Top Tips for Body Brushing

The benefits of body brushing
The sun is shining (sort of), which means the time to hesitate is through... chuck out your tights and liberate your limbs from layers! But prior to brazenly baring your lizard-like legs to the masses, we recommend conducting the following, trans-seasonal upkeep. ... Read More

Q&A With Fillerina Brand Ambassador Cassandra Brown

Fillerina Filler Treatment - The Best Alternative To Botox
We are SO excited to be launching {Fillerina} on Cult Beauty - a pioneering range of at-home, non-surgical fillers (the best alternative to botox). We caught up with brand ambassador Cassandra Brown, who explained the science behind this fantastic new brand.... Read More

How To: Apply Anastasia’s Waterproof Crème Colour Liquid Eyeliner

Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme Colour Review
Our gorgeous Marketing Communications Manager Jen knows her eyeliner. Having tried virtually every gel, kohl and felt tip in existence, there was no better babe to showcase the brilliance of Anastasia Beverly Hills' {Waterproof Crème Colour}... Read More

‘The Best Face Oil I’ve Ever Come Across for Oily Skin’ – India Knight

Sunday Riley Artemis Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil
Never one to mince her words (which is why we adore her), India Knight named this golden elixir "quite simply, the best face oil [she'd] ever come across for combination or oily skins" - and, considering that India has ready access to a fair few potions, this is exceedingly high praise indeed.... Read More

It’s a Thing: Fermented Skin Care

Fermented Skin Care
Fermented skin care is fast becoming ‘a thing’ – especially in (you guessed it), South Korea, where beauty innovators are always a few a great many light years ahead of the West. Learn more about the latest (strangest) beauty craze... Read More

The Beauty Editors’ Favourite Facial (You Can Do At Home)

The Signature Omorovicza Facial
Whether you're an Omo-addict, or yet to be converted, the Omorovicza Facial is the stuff of skin care legend. With no end of prestigious accolades from the likes of Elle and Harper's Bazaar, here's how to recreate the 'Omo-glow' at home.... Read More

The 50+ Beauty Blog: Creepy Crawly Skin Creams

Georgia Gadsby - Beauty for the Over 50s
Our discerning contributing editor's back - this time she's being 'grossed out', then converted to South Korea's strangest skin care exports. ... Read More

7 of the Best Spot Treatments

7 of the Best Blemish Treatments
You've got a hot date, and a massive spot plotting the imperfect time to erupt on your forehead. Who you gon' call? Cult Beauty of course! We've rounded up seven of the best blemish treatments we've found, to stop spots in their tracks and speed up their demise. Consider that zit zapped... what's that? Just the sound of them quaking...... Read More

Want Beyoncé’s Favourite Face Oil?

Beyonce Sunday Riley Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil
We're celebrating 3 stellar years of Sunday Riley - the skin care sensation adored by everyone from Helen Mirren to Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively to Beyoncé - so join the star-studded list of celebrity fans, top beauty bloggers, industry experts and Cult Beauty customers who swear by this natural, results-driven range. ... Read More

Things We Finish: Empties #1

Things We Finish: Empties #1
What happens when a team of cosmetic obsessives have everyday access to beauty nirvana? A shed-load of empties, that's what. Here's a quick glimpse at the things we run out of - and our feelings about them.... Read More