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Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer By {Sunday Riley}

Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer

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    • Ruby Hammer
      {Make Up Artist}Ruby Hammer
      Pure perfection
      As a jobbing make up artist I try a lot of products and this is one I have added to my personal stash. Leaving a soft veil of colour this allows your natural skin to shine through. It's lightweight and feels pure on the skin, hiding imperfections without creating a mask effect.
    • rasppy
      It's ok....
      Maybe its because of the high humidity of my country, but this primer does not help much with the longevity of my makeup. I also realised that I need to give it a good shake before using the product otherwise the product will separate. The plus point is it gives my skin a healthy glow.
    • Venus
      Good but not great.
      It's a very lightweight and natural tinted primer. I truly want to love it, just a thin layer makes my skin looks very smooth. However, it is not lasting longer on my face, I think it could not do the "primer" part. Cannot use it in summer time or on a humidity day.
    • Heika
      Top 10 beauty product
      I'm a (natural) beauty product addict but not a big make-up fan. This product bridges that gap as a TRUE one-size-fits all for those days when even a 10-day detox and 5* spa facial isn't enough to banish the slight unevenness of the skin. With so many innovative beauty products constantly appearing on the market, rarely do I buy the same product twice let alone for the third time. This one's going down as a top 10 find.
    • Mekesth
      Very silicon-feeling
      Not for sensitive skin and very silicon-feeling!
    • Kateisabella
      Righting my mistake
      I'm the reviewer who erroneously said that this had no silicones (which I really went to town with, sorry about that!) Just wanted to say that this is still a fantastic product - I've been using it tons and thought a tip on application might make up for my previous reviewing error! I've found that this starts to dry quite quickly so you need to be QUICK with application.

      Using a brush looks amazing but if you don't work it in quick then it cakes, so... either warm with fingers and rub in quickly (it leaves a matte-but-diffused, 'soft' look that diminishes pores and shine - I also find it disguises acne scars a treat) or squeeze out a tiny amount at a time and use a brush to buff it in. I've personally had no issues with this being comedogenic. It also looks great on its own without any foundation on top. Ooh, and shake the bottle as the formula tends to separate!
    • Terri
      Gives me acne!
      Really disappointed with this after all the rave reviews. It breaks me in massive under the skin spots on my forehead and chin and jawline which take ages to go. And makes my skin incredibly greasy. I stopped using it after my the first four days when it completely ruined my skin. A few months later I tried it again, thinking maybe I had reacted to something else, but nope, it's definitely this primer - my skin hates it.
    • Edita
      Lovely product. Not silicone free.
      Following on from a previous review, I just wanted to point out that this product is not silicone free - it contains several silicones, so while it may be "cleaner" than some other primers, if you have skin issues that are triggered by silicones, you may be better served elsewhere. It is a good product though.
    • Dillpickle
      A bit pricey for what it is as I still need to wear foundation. But I love the texture, I use it everyday and have just brought my second bottle.
    • Natitarjanyi
      Best primer/foundation
      If you have good skin and don't need a thick layer of foundation to cover it up, then this is the perfect product for you. I have been using it for a few months now and will be definitely ordering another bottle.
    • KateIsabella
      My silicone primer has gone in the bin
      I always thought my silicone-based primer was fantastic - it mattified, made my makeup last longer, didn't make me breakout... but there was something - *something* - that I couldn't put my finger on. It was as if, whilst using the product my skin looked amazing, but afterwards when i took my makeup off my pores seemed bigger... and little scars/indentations became more obvious, as if the silicone was blocking them from healing somehow.

      Fast-forward to now and my silicone primer has hit the bottom of the bin to make way for Sunday Riley's Effortless primer - the name says it all really, my skin looks effortlessly good when I use it, as if I'm born with good pores (ha, I wish). The coverage is sheer so I just apply a dab of foundation and concealer over the top - so far it mattifies without looking flat, makes my skin look pretty much flawless and, best of all, my skin looks just as great when I take my makeup off! Silicones are now on my hells-no list of ingredients - thank you Sunday Riley for an education in silicone-free living.
    • -
      Where has this been all my life?
      I confess to having bought this after reading about it on Kate of Ghostparties' blog (I see that she has also reviewed it above). She is considerably younger than me and my skin is much more mature and dry, so I wasn't entirely sure that it would work as well for me as it did for her.

      My skin isn't bad for my age, although I do have a small amount of discolouration, the occasional blemish and annoying redness on my cheeks. Wearing most foundations feels heavy on my skin and looks (to me, anyway) obvious and false. Sunday Riley's Effortless Primer, however, melts literally effortlessly into my skin. It diminishes all of my flaws and lets my natural skin shine through. I would defy anyone to realise that I am wearing anything on my face when I put it on - it is that perfect "your skin but better" effect, for which so many of us have been striving for years.

      All I need now is a little concealer under my eyes and over the occasional blemish (RMS Unconcealer, also here at Cult Beauty, gives a complimentary similar "invisible but makes a big difference" effect.) I don't even need to bother with putting any foundation on top. Please don't ever stop stocking it. This has revolutionised my makeup regime and I would never want to be without it, now that I've found it.
    • Gh0stparties (Kate)
      I find products like this are something I never skip out on, mainly because they do so much for perfecting and concealing that I can use a lighter base afterwards – this does not disappoint as it feels weightless when applied, allowing the skin to breathe due to its oxygen-rich formula, and instantly perfects for a complexion that’s worth feeling happy about.

    • Vivianna Does Makeup
      This has been on my shopping list for the longest of times. I’m not even sure what pushed me over the edge to purchase it in the end – perhaps I was just feeling super spendy that day? Well, whatever the cause I’m bloomin’ glad I did cause it’s really rather lovely.

      It’s billed as an oil-free and oxygen-rich, skincare pumped, sheer tint of colour that can be used alone or as a base for makeup and I can’t really argue with that. It does exactly what it says on the tin, depositing a light wash of coverage that mimics the texture of skin and operates in the realms of a tinted moisturiser, while providing a ready to go base for foundation if required. I find it to work particularly well as a bit of a lube-like primer on dry skin days.

      The results are so subtle that even I struggled to see the difference until I paired a before and after photo side by side, but that’s the point. This stuff is seamless. Personally I like it most on its on, paired with a touch of concealer under the eyes; it stifles my redness, blurs away blemishes and gives a healthy dose of colour to my complexion.

    • Nima
      Believe the hype!!!
      I have been on the hunt for a base that just evens out my skin tone. Don't really suffer from blemishes or acne. Wanted something that was light and didn't feel like a foundation. This is it. I just can't believe how nice this is. I thought the limited shade range would be a problem but it works just fine for me. I love this soooo much...just feels like a really nice moisturiser. Believe the hype and it's totally worth every penny
    • Colette
      A must buy product!!
      Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant product!! Does what it says and makes your skin look amazing!! A must!!
    • MrsB4beauty
      Effortless breathable tinted primer
      Really great results. Does everything it says on the packaging and feels like nothing is on your face. Excellent!
    • J.Dangerfield
      Holy Grail products
      This primer and Good Genes have refreshed and revitalised my 51 year old skin like no other products before and believe me when I say that I have tried the lot! ! My skin looks refined and tightened; I have a healthy glow, my adult acne is dissipating and I no longer need to reach for foundation before leaving the house. This is the first review that I have ever left for cosmetic products - that's how bowled over I am!
    • -
      Verity Douglas - CB Staff
      Instant Complexion Perfection
      I'm plagued with sensitive, easily upset skin that erupts if I so much as smirk at it. Stress, hormones and over-enthusiastic cleansing cause instant rebellion, so I sometimes struggle to put on a brave face. Caking on make-up only exacerbates whichever issue my skin is 'working out' - so I sighed an enthusiastic sigh of relief when I discovered this beautiful primer. A lightweight tinted veil, this unifies my skin tone and helps blur imperfections without making my face feel claustrophobic; while the barely-there finish appeals to my (very unadventurous) girl-next-door approach to make-up and doesn't migrate into ever-more-prevalent wrinkles.

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  • You can apply the primer underneath your make up - allow to absorb a little before applying your foundation - or wear alone for undetectable skin enhancement.