduces blackheads and blemishes, stops anything pesky in its tracks and always brightens my skin and leaves me with a glow. I can rely on this every time. Amazing.
    This is the best product I have bought in years. It totally lived up to the hype - really does what it says.
    Alpha h
    I was given this a few months ago and immediately noticed the difference in my skin, hence why I have bought it again. The first time I used it, I had forgotten I had put it on until I looked in the mirror the next day and yes, there was a more plump face and fewer lines. I just love it.
    Didn't live up to reviews for me
    I've been using this for over a month every other night as suggested, not sure what it is about my skin but this sadly didn't do much other than complexion appearing a bit clearer/brighter, but I was hoping my skin would also be smoother and that I would break out a bit less with this. I have mild acne and I've been breaking out a lot more than usual using this, at first I thought my skin was purging but now I'm not sure? a bit disappointed, I wouldn't say it's irritating though worth a try I guess because the majority of people love it.
    Liquid gold
    I read all the reviews before I finally decided to purchase this product and I am not disappointed! If anything, liquid gold is better than I’d hoped, it instantly plumps my skin & makes it look ‘better’. I’ve used glycolic acid before and not been impressed by the results but, the combination in this product seems to work well for me. Opting for the ‘more intense treatment’ I have used this product alone, every other night, and woken to refreshed, moisturised, glowing and plump skin. This might well be my Holy Grail product, excited to try more from this Brand.
    Liquid Gold
    I love this stuff! I leave it on over night for an intense treatment.
    Not too bad
    I use this product probably once or twice a week during the evening... There's a slight tingling feeling when you first apply it. Overall, I'm quite happy with this product. I definitely feel like my skin looks a lot brighter and smoother the next morning. The only issue I have with it is the packaging, it's so hard to put the cap back on!!!! My fingers often get caught in it lol
    My favorite beauty product will buy this forever.
    Holy grail acid.
    I love this product. I've been through a number of bottles and everytime I am without I remember WHY I love this so much. It just smoothes skin and makes it look healthier somehow. Really love this.
    Worst product I have ever used.
    This is without a doubt the biggest mistake I have ever made when it comes to skincare. I bought Liquid Gold after reading gleaming reviews, and thought it would solve my dry flaky patches. I am not someone who ever gets acne, and my skin isn’t particularly sensitive either. After using this ONCE I woke up the next morning to an outbreak of extremely painful spots all over my face. It’s now been a couple days and the spots are still there and my face still stings. Maybe this product didn’t agree with my skin, but I’m extremely disappointed.
    Love this!
    Such an amazing product and so worth the price! Helps with evening out my skin tone and breakouts! Used as part of my nightly routine!
    Love it!
    Really helped clear my skin
    Love Liquid Gold!
    I love this product! I’m on my second bottle. It helps clear and even out my skin tone. And all you have to do is swipe this over cleansed skin - add nothing else before or on top for an intensive treatment. So it makes your skincare regime a lot simpler on those evenings where you can’t be bothered or after a night out.
    Great product
    Love using this as part of my daily AM/PM routine.
    Game changer
    This is a product that stands out from all the rest. It is the game changer, my skin is looking better than ever and I am GLOWING.
    זה הטונר הכי טוב שניסיתי עד עכשיו ובאמת רואים תוצאות ושיפור בעור במרקם בנקבוביות!! מומלץ מאודדד למי שבובל מעור בעייתי ולא אחיד! This is the best toner I've tried so far and really see results and skin improvement in pore texture !! Highly recommended for those with problematic and uneven skin!
    Alphah liquid gold
    Fantastic product! My skin has never looked better! Will definitely be buying it again.
    Incredible product! Any acne sufferers it helped mine so much and with scarring. Prevented break outs, faded scars and evens out skin tone. I can tell when I’ve not been using it.
    Worth the hype, big changes for my sensitive spot-prone skin.
    I love this product - I have been using exfoliating toners for a few years and wanted to step it up with this one! It was very worth it - this is a stronger acid which I was nervous about, but it didn't negatively affect my skin at all, which is usually very sensitive. In fact, my skin has become clearer and less blemish prone. Give this a try!
    Clearer skin
    Loving this product. Just tried it and using it on alternate nights. I do feel that my skin is getting clearer after just using it for 2 weeks. Have added another bottle!
    Love it!
    I have rebought this product again and again.
    Simply amazing
    Never has my skin felt so lovely. I would totally recommend this, I have really oily skin and have been breaking out a lot of late and this has resolved all my skin issues.
    Absolutely amazing!!!
    This thing is the Holy Grail. It works wonders and you will see results after a few applications. My acne scars have lightened and my skin feels brightened. This is now a must in my skincare routine. Truly amazing!!
    Love it! I have been using it for years and can't live without it. One of the few products that actually makes a big difference to the texture/appearance of my skin.
    Use when skin is rough. I love this.
    Love it
    What can I say? Love it, love it, love it! I am always on the waitlist for this item.
    Really works
    I've had really textured skin and a lot of pimples lately so I decided to try this. I used this product and my texture disappeared overnight. The next morning I woke up my skin was totally smooth and looked amazing. I love this.
    I don’t know
    I’ve been using it a while and I don’t see my skin doing any better. My acne and acne scars are still there.
    Great product
    My first order of Liquid Gold was months ago but I'm definitely so convinced about this product that I've ordered double. The product tingles a bit when you apply it but that means it is doing it's magic. I started using it because I've got blemishes/adult acne and it does wonders for my skin.
    I love this stuff. I use it every third night after cleansing and the difference to my skin has been really visible. I can now wear a much lighter coverage of makeup. To get its full benefit, I remove my make up when I get home from work and leave it for a couple of hours before I put on my night oil.
    As good as it claims
    A friend recommended this to me a while back, but I was hesitant. Then when my skin decided to develop adult acne, she mentioned it again! and It’s brilliant! I have been using it for 2 months and my skin has never looked better. You will not regret it!!!
    Just WOW
    This is my first time using this product and this brand and all I have to say is WOW. This has changed my skincare routine and I love this product and will 100% purchase again. I use this alternative nights and have incorporated it nicely into my routine.It does tingle but I kinda like that feeling ( to me it feels like it’s donig something) and I walk up with smooth skin. I think it has helped the overall look of my skin and I love the glow it gives my skin.Give it a go you won’t regret it ♥️
    Be careful if you have sensitive skin. Use gradually because it tingles a lot but the glow this gives is unrivalled! A really great glycolic treatment and very reasonably priced.
    Nothing has unclogged my pores like this
    This stuff is crazy potent, it's amazing!! My face feels so smooth and it's all thanks to this.
    Great product
    That product is amazing. You feel your skin clean straight after
    Didn't believe until I tried
    After reading reviews I knew it'll be good for my skin but I doubted I would see any difference as stated. Let's not be naïve here. First time I used the liquid it made my skin red and tingling, it's working, I thought. But the next morning I couldn't believe my eyes, I honestly thought I was seeing a placebo effect on my face. Only when my partner said my face looked brighter & softer I knew it wasn't a placebo after all. No wonder people swear by it.
    Good product
    It's good for chemical exfoliation but did little for my spots.
    Lightening in a bottle.
    This review was almost a bad one. I was nervous to use it, as I had high expectations and while I had seen many good reviews, I had also see some people have adverse reactions to this product. I was sceptical to say the least. I have normal/dry skin and I don't suffer from sensitive skin, so I don't normally react at all. This first time I used it, I thought it was a loss. My face turned bright red and was very warm. I was sure it wasn't meant for my skin and was a total miss. I was so surprised though the next morning, my skin was completely radiant. It felt so smooth and fresh, and was genuinely glowing. I thought, "Well, sure its pretty but that redness couldn't be a good sign." Never the less I waited a two days and tied it again. Second time around, I had no reaction at all, but all the glowing skin the next morning. For this product I would really recommend taking it slowly and giving it a couple (safe) tried first. If you skin reacts like mine, give it a day to recover and then try again, your skin may just need to acclimate to it first. I've never been one who had issues exfoliating/peeling but I did need time to adjust to this one. Now that I'm used to it, I use it every other day. My skin is glowing and full of life thanks to this. I would highly recommend, and perhaps if you only gave it one try, give it another shot.
    Love this!
    I bought this after seeing a beauty blogger use it and I have no regrets. I have sensitive skin which has calmed down since using it. My skin also looks smoother, my pores have reduced and it has helped with old acne scarring. Amazing product!
    Very good AHA option
    I have used many (maaanyyy) liquid chemical exfoliants over the past 8 years and have resisted the Alpha-H hype for a long time. However I recently gave in and tried their Liquid gold product and I do have to say it works really well, it's not a super strong peeling so I have no issues with using it almost daily and I was able to see results quickly. Do recommend despite the high price.
    Holy grail!
    I've been using this product for 1 week and I can see results already. My skin is super even and got rid of patchy redness and dryness. I'm obsessed!
    Don’t get the hype
    Didn’t see any difference with my skin and the smell is awful.
    Very cool
    Smooth and beautiful skin, without visible pores. I am delighted!
    Love at first sight
    I recommend this to everyone out there ❤️ I'm 21 and I love this product. I use it twice a week and it does wonders.
    Works wonders, a must have!
    I've been using this product consistently for around 2 months, and I can't go a day without it. I haven't used a product that has made a difference in my skin like this one has. After the first few uses, I saw my spots and acne scars fade quickly. My skin texture also became smoother and my oily skin was more balanced. I have felt a lot more confident going a day with no base makeup on, and it's all down to this product. My skin can also be sensitive to strong products, and I can say that it works well to help me cope with it. If my skin is feeling particularly sensitive, I use the product with my moisturiser.
    I love this so much I have two bottles as backup. I start to take the effects for granted because I use it regularly but when I stop using it I can really notice a difference. This makes my skin so soft and it has almost completely gotten rid of my blackheads over the last while. My skin is brighter and I think it is making my moisturizers more effective as well. Love love love this
    Did nothing for my skin.
    This product did nothing for my skin. I have acne and acne scars. What it does: it cleans your skin. But my face felt so uncomfortable after I used it. On the bottle it says a little tingle“ but it‘s way more than that. I needed a strong moisturizer after I used it. My skin went dry and I broke out. I used the whole bottle because I thought maybe it first gets bad and then there‘s the miracle?“. But no miracle for me. I stay with my Pixi Glow tonic.
    After 2 and a half weeks of use.
    I have oily/acne skin and haven't seen much of a difference yet, however, I will write back once I've used it for a couple of months.
    Not a fan
    I bought this as part of the Beauty Glow package. I also have the Luna Sunday Riley night oil and products from The Ordinary and I have to say that I do see the results from the oil and not this Alpha H. My skin is mainly dry, with very few spots, some discolouration and freckles. I just don't notice any difference after using this in terms of reducing lines, pores or improving brightness. Maybe I need to use it nightly instead of every 2-3 nights. The only positive for me is that it didn't dry my skin. I won't be re-purchasing this. I tested other products that work better for my skin.
    I've been using this every other day, without toner. I have normal skin with a kind of oily t-zone, and acne. I saw my acne getting worse (hormones, eating pattern) and purchased this. I love it! I have already seen all of the cystic acne minimise by a lot and the bumps didn't appear as often. At first it didn't work though, so if you buy it, make sure to use it for at least a month before giving up.
    Not keen
    My skin looked great after using this, although I found after a while I started getting extremely oily skin when waking up and even worse through the day. I started having to blot my skin constantly. I stopped using and after a couple of weeks my skin went back to normal. Won't repurchase.
    Having read all the amazing reviews, I had to give this product a go and honestly, it has completely changed my skin! I have combination skin and reading about glycolic acid it sounded right for me. Since using for nearly a month, my skin is so much smoother and generally looks more radiant - I will be purchasing again
    This product changed my skin. I bought it many months ago when my skin was very upset and it transformed it. After finishing the bottle I wanted to use up other products and it was a mistake... After a few months without it I've bought it again and couldn't be happier with it. This is the first product I've tried where after a few uses I can really see the benefits.
    Love this toner
    Even though this is very strong, so I could only use it once/twice a week - I love this! I used it every day at one point and, even though I had a very red face, I was completely spot free. I reduced my usage and my skin is looking even better. Highly recommend.
    Love it! Sensitive / combination skin
    I have sensitive / combination skin, I was kind of nervous to use this product but it is amazing! My skin looks great in the morning after I use this product. Definitely will buy again.
    It works! Now, when the bottle is empty I can admit that Liquid gold has done wonders to my skin tone. And I also see great improvement of skin texture. Highly recommended.
    This Product has Changed My Skin!
    I have dry skin and have recently been having more breakouts than usual. A couple of nights using this and my breakouts cleared up and my skin felt softer and just looked healthier. I have now been using the liquid Gold 2-3 times a week for 4 months and have only used half the bottle, so it is worth the money. I use it every time I feel a breakout starting or my skin drying out and I see results the next morning. I would fully recommend!
    Does what It Says on the Tin
    I have to admit, this was a splurge! I have very oily, acne prone skin that is dotted with scars and marks. I was looking for a product that would help my skin look beautiful and I stumbled across this. I am in love, my skin looks so great the morning after I use this! It does prickle a bit, and I only use it twice a week as it can be drying (yes, even on my oily skin). But, I always follow up with a moisturiser which definitely helps. My scars are faded and my skin looks healthier. If you use it consistently, you will see results. If you're after smooth, beautiful looking skin, then you need to buy this!
    Slow but amazing results
    This works wonders if you have patience! I had clear skin up until last year when I developed fairly bad acne on my cheeks due to stress. I eventually went on the pill to clear up the acne, but I was left with very noticeable red marks. I tried a lot of products until I came across this, and although the price is steep, especially for students like me, it is so so worth it. It took at least a month to see a difference but I stuck with it and now my scars are almost gone. As with all products, you won’t see results straight away but I have only been using this for about three months and it has really improved my skin and my confidence and I expect, at this rate, my skin will be completely healed by the end of the year.
    Skin Saver!
    Tickly and prickly on first-time use for a couple of minutes and then you won't even feel it on your skin. I woke up to a brighter and more even skin tone and reduced redness, miracle!! I suffer from rosacea and was apprehensive about using it, now one of my favourite products.
    Game changer
    I was a little bit apprehensive to use this as usually I can not use any exfoliating products as they irritate my skin. I’ve tried numerous types of exfoliators in the past and all of them have broken me out, even the more gentle ones. So I decided to give this one a go due to all the hype and let me tell you this little product is a game changer. I’ve been using it for just over 2 weeks and my skin has changed dramatically. I will definitely be repurchasing this time and time again.
    I would consider myself a beauty junkie, I love trying new products and I rarely make it through a full bottle of anything before I find something else to replace it. NOT the case here. This has changed my skin completely. I started using it a few times a week and I now use it every night and my skin has never been clearer, my pores are smaller, my skin is less oily and brighter in general. I have finished a full bottle and have just ordered the set of 2. That is how sure I am that I will be continuing to use this. I have never loved a product more in my life <3
    Holy Grail
    I don’t normally leave reviews but this product is amazing! It’s really improved the clarity, texture and brightness of my face. It’s not really cleared any spots that I might get but I don’t even care as my skin looks so good. Would recommend and even though it’s a bit pricey it’s worth it.
    I use this in combination with UFO oil from Sunday Riley (rotating between them every night). I have very oily, acne-prone skin and this has definitely helped to clear up my breakouts.
    Loved it!
    It actually works. My skin looks so beautiful after it.
    Love it
    I have sensitive skin and after using it for few first times my skin went red but nothing like sore or painful just red as I can feel the product working. Does wonders to skin it had a glow and less appearance of age marks. A small amount goes long way. Just love it I look so fresh next morning after using that product.
    Love this product!!!!
    So I bought this one maybe 3 weeks ago and I love it. I also bought the vitamin B serum and it’s soooooo lovely together!!! I will re-buy for sure!
    Takes it time but gives results
    I got a 50 ml bottle of this with an order of mine. Now at the end of the bottle, my complexion has been at its best in 25 years! It helped get rid of tiny bumps on my forehead that I suffered from since my late teens and also helped me get a 'glowing from within' look. I am definitely purchasing this soon!
    Holy Grail
    After searching on blogs on what to do about my acne-prone skin, I kept seeing this product being recommended. The price of the product put me off, despite the amazing reviews. Fortunately, I received this product as a gift (after some not-so-subtle wishlists were left by me). Would completely recommend this product! I have had a lot of problems with my skin over the past 4 years, coming out of my teenage years I often get pimples on the sides of my cheeks/forehead and have a lot of stubborn acne scars (pigmentation). This product was able to get rid of a lot of the red acne on the sides of my face, however, I did not find that it tackled the scarring. The main thing that I find amazing about this product is how it has evened out my skin texture. Since I was 13 (before my acne) I have had uneven texture on my forehead, which I can only describe as "under-skin spots". I wouldn't often get whiteheads, but my forehead has been visibly bumpy to a lesser and greater degree for the past 10 years. After using this product for a couple of weeks I began seeing amazing results: my forehead was so much smoother and I felt so much more confident because of it. This product is definitely worth the money and the only skin care product that I have tried that I can confidently say has made a difference. Although I don't think it is amazing for tackling active breakouts or scarring, the way it helped my overall complexion and texture was amazing. Definitely would repurchase (with my own money!).
    NOT Overrated
    I found this by using the Cult Beauty search-by-concern with all 900 of my skin concerns. I was suspicious at first that one product was going to reduce pore visibility, fade acne scarring, clear blackheads, fade pigmentation, AND be good for dry skin but alas, it's really that amazing. I see such a difference in my skin every morning that I wake up after using this. It's even cleared up all my little skin bumps (you know those little spots that aren't blackheads or acne but are just...texture?). I will definitely be buying the supersize bottle next time.
    It's not working - don't waste your money
    Literally a waste of time and money.
    Invest in this!
    This was probably one of my first 'grown up' skincare purchases. After one use I never looked back. I use it twice a week before bed and really notice if I skip a week. My other products go on smoother and makeup sits better on me too. A bottle lasts ages and you can really make it go a long way. I use any excess left on the cotton pad on my legs as I get blocked hair follicles and inflammation. If you're looking to spend in just one or two places this is one of the items to splurge on. The pay off is immediate and gets better with time.
    Worth it
    I use this product most evenings and always wake up to soft, clear and smooth skin. It does tingle a little when you put it on and it took a few weeks for me to really see a difference, so stay with it! The single best piece of skincare I use (and I am a beauty junkie!).
    The best thing I have ever tried to reduce texture and pores
    I recently bought this product from Cult and I must say that I thank myself for doing it. My age is around 30. I was on a medication and my skin had become clear but there was a lot of texture and super large pores. I saw in youtube some girls using it then I decided to give it a try. It did miracles for me, my pores are gone after 4-5 times of use and my skin is baby soft. Now I am intrigued to buy more Alpha H products. I am not in the UK and I really want to thank Cult Beauty for delivering the products in my country without extra charges. Thanks, Alpha H and big thanks to Cult.
    Love it!
    If you struggle with whiteheads, a few persistent spots (that never seem to go away) and texture issues, then you NEED this! My skin has never looked as clear and luminous as when I used this religiously. My only gripe is that I wish it would come in pad form for ease of use and convenient travel.
    Life changer
    This is one of top 3 products that changed my life! Well...my skin but you get me, don't you? I discovered liquid gold thanks to Ms Hirons & Crilly and decided to give it a go. Many bottles later I have this as the best value for money in my whole collection of skin care. It leaves my skin refined, glowy and, if I stick to it religiously every other night, I even don't have the occasional hormonal spot that used to appear once a month without failing in my chin for my whole life... I use it PM after removing make up and leave it on its own for best results (I only apply a moisturizer afterwards on the weeks of seasonal change when my skin needs all the extra love). Before this I never used any acid in my skin (maybe that's why it's been such a discovery) but by this I mean that it's very mild and not at all for ultra experienced people on different treatments. Years later I still have this on my top skin care and swear by this as the reason behind my healthy glow.
    Not life changing
    I wished this product would do my skin good the way I hoped it would after reading all the rave reviews. Unfortunately I feel that i didn't see or feel any difference.
    Love love love this product
    I have been using this product for nearly one year now and I will definitely continue doing so. Not only has this helped eliminate my acne breakouts but it has made my complexation so radiant, even toned, and clear. I have zero need to wear any make up on my face since using this product. I highly recommend it.
    Worthy of consistent 5 star reviews, this product causes a 'wow' moment in the mirror after use. It's one of my all-time favourite products. I've used it for a few years and will keep repurchasing. It lasts for ages and is excellent value for money.
    Not for me
    I had high hopes for this after reading all the rave reviews. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst products I tried. I have dry skin and this product only made it far worse. I pushed my self to finish it, thinking that it needs time to show results. Half a bottle through, and I just couldn't continue anymore, I had to throw it in trash. I think this drying issue for me comes from the fact that the second ingredient is alcohol denat, which is not good. For people with dry skin I do not recommend this.
    Best skin product I have ever used
    I am a bit of a skin care junkie and am very fussy when it comes to products. I hardly ever repurchase a product. However, I just wanted to give this a quick review as it is amazing. No other skin care product I have ever used has had such an impact on my skin. It is so much smoother and even and my skin probably looks the best it ever has. I did not notice much after the first few uses, but after using it religiously every other night, I started noticing a huge difference after about two weeks. I cannot recommend this product enough and will definitely repurchase.
    Great but probably not for me
    This worked the wonders everyone speaks about on my acne scarring and made my skin lighter and brighter BUT not good at all for my rosacea (which when I purchased I did not realised I had, since diagnosed). Made my cheeks very red and inflamed. I am not going to rate this down as really it did all it promised. Just possibly not one for us girls with rosacea/very sensitive skin.
    Absolute Gold
    If they ever discontinue this product I'll be heartbroken. I apply this 2 nights a week and my face the morning after is brighter, smoother, bump free, oil free and overall glowing. I thoroughly enjoy the tingle when applied as I know its working it's magic. Within the first 2 weeks I started using LG, it brought out the spots that have been under the skin my chin that have been constantly re-occurring for the last year or so. They're now gone. A fantastic product and staple in my skincare routine.
    Pretty good
    I bought this because I was sent the free sample of it with a previous order which was incredible. With the sample the liquid gets sent on like an exfoliating cotton pad in a sealed pouch. I followed the instructions and scrubbed away and my face was tingling and warm. So I thought ok this must be working. Lol (never used any product like this before) The next morning I woke up to skin that I had 10 years ago.
    Good, basic glycolic exfoliator
    Decent product. Stings a bit on application. You can feel the high alcohol content. My face ends up dry if I use this as suggested (for a stronger treatment) so I put on an hour or two before moisturiser. I quite like the 'slip' when applying (unlike tonics like the Pixi toner). Don't love the smell but it's tolerable and doesn't linger. The bottle lasts for ages and is good value. Works on improving skin tone and keeping skin fairly smooth. Recommended as a reliable standby, but there lots of similar glycolic products out there.
    forever repurchase
    Nothing saves my skin like this bottle of gold. It clears up breakouts, evens skin tone, eradicates texture, it just does the most for my skin. Better than any other glycolic acid skincare product I have tried. My skin isn't sensitive I can easily use it every night and then interchange with a more gentle toner in the mornings to soothe the shin. I love this, it keeps my skin looking bright and mostly clear. Nothing else I have tried - and I have tried a lot - works as well as this. Forever on my repurchase list. A total holy grail.
    So many compliments!
    I have been using this product for a good few weeks now, and although I initially thought the wow factor had gone, I have had so many compliments on my complexion since using. I use as instructed (without moisturiser) every other night, and the next morning my skin looks younger and bump free. In the morning I use Alpha-H Ultra Hydration Cream (the absolute best!) and voila. I was treated for acne with a medication several years ago and my scars have noticeably reduced using this. Will never ever not buy this product.
    Adore this product
    This product promised a lot and it sure delivered. After applying it at night I tend to not use a moisturiser for a more intensive treatment as recommended. In the morning my skin feels more dewy and my acne scars are 100% less noticeable. So happy with it!!!
    Miracle in a bottle
    I absolutely looove this product! I was very sceptical at first, but after reading all the reviews I decided to purchase this bad boy. I have combination skin with dry patches on some parts of my face. I also suffer from horrendous cystic acne around my jawline and cheek area, as well as a few acne scars and hyperpigmentation. When I first used this product I didn't notice significant changes to my skin. It was only after the second week I noticed a massive difference in my skin; my skin texture started to go smoother so I didn't have tiny bumps on my cheeks; my acne scars have started to fade and the hormonal cystic acne around my jaw have gradually lessened and my face now looks a lot brighter. After I finish this bottle I will definitely be purchasing more!
    Changed my life
    Having suffered from every skin problem under the sun for years (acne, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis), almost everything that touched my skin caused problems, and I had a few problem areas that really affected my self esteem. Enter Liquid Gold. This product has been a miracle. The first few weeks felt like my skin was getting rid of everything nasty, and now it's like an ongoing maintenance programme. All the sensitive patches on my skin have evened out, my rosacea has calmed dramatically on my nose, acne breakouts are few and clear up quickly, and oil production has reduced dramatically. I was worried that it would leave my skin feeling tight and dry like the harsh acne products of my youth, but there's none of that. If anything it feels softer and like it's able to absorb the moisture better. Best buy ever. A little goes a long way and this is well worth the price tag.
    Finally a product I can recommend
    I cannot recommend this product enough - I have never written a review on a product before but I had to write one about this! At first, my oily and very acne and blackhead prone skin was shiny and breaking out like mad which left me sceptical - but now it has healed like a dream and it couldn't be softer or clearer. The pesky blackheads that refused to budge have disappeared, I've hardly had a breakout for weeks and I rarely need anything more than a tiny bit on concealer, which was practically unheard of before. Honestly - it's a miracle product and for the price, it's wonderful.
    Absolutely Astonishing
    I was a bit adamant to try this product based on the reviews (it seemed a bit too good to be true!). However, I took the plunge and thought I would try this. It has now been three months since my purchase and I can honestly say this is a holy grail beyond holy grails! My acne-prone skin and blemishes I have suffered from since I was a teenager have miraculously left my face looking more even, my natural skin colour (no redness) and even my acne scars are now beginning to fade. Do not expect the product to be a miracle worker - you will still get the occasional spot, though it seems to me the spots I do get are not the usual huge, hard, lumpy, stay-on-your-face-forever spots and usually die down within a few days of using this product. I can 100% see the change in my skin. I will warn you that in the first two months of using this my skin broke out in acne spots. This product brought them all out, including several which have been underlying my skin for years (and therefore virtually un-poppable) have been brought to the surface and effectively 'killed'. After this however, everyone has commented on how nice my skin is, how the surface of my skin has changed. No huge, ugly, monstrous red lumps that do not pop! It may be pricey, but I found the bottle lasted me for 2 months and is a small price to pay for such a confidence boost. I've never felt so comfortable in my own skin.
    AMAZING! Absolutely love it!
    I use Pixi Glow Tonic every morning and some evenings. I use my Alpha H Gold three times a week, for my evening skincare routine, for a "deeper" clean/exfoliation. This product is amazing and worth the money. My skin is so much clearer since I've incorporated this into my skincare routine. This is a permanent fixture for me now.
    Love it!
    Love this product! Have been using it a little over two weeks and skin feels a lot smoother and clearer. Has very slightly reduced the the appearance of a few acne scars, hoping it'll continue to do so. It tingles a little when first applied, but this stops after a minute. Will repurchase 100%.
    Tricky but when used properly FABULOUS!
    So when I got this bottle for myself, it was purely for the rave, and I admit that as a skincare addict I'm very picky about what I love but I still buy all the new hits. So i tried this out and oh lord, was I dumb! Don't use this if you've got cuts or exposed skin because it burns. So as anticlimactic nature dictates I backed away from it like a neanderthal discovering the burn of the flame. But after a couple weeks when my skin wasn't filled with picked spots and unnecessary cuts from waxing/tweezing I tried it again, this time after reading reviews and instructions. So after a good 2- 3 weeks of careful use my skin oh ladies MY SKIN! GLOWS and sings because this was the best treat I ever bought for my face. My complexion has gone visibly a few shades brighter due to the dark spots being banished! And my pore for the first time since B.P. (before puberty) have closed and diminished like they never existed. I can actually go a day without the use of concealer and a nice generous addition that I didn't expect was the bumps on my face from old ingrown hairs and badly treated pimples had visibly been removed. I will definitely be buying the Power of Three edition soon!
    I have a normal skin type, however I suffer from a lot of texture e.g. under the skin spots, black heads. However, I used this product maybe twice...and ALL of my under the skin spots have disappeared on my forehead which I've had for 2 YEARS! Skin has never felt this soft.
    For the first week or so I used it as part of my morning routine and saw some difference in my skin, but my impatience got the best of me and from then on I used it every other night for intensive treatment. The results were amazing and it did exactly what it wanted it to do which was to; gradually lessening my blemishes, pigmentation, scarring and redness. I've now noticed that gradually I'm getting less spots on my face and they're not as big, when I use the liquid gold they are not only minimised in the morning but my skin is glowing as well. I can see that the product in some way is strengthening my skin as the problems I face have lessened over time.  Shockingly it didn't dry out my already dry skin, in the mornings I got the same feeling I did when I didn't moisturise my skin - which was dry. I have used products that made my skin look disgusting worse, but luckily this didn't.
    It works!
    I was very skeptical about this product after reading about the tingle. Despite instructions to use this every other day but after trying it for a month, I started noticing a difference in my skin texture. Admittedly it was a bit weird to not put anything after using this step but breakouts became occasional. Wished they listed how much percentage of acid was in this product but an overall recommend!
    I started using this a few weeks ago, and I can't believe the difference in my skin. My skin has always been very dry, red and prone to break outs on my forehead and chin, since using this my skin is so soft and clear, even the redness has dyed down, something I never thought possible! I highly recommend this product!
    Best product
    I love this product. After prolonged use of this product; it has left my skin very clear , soft an even complexion. This is the only product that works for me.
    Good and bad...
    I've used for 2 months and as the directions have stated. I had high hopes for this product following the reviews so I bought for myself and for my sister. We both have naturally good skin with a slightly oily t-zone but were looking for something to make our skin look and feel better. This product was odd... on application it stings a little, then it made us both develop spots on forehead and chin, but where there weren't any spots our skin was lovely. I used for 2 months before writing a review as I wanted to see if this would change over time but unfortunately it has not so we both stopped using and within 3 days our spots vanished. Perhaps it's the alcohol content? I'm back to micellar water followed by a dry oil every night and it works for me.
    I Love it!
    Finally an effective product at good price! Since I started using it (almost a year) my skin is baby smooth, radiant, less wrinkles...and no break outs! I will buy it till I die!
    Silky Clean Skin
    I absolutely adore this products. I only use it as an intense treatment, as I find it to be most effective and allows me to have a lazy routine two times a week. I usually cleanse my face and do a mask so the treatment will be more intense. After Liquid Gold I only use eye cream. My face is silky soft 10 minutes later, and the next day my face looks clean and radiant.
    Great product! But not for everyday!!
    I love how baby soft my skin feels the morning after using this. However I do not use this more then twice a week, because it is strong. I alternate it between sometimes nothing sometimes the Pixi glow tonic and the Clarins toner. Do make sure to use an SPF though.
    Gentle enough for sensitive skin!
    I have fair combination skin and psoriasis. After just three uses of Liquid Gold I have noticed my skin feels a bit clearer, and some of my smaller whiteheads are diminishing. While I wouldn't say this will work miracles overnight, I am happy enough with my results in just one week of usage. I already find myself using less makeup as a result!
    Good but be careful
    I quite like this but I use it sparingly and carefully otherwise it makes me look a bit hard skinned or I can break out in a nasty spot. I use it about once a week followed by oil rather than more vitamin A. When I wake up my skin does look more dewy. I look forward to seeing the effects of longer term use.
    Wouldn't be without this stuff now!
    This is hands down the best skin care product I've ever used in my personal arsenal. It really does even out your skin, minimizing pores and correcting sun damage / pigmentation. The effect is noticeable the next morning - my skin felt softer, smoother and much more hydrated; and also looked lovely and clear. I was a tiny bit nervous using it for the first time, as I'd heard it stings and could be a little harsh. Have no fear, it's not harsh at all. It tingles the tiniest bit for the first go, and now I don't even feel it. One cotton pad used both sides is enough for each application. I've been using it for over a month now, every other night as directed and I still have loads left - and that's after letting all my friends and family have a try! :) I have converted many friends, family members and makeup clients alike. Once you try this stuff, you will be hooked - and its a reasonable price, too!
    Deserves the hype
    This is one of those products where you need to invest the time. You won't get overnight results, but keep using it - they say every second night but I probably only use it twice a week - and you will see improvements. My general skin tone has certainly improved and I've noticed the number of blemishes has definitely reduced. Plus that tingly feeling when you first put it on is pretty rad!
    Not as scary as feared!
    I was a bit apprehensive using this as I had read the dire warnings about not using it too often and how strong it was. I haven't felt it to be harsh at all and it just feels like a strong toner. I've only been using it a couple of weeks but I feel that my skin is brighter and clearer. I also like the fact that I don't put anything on after it, so it shortens the routine and I feel like my skin gets a bit of a break from stuff like night cream on the days I use this.
    New Favourite product
    I have oily spot-prone skin that is also dehydrated and suffers from dry flaky patched - this product has really worked at removing those patches, minimising pores and helped keep any spots at bay ... Having read all the reviews previous to buying, I now know why there are so many - I too felt compelled to comment due to the success of the 'Liquid Gold' on my skin. Im excited to try other products in the range now.
    Good product
    It didn't irritate my skin but I feel it didn't do much either. It is good for lazy days when you just want to swipe it and go to sleep!
    Worked well for my skin, I apply it before going to bed without a moisturiser and really like it.
    Good ... but not holy grail
    I occasionally get bad acne, and have been using benzoyl peroxide for a few years. I feel like this doesn't have much of an effect on my face, however I have stopped using my BP as frequently. However I love it on my chest and back to help my skin - seeing great results! I expect that is what others may see on there face without years of BP abuse!! Using it three times a week - it is good for a quick routine and I will continue to use.
    Pretty excited about this product!
    I just tried this for the first time last night and it felt so strange not to use a moisturizer afterwards.... With my dry skin, I was worried my skin would feel tight. I woke up with a smooth face. I did add an eye cream since the Liquid Gold says to avoid the eye area anyway. I'm pretty excited to see continued results from this product.
    Figured out how to use it on my dry skin
    First time I used this my skin got so dehydrated it took me a week of moisturising masks and layers on layers with hyaluronic acid serums and fat creams. Second time I used it my skin was glowing and I could actually see how the lines on my forehead looked less visible. I am 39 so it is there I see the most difference. So what did I do differently? Simple really. I cleansed my face at night and the last step is to put on the Liquid gold because for it to work the pH has to stay low. But I didn't leave it that way all night. I applied it at 6pm. At 10pm I put on a hyaluronic acid serum and a very moisturising cream and then let it sink in until 11pm when I went to bed. Glowing results!
    My skin hate it
    I want to love it but liquid gold makes my skin dull, flaky and red no matter I used it alone or the whole discovery set. My skin looked great at first but getting more dull after 3 times. Tried to use it on my elbows and ankles and they turned dark. I have used acids many years ago and plant enzymes in recent years. My skin never get damage to this event and took months to recover its natural glow. I have no luck in this product. :(
    This changed my skin!
    I'm on my second bottle of this and my skin has improved so much since I started using it. I have combination skin and use it twice or three times a week (never 2 nights in a row though), after cleansing, as the last step of my routine. My skin seems a lot smoother, "poreless" and breakouts have been a lot less frequent. Will continue using this!
    REALLY effective
    I love this product!!!! After applying it for the first time, I was able to see great result overnight! Amazing! And, though I have sensitive skin, I had no reaction on it at all! The best AHA on the market!
    Not impressed
    Being a Hirons follower, I gave into the hype around this and shelled out for Liquid Gild. Must say I was not impressed and didn't notice any POSITIVE changes to my skin... If anything it became oilier and more spotty!! Maybe it was too harsh for my skin? Though my skin does have a high tolerance to acids... So I'm confused.... All I know is as soon as I stopped using it my skin improved! Passed this onto my sister and she wasn't impressed either so I binned it. Love Alpha H's spf50 moisturiser though.
    Yes, yes, yes!
    Great glycolic acid product! I have used many glycolic acid products in the past, different strengths, different brands, different presentation (liquid, gel, lotion, etc) and this one is perhaps the best because it is extremely easy to use (like a toner), it sinks in right away and feels comfortable in the skin and it delivers results of even skin tone and softness. A mild tingle might be experienced but it fades in a few seconds, and after a minute of applying it you even forget you have it on - it is THAT comfortable!
    Lived up to the hype
    For me, it's worked beautifuly and I saw effects after the first application. After a week of using this product and using cleansing masks in-between my skin is the clearest, softest and smoothest it has ever been. My moisturiser and serum have better effect after using Liquid Gold too. I heard about this product through a few beauty and skincare youtube channels that I follow, read the reviews here and gave it a go. I recommend you do too!
    Poor ingridients
    Alcohol is the second ingredient after water... essentially, you are putting vodka with glycolic acid on your face, for 40 pounds. If anything, this products will destroy your ski with time. Read about alcohol is skincare and it does to your skin before using this product!
    Amazing, but wait a couple of weeks
    You won't see the effects straight away, but wait a couple of weeks and you will see - they are fantastic. Its absolutely amazing, and my skin is so smooth and clear. You must give it ago but only use it every other night.
    Star product
    I get a little panicked when I start to run out of this stuff. I'm currently on my third bottle, and I honestly don't think I'll ever be without it. The results are consistently amazing. I apply this alone after cleansing and when I wake up the next morning I'm always amazed at how great my skin looks and feels. It smoothes away any areas of texture and refines the look of my skin. If I ever have a big event, this is my go-to for the night before. A MUST have! Considering how long it lasts, and the results it give, the price on this product is phenomenal.
    just great product
    I initially thought this must be just another skincare gimmick, but it actually does wonders to my oily/blemish prone skin. It shrinks pores, removes redness AND minimises acne scars without drying my skin - no more dry patches! Plus, the 100ml bottle lasts for ages...
    Great product
    Nice product
    Like the product and my skin looks good, but not sure if I would buy it again. Quite pricey and not amazing results for me. Also sometimes stings a bit? Expected something else.
    Must Have
    This is a great product!! i like how you can feel it working and really notice a difference no matter how many times you use it during the week. This will be a product that i will forever repurchase! thanks to cult beauty for supplying it!
    Jury still out
    I had massive expectations for this product. Maybe I read far too much product hype and perhaps that is why I'm still not convinced 100%. Yes the product leaves my skin glowing, yes my skin is soft, yes the dryness is better...BUT...I have actually broken out using this. Maybe it's my skin "adjusting" - I'm not sure. I'm battling through anyway and will review again at a later date I think. I'm sure the 100ml will last ages though...I'm using it over 3 weeks and still the bottle feels as heavy as ever.
    Great results
    I use this about once a week and it's the only exfoliant I use, and that is definitely enough for my oily, blemish prone skin. Was concerned that I would be disappointed by the hype but it really is worth the money as it lasts for ages and continues to work with every use.
    I can definitely see the results
    I use this every other night and after 4 weeks, my skin is much clearer and the acne scars have almost disappeared. For anyone who is expecting this to miraculously change their skin overnight- it won't! You need to use it for at least 3 weeks, every other night. I love it!
    Alpha-H {Liquid Gold}
    I adore this product. After using it the first few times I found my skin to be terribly dry in the mornings, but I persevered, and am so glad I did. My skin is transformed; soft, blemish free, glowing. It really does live up to the hype - unlike some of the products sold by Cult Beauty!
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