Christy Turlington’s Cult Beauty Picks

The secrets to Christy Turlington's Ageless Beauty
Ever wondered quite how supermodel Christy Turlington successfully defies the ageing process, and manages to look as youthful and luminous now (aged 45) as she did when she first gazed ethereally from those super-cool black and white CK campaigns? We think it's probably because she's secretly superhuman (and does a headstand every morning - gravity working in reverse works wonders). But alongside impeccable genes and healthy living, there are one or two beauty products Christy swears buy, to keep her skin glowing and hair looking healthy.... Read More

Bridal Beauty Countdown: 10 Weeks

Bridal Blog Series
Our gorgeous nutritional expert - the wonderful Karen Cummings-Palmer - is getting married this September, and has generously offered to share with us the steps she's taking to boost her (already exquisite) skin, hair and nails ahead of the big day. With ten weeks to go, it's all about diet and supplements - so here's an insight into what she's taking...... Read More

Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez
Lizzie has been plastered across the internet as, "The Ugliest Women in The World". Her reaction has been inspirational.... Read More

Problem Solvers

Cult Beauty Problem Solvers
We like to consider ourselves pretty clued-up when it comes to solving the myriad beauty 'problems' we face (that show up on our face) every day. We're always looking for the latest zit-zapper or wrinkle-filler, and leave no spot stick un-twisted on our quest to un-cover the latest quick-fix on the road to complexion perfection.... Read More

Summer Series: In Transit

In Flight Beauty
I'm off to Portugal in T-6 (whoop), and because I'm far too frugal to PAY to take luggage, I'll be packing just bikinis and these itty bitty beauty must-haves.... Read More

What is Double Cleansing?

What is double cleansing?
So... how should one 'double cleanse'? Well - it's pretty much what you think it is - washing your face twice BUT, before you insist that you don't have the time, I give you this simple equation: better skin = less make up so, you might spend extra minutes faffing in the bathroom, but you'll gain a multitude of bare-faced smug points. Simples!... Read More

5 Favourite Lip Balms

5 Best Lip Balms
Oh, for the love of lip balm. Cute, affordable and infinitely collectable (one can never have too many, right?), a brand new lip balm is pure happiness in a stick (or pot or curious-looking, brightly coloured little egg - #wantwantwant). It's been a tough task - almost as exhausting as choosing which puppy we want for the office (a Pomsky) - but after serious pencil-twirling and brain-exhaustion (ouch), I've determined my favouritest five... for the time being.... Read More

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is HERE!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit
It's been a long time coming, but the much-hyped and hotly anticipated Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit is finally with us, and causing no less of a furore than expected. The six shades of ivory through to caramel-coloured powder, are perfect for your every sculpting need - whether you're a seasoned pro, or contouring novice, this kit makes it easy to fake a set of Kate Moss-worthy cheekbones, and quickly draw attention to your favourite features.... Read More

How to achieve perfect brows

Lily Collins Eyebrows
Bold eyebrows ain't goin' nowhere - so, good news for those naturally blessed with full bushes (er...), and all those less blessed, who've rescued their brows from the brink of obscurity. Anastasia Soare - eyebrow guru to the AAA-List, knows everything there is to know about arch-sculpting. A trained architect who grew weary of buildings, she turned her talents to shaping the arches of Hollywood's elite, relying on the 'golden ration' to grant her celebrity clients the ultimate, face-flattering frames.... Read More

Coming Soon: Boudicca Wode

Boudicca Wode
With a subtle sexy, smokiness that lingers long after its spritzed, Wode is heady and exotic - beginning with a symphony of juniper berry, coriander seed, pink and black pepper and bergamot, which gradually gives way to the smouldering heart of opium accord, jasmine, rose, black hemlock, tuberose and cumin.... Read More