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Matte Moisture Tint By {Jouer Cosmetics}

Matte Moisture Tint

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  • Beige Natural
    Beige Natural
    Beige Natural
  • Beige Rose
    Beige Rose
    Beige Rose
  • Chamomile
  • Hazel
  • Linen
  • Nude
  • Porcelain

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    • Emma Day
      {Make Up Artist}Emma Day
      Love it!
      I am a huge fan of Jouer after I tried out various products of theirs last year. It's a perfectly considered range for those who like their make up natural and pretty and don't want to fuss about it too much. They have a fantastic moisture tint that gives you deliciously glowy skin although for my already oily skin I was in need of something slightly more matte. So when they launched the new matte moisture tint I was curious to know how it performed. Finding the right base is a bit like finding the right pair of jeans - you have to try a few to find the perfect one that suits your skin at that given time. Well a week later, I am wearing it every day. The shade "nude" is perfect for me (there are eight shades in this range) and it gives a combination of fresh, even skin without the overt shininess in some tinted moisturisers. Plus it's oil-free. I LOVE IT! It doesn't need lots of blending or work and seems to be long lasting.
    • rasppy
      It's ok....
      Despite the many raves on this product, it didn't perform as well on me. Throughout the day, I find that it sits on top of my skin with uneven patches. So I use it when I am out for quick errands or when I know that I will be out for only a short while.
    • AJC
      A very good base that keeps oil at bay whilst smoothing skin texture and giving a good amount of coverage. Lasts well throughout the day as well!
    • Lilo
      Love it, use it every day!
      Absolutely love this product! It's great for oily skin like mine, but what I really love is that it's not 100% matte, but it leaves the perfect amount of dewiness on the skin making you look so fresh and natural. I have scaring on my cheeks and this covers them perfectly, most days I don't even wear concealer. It also has great lasting power, I cycle to work everyday and it stays looking great in intense sun and sweat! I have just bought a second bottle in a shade darker for the summer as I get more tanned. Love love love.
    • shh0817
      HG! Already on my second tube!
      I love this for everyday use. Paired with the Beauty Blender, it looks like I woke up with perfect skin. It's pretty light/medium coverage, but it looks and feels like it's not even there. I love the velvety texture and matte finish. Perfect for the summer time. I need to make sure to moisturise during the winter when I use this because it does cling to dry patches. I'm already on my second tube and have another tube as backup!
    • jojo
      I decided to purchase this after seeing many reviews and videos on you tube. It's amazing! I bought the colour Beige Natural which is perfect for medium skin tones. The texture is smooth, blends easily and looks flawless but not too matte. I think I will be buying the colour Chamomile next for my holiday - Love it
    • mica
      NOT for dry-combination skin
      I was expecting a gorgeous velvety-matte finish from this but it really just enhanced the dry patches on my cheeks and seemed to highlight any tiny hairs that one might have. Did not blend easily either; I'm definitely a fan of its Luminizing predecessor but this just totally missed the mark. I'm giving it two stars because it feels comfortable and soft on the skin, and has a nice color tint.
    • Mo
      Jouer matte moisture tint
      Good for oily skin. Impressed by cult beauty's service.
    • kate
      NOT GOOD ....
      I have normal to dry skin and it is really drying my skin. The texture and the finish is beautiful and look so natural. However, after the application for around 2 hours. it exaggerates my dryness. I wouldn't recommend it to someone who have dry skin.
    • Hazelnutoliveoil
      Perfect base, love one more shade!
      I honestly think this is the perfect base (BUT...see later!). The finish is so natural - it is matte but looks like skin. It is not a flat matte but allows the natural skin to shine through, while providing decent coverage. Very easy to apply with fingers. Love that I get no shine throughout the day and it lasts all day. Love that I can apply cream blushers/bronzers on top without the whole effect being too "dewy" as it is if you use a dewy base.

      My only slight gripe is that I am in between shades...I had a sample of chamomile which I thought initially looked amazing but then realised it was a tiny bit too dark which made me a tad uncomfortable wearing it...I bought nude which is lovely and can be warmed up, but I am conscious that it perhaps makes me look paler than I am (not good!!) so now I have bought chamomile to mix them together. A tad annoying but I can vary it throughout spring, summer etc and will last forever! They are great value to money compared to move expensive bases, esp as you get 50ml of product. Thoroughly recommend!! Though I'd love a shade for a true medium (as opposed to medium tan)
    • Sarah KK
      My new holy grail BB!
      I don't wear foundation, but a thin layer of BB cream comes in handy during the winter months. The only problem is that by the end of the day, my face is shiny and I find myself constantly reaching for the blotting papers in my handbag!

      This product is ideal - it provides very sheer coverage (which is all I need) and has a long-lasting but natural matte effect. My face doesn't look chalky, but it doesn't look greasy after a full day's wear either. It's also very easy to apply, which is great if you're like me and don't wear much makeup. I put it on over my "shine control" moisturiser and it works like a charm.
    • DJ
      Fool-proof and great for on the go gals!
      Super easy to apply, any brush or applicator will do but I like using my fingers best, not much blending is required. It's quite similar to Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer (but cruelty free!) in that it gives light-medium coverage without looking like you have much makeup on. So, despite the name 'moisture tint' it gives a little more than a tint but still looks natural.

      I find this works best for me in the Summer when my skin is more oily. The finish is lovely and smooth, so far my favourite light foundation.
    • Sine
      Doesn't work for me
      I bought this after reading such good reviews on it. Unfortunately it does not work good for my skin. It looks good in the morning, but does not stay that way for long. However I will say, that if it is worth the try and even though the price is a little high, the tube will last you a long time.
    • MrsB
      I got a sample of this with a Cult Beauty order and after trying it the first time, went ahead and ordered the full size. It applies SO WELL, just with fingertips, and lasts all day on my combination skin. The best I've tried.
    • Lil
      On the fence
      Some days this works for me and other days it looks awful. It is very matte which is great but I find it doesn't wear on my skin for more than a few hours - to be fair I have very, very oily skin and a very active job. The coverage is amazing for a tinted moisturiser and it feels very light weight. I find applying with fingers to be the best and most natural finish.
    • GHYW
      Perfect for oily combination skin
      This has long-lasting coverage. I applied this is in the morning and my blemishes were still concealed by the time I got home! It's definitely effective with the oil control too. I mixed porcelain with a bit of opal for that extra sheen and it added a natural glow to my skin. Loving it. It's not too heavy for everyday use.
    • Ezzzgggi
      I ordered this a few months ago and wasn\t sure if I would really like it. It is not like a foundation at all, it is different and more natural. For me it's a little bit too matte so I just ordered the the Luminizing one. Even though I found it a bit too matte, I can't stop using it. Natural, no cakey-ness and the perfect color...
    • Amelia Liana
      Completely Besotted
      On the tinted moisturiser scale Jouer is just next to that of a light coverage foundation. It has the radiance boosting finish that tinted moisturisers should, while being a slightly thicker texture that leaves the skin looking that extra bit more polished than usual. The finish it leaves looks like a second skin, so much so that Sam from PixiWoo actually complimented my skin and asked what foundation I used, score! (Self-five!)

      The lasting power is where it really shows its worth – all day without touch ups, which on my combination skin is a rarity. Even though the glowing finish of Chantecaille or Laura Mercier may have been beautiful, it’s only been a matter of time before the foundation is sliding round my face. If the above rave didn’t clarify it enough: I’m totally besotted! The only tinted moisturiser I’ve ever been fully pleased with…
    • Anna
      Great for combo skin
      I have combination skin with oily t-zone and quite dry cheeks and chin. So it's always have been a problem for me to find the right foundation. This moisture tint keeps me matte in my t-zone but also hydrates my dry areas! Good job, Jouer!
    • Vivianna Does Make Up
      The one for greasy gals
      This option is a one of a kind. A light veil of coverage paired with just the right balance of skin-like texture but without too much of a glow – I’m not really sure how it does it. Now this isn’t matte matte, though it’s the most oil-controlling I’ve found.

      A truly matte finish goes against the tinted moisturiser roster, but a bit of powder should solve that problem. The secret is to a mix a blob of this with their luminizing offering (shhhh!), but for those with an oiler complexion this is the one for you.
    • Student
      A bit disappointed
      I tried this because no BB cream or foundations seems to want to work with my skin. My skin always gets very oily just a few hours after application. The first time I used this it was great! Went on smoothly, covered like a mix between a foundation and a BB cream and seemed to not break me out. After a few days I noticed that my nose went completely red and extremely flaky after using this. I tried with different moisturizers underneath, and exfoliated too, but nothing worked. I had high hopes for this, but I don't think I can use it anymore. I might try the illuminating one.
    • Jennifer Rosellen - The Beauty Guide
      Huge Two Thumbs Up
      The Jouer Matte Moisture Tint is the first mattifying product I have ever used that manages to actually deliver a mattifying effect without drying the skin or causing micro-exfoliation so it gets a huge, huge two thumbs up from me. The coverage sits slap bang in the middle of a foundation and a tinted moisturiser, it's not completely sheer but it's incredibly lightweight, hydrating and comfortable on the skin.

      It's long-lasting, blends effortlessly and when I wear it results in fewer touch ups throughout the day. The Jouer Matte Moisture Tint is oil free (always a bonus for oily/problem skin) and contains SPF 15 plus Vitamins A, C and E provide continuous moisture and ward off skin-ageing environmental aggressors.

    • Lydia
      Pretty good
      After playing around with it for a while I have decided I like it. As someone with quite dry and flaky skin I found that I had to mix it with my moisturizer to make it work. It probably works really well with oily/combination skin on it's own. The finish is really nice, kind of semi matte. It mimics natural skin texture and makes it look like your wearing nothing at all. All in all a all around great product!
    • -
      Fantastic finish and stays all day.
      Huge fan of this, and its predecessor, the Luminizing moisture tint. To be honest, I blend the two together (Linen/Opal for my fair NC20 skin) to impart a subtle sheen with great coverage that lasts all day. (I am also blending it with my Omorovicza BB cream to the same (but cheaper!) effect.

      If I could only have one of the moisture tints this would probably be the one I would choose, simply because it gives a really velvety finish to the skin, is a perfect colour match, and lasts all day. If you have a lot of redness/broken capillaries/blemishes/dark circles this will ameliorate them a good deal but you will probably need a concealer on top for a totally flawless finish. I only need to powder my t zone with this, and very little, as the matte effect is enough to render this largely necessary. Also, although it it oil-free, it won't make your skin have that dead cast like some other brands of tinted moisturiser. If you have a combination skin type and find the luminizing version a little too sheer/unforgiving, give this one a whirl.

      Highly recommended.
    • CB Staff review - Anastasiya
      Gorgeous texture and finish, easy to apply
      My perfect everyday makeup base. It's oil-free but it's hydrating, and gives you such smooth finish. It's easy to use even when you're in a hurry as it does not require a lot of blending.

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  • Apply to cleansed skin with fingertips, a brush or BeautyBlender to even out skin tone. Layer for additional coverage.