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Blitz 24ct Gold Leaf Eye Shadow By {Belmacz}

Blitz 24ct Gold Leaf Eye Shadow

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      Morwenna Jordan
      Love it
      This is a lovely product. I use it almost daily to add a hint of sparkle, it will last ages especially if you don't trowl it on. It is subtle but then I haven't really gone for it and loaded it on yet so I imagine if you want a more dramatic look you can just put more on. Lovely
    • Makeup Artist
      Anna Coleman-Smith
      I am always a little skeptical of affordable items that claim to contain REAL GOLD. Blitz does actually look lovely on. It is not that new gold look, more like the gold you find on the frames of old paintings or mirrors, and sits subtly on the skin to produce a sheen rather than a glitter. The stuff in the pot is quite solid so you need to have a good dig or warm it to get it out, but a little goes a long way. I use the wrong end of a brush for precision work as a finger is too clumsy. This also works really well on the decolletage when you want to go really glam. When it finally rubs off it does so by degrees rather than in patches and you'll find everyone that touches you walks away with a little glint of gold on them.

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  • Smooth on your eyelids with a brush or the pad of your finger, slowly building up layers to intensify the colour. It works as a highlighter on the upper and lower lids (on the inner corner) and along the top of the cheekbone. It looks great smoothed on your chest and back for a beautiful evening look (mix into a bit of moisturiser for an even more subtle sheen).