5 Anti-ageing Commandments

Some people can eat like a horse and not put weight on, and some are genetically predisposed to age more quickly than others…life's a bitch! But there are ways to give nature a helping hand by focusing on a little nurture. Here are some guidelines to help you figuratively shoot olde man time in the foot.... Read More

Alice Hart-Davis transformed by Studio 10

Alice Hart-Davis make over Studio 10
Cult Beauty Expert Alice Hart-Davis recently had a STUDIO 10 make-over, you can see the rather lovely results below. Her favourite product ended up being the palette foundation called Age Reverse Perfect Canvas, of which she waxes lyrical...... Read More

The Radiance Recipe

Transitional Skin Care - Radiance Boosters
It's Spring, the sun is shining, birds are singing and so on and so forth. Which is all fine and dandy, except that now I can't hide half my face behind a scarf the size of a tennis court, and the light is so bright that there's no room for error (it's the 'cold light of day' for a reason, dear readers)... ... Read More

A Model Recommends’ Top 10 Cult Products

A Model Recommends' Cult Beauty Top 10
A Model Recommends is so much more than just professionally good-looking (as if that weren't enough)! Her years working with the best hair and make up artists in the business have instilled in her an understanding and passion for all things beauty, which she shares - with honesty, humour and a sharp eye for excellence - via her globally adored blog and YouTube channel.... Read More

Beauty Icons Series – Mr Bear

Mr Bear A Model Recommends
Rather like Willow Smith, Suri Cruise and Brooklyn Beckham, Mr. Bear was foisted into the limelight at an early age. He's managed to avoid many of the pitfalls that have befallen his good friend Justin Bieber and, "hopes that he can be a shoulder to lean on when Justo needs him"...read more... Read More

Italian Vogue Spotlights Domestic Violence

Italian Vogue Domestic Abuse
This month's Italian Vogue has controversially themed the prime real estate of its cover around the horror of domestic abuse and it's causing an uproar. People are cursing Vogue, Steven Meisel, Pat McGrath for 'glamourising' and 'trivialising' the subject.... Read More

India Knight Loves Studio 10

Sunday Times style loves...
The enduringly brilliant India Knight has just given Studio 10 her seal of approval in this week's Sunday Times Style saying, "I defy anyone to use it and not look great"...read more>>... Read More

The Lipstick Queen Talks Lip Enhancement

Poppy King's top tips
If you want to know about lipstick, Poppy King is your gal. I recently caught up with her to talk about Lipstick Queen, here are some of her thoughts on all things smacker-tastic: 1. What is it about lips that made you focus your range so entirely...... Read More

The Sour Cherry Gel Mask Is BACK!!

Ilcsi Sour Cherry Gel Mask
We all know the heartache that the disappearance of a much loved beauty product brings... 2 years ago the UK distributor of Ilcsi suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth and stopped returning our increasingly desperate replenishment order I was inconsolable, I hadn't even stocked up... but then... Read More

Emma Watson’s Cult Beauty Picks

Emma Watson's beauty essentials
A woman's handbag says a lot about her, which is why - in this time of homogenized stock-answers, cynical publicists and over-protective PRs - we've all gone a bit doolally over a snapshot of the contents of Emma Watson's before she was due to walk the red carpet for her latest film Noah. It turns out she likes rather a lot of our products, what excellent taste she has!... Read More