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    Molecule 01 Travel Size in Case (30ml) By {Escentric Molecules}

    Molecule 01 Travel Size in Case (30ml)

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      • Babe
        Love it's effect
        Been wearing this for some time and still getting used to people commenting on its lovely smell. One girl phoned me to ask where to get it !!! And the beauty of it, it's fragrance is different from to person. Star product
      • Suzu
        How to gather complements!
        I often find perfume to smell repulsive and so at 28 years old I often act like Mr Bean in the perfume isle and have never owned a perfume before this. But when I wear this I a) can not smell it myself and b) people around me stop, sniff the air and wonder what that wonderful smell is.

        I find it mixes well and I now wear it everyday with any of my growing perfume collection. I've been complemented most of the mixes of: CB I hate perfume tea/rose and Britney Spears' Fantasy - a Christmas gift.

        I definitely recommend this, believe it's worth the price and will be repurchasing the large size of this when I've run out.
      • Martin
        Power of Nature
        I realy like Molecules 01, however I only gave it 4 Stars because I found a new fragrance which is even better for me. Nevertheless Molecules 01 is one of the most outstanding fragrances out there!
      • Company Secretary
        In Love!
        Yes I LOVE this perfume it is astonishing, wear this and things happen! I have actually had strangers stop me and asks what perfume I am wearing! I have bought both the normal size & this mini size, the mini is very handy for traveling or just daily use (or when I'm short of cash)! Love it!
      • -
        my perfume forever
        I just love it and I please ask cult beauty to somehow manage to ship it again outside the UK. It's a disaster not having it, and this is the only way I do have...
      • Amber
        Its not the perfume...its you!
        this stuff smells like fruity, not sweet and fresh on me, I love it and my friends are always annoyed when i tell them its this perfume because they cant have the smell! I find it hilarious that some people review this negatively because they smell gross! its not the perfume...its you! love this product so much
      • -
        Not for me
        I tried this for over a month and I didn't like it. It had quite a strong synthetic smell and at times, smelled sweaty. Very off-putting. Definitely not for me!
      • Sales Manager
        Really Interesting
        This little beauty has me fascinated. I keep trying it out on different people and it truly does smell unique on everyone. It smells like dry smoky wood on me, sweet burnt marshmallows on my housemate and kind of fruity and spicy on yet another friend. The travel box it comes in is über stylish and pretty practical too - it means I can shove it in my hand bag without worrying about spillage, breaking the bottle or losing the atomiser cap. Word of warning though: after a few minutes you won't be able to smell this on yourself, but that doesn't mean others can't. I've found too that other people perceive the fragrance differently, some more strongly and some as completely differing undertones to the ones you notice. Its going to take a long time for me to get bored of this.

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