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Silk Pillowcase By {Holistic Silk}

Silk Pillowcase

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    • Joanna
      Almost perfect
      Reviews comments..I had been reading and hearing about how wonderful silk pillowcases are and felt like it was time to give it ago. The benefits I wanted it for were

      Great for your hair and doesn't cause it to go frizzy or static-y while you sleep
      Doesn't tug at your skin so it won't cause pre-mature wrinkling
      Given that I'm a side sleeper, I frequently wake up with creases running down the side of my face. Pretty embarrassing too, sometimes they end up pretty deep and I show up at my job an hour after waking up with a crease on my cheek.
      How else do silk pillowcases claim to be of help?
      Repels dust mites
      Non-absorbent material will not soak up your expensive skin care
      Prevents snagging of hair
      The pillowcase arrived (I bought it in white) with a sachet of dried lavender flowers to promote sleep (which I didn't use).

      My review:

      Small on size
      The size is 67cm x 45cm (not listed on site), and was a little small for my pillow. The underside is sort of stretched with my pillow threatening to bust out. Well, it hasn't. I just sleep on the top side and that's fine.
      I also use my regular pillow protector under the case, so if I took that out it won't be so bulky inside the silk case.


      For the full review and more photos, please go to http://beautynthebikes.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/my-luxury-beauty-buy-silk-pillowcase/

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  • Lay your head on the pillow and fall asleep. Machine Washable on very gentle wash, but hand washing does extend the life of the pillowcase.