Day to Night with NudeStix

Get the Look with NudeStix
Gorgeous professional make up artist turned beauty blogger Carly Musleh (aka BeautySauce) put together this fantastic day-to-night tutorial using {NudeStix} and her fingertips. Admittedly, the canvas is exquisite to begin with... but we think the finished looks are simply stunning (and they're virtually effortless). ... Read More

Really Ree’s Top 10 Cult Beauty Picks

Really Ree Top 10 Cult Beauty Picks
The blog ReallyRee was born out of founder Ree's love and passion for beauty, and quickly grew into an obsession itself - Ree couldn't help but update it, sharing her beauty wit and wisdom with the hordes who kept logging on to benefit from her insightful product reviews, tips and make up tricks. And her ever-increasing corner of the interweb is fast becoming so much more than just Ree's honest comments on the latest launches - it now includes an editorial section - The Really Read - which stars engaging and informative beauty features, penned by a long list of fellow beauty editors and make up mavens... and there's lots more to come! Ree-d on (sorry), to learn which 10 (11, whoops!) Cult Beauty products Ree recommends...... Read More

How To: Fake Awake

Bridget Jones Duvet
Summer holiday already feeling like a figment of your overactive imagination? Unless you're sufficiently organised/smug to be going on a sunshine-in-midwinter jet-away, you're probably already struggling to come to terms with the darkening evenings and plummeting temperatures. Just like our bear-brethren, winter makes us want more sleep - but with Christmas now only twelve weeks away (****), our diaries are steadily filling up with dinners, soirees and mulled wine get-togethers, to interfere with the most meaningful relationship we've had since February (you know, that amazing affair with the duvet)?... Read More

September Favourites

Cult Beauty Monthly Favourites
Summer is so ovah − but that's okay, because it means I get to legitimately sing my favourite seasonal song: "Autumn days when the grass is je-well-ed" ("and the silk inside a chestnut shell"). It also means I get to wear sweaters, and re-watch Harry Potter films (because you can only watch Harry Potter when its dark outside, obvs). I know, I know. I'm very cool.... Read More

Top 3 Autumn Mud Masks

Mud Pack Day
Today is 'Mud Pack' day (of course). Which - apart from giving us a reason to flaunt three of our filthiest skin (and scalp) saviours - is also an excuse for you to spend some time on YOU. So, if you haven't already planned your pre-weekend preening ritual to the minute ('paint nails' and 'sort 'tache' are on my 'to do' list), then block out an hour right now (like, at 8 tomorrow evening when The Bake Off's on). Cakes and face masks laydeez, cakes and face masks...... Read More

Ingredient in Focus: Hyaluronic Acid

What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do?
Hyaluronic acid (sometimes listed as sodium hyaluronate or glycosaminoglycans) is naturally abundant in humans - and is an important component of skin, produced by fibroplasts to retain moisture, provide cushioning, assist repair and support skin's 'scaffolding'. However, the (slightly terrifying) fact is that hyaluronic acid levels begin to diminish from around age 18... EEK!... Read More

Cara Delevingne’s Bleached Brows

Cara Delevingne Bleached Brows
Eyebrows maketh the woman. That's a saying, no? Or it certainly should be... if the (slightly scary) sight of Brow Queen Cara sans her slugs is anything to by...... Read More

How To: Highlight

How to Highlight - Versace SS15 Beauty
Contouring has taken the beauty world by storm, but the emphasis is shifting from the muddy, shadow tones used to enhance the look of hollows, to the look-at-me illuminators applied to cheek and brow bones. So whether you favour a dewy, matte or opalescent finish - look no further than next season's Milan catwalks for some inspiration...... Read More

Get the Look: Cheryl’s Daytime Smoulder

Get the Look - Cheryl Cole
Not only is wor Cheryl a 'natural, born entertainer', she's also a bonafide babe who knows the perfect formula for sexy, daytime smoulder. When she isn't delivering perfectly timed, heavily accented put downs to sidekick/nemesis SiCo, she's crying Dumbo-worthy drops of sympathy, or laughing so hard that the happiness shines from her beautiful face like a sunbeam - hypnotising a nation of X Factor aficionados, who're all delighted that the Geordie princess (and her dimples) have returned to TV screens.... Read More

The Cult Beauty Goody Bag is BACK

Cult Beauty Goody Bag - Cult Beauty Promotions
It's the most wonderful tiiiiiiime, of the year. That time when we bring together all the latest (and some of the greatest) Cult Beauty customer favourites, and give them to you FREE when you spend £75 stocking up on your new season must-haves. With a whopping FIVE full size products, including: Mizon's {Cotton Shower Sheets}, Julie Hewett's gorgeous {Shimmy Face & Body Shimmer}, {The Wet Brush Mini} - handbag-friendly offspring of the much-loved 'Classic' - 3 Custom Color's {Eye Pencil} and a {Lip Tar} in shade 'Annika' - a beautifully wearable nearly-nude peach.... Read More