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Meet The Founder

Meet the Founder: Emma Hardie

Verity Douglas
Writer and expert10 years ago
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Meet the Founder: Emma Hardie

World-renowned facialist and Cult Beauty expert, Emma Hardie set the beauty world a-buzz way back in 1996, with her signature 'Natural Lift and Sculpting Facial' - a way of massaging and 'kneading' the face to help maintain its strength and resilience. Celebrities, beauty editors and the skin care-savvy flocked in their droves to her swish Mayfair clinic (and continue to do so), to benefit from her unique technique. And now, with the launch of {Emma Hardie Amazing Face}, you too can emulate the EH method at home; the small (but perfectly formed) capsule collection of multi-use products - together with Emma's prescribed application - will help restore skin's former strength, luminosity and lustre. So go get your glow on...

We managed to nab half an hour of Emma's incredibly valuable time, to ask her a few ins and outs:

{Cult Beauty} Hi Emma! We're over the moon about launching your range. First up, why moringa?

{Emma Hardie} It was the results of maaaaany years of research into powerful yet multifunctional skin reparative ingredients. I spent time in Japan (always at the forefront of beauty innovation) and was introduced to the moringa tree and its potent beauty benefits. Upon returning to England, I began a period of research and rigorous testing - applying moringa topically, and ingesting it as a supplement - with amazing results. It has so many phenomenal properties; it contains the full spectrum of amino acids, has high doses of vitamins and minerals and is packed with antioxidant-rich phytonutrients - which is why I chose this as my 'star' ingredient.

{CB} Your {Moringa Cleansing Balm} is phenomenal – are there any application techniques you’d recommend?

{EH} Due to the high levels of conditioning grape seed, almond and essential oils, this cleanser is a proper 'massage balm' so really spend time (as much as you can spare), working it into your skin. This allows for a really deep cleanse - then once you've removed all your make up, you can re-apply it as skin-softening mask. I recommend removing the balm with my {Dual Action Cleansing Cloth}, in lines not circles so you are working with the grain of the face; think of the muscles fibres, they are in lines.

{CB} Your signature facial is world-famous. Have you any daily tips to help women maintain their skin’s strength, luminosity and firmness at home?

{EH} Really focus on how you apply and remove your products - a little bit of extra effort (it only takes a few moments) - can have an astonishing impact! As I mentioned, I swear by a 'linear' technique which works with the grain of the muscle fibres, to help tone and tighten the skin. When you remove your cleanser with the cloth, use your free hand to 'anchor' and support the facial tissue, so you can feel a little bit of tension - doing this daily, will soon enhance the strength and suppleness of skin (and make it glow)!

{CB} There is currently a huge buzz around South Korean skin care – layering active products, to target myriad common skin concerns. What are your thoughts regarding skin care rituals? Is more, ‘more’ – or do you advocate a streamlined, fuss free skin care regimen?

{EH} It is vital to apply your products in the correct way and to spend time massaging them into your skin - not only to encourage the essential extracts to penetrate, but to help stimulate the toning, detoxification and hydration of supportive and connective tissue layers. I do agree with the practice of 'layering' product - it's like clothing! Wear a targeted, whisper-weight serum beneath an oil or cream, to lock in precious moisture and keep skin looking plumped and luminous. I believe it's the best way to get that enviable 'no make up, make up' effect.

{CB} The launch of Emma Hardie Amazing Face coincides with our Cult Beauty ‘Skin Care Month’. Are there any skin care secrets you swear by?

{EH} Never neglect to cleanse! It sounds obvious, but making the (minimal) effort to cleanse every morning and evening (yes - although make up free, morning skin needs 'woken up'), will make a swift - and considerable - difference to the quality and clarity of your complexion.

{CB} Aside from topical skin care, is there anything else you advocate (diet, supplements for example), to help keep skin looking its best?

{EH} Keeping your stress levels down is important - anxiety quickly shows up on your face, so I advocate meditation, and practising calming, toning stretches and yoga. Learn to conquer the art of focussed, diaphragmatic breathing - this will really help to flush the toxins from your body and reduce the visibility of puffiness and tension in your skin. And stick to a low carb diet, rich in fresh vegetables, lean protein and grains (steer clear of white refined carbs like bread and sugar - I only allow myself these as a treat)!


Verity Douglas
Writer and expert
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