Alexa Chung loves…

Alexa Chung's Favourite Beauty Products
Alexa just can't stop spilling beauty secrets... from her childhood love of moisturiser, to her silver be-lidded adolescence (space age), she talked to Stylist about which beauty must-haves she can't cope without. So if you (like us) wanttobeAlexaChungrightNOW then, read on to discover how to emulate her bathroom cabinet (it's a start...)... Read More

Understanding ‘Skin Expression’

South Korean Skin Expression
Yep, as with most slightly weird-but-wonderful skin-phenomena, 'skin expression' hails from Asia - specifically South Korea - where those savvy (and breathtakingly flawless) women are of the attitude that more is more (but don't let that deter you)... Read More

How To: Disguise Dark Circles

How To Disguise Dark Circles
Oh, the ol' circles of darkness. Surefire sign of a night on the sauce (damn those Happy Hours). However, next time you wake up feeling like Withnail and looking like Droopy - these simple steps will get you back to bright eyed (if not necessarily bushy tailed), quicker than you can say 'fry up'.... Read More

What We Use: Anastasiya

Anastasiya Dimitrova - Cult Beauty Customer Service Manager
Our customer Service Manager Anastasiya is not only breathtakingly beautiful IRL*, she's also mind-bogglingly photogenic (woe is us (me), who look stunned and vacant whenever a camera is in the vicinity). What's more, Ana is soon to become the ultimate yummy mummy - a babe with a babe (and we can't wait to be acquainted with our littlest CB mascot). Here's how she's keeping her (newly) parched skin feeling comfortably nourished and looking as blooming as she is.... Read More

Are You Dry or Dehydrated?

Is your skin dry or dehydrated?
Our skin can't speak - which is a pity, because if it could, it would probably sue us for slander. We're desperate to give it a label - oily, congested, combination, acneic, dry - but what very few of us realise, is that skin's appearances can be deceptive. Some skin's are dry - a skin condition which can be controlled - but other skin's are simply thirsty; oil-eliminating toning, office air conditioning and too little water all compromise its equilibrium, so what's your dermalogical diagnosis?... Read More

Kylie loves Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil

Kylie Minogue Skin Care Favourites
Pop princess Kylie looks as fresh-faced and luminous now, as she did when she skipped around be-ringleted and sandshoe-d, encouraging those of us old enough to remember (eek!) to 'do the Loco-Motion'. Her skin glows - and this luminosity is part-owed to world-renowned facialist Su-Man Hsu's self-titled skin care range. In fact, Kylie's so enamoured of her Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil, that she felt compelled to share the secret with her 2+ million twitter followers...... Read More

Liquilift – The At-Home Facelift in a Mask

At home facelift
{Liquilift} is a mask so active that it tightens and lifts your face in real-time. It is the most disconcerting product I have ever used and once I’d got the hang of it – you have to apply it very quickly starting with the centre of your face and working outwards – I could see a difference after the first use.... Read More

Gwyneth Paltrow loves Hydrating Floral Essence

Gwyneth Paltrow loves Tata Harper
Gwyneth may have 'consciously uncoupled' from Chris Martin, but her affection for all-natural skin care shows no sign of following suit. At 41, she looks almost exactly the same as she did in her Shakespeare in Love days (sigh) - as much the happy product of her hyper-healthy diet, as her mindful approach to the products she puts on her skin. Tata Harper's Hydrating Floral Essence is one lucky spritz; granted the great honour of tending to Gwyn's gorgeous visage, and trusted with boosting her inherent glow.... Read More

What We Use: Samantha

Samantha Pratt Digital Marketing Manager
Our Digital Marketing Manager Samantha is cool as the Cucumber Gel Mask she swears by... The go-to girl for all of team CB's most-complicated excel questions ("Er... how do I add up this column?"), she's also in-the-know about the next big things in beauty, fashion, footwear... sample sales! Our dwindling bank balances, and new-found Matcha Latte love are both her fault (and we adore her for it). ... Read More

Beauty Survival at Burning Man

Burning man beauty essentials
Two years ago I found my spiritual home, but there are two problems with it, 1. It only exists for one week a year and 2. It is housed in the most inhospitable desert in the middle of Nevada. I'm heading back to Burning Man for a second time in 5 days and am in the midst of packing, costume creation - sewing EL Wire to anything that will sit still for five minutes and am just about to do my beauty shop.... Read More