Summer Series: City Survival

Summer City Survival - Caudalie Beauty Elixir
Thank Caudalie, for having the foresight to create the most cooling, evil smell-dispelling {Beauty Elixir} known to woman (and thieving boyfriend). A summer handbag have-to-have, this magical mist will restore sense-of-humour, disguise sweaty visage and even make a horribly humid train carriage seem bearable... which is no trifling accomplishment.... Read More

5 Ways to Use HealGel

HealGel Collection
Painstakingly developed by a team of pioneering plastic surgeons, {HealGel Intensive} is a bathroom cabinet must-have; a skin-nourishing green gel, that looks a little bit like 'Flubber' (but is infinitely more amenable). With ten highly potent components - to soothe, repair and strengthen skin - here are just five of the myriad things you can do with this super-charged skin care miracle. PLUS, find out how you could win one of three tubes of brand new {HealGel Body}.... Read More

Summer Series: Holiday Beauty

Summer Beauty Must-Haves
It used to be the case that I transported more lotions and potions than garments on holiday - equipped with 15 bikinis and at least two marginally different lipstick shades per day, I felt confident I was the 'consummate packer' - until I spent a small fortune on gap-year-tragedy boots and was compelled to leave half my stash in Ibiza. Lesson well and truly learned... now I know only too well that I won't wear eye shadow in 33° heat, but will need a cheek tint the colour of sunset #makeupeducation... Read More

The Science Behind Living Proof

Jennifer Aniston Living Proof
It's not often that one of Hollywood's A-List elite is so impressed by a brand that she then feels compelled to invest, but that's exactly what Jennifer Aniston - the woman who turned the world on to 'The Rachel' - has done with Living Proof; a cutting edge (and ultra-chic) range of hair products, that help to address the 'root' of most common hair problems - frizz, fragility and lack of volume - rather than simply disguising them.... Read More

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Guide to Contouring

Anastasia Beverly Hills' Guide to Contouring
A step-by-step tutorial, from Beverly Hills' make up maestro Anastasia Soare and Instagram phenomenon-slash-beauty educator Tamanna Roashan (@dressyourface), so you too can contour like a pro... Just equip yourself with the Pro Series Contour Kit and an arsenal of fluffy blush, sculpting and shadow brushes, to chisel cheekbones, streamline larger-than-you'd-like noses and draw attention to your favourite features.... Read More

Why are parabens bad?

Why are parabens bad?
Where once our Elizabethan counterparts spent their days fretting about whether "to be or not to be", our contemporary selves are plagued with far less existential concerns. To text or not to text. Tweet or not to tweet. Buy, or not to buy? And, the one that the beauty industry has had a furrow in its' forehead about for some time now; should parabens be used as preservatives in cosmetics? To paraBEn or not to paraBEn. That is the question.... Read More

Christy Turlington’s Cult Beauty Picks

The secrets to Christy Turlington's Ageless Beauty
Ever wondered quite how supermodel Christy Turlington successfully defies the ageing process, and manages to look as youthful and luminous now (aged 45) as she did when she first gazed ethereally from those super-cool black and white CK campaigns? We think it's probably because she's secretly superhuman (and does a headstand every morning - gravity working in reverse works wonders). But alongside impeccable genes and healthy living, there are one or two beauty products Christy swears buy, to keep her skin glowing and hair looking healthy.... Read More

Bridal Beauty Countdown: 10 Weeks

Bridal Blog Series
Our gorgeous nutritional expert - the wonderful Karen Cummings-Palmer - is getting married this September, and has generously offered to share with us the steps she's taking to boost her (already exquisite) skin, hair and nails ahead of the big day. With ten weeks to go, it's all about diet and supplements - so here's an insight into what she's taking...... Read More

Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez
Lizzie has been plastered across the internet as, "The Ugliest Woman in The World". Her reaction has been inspirational.... Read More

Problem Solvers

Cult Beauty Problem Solvers
We like to consider ourselves pretty clued-up when it comes to solving the myriad beauty 'problems' we face (that show up on our face) every day. We're always looking for the latest zit-zapper or wrinkle-filler, and leave no spot stick un-twisted on our quest to un-cover the latest quick-fix on the road to complexion perfection.... Read More