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    Coco & EveSuper Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque 212ml<p>Like treating your tresses to a tropical holiday (in just 10 minutes) Coco &amp; Eve&#8217;s Super Nourishing Coconut &amp; Fig Hair Masque utilises natural wonders to swiftly and deeply condition stressed-out strands. A &#8216;5-in-1&#8217; treatment, the formula replenishes dryness and intensely hydrates, locking moisture into the cuticle to give luminous shine and repair hair from the inside out, taming frizz and minimising split ends. Raw virgin coconuts from Bali strengthen and repair hair to reduce breakage, penetrating deep into follicles to promote a healthy scalp, while conditioning fig and shea butter work in harmony to moisturise and detangle locks without weighing them down. Argan and linseed oils reduce frizz to make hair more manageable, while also boosting shine for silky-soft, gorgeously glossy results. Completely free from sulphates and parabens, gluten-free, cruelty-free and 100% vegan, this miraculous mask does only good. The full-size miracle mask even comes with a free Coco &amp; Eve tangle tamer, which features special two-tiered bristle technology to detangle hair with minimal breakage and damage and ensure that the rich cream is evenly distributed through each and every strand. You have to see the results yourself to believe them &#8211; and now you finally can.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>CAE0011516588864829102405 stars, based on247 reviews 14.90Cult BeautyNew
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    Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque

    Coco & Eve
    Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque
    ( 60ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Transforming tresses in just 10 minutes, this luscious mask has taken the Beautysphere by storm – in fact, you might well have seen its incredible effects filling your Newsfeeds. Enriched with raw virgin coconut from Bali, fig essence, argan oil and shea butter, this unique formula is completely sulphate and paraben free, spinning even straw-like locks into gorgeously glossy, frizz-free gold. The full-size miracle mask even comes with a free two-tiered tangle tamer to detangle with minimal breakage and distribute the rich cream through each and every strand. Swiftly resolving dryness and damage, it deeply hydrates and conditions, minimising split ends so that your magnificent mane will feel like ‘virgin’ hair – even if it’s been around the salon block a few too many times. 

    • Description

      Like treating your tresses to a tropical holiday (in just 10 minutes) Coco & Eve’s Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque utilises natural wonders to swiftly and deeply condition stressed-out strands. A ‘5-in-1’ treatment, the formula replenishes dryness and intensely hydrates, locking moisture into the cuticle to give luminous shine and repair hair from the inside out, taming frizz and minimising split ends. Raw virgin coconuts from Bali strengthen and repair hair to reduce breakage, penetrating deep into follicles to promote a healthy scalp, while conditioning fig and shea butter work in harmony to moisturise and detangle locks without weighing them down. Argan and linseed oils reduce frizz to make hair more manageable, while also boosting shine for silky-soft, gorgeously glossy results. Completely free from sulphates and parabens, gluten-free, cruelty-free and 100% vegan, this miraculous mask does only good. The full-size miracle mask even comes with a free Coco & Eve tangle tamer, which features special two-tiered bristle technology to detangle hair with minimal breakage and damage and ensure that the rich cream is evenly distributed through each and every strand. You have to see the results yourself to believe them – and now you finally can.  

    • How to use

      Apply to damp hair, brush through and leave for ten minutes then rinse off.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua/Water/Eau, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cocos Nucifera Fruit Extract/Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract, Dimethicone, Behentrimonium Chloride, Glycerin, Parfum/Fragrance/Perfume, Ficus Carica (Fig) Fruit Extract/Ficus Carica Fruit Extract, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Shea Butter Ethyl Esters, Caryocar Brasiliense Fruit Oil, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil/Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Hydrolyzed Linseed Seed, Phenoxyethanol, Caramel, Citric Acid, Cetrimonium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Selaginella Lepidophylla Extract, Saccharomyces/Silicon Ferment, Saccharomycyes/Iron Ferment, Saccharomyces/Magnesium Ferment, Saccharomyces/Copper Ferment, Saccharomyces/Zinc Ferment, Tocopherol, Lactobacillus Ferment, Coumarin, Limonene, Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate.

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    Coco & Eve - Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque

    Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque Reviews

    The best mask ever
    If you buy this hair mask you will not make mistake, this is the best I have ever tried. I have dry, prone to damaged hair and with this coconut mask my hair looks so healthy and fresh and shiny. I get a lot of compliments. 5 out of 5
    Good hair mask
    I’d read good reviews about this and thought I’d try the smaller bottle as it was cheaper, I’ve used this for a few weeks now and would definitely recommend it. I tend to wash my hair in the evening leave it in overnight on damp hair (don’t dry it) and wash it out in the morning. Smells lush, makes my hair feel super soft and healthy. The only thing I would say is why doesn’t the smaller bottle come with the brush advertised - slightly annoying
    Coco & Eve Coconut & Fig Hair Masque
    Amazing product. I use it at least once a week. Leave it on for at least an hour and the result is beautiful, shiny hair. Again why can you not buy the large tube without the brush. NOT environmentally friendly in reducing the use of plastics.
    This product is the best thing for your hair!
    I use it once a week. I have bleached my hair for years and this makes it soft, more manageable and smells divine. However, if you have very dry/broken/split ends etc... the only thing that is going to rectify that sort of damage is a haircut!
    Overall just alright.
    Overall this was a hydrating hair mask that somewhat did its job. When I washed it off my hair in the shower, my hair had a really nice slip to it and was easy to detangle my hair. When my hair dried I can't say I saw any huge difference. Considering the price, I'd say it's not worth it. But overall a good hair mask still.
    I haven't had such silky and smooth hair after using a mask for a long time, and what's more the effect lasts for several days!
    One of my favourites
    I really enjoy this mask, works very well for my thick and dry hair. It also has a lovely scent.
    Why the brush
    I like this, love the smell, makes my hair nice and smooth, but it annoys me you can't buy the large tub without the brush. I don't need to be repeatedly sent brushes and I don't want to keep buying the small tube.
    Great product !!!
    Amazing hair conditioner !!! Super fast shipping !! Highly recommend !!
    I have super fine hair and it is too difficult for me to find a good hair mask, one that leaves my hair detangled without residues without making it greasy nearly straight away and flat a paper. Well, this is one of those rare brilliant masks. I decided to buy it without trying first on the sample and luckily it has been a no waste of money, I will repurchase for sure.
    Nourishing hair mask
    Smells great, nourishes the hair and makes it silky. It is also anti-frizz!
    The best home treatment
    Leaves hair feeling like I have been to the hairdressers.
    Coco and Eve
    Smells divine and leaves hair silky smooth and not heavy
    My hair felt amazing!
    I have to say I’m addicted to hair care products and this mask is one of my favourites! It makes my hair so silky and smooth and the detangle brush helps a lot. I have had many compliments after using this mask about how shiny and healthy my hair looks.
    The mask is beautiful! It smells gorgeous and leaves your hair feeling so silky and soft. I have gone through about 5 of these and I wish there was an option to buy it without the brush as it's such a waste. Overall, it is a nice nourishing hair mask and I would recommend this product.
    Amazing product for my curls. I'll repurchase it for sure.
    Is alright
    I liked the smell of the product and it was soft, however, I was not wowed. All the ads I thought I'd see more of a difference. But my hair is not noticeably different. I really like the brush though :)
    Very nice
    Purchased this recently as curiosity got the better of me. Used it as a mask after a salon Olaplex treatment and absolutely loved it! Also smells divine so its a double-whammy! :)
    Hair felt amazing, received so many compliments about my hair when using this and it smells incredible. Hair was super soft and shiny.
    It's fine but nothing special. Reading other reviews I was suspecting it to be so-so and ordered a smaller size. I mean I can use it but it doesn't do much for my hair. Smells nice though and I don't mind using it, was worth to give it a try. Maybe I leave it in for a longer time than 10mins and see if it makes any difference.
    AMAZING !!!!!!
    100% would recommend this if you have damaged, dry hair!!! My hair is so smooth and looks amazing
    It’s just alright
    I’ve used this a few times now. Unfortunately the tangle brush that comes with it is my fave part. I have pretty normal hair. Not curly but it has natural waves and can be frizzy at times. Previously been dyed but I rarely use heat on it, so not bad condition but was hoping to get my frizz under control. It’s a really thick conditioner, smells lovely, and my hair is soft after I’ve used it. It’s done absolutely nothing for my frizz. As soon as I’ve brushed my hair when it’s dry or wet it’s all back. It does make my hair softer but no more than lush's Roots or H’Suan Wen Hua at half the price, and they’re better for my frizz and shine. I think I’ll give olaplex a try next as I was deciding between these anyway and I’d heard good things about both, at least I know now this does not work for me!! It’s no better than leaving a standard conditioner in 10 mins.
    Used it 3 times now and I can say that it makes my hair sooooooo soft and smells divine but gentle and not to strong which I LOVE. Will definitely recommend!
    I did not expect this to be quite so brilliant. The smell is intense and seemed a bit chemically at first but by the 3rd use, I didn’t notice anymore. What I have noticed is the condition of my mane, especially following a day at the beach. It transformed my crusty, sun baked curls beautifully. I use it on my children and their hair is so soft. I have knocked off one star because it claims to be natural but I have identified a chemical. Which is such a shame as it’ll probably stop me repurchasing!
    I didn’t feel any deferent
    When I wash it, it is very smooth but when my hair dry I didn’t feel any different, but maybe because I use it only 3 times or maybe because from my hair, I have curly hair (2b,2c,3a) and it super dry, and very damage From heating it and it will take a long time to repair my hair, but I will use it for a long time and I will write the results.
    Very good
    Not the best for dry hair.
    This mask smells great! first time I used it I was made up with how my hair felt as curly hair is dryer than other types. I feel as if it is over rated as I can get the same feeling from a product which will cost me under £5. For the price I expected a better quality product. On the other hand it came with a cute tangle teaser.
    Great for Curly Girls!
    It smells amazing! I’m following the Curly Girl Method right now so I need something that’s super hydrating and can handle frizz! This is perfect and makes my hair feel completely brand new! I just wish you got a bit more product for your money! But I’ve still made several repurchases!
    Loved this product for my frizzy and hard to manage hair, it did wonders. Made my hair looks super smooth. Will purchase again.
    Better than I was expecting!
    I have long, thick, straight hair and I thought would this make a difference? But it absolutely does! I read reviews and I thought is it really worth the money but then I just thought why not try it, so I bought the tub and omg I do not regret it! I have used it four times now (once a week) and there are still loads left and it leaves you to hear so soft, smooth, less tangled, and smelling amazing for the whole week! I can only say what it’s like on my own type of hair but it felt like I had straightened my hair when I hadn’t, amazing product!! Worth the money, 100%.
    You can feel it work straight away. Smooth and silky. We only need a small amount.
    Very nice.
    Best hair masque
    Best product ive used for my hair. Leaves it feeling repaired and soft.
    Best conditioner ive used
    Amazing conditioner, I've bleached my hair and my hair was dry. This conditioner is a godsend my hair is silky smooth now.
    favourite hair masque!
    Love loove loooove it! I always come back to this one!
    Smells like I’m on holiday
    The smell of this product is lush, with lovely vanilla and coconut. I think the product works noticeably well, however the results are not long lasting. You would have to apply the mask every second day to have consistently shiny, smooth hair. Be careful not to leave it on longer than recommended. I had the bright idea of leaving it overnight for added moisture and it wrecked my hair for days afterward (my fault).
    I’ll stick to my Olaplex
    I have bleached hair, therefore my hair is super dry & frizzy. This product smells SO GOOD (only)!!! Hair was very smooth & soft while product is on wet hair, & specially when you comb it (well all conditioners will be super smooth & soft in hair when combed) - however, once rinsed off and hair is dry I changed my mind about this product!! I’ll stick to my Olaplex (specially if you have bleached hair) - this mask is for girls who don’t have very damaged hair & want a nice smelling mask.
    Love it
    My hair is super dry! but after doing the overnight hair treatment my hair feels super soft and it smells amazing!
    Amazing product!
    When I used Coco and Eve with Palmers shampoo, it was amazing. When I went to work the day after using it, everyone thought I’d had my hair done at the hairdressers. It made my hair shiny, glossy and it looked much healthier. I will definitely purchase this again!
    Worst product I ever use
    I purchased these products after seeing all the Instagram hype but didn't work what its claimed for. I have normal dark brown hair with kind of frizziness, After I use this product my hair will tangle like hell. Only the smell is good that's all.
    I love this stuff
    This stuff smells so good and doesn't make my hair puff up like a ginormous frizzy mess but I do wish that you could buy it without the comb. My bathroom is starting to come down with the combs.
    Not good for my hair at all!
    I have bleached damaged hair and this product has been worse than other brands I have used. It didn't feel soft after use and was still not easy to style due to my hair's dry condition. This is the second time I have bought the product because I really wanted to believe it would work (and it smelt nice) but unfortunately, my hair still felt and looked dry and horrible after use. I tried leaving it in for 10 mins and also tried leaving it on overnight with a shower cap and a towel to keep my head warm but it made no difference. Because of the price I refused to throw it away and ended up using the whole tub. I won't be buying this again :(
    So my hairdresser made me yellow blond instead of light brown and my hair so so damaged and couldn't do anything with it. After the first time trying it worked well, but I could see after a few days that my hair was becoming dryer. So I kept on using it and although I still need a haircut to vanish al those split ends it made my hair smoother and workable. So definitely 2 thumbs up!
    It's a great hair mask... I love it!
    I live in the south of England, the water here is very hard and has been turning my usually soft and straight hair into a mess- frizzy, dry and knots everywhere. Used this mask and my hair got great volume, super soft and no frizz at all. The smell stays forever! It is a bit expensive but honestly is worth it.
    Love this so much
    This is a great hair mask I’ve used it for about a year now as I used to have bleached blonde hair and it was super damaged but since using this mask and dying it back to brown my hair is good as new! Slightly expensive but last for ages!!
    Love it!
    This makes my hair super soft, less frizzy, smells great and leaves my hair looking and feeling very healthy. It’s a little expensive but totally worth it.
    This is my favourite hair mask! Although it is quite expensive you really do get what you pay for! I leave this on as an overnight treatment after washing my hair with just shampoo then applying this and putting a shower cap over it, in the morning my hair is beautiful! Especially after years of bleaching and changing colours. Definitely recommend to add to your collection, I use it about once or twice a month among my other hair masks and treatments.
    Love this stuff
    The only thing that has helped with my frizz, without making me look like a big greaseball! The only reason I gave it four stars is because it can get a bit expensive after a while
    I have bleached my hair for 7 years and my hair is in awful condition. This mask is freaking amazing! I bought the small one now ill buy full set:)
    Literally nothing untangles my hair like this mask!!
    I have seriously thick, long hair and nothing I have ever used makes it feel like this. My hair feels like silk and is utterly weightless. I always do this the night before a night out as it's so baby soft...so soft in fact, it almost needs a day to settle so I can style it into place - it really is that good!
    The only good thing about this was the free Tangle Teezer. Left my hair dry from the minute I applied it
    Coco & Eve
    I love it. Everything was good but it is rather dear.
    My curly hair loves it
    I have curly hair and recently I did some bleaching on it. My hair was not happy, it was very dry and sad... So I bought this and this is magic, my hair is so soft and nicely defined now. The only minus for me is that the mask it is not sold separately from the comb and I have to buy the comb every time I run out of the mask. I have 2 combs now, I wonder how many I will end up with...
    Хорошая маска ***Good mask
    У меня вьющиеся,неоднократно осветлённые ,просто убитые волосы. Маска их очень ощутимо уплотняет,придаёт блеск и здорово смягчает. Они не заламываются от резинки и остаются такими,как сразу после укладки ещё несколько дней ***I have curly, repeatedly bleached, just dead hair. The mask hydrates my hair very noticeably, gives shine and softens well. Hair does not break from the roots and remain the same for a few more days.
    my hair was super dry and processed, This really conditions well and leaves the hair bouncy and silky
    Fantastic product!
    Fantastic product! My hair has been dry and brittle for a while but has softened after only one use. I didn’t even need the detangler to comb my hair. My hair is now soft and voluminous, it doesn’t weigh hair down. And the smell heavenly!
    I have had so many compliments on the condition of my hair since using this. I can even let my hair dry naturally with no frizz.
    I must say it is one of the best products for hair especially for frizzy, wavy hair!
    It makes my hair silky snd soft. Great mask. I give 100 stars for it!
    Silky soft results!
    No words needed! For my damaged hair, it's perfect! ❤️
    I have frizzy curly hair
    I love this product. I have tried everything - Olaplex, Kerastase, Moroccan oil, macadamia, etc. But this product is OMG for my hair. Love it.
    I rate it 5 stars for the great smell and the softness it gives to my hair. However, it seems a bit too expensive for what it offers, compared to other products with the same ingredients, but way lower prices.
    Amazing hair mask! ^_^
    It is THE BEST hair mask that I have ever used. My hair is really dark brown and I died it into balayage. My hair tips are so damaged from the dying; when I tried this product I couldn't believe that my hair ends became so soft and shiny. It smells so good too. Amazing. You must try it. 5 stars for this product but minus 1 because it is a little expensive.
    Mixed opinion
    Firstly, I can't deny this mask does make my hair smooth, however whilst I like the smell of coconut and the smell of figs, I'm not at all keen on the smell of this, which is surprising as everyone bangs on about the smell. I can't explain it but it just reminds me of someone trying to mask body odour via overpowering old ladies perfume, and the smell lingers. I also find it can irritate my scalp leaving it itchy post wash. The brush is nice, but nothing special (standard anti-tangle plastic brush). I bought this due to the hype, and still have a huge pot to get through but I think there are equally good, less expensive hair masks out there which produce the same results (minus the smell and itchy head) so I wouldn't repurchase.
    This stuff smells amazing, and it really works. My hair is very dry from all the colour, and using this masque leaves my hair so soft!
    Lovely product.
    You can tell that it’s going to give good results when rinsing off. My hair is dark brown with super bleached balayage and it turns the straw into silk time and time again. The brush is good too!
    Love this
    Smells amazing and really lives up to the hype. I received a sample in a goodie bag and bought the large after using it once, I was so impressed! My hair feels thicker and healthier and soft.
    This is the best thing ever.
    Okay but very perfumed
    The texture is very nice, and I love the smell. If only it didn't stay for a whole day! As for the effect, it is okay. I liked Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair better.
    It's ok
    It's ok, but just that. I would much more recommend the Morrocanoil mask which does much more for you!
    Great hair mask
    Received a sample size from cult beauty. Love it as it doesn’t feel overly oily and just need a moderate amount of it. Left it on for a couple of min and my hair feels so soft now!! I am gonna purchase the full size of this :)
    Just love it!
    This product is great and it smells amazing. I took it on holiday and it sorted out my dry hair immediately. Definitely believe the hype it is as good as it says!!!
    Very good!
    I loved this hair mask. My hair is very coarse and dry. I left the mask on overnight and I couldn't believe how soft and moisturised my hair was when I styled after rinsing! It was like I had someone else's hair. I will 100% purchase this again.
    This hair mask is cocoNUTS! :) It feels great, smells great and the hair look great after using it.
    I repurchased it for the third time and I believe it worth the splurge.
    Made my hair fall out
    This made my hair fall out even worse than before.
    Best hair product ever!!
    Got this for my mum for Xmas and well it’s mine now! My hair has been in such bad condition with ends like straw after 1 use my hair is soft, shiny and not a dry end in sight! My hair seriously hasn’t looked this good in ages. Amazing product.
    So far so good
    I've only used it overnight twice now cos my hair really needs some hydration for these winter months. However, I did find when I washed it out the next morning, my hair was so soft and my curls were back. Definitely going to be using this regularly to see if it rejuvenates my hair. Loving it so far though. And it really does smell gorgeous.
    Amazing product
    I’m in love with this mask! I have used a lot of bleach on my hair over the years and had to cut my hair short due to damage . This product has been amazing during the growing out process my hair is shiny healthy and manageable.
    Real elixir for the hair
    It has really changed my hair; nourished, glossy, healthy - my hair is getting back to where it belongs. I have been facing problems after I moved out of Italy for work; my hair was in really bad shape and lost all the shine, dull, dead color, etc.. I had the chance to use the test tube of coco and eve mask, and immediately purchased it after that! Will be surely part of my hair regimen.
    Got my sample in Goodie bag and fell in love. My bleached hair is shiny and motorised again. Would really recommend this mask.
    Super soft shiny hair with a great smell.
    Being that I have oily hair I tend to stay away from these kind of treatments but this is different. My hair stays clean as normal and it looks healthier and stronger with that amazing glow plus a great smell which the hubby couldn't resist!
    Full of Silicone
    Got in my goodie bag, not great tbh, can get the same result from Aussie 3 min mask at a fraction of the price, the one "conditioning" comes from dimethicone
    Where is the nourishing effect.
    На моих обесцвеченных волосах эффекта не было, вернее ещё больше их подсушил. Любая маска из массмаркета горазда лучше. *** There was no effect on my bleached hair, it actually made it drier. Any mask from the mass market is better.
    The Best
    I'm not one to leave good reviews often but I can't help myself with this one! It's honestly the best thing I've used for my hair, firstly the smell is to die for and it leaves your hair to soft and smooth and gets rid of frizz on the first use, I've been getting so many compliments!
    It's ok, not great
    I've seen this product all over my Instagram and wanted to try it, especially taking into account the claims. First off, if you are into your sweet smells than this is the product for you, it smells phenomenal. I have very thin, fine hair of medium length that gets tangled up really fast. The mask does nothing to detangle my hair and the brush it comes with it kind of a joke (it scratches my scalp horribly if it press it hard enough to actually pull my hair apart and comb it). It does a good job of hydrating my hair but so do most masks. Overall, I will use it up, but I will not repurchase it.
    I quite like it.
    I use this once a week because my scalp tends to get super oily but but hair is quite dry. I am careful not to apply this to my scalp - I start about 2-3 inches from my scalp. I used to use the comb but I am not a huge fan of that and have just been using my hands to spread the product. Every time I use it, it feels like a transformation! My hair is much less frizzier than it used to be. I love it!
    Good result
    It really helps! I’ve tried a lot of different cheap and expensive products, but this one is the best to my difficult bleached curly thin hair. It gives silky shine, softness and vitality from the first try!
    Love it
    After using this product just once, my hair felt SO smooth and nourished. My hair was bouncy and looked full of life. Would 100% recommend!
    I’m not usually one to leave reviews but I love this product and just want people to know how good it is. I got it only a couple of weeks ago and the difference in my hair was noticeable from the first use. Super shiny and soft. So worth the purchase.
    Highly recommend
    This product has saved my dry and damaged hair by adding shine from root to tip. I've noticed my hair never feels heavy or weighed down by the masque rather my hair now feels light and bouncy! So effective if your hair is dehydrated.
    Worth the hype!
    I gave into the hype as I saw this product all over Instagram and WOW I am impressed! Most hair masques that I have used in the past have really weighed my hair down and my hair turns greasy right away. Coco & Eve does not do this! My hair feels so healthy and voluminous. Definitely wins 1st place in my eyes!
    Like wonder
    It works as wonder. Makes my hair soft and shiny. I really enjoy using this :) Thank you
    Just Wow
    I don't know what to say about this product but wow! It is a lifesaver for my dry frizzy hair. This is the best treatment I have used in a long while it is so natural and makes my hair feel like new. I would highly recommend to my friends and I will be re purchasing once I run out! Thanks Coco & Eve.
    Mind Blowing Hair mask
    This hair mask does not only have a sublime coconut scent but it also helps to prevent friss. It makes my hair super soft and it can’t stop shaking my head just to smell that coconut scent again and again.
    The best
    I saw this item on Instagram and I knew I HAD to try it! It smells so nice and it had made my hair feel amazing. It is smooth, silky and most importantly manageable.
    Adore this!
    This is my go to hair mask. It does wonders! It makes my hair so soft and repairs any heat styling. My hair is less flyaway but not weighted down and the scent is gorgeous and long lasting. I just wish I could buy it without the brush because on my next purchase I’ll have 3 brushes!
    Nothing special
    This was just a basic conditioner in my hair. It didn’t leave it very moisturized and I had to use a ton of it to coat all my hair.
    Not worth the money
    This is average as far as conditioners go, and given the price, you can get so, so much more for your money. It smells nice and is quite a good conditioner, but it's really nothing special.
    Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it!
    This is one of my fav product! I have long curly hair and it works perfectly for me. My hair feels like a from hair salon after every use coco and eve. Highly recommended!
    Real life Goldilocks
    I have very coarse, thick hair which can be so hard to maintain. I have been using Coco & Eve for 2 months now and I've received so many compliments about how smooth and sleek it's looking! HUGE confidence boost.
    Slumber party essential
    I love my pamper evenings with my friends. Even more so now that I have my Coco & Eve 'Like a virgin' hair masque. After seeing the incredible results, the girls all just had to purchase their own tub. A night with my girlfriends just isn't the same without it.
    Nourishing for damaged hair
    I’ve been colouring my hair since six years ago so my hair is quite dry and weak. I live in Singapore where the sun, heat, humidity weakens my hair and scalp. This product is amazing, it instantly softens and strengthens my hair. It also smells amazing :)
    I get the same results (if not better) by using a £7 conditioner which has 173ml MORE product than Coco & Eve. My split ends look better for longer with the £7 brand from the supermarket. I understand this is a luxury product but I do feel that the high price tag has a lot to do with the packaging and the 'free' brush included in every box. I bought the Besties Kit because hey, 21% discount is quite a bit but I don't need two more brushes when I already have several at home. It's unethical. Please ditch the brush or at least add it as a separate item on the store! There's only one thing I love about this product and that is the smell. Everything else for me is average, yes it does make my hair soft and shiny but I believe the other brand is better all round. I don't think I'll be buying it again unless there is a permanent price reduction but I'll happily accept it as a gift ;)
    Dont understand the hype
    I have used this hair mask a few times now because I wanted to give it a chance, after spending so much on it and it just hasn't lived up to the hype. I have a LOT of hair and have highlighted hair, which is bleached. I thought this was going to be rescue remedy for it and it hasn't made the slight bit of difference. I have only given it two stars as its smells nice....!
    Bounce and light
    The mask is awesome! It makes my hair lighter and bouncing, soft and smell so good! People asked me what I'm wearing. Love it and I would recommend everyone to try.
    This hair mask is so good for my hair, it is very moisturising. Also, my ends look much better. Totally recommend it.
    Nothing special
    So much hype from Instagram. If I could I would return it but used a bit already. Don't fall for the hype this is just an overpriced conditioner. Only positive is that it smells nice I guess.
    Sort of worked
    Pros: Smells like Jo Malone Fig and Cassis. The brush is great for distributing conditioner through your hair. Cons: Price/performance - I get great results with the Pantene hair masque, when it’s on offer, I can buy 5 pots for the same price. My usual splurge treatment is Moroccan Oil, and it’s marginally less expensive than this and goes a lot further. Why I bought it: I have below shoulder length hair that is wavy and super fine. It is prone to frizz. My hair gets coloured every month, but just to cover greys. Winter is drying on my hair so I was hoping this would hydrate and kill the frizz. Nope, nope, nope. In fact, it’s probably more frizzy. How did that happen? Going back to Moroccan.
    I always use hair masks every time I shampoo and have used many at all different price points. I had great hopes for this one as it had been really hyped but felt let down by the product. It smells great but the actual conditioning of my thick hair was very average and I found I had to use lots of the product. I think for the price there are some much better masks around for much less.
    Delightful luxury
    Not used this site before and am extra super impressed. Such a lovely product and great ordering experience.
    Terrific but you must like coconut smell
    Great mask. Light, nourishing. Good for my fine hair. Does not wait them out. Smells divine. Need just a bit of a product. One note: the smell of a coconut is pretty strong, which I personally love. So the one needs to like the smell.
    Coco & Eve
    I just love this product. I did leave it on longer than the 10 mins as I was busy with 3 kiddies but it left my hair soft, bouncy and smelling gorgeous. I’ll be buying a top up very soon.
    Coco and Eve
    I have frizzy hair, this mask made them worse.
    Worth every penny! amazing brush too!
    I have tried pretty much every mask out there for my frizzy fro and this really has been in a league of its own - absolutely incredible! Does exactly what it promises - hair feels and looks healthier and I finally have the frizz under control!
    Afro hair friendly
    A game changer for hair, I’m blown away for real. Really adds slip for detangling and makes the hair soft and so much easier to manage. I use once a week for a deep condition, cover my hair with a plastic cap and leave to soak in for a good hour and honestly, this is the BEST treatment I’ve ever used. An added bonus is it smells divine.
    Perfect for 3b-3c hair
    Quite honestly my favourite deep conditioning treatment - as a curly girl my hair can get tangled and frizzy fast, not to mention when I straighten it, the breakage is REAL. This mask really helps fight the frizz and detangles like a dream! My curl pattern is brought back to life instantly! LOVE!
    Awful for long term use
    This hair mask has been awful for my hair, I can't speak to other hair types but for my fine hair, I feel like it's made it thinner. Upon looking at the ingredients, the first two are water and alcohol! My hair was shiny upon first use but since using it I feel like I have less hair.
    Not for me
    I’ll start with a positive - my hair seems shinier after using this. But that’s where the positives end, unfortunately. The ends of my hair feel like straw and no amount of blow drying/straightening will get rid of the frizz. I’ll stick with Phillip Kingsley and Moroccanoil for a deep conditioning treatment.
    Do NOT buy this! I have straight, normal but very tangly hair. I usually use the Bleach London Defrizz spray when hair is wet and it works a dream. After seeing many adverts for this product I bought into the hype. I left this product on for an hour (states 10 minutes) however I have seen on their insta advising someone the longer the better for great results. I put the product ALL over my hair, I have dry, colour treated hair, therefore, I needed nourishment and hydration. When I washed the product out I felt absolutely no difference, my hair did not detangle and my scalp was super dry and itchy from using the product all over my hair. Infuriated I bought into the hype and paid such a high price for a terrible product. I will stick to what I know from now on.
    I bought it after reading so many good reviews. Luckily I bought smaller size. It is mediocre mask, there are better drugstore alternatives. My hair is silky and smooth naturally so maybe I am not the best candidate for this mask. But I expected at least easier combing. All in all..not worth it.
    Great smell, great result. It makes my hair feel better.
    holy grail
    I love love this mask it hydrates the hair and gives it shine. 100% one of my faves.
    This product is the best thing for your hair!
    The smell!
    I love this product! It really does work and makes me tired and bleached hair so smooth. A real game changer for me. The only thing that annoys me is you cannot buy the large tub without the brush, there should be an option to not be sent another brush!
    A great product - I have just finished my first pot and I got one for my friend as a gift. I wish that you could buy a bigger tub without the brush.
    Can’t get enough of this
    I got this as a gift last Christmas and haven’t stopped buying it since! Decent sized tub and smells fantastic, leaving my hair smelling great for days. The only thing I would change would be the brush that gets sent with every box, it was nice the first time but is pointless once you buy more of it.
    I am literally AMAZED
    My hair is super long and thick so I struggle with frizzy hair and lifeless ends so much. I wasn’t too sure about buying this because it is expensive compared to drug store hair masques but I am literally AMAZED. My hair looks glossy and healthy, it rarely knots anymore and it is SO SOFT. I am so glad I bought the bigger tub of this because it’s now added to my regular hair routine. I left it on for about half an hour and then rinsed and it’s given my hair a new lease of life. 100% recommend!!!
    Overrated & Overpriced
    Any basic coconut cream or oil will do a better job at moisturizing your hair than this. It felt like it just coated my hair as if my hair didn’t absorb it.
    Best hair conditioner to date!
    I have colour damaged and fine frizzy hair. This is the only conditioner that makes my hair feel fuller and voluminous and also takes care of the frizz. Also leaves a pleasant smell in the hair and I find I can't stop feeling and smelling my own hair the day I wash it.
    Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque
    Маска вполне рабочая, волосы распутывает, они становятся гладкими и блестящими *The mask is working. The hair detangles and it becomes smooth and shiny
    Hair mask treatment
    Love this product! I have used both as an overnight hair mask and a deep conditioner following having shampooed my hair. Hair was silky, moisturised and shiny - everything I hoped the mask would do! Would certainly recommend it!
    Great mask!
    On my top 10 favourite list! I love everything about it, it’s thick and smells lovely. After using it my hair feels stronger, shinier and frizz free. Since I started using I had no problem with frizz at all and split ends I recommended to all my friends and it’s definitely a great gift.
    Not enough
    It gave me hydration and reduced the frizziness but it was not not enough for my very dry hair ends unfortunately.
    Nice mask
    A really nice product however way too expensive. There are definitely cheaper alternatives that work just as well.
    It’s pretty average. I don’t think it’s any better than anything else I’ve tried. I won’t be re-purchasing
    Not as good as I expected
    I’ve got thick frizzy long curly/wavy hair, which I’ve tried so many different things to help tame, none have worked. I saw this on Instagram and read loads of good reviews, and test videos on YouTube, it looked like an amazing hair treatment that would be taming my hair the way I always wanted. As soon as I got it I tried it doing the overnight application, but the results were nothing like I expected. I’m disappointed and unfortunately spent a lot of money on the product. However, it smells amazing and would probably work better on thinner, less unruly hair.
    Like it !!
    מוצר מדהים לשיער פגום !! אחרי חפיפה אחת וניתן כבר לראות שינוי משמעותי. - "Amazing product for damaged hair !! After one overlap and a significant change can already be seen"
    I've Asian hair type that has been dyed and bleached til the death of it. So it was an SOS for my hair, with that said, it made my hair soft but faster oilier the day after. And you don't need to buy the package with the brush. It's better to spread it with your own hand, the brush eats up the product more than spreading
    Amazing product!
    Is ok.
    Is ok, is working like any other mask I use before. Smells nice but a little bit chemical. I feel a little bit disappointed as I expected a lot from this product
    Excellent work great
    Excellent results
    Happy with my purchase
    I’ve used this mask for a few weeks now, once a week and feel like it provides me with the hydration my hair needs. It definitely won’t fix your split ends (the ends will still stick together). Overall I like the smell and the feel of my hair afterwards. I also like the thickness of the product!
    Unreal hair mask
    This hair mask is no joke! I was sceptical at it makes your hair so soft, I thought it would leave it greasy, but this is not the case! It smells absolutely amazing and leaves hair soft and shiny, without greasiness. It’s also great for my wavy hair and helps to define my waves!
    Nice product
    I am happy with the product, it does what it says.
    The smell is amazing
    Smells incredible and makes me highlighted blonde hair so smooth and soft.
    After bleaching my hair 5 times, toning it twice and dying it 3 times in the space of 2 weeks.
    Smells divine!
    I have very thick hair. I can get a little dry just before it needs cutting and this has really helped to keep it soft. It smells amazing and retains the smell even when it's dry, which I have found doesn't happen with other masks. You don't need to use massive amounts either, it's lasted ages! I absolutely would buy again!
    Best mask ever
    This is the best hair mask I have ever used and I have used many, many others, of high end brands, but none compared to this one. My hair is light blonde and very thin due to bleaching, dyeing, straightening anf this mask makes it so soft and easy to brush and smells great.
    Amazing product!
    This is by far one of the best hair masks I've ever used. Works perfectly for dry/damaged hair. Started using this after dying my hair for the first time (which caused it to become very dry/tangled/and damaged) , and Coco & Eve's mask really helped.
    Some gold for my hair
    Very happy to have this treatment for my hair.
    Excellent condition mask
    This is the first time I have tried this conditioner mask and I absolutely love it I have used it every time I washed my hair since I purchased it and it does not make my hair greasy it feels amazing each and every time.
    I have used this weekly for a month now leaving on for an hour each time and yes it makes my hair feel soft, but I'd expect that with any leave in conditioner, that is probably the only benefit I found. I won't buy it again and think it is too expensive. If your looking to improve your hair quality skip this and go straight to Olaplex!
    Hair masque
    My third purchase. Repurchased as I love the smell! Used it only once a week as it is a little pricey but works well to have soft hair.
    Lovely Product .
    I use once a week and keeps my hair well conditioned soft an smooth .
    Good for chemically relaxed hair
    I have afro hair that i've been chemically relaxing since I was about 14 (I'm 22 now) & also competitively swam - basically a recipe for really damaged hair. This is a really nice conditioner that always leaves my hair soft (when combined with Olaplex it's EXCELLENT) and feeling less fried than usual. Definitely pricey but for me, it is worth it (knocked the star off for the price)
    A lovely hair mask
    If you love the smell of figs then this is the perfect quick hair mask. It left my hair feeling super soft and nourished. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I found the smell a little overwhelming after use.
    I was soooo excited to try this out and I was amazed by the way my curls looked when I used it and it smelled amazing, but once I found out that this "no nasties" mask containes domethicone I threw it away. It's all my fault for purchasing it and so I will never repurchase it, recommend it or even think about it.
    Smoothed out my tangled hair
    Like most people I expect - I saw the hype and bought it. I actually think it works well in my hair. My hair is bleached and has had years of extensions which are now removed. A small amount goes a long way- once washed my hair was easy to brush after and looked in much better condition. It is affordable and smells lovely.
    This has to be one of the worst hair masks I’ve ever bought, the only upside is that it smells amazing. It left my hair feeling horrible. Wouldn’t bother it’s not worth the hype or the price
    Smells great, hasn't done much
    This product smells amazing and my hair is soft and shiny after use. However my hair is pretty healthy anyway and after using this for a year or so, it hasn't made it notably softer or shinier than it was before. Maybe it has more visible effects on drier hair? Saying this, I still love and continue to buy it. I don't use conditioner, just this every 10 days so the price isn't too bad. Also worth noting that my hair keeps the great scent of this product for several days after use which is nice
    Smells wonderful
    I have been looking for an intensely hydrating conditioner for my dry, porous and curly hair. This certainly ticks all those boxes.This left my hair smooth and the fig scent is really lovely. Recommend it to all my curly girls!
    Coco and Eve is a hair miracle!!! I absolutely love this product. Leaves me hair soft and shiny and it smells amazing!
    Believe the hype
    I bought this off the back of seeing some ads on Instagram, and I was a bit hesitant when I saw the price but now I have been using it for a while I know it’s totally worth it. The smell is amazing and clings to my hair after use. This mask brings life back to my bleached hair after exposure to the sun, sea and sand on a summer holiday. I also found you only need quite a small amount as it brushes through wet hair really well.
    Not good!
    I have been searching for a good hair mask for as long as I can remember and this brand is very good at marketing but the product itself if not great. It smells good but adds no moisture and the videos you see of the girls with transformations are not true! My hair is dyed blonde and needs a lot of moisture added back in. This product makes it feel nice when wet but once dried the next day (even after leaving it in overnight) it feels just as dry as it did before I washed it... Not buying again
    Good job
    It is a game changer but expensive but really makes my hair so smooth and silky, no frizz at all
    LUSH hair mask
    Absolutely love this hair mask....leaves your hair feeling really soft, but with body and smelling lush... my daughter bought it for me last year and now both my daughters and I use it... ❤️
    Life Saver
    Literally the best hair mask I have used so far. I have quite fragile long blonde hair from bleaching, and after having to have a few inches chopped off due to damage, I needed something to help nourish my hair. This hair mask has done exactly that. After using my hair feels soft and silky and looks so much healthier. I use it once a week when I have more time to spare and I would 100% recommend if your hair is in need of some TLC!
    Smells delicious
    Left my hair super smooth and smelling gorgeous!
    The worst deep conditioner I have ever used.
    Good conditioner
    So after all the Instagram hype I was expecting the holy grail of hair masks, however I'm not overly impressed, it's just an okay hair conditioner, I was also expecting the smell to be very very “coconutty”, well it’s not, the smell reminded me of that product you can buy in the supermarket called Aussie Miracle. Anyway, it's just ok.
    Won‘t repurchase. Did nothing for my dry, thick hair. Left in for 30mins but felt even more dry after. Just average.
    One of the best hair masks I've ever tried. Just so ridiculously good.
    I bought it not reading the label. Then I saw it had dimethicone in it and I was so mad at myself. I have curly, fine hair and I need something that will add moisture to the depth of my hair. I love the smell, it lingers for quite a while and I will use it up. I will not repurchase and I will not recommend to any of my friends.
    Just okay.. With a ridiculous price tag.
    Got given a sample of this with my most recent cult order... smells nice, but I've used far cheaper hair masks with way better results than this. Glad I tried as I was tempted to buy, but I wouldn't purchase this product at the cost. Nothing special, just like any other hair mask!
    Expensive for what you get
    Smells good but too pricey
    just ok, not worth the price
    It is an ok product. It smells very nice and leaves a subtle trace in the hair. It is not very moisturising - I have curly, dry hair and I would have wanted something that would make my hair a bit softer. It is definitely not worth the price. There are products as good or better for half the price.
    Best hair product
    Best product so far for hair. I have wavy hair that gets dry and frizzy but after using this, it helped my hair a lot!!!
    Bought this as a “hair treat‘
    Most disappointing hair purchase ever! I have very long hair (thanks to Olaplex 3) bought this as a treat between Olaplex treatments. Absolutely awful. I feel it stripped my hair; was a dry, tangled mess. Took a few weeks to get it back in good condition. The brush with it was rubbish as well, plastic bristles too flexible and soft, also kept slipping out of my hand. Felt this is a product that is all about packaging, etc. Not great results.
    Best hair mask ever!
    When I first bought this I was skeptical, but after using it just once the improvement in the condition of my hair was incredible! I’d been bleaching my hair and it was in terrible condition (breaking and it was really elastic). I’m now on my 3rd tub and use it once a week. Cannot recommend highly enough.
    Leaves your hair silky soft
    I haven't tried a lot of hair masks, but this is pretty great.
    My hair has never looked so good!
    This product revives my hair and extensions. I have been a hairdresser for 10 years and have to say this is a great treatment for hair and extensions. Have purchased 3 times just wish they sold a big pump bottle of it. The brush given with it is amazing, again, especially for extensions.
    I was seeing a lot of people suggesting this product so I wanted to try it. I had very damaged hair due to a lot of bleaching and wanted something to soften my hair and reduce the breakage. The smell is awesome even after a week of application. Since I have a lot of hair I left it for 2 hours but you can leave it as long as you like. The hair feels very soft. If you stop using the product you'll feel the difference. Great hair mask!
    A miracle
    I have tried so many hair masks for my fragile, blond curly hair. Many feel like they are doing something when on your hair in the bath, but wash off.. and it’s the same old. This, however, is a tiny miracle. Nourishing so nicely, and you can really feel how soft and supple the hair is after. I use it as a live in conditioner as well, my hair just soaks it up and forms lovely curls without feeling greedy or weighted down. Such a marvel. On my second pack now and will be buying more before this one runs out. Awesome. My curly, frizzy and coloured hair is loving it.
    Hair repair mask.
    Fantastic product for my dry medium course, natural curly hair. I straighten my hair every day & have highlights too, so my hair can get really dried out & needs tlc. This amazing mask is lovely & rich & smells so good. I leave it on for a good 10 mins & use once a week, my hair is much more manageable & silky smooth after use. I definitely recommend as a good hair care routine product.
    Best mask
    Leaves hair so silky smooth and perfectly scented..
    Amazing mask
    Works wonders for my hair :)
    Makes your hair super soft. Only used this once and I am already obsessed :)
    Amazing product
    It perfectly fit my thick dry curly hairs. Much better than Moroccan oil, Oribe, Macadamia oil, Kerastase. It leaves them smooth, silky, with no frizz, somehow straighten. It may not work for all hair types but definitely worth a try. I use it 1 time in 1-2 weeks One tip!!!: After a strong nourishing mask I always use conditioner. First I read about it on instruction to Morrocan oil mask (and my stylist confirmed that it necessary). Try this method.
    Amazing results
    I’ve only tried coco and eve once and it worked wonders on my hair. My hair used to always tangled up after tying them up and constantly needs to be combed thoroughly to untangle. After using this product, I don’t have that much problem untangling my hair. I love it.
    Amazing product
    I have blonde damaged hair and I love the nourishment this mask provides. Most products for damaged hair tend to leave your hair greasy, but this product here. I’m hooked!
    In my opinion, the mask is wonderful
    Very nice mask, the smell is exceptional. The delivery was quite fast... I can recommend this mask!
    This product is the best for my color blonde hair. I love IT!!!
    Just ok...
    Nothing special, more like an overpriced conditioner that smells amazing. Did make my hair soft but so will most conditioners. I love how my hair smells so I will use it but won’t be repurchasing it.
    It’s amazing! I love it ! My hair is shiny, softer and healthier.
    It’s ok...nothing special
    I have blonde hair, thin and fragile. After watching all the Instagram ads I ordered a sample of this mask. My honest opinion: nothing special, really nothing. No miraculous results, no super smooth shiny hair, if you buy any nourishing mask at your local grocery store, you will have the same effect. Not worth the buzz, sorry.
    This product makes my hair very soft, silky and shiny! I like it very much!
    I received this in the goody bag and wanted to review it. I coated my whole head with it last night and left it on overnight underneath a shower cap. The results were okay but this isn't worth the money at all. My hair was softer than if I hadn't used a mask of course, but I've used many other hair masks for a fraction of the price that work exactly the same if not a lot better. The only high quality aspect of this mask is the subtle, pleasing smell rather than the overly perfumed, chemical and strong smell other masks have. I would never buy this full size.
    Soo Good!
    Its smell is amazing... and it makes my hair so soft.... love it.
    Not worth it
    I received a sample in a goody bag.... And I was glad I didn't purchased it! It's not bad but I have the same or even better results with cheaper products... I have quite healthy hair, just some split ends, but I didn't see or feel any difference from other masks or conditioners.
    My hair feels so soft after using this. It also smells amazing which lasts an entire day. I leaves this overnight in my hair. I bought like 4 of these. My hair shines also after using this. Have really damaged hair.
    Fabuloso! *** Fabulous!
    He probado un monton de mascarillas..pero como esta ninguna. La he recibido como muestra y estoy enamorada de esta marca. Mi pelo huele super bien y se queda muy liso y muy fino al tacto. La recomiendo! *** I've tried a lot of masks. I have received it as a sample and I am in love with this brand. My hair smells really good and stays very smooth and very thin to the touch. I recommend it!
    Great Product
    I have long very dry hair ends and in general dry curly hair. I tried some of new hair masks and oils in last time. Nothing was as good or nearly as good as this mask. I got a tester in my last goody bag. You have to try it definitely.
    Really brought my locks back to life, I wish they had a leaving cream too!
    Everyone needs this
    This is a miracle in a jar! Coco & Eve saved my dry, lacklustre hair....Now I have silky, bouncy Victoria Secret fashion show hair.
    Fabulous lush hair
    Love it. Made my hair really lush, hydrated and shiny. Will repurchase!
    I received a sample size of this, feels nice, but its nothing special. I like the smell but doesn't really do much for the hair, almost makes it worse with the tangles. I'd rather stick to cheaper masks which are more effective!
    This product kept coming up on my news feeds and I ordered it after a few days. It did not disappoint! I love it - it smells amazing and it leaves my hair soft and less frizzy. The brush is more abrasive and you can really scratch your scalp if you're not careful, so I just opt out of using it and use my other detangling brush. I also wash my hair about 4 times a week, so I use it often and it does not leave my hair oily at all! What I am impressed with is how soft, shiny and calm my hair looks & feels. Highly recommended!
    Love it
    My hair is blond, very fine and tangles easily. I use a hair straightener every day so it can get dry but this works wonders and the smell is wonderful.
    Loco for Coco
    Hey chics! We're so glad to see you're loving the masque as much as we do! Our masque really is magical. Here's to restoring hair back to its natural, pure virgin state! Keep slaying - Love Coco & Eve xx
    Far better out there!
    It's great that it works for some. I bought this based on all of the rave reviews. Wish I hadn't. I have very fine long hair prone to damage. This made no difference in fact was not a patch on my basic salon conditioner. Hair was dry and tangled when trying to style after. I feel the comb with it was a nice gimmick. There are far better products out there less costly than this. Try L’Oréal mythic masque or PK elasticizer
    I don't usually do hair masks as my hair goes greasy very easily with most of them, but this has worked wonders. My hair has been so dry, thin and brittle, and after using this once my hair feels great and can notice the difference already, feels and smells amazing.
    Excellent product
    I bought this on my daughter’s recommendation. I have very difficult flyaway hair and have tried so many products in the past. I think this product is helping quite a lot. My hair is shinier and seems to be more sleek. I sleep in the mask now which seems to give an even better result. I too would prefer not to have to pay for a brush with each new purchase.
    Has done wonders for my hair. I have fine hair and colour regularly but is always in good condition. I decided to go a very vibrant plum pure which required me to have it lifted. Lovely colour but I have long hair and noticed immediately the toll it had taken mid length to ends. First application of coco and Eve hair back to as it was. Excellent soft silky non frizzy hair I only need to use once a week as well which is brilliant. Didn't weigh my hair down or make it go greasy, Fantastic product.
    Great Mask
    I absolutelty love everything about it! I have only 2 reasons for not giving 5 stars - price and the fact that it is always in set with the brush.
    Not for Me!
    Bought this based on the launch and rave reviews here. Obviously works for many hence I gave it two stars. For me on long coloured hair that is prone to damage with straightening this did absolutely nothing more than a basic high street conditioner does. Will stay with Olaplex 3 and L’Oreal professional mythic oil masque. The little brush was useless as its bristles bent flat on contact with the hair. Sorry felt this was all a bit gimmicky and expensive for poor results.
    Fine but too Expensive
    The product is fine. Smells good, fine texture, working great. But the price is too much for just 212 ml. There are better products for less money.
    Heart Eyes Emoji
    I was a little sceptical when I first used this product because I didn't see too much of a difference. My hair is very, very dry and bleached blonde so the damage is pretty severe. However, I've just used it for a second time and my hair feels amazing. It was like straw before this and it's so soft and beautiful now. I love it. I'm so happy with this product.
    Works for damaged hair!!
    Really enjoying using this. I have colour and heat damaged hair where it feels straw-like and this helped my hair feel much softer. Not a permanent solution but a once a week treatment.
    Great product
    One of the best product for dry and damaged hair.
    Not worth it
    That was money not very well spent! My hair was even more tangled than when I showered. I have soft wavy hair and it makes it into one tangled dry mess.
    No more split ends
    My ends were dry, brittle and very much prone to breakage and it used to drive me crazy. Since using Coco & Eve just once a week, my ends have never felt so strong and nourished! This is a serious game changer!
    Works wonders for my bleached hair
    This hair masque means business! My hair has been through a LOT over the years having been dedicated to that bleach blonde life. It has saved my dehydrated ends and has completely transformed it. My hair now feels healthier than ever. Thank you COCO & EVE!!
    No more tangles!
    I have very knotty hair that often becomes very matted, an especially first thing in the morning. Now I just leave this masque in over night, wash it out the following morning and wake up with completely smooth and conditioned ends! Hair that's prone to tangles - this masque has you covered.
    Average mask, nothing special
    I have thick, curly hair and this mask didn't work for me. My hair is actually frizzier and less smooth after using it.
    Not worth it.
    Zero benefits for my hair. For this price could have gotten something way better.
    Saved my hair
    Absolutely amazing! Saved my hair, will need a new pot already !!!!
    Really lovely - but not great value for money
    On the plus side, this hair mask smells absolutely amazing - one of the nicest smelling hair products I have ever used! It does make my hair lovely and soft and is a really nice, effective conditioner. On the less positive side I wouldn't say this works any better than any other good conditioner - and as someone with long, thick hair I don't think it will last much more than 5/6 applications (at a push). Although I have enjoyed using the product and it does work well I probably wouldn't repurchase as there are other conditioners that are just as good and are better value for money.
    Coco & Eve
    Good product to my dry and curly hair. I use this once or twice in two weeks and now they are much better condition than in years.
    Worth the money!!
    Love this stuff. I don't normally splash out this amount of cash on beauty products but my hair was bleached to hell and back and desperately needed some TLC ;( This has actually brought my hair back from the dead stringy mess it used to be. It's thick and strong and super soft. Best masque I've tried so far.
    Meh... nothing special
    Given the price tag and the hype, I fully expected this product to transform my hair. It did okay, my hair was smooth (and smelled divine!) afterwards, but the results were nothing to write home about. Will not repurchase.
    This has changed my hair. The only thing I can compare it to is when I’ve had Brazilian blow dries. I didn’t notice anything massively special at first but after using 3 or 4 times I started to notice a huge difference - it’s like I have different hair. No more frizz, so sleek and manageable, quick to style. Absolutely incredible!
    Great but not for me
    It was great for my mum's hair but it just didn’t work for me.
    Very soft hair
    This mask is the best. It's helping me to style my hair in the morning, zero frizz.
    Worth the hype & coin!
    This has been a serious game changer for my hair and worth every penny in my opinion. I use a liberal amount in my hair once a week and leave to soak in under a towel for 30 minutes or so. My hair has changed so much in the 3 weeks I've been using it, so soft, shiny and bouncy. Can't wait to see how it will look in 3 months. Highly recommend.
    Coco and eve
    Best product ever. It’s been a month I'm using this product and my hair feel smoother and lighter. Coco and eve have been my favourite product.i will recommend this product.
    Smells beautiful
    So glad that this product can be bought on Cult Beauty. It smells so so lovely and makes my hair feel thicker and healthier.
    So so good
    I really like this mask, my hair is soft and silky afterwards and its simple to use. A little goes a long way too. My housemates keep stealing it from me!
    Absolutely great
    I have fine hair and it works a treat. My hair looks shiny, feels soft and smells delicious. A fabulous product and I would highly recommend it.
    It isn't an absolute miracle worker, but it comes close. Best things about it are the scent and feel of hair after using - soft soft soft!
    Don't buy this
    Left my curly hair frizzy. I'm currently repairing my hair with my usual mask. Don't fall for the hype.
    Coco & eve
    Best product ever!
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