Kylie loves Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil

Kylie Minogue Skin Care Favourites
Pop princess Kylie looks as fresh-faced and luminous now, as she did when she skipped around be-ringleted and sandshoe-d, encouraging those of us old enough to remember (eek!) to 'do the Loco-Motion'. Her skin glows - and this luminosity is part-owed to world-renowned facialist Su-Man Hsu's self-titled skin care range. In fact, Kylie's so enamoured of her Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil, that she felt compelled to share the secret with her 2+ million twitter followers...... Read More

Liquilift – The At-Home Facelift in a Mask

At home facelift
{Liquilift} is a mask so active that it tightens and lifts your face in real-time. It is the most disconcerting product I have ever used and once I’d got the hang of it – you have to apply it very quickly starting with the centre of your face and working outwards – I could see a difference after the first use.... Read More

Gwyneth Paltrow loves Hydrating Floral Essence

Gwyneth Paltrow loves Tata Harper
Gwyneth may have 'consciously uncoupled' from Chris Martin, but her affection for all-natural skin care shows no sign of following suit. At 41, she looks almost exactly the same as she did in her Shakespeare in Love days (sigh) - as much the happy product of her hyper-healthy diet, as her mindful approach to the products she puts on her skin. Tata Harper's Hydrating Floral Essence is one lucky spritz; granted the great honour of tending to Gwyn's gorgeous visage, and trusted with boosting her inherent glow.... Read More

What We Use: Samantha

Samantha Pratt - Cult Beauty Digital Marketing Manager
Our Digital Marketing Manager Samantha is cool as the Cucumber Gel Mask she swears by... The go-to girl for all of team CB's most-complicated excel questions ("Er... how do I add up this column?"), she's also in-the-know about the next big things in beauty, fashion, footwear... sample sales! Our dwindling bank balances, and new-found Matcha Latte love are both her fault (and we adore her for it). ... Read More

Beauty Survival at Burning Man

Burning man beauty essentials
Two years ago I found my spiritual home, but there are two problems with it, 1. It only exists for one week a year and 2. It is housed in the most inhospitable desert in the middle of Nevada. I'm heading back to Burning Man for a second time in 5 days and am in the midst of packing, costume creation - sewing EL Wire to anything that will sit still for five minutes and am just about to do my beauty shop.... Read More

What’s the Story? Moringa (Glory)

Moringa Extract in Skin Care
The star ingredient of two of our most recent launches, moringa is extracted from 'Moringa Oleifera' - a species of tree native to Africa and northern parts of India, where its flowers, leaves, roots, bark, seeds and sap are used in cooking, skin care, hair care, medicine... you name it. {Emma Hardie} and {Aduna} have tapped into its myriad health and beauty benefits - harnessing its high levels of amino acids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and antibacterial agents to help cleanse your system and enhance your skin's resilience and radiance.... Read More

Ingredient in Focus: Clay

Which clay is right for my skin type
We're totally potty about clay (ha), but with its spectrum of colours and myriad metals, finding the 'right' one is no easy task; there's kaolin, bentonite, french green and rose... and these different goops have distinct compositions, so here's a guide to help locate your skin's clay-based soulmate.... Read More

What We Use: Jenny

Jenny Chiu - Cult Beauty Marketing Direcotr
Our effortlessly elegant Marketing Director (and cake maker!) Jenny, manages to look immaculate - in spite of the fact she has two year old twins, with opposing opinions about 'bed time'. Sleep deprived and constantly in demand ("Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!"), Jenny's skin care routine is a product pentathlon - a race to get things on her face without insult... or injury. So here's how she care's for her combination complexion, in less than five minutes (whilst looking for a 'left' shoe, humouring two tiny persons and trying to get through the door without porridge-y hands on her skirt hem).... Read More

How to Disguise Grey Hairs…

Covering grey hairs
Those hair colour top-up visits to the salon are not only expensive, but also a huge time drain for us busy people... Abra-Ka-zumi, we have an instant, cult solution... Read More

Jenny’s Carrot Cake

Low Fat Carrot Cake Recipe
Your wish, is our command! Having posted a snap of our lovely Marketing Director Jenny's delumptious (technical term) frosted carrot cakes on Instagram, you were all clamouring to know her (not very) secret recipe. We'd love to pretend it's been passed down through ten generations of Chiu's but... it actually comes courtesty of Delia (good ol' Delia). And did we mention it's next to no fat?... Read More