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    BECCAEver Matte Poreless Priming Perfector 12ml<p>Creators of exquisite, high-performance make up formulations &#8211; with blendable textures and wearable shades &#8211; BECCA is synonymous with effortless enhancement. Multi-award-winning, the rich pigments, soft hues and weightless coverage make it easy to achieve an enviable, airbrushed effect &#8211; so you look naturally luminous (and absolutely flawless). With emphasis placed firmly on creating the perfect canvas, BECCA&#8217;s primers, illuminators and foundations blur together seamlessly, to help you achieve the ultimate, lit-from-within finish &#8211; think &#8216;your skin but better&#8217;.</p>BCA029 12ml1229093311370199194 stars, based on60 reviews 14.00Cult BeautyNew
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    BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

    Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector
    ( 12ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Create a beautifully smooth, even canvas with {BECCA}’s Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector – a velvety-textured, oil-absorbent fluid, enriched with BECCA’s signature ‘Evermat’ complex – which soaks up excess sebum to leave skin looking velveteen and perfectly prepped for foundation. Lightweight and completely free from oil and silicones, this unifies uneven tone and blurs visibility of fine lines and imperfections without clogging pores or exacerbating congestion, so skin remains shine free and make up looks fresh until bedtime. Available in full (40ml) and travel (12ml) sizes and invisible on the skin, this makes a gorgeous base for ‘good skin’ days, or layered underneath foundation – to extend its wear and blot the oils which contribute to product slipping.


    • Description

      Creators of exquisite, high-performance make up formulations – with blendable textures and wearable shades – BECCA is synonymous with effortless enhancement. Multi-award-winning, the rich pigments, soft hues and weightless coverage make it easy to achieve an enviable, airbrushed effect – so you look naturally luminous (and absolutely flawless). With emphasis placed firmly on creating the perfect canvas, BECCA’s primers, illuminators and foundations blur together seamlessly, to help you achieve the ultimate, lit-from-within finish – think ‘your skin but better’.

    • How to use

      Primer can be worn alone or under foundation. To apply, warm a pea-sized amount in hands and pat onto specific areas of concern like the T-zone. Allow product to dry before following with make up application. For touch-ups throughout the day, warm primer in hands and pat over makeup to target oily areas.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylene Glycol, Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract, Oleanolic Acid

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      Transparency lies at the heart of our philosophy which is why we have partnered with tech-platform – Provenance – to cut through the industry ‘noise’ and equip you with key facts that matter. A 'proof point' with a green tick means a third party has verified the accuracy of the statement whereas no green tick means that there isn't independent confirmation (yet!), but that the brand has still supplied substantiating evidence (which you can view yourself). Discover the proof points for this product below.

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    BECCA - Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

    BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector Reviews

    Great primer
    This primer keeps my oily T zone mattified for several hours and I use a loose mineral powder foundation over it which so far has not caused any pilling or flaking etc. Very pleased with it.
    Amazing primer
    I have Oily - combination skin and large pores. I have tried so so many different primers and finally, I found the one. This Becca primer is so nice to use dries so fast and the skin feels so soft and smooth. Controls my oils so well and keeps shine away. Highly recommend this!
    Can’t Live Without!
    This is, hands down, my “can’t live without” makeup item. I don’t use it the way they recommend though...I mix it with *everything* + a face oil. If I’m gong sans makeup, I’ll mix it with my moisturiser and a drop of rose hip oil. If I am wearing makeup, I mix it directly in the foundation with a drop of Marula oil (it’s less heavy than the rose hip I find). I’ve mixed it with eye shadow cream, my blush drops, and once with a brow pomade (magic!). This basically gives whatever you add it to, super staying powers and a slightly mattifying look. I personally like a little more glow, so I add a drop or two of face oil, but it’s easily my favourite beauty product. Can’t recommend enough, as long as you don’t use it the way they recommend
    Best Primer Ever
    This truly is the best primer for oily skin, but you really do need to know how to apply it. The best way I've found is by taking a small amount and rubbing it between my fingers then patting it onto my oily areas and making sure it's properly pushed into my skin using a damp beauty blender. I am a WOC (Nars - Tahoe) and have never had an issue with it leaving white patches on my skin at all. Keeps me oil free for 10+ hours.
    Had high hopes after reading review's on here. This just made my nose so patchy after about 30 minutes of wearing it. It's also really sticky which just isn't for me.
    Perfect for oily skin
    The only thing that has ever kept me shine free for a full day! Use on oily parts, not all over face. Let it dry before applying foundation. I’ve tried others...they don’t work as well. This saves me, especially in the summer.
    I had high hopes, and they were kind of worth it. Doesn't make me oily very fast, but it gets oily (on my skin) after about 8 hours. But it's still worth it!
    Perfect travel size
    I love this primer because it is really effective on an oily t-zone. The 14ml size is perfect for travel and doesn’t take up much room in your makeup bag. A little goes a long way with this primer, if you use too much it doesn’t work so well. It’s also essential that you warm the product up before patting onto oily areas. If you rub the primer into the skin like a lotion or apply too much it starts to ball up in little bits and looks terrible. However, if you pat on a pea-sized amount and allow it to dry for a few minutes, your foundation will go on smoothly. Lastly, once it dries it looks white and ashy on darker skin tones. However, it isn’t noticeable once foundation and setting powder is applied.
    Scaley Skin
    I really wanted to love this after reading so many mixed reviews, but...initially, it did everything I hoped it would and more, filled pores, mattified my oily skin and foundation glided on like a dream. About 3 hours later my skin went scaley and patchy and just a complete mess! I tried it over the top of foundation and same result. Can imagine this would be amazing for SUPER oily skin but really not for me!
    Great for very oily skin
    I've been using this product for 2 years now and it's still the best primer I've used. I have large pores and very oily skin and this primer gives me smoother surface for my makeup and controls my oil well for 4-5 hours! It's my go to for night's out and for when it's really humid. But because it's such a strong primer, you need to work with it quickly, I suggest focusing on a quarter of your face at a time when applying the primer. If you still have trouble using it, mix it with your liquid foundation and apply quickly to the face. Also, a little product goes a long way, I use this primer every day and it usually lasts me 6 months, highly recommend it.
    Do not buy
    I’ve used this 5 times and each time I have tried to find a way to apply this without peeling. I can’t find a way and refuse to try again, once it’s actually on your face it rolls and makes my skin look dry. The last time I used it it looked so bad I resorted in buying face wipes and removing everything because it was uncomfortable. It also made me break out. To be honest it’s the worst “primer” I’ve ever tried.
    The best one I've tried...
    Since I am extremely oily around my nose area, the oil managed to visibly seep through the product after around 3 hours. I still feel like it's one of the best primers I've tried so far. It fills up the pores, keeps you matte for a while and keeps your makeup in place.
    Made my skin even more oily
    Having an oily skin type I was extremely looking forward to trying this primer. The texture was thick and hard to work with , it set onto my face leaving a weird looking cast. When I put my foundation over the top of it it looked cakey and patchy. Within 15 minutes of wearing it, my makeup on my nose had started to split up and look oily. This primer did the opposite of what it's supposed to do, I will not be wearing it again. A waste of £28. Very disappointed.
    Becca Ever Matt Primer (The best ever)
    This is a miracle product, pure quality!! After spending a fortune on various primers, I have previously purchased samples from another website and I was not impressed with them. I have extremely oily skin which gets worse as the day goes on. I have just received a travel size one from this site and it has definitely restored my faith in this product. Almost on impact with my skin, I get this amazing mattifying look, just perfect for a base for my makeup. It lasts for hours, I love it, don't think I could live without it!!
    Excellent Primer
    This primer does what it says, when using it a little goes a long way, rub it between your fingers and then were you need it on your face (t zone) and then pat it into the skin, trust me it does work and I wear it alone or with foundation, I highly recommend it.
    Best primer for oily skin
    This is the ONLY primer that seems to work for me. I’d say it’s only for people with truly oily skin, not combo as it will make dry patches flaky. Really helps minimise the oil produced
    Application difficulties, but worth it
    I first used this primer without any skincare (serum/moisturiser beforehand). The primer did not want to work with me at all, or instead I was doing it wrong. I found it very white cast and it cling to dry patches. Although it was matte and my pores were minimised. I used again with moisturiser beforehand and found it again a little difficult, it didn’t cling to my dry patches and it went on relatively smoothly but it did begin to ball up a little. Third time lucky!!! I found you really have to work with this primer and get the technique just right. Make sure it’s completely melted in your hand before applying and I found it best to more so pay it in as opposed to rub it in. Overall good primer (is matte and minimises pores), just difficult to get the hang of.
    Minimised my pores and my waterline did not run.
    I'm unsure if I'm applying it wrong but it just made everything stick, but a bit too much. I could not for the life of me blend my foundation, concealer, etc in evenly. I have a really oily t-zone and I was hoping this would help. It did but just a bit too much. It worked a tiny bit better with an oil mixed in. However, that is just a bit more faf considering I can get a different primer that does what I want immediately. Try and get a free sample somewhere before purchasing!
    I’ve been shinny and greasy looking for most of my life. I’m scared to add up the money I’ve spent on useless mattifying powders, creams, gels and moisturisers over the years, all making lofty promises but never delivering. A friend recommended this product to me and I tried it, understandably with a lot of scepticism. And oh my god, it has changed my life! My face was instantly mattified from the first rice grain sized blob I applied. And it stays that way the entire working day. Makeup applies flawlessly as well. I purchased the bigger size and have used it once, sometimes twice a day for the past six weeks and the tube is still nearly full. This truly is a miracle product. My only regret is not discovering it sooner!
    Well, Shut Me Up!
    I have such an oily skin. Twenty minutes after washing and my face would sweat. Believe me, I have tried so many primers and none of them worked. I hear people praising Becca primer, saying how it’s good. Blah blah blah. I rolled my eyes - I didn’t believe any of them. Alright, whatever. I bought Becca as my last hope. Surprise, surprise, it worked! I didn’t have to reattach my face with Becca, as once was enough. I’m definitely going to get the large bottle of Becca primer, you can count on that. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive.
    Keeps the shine away
    I have very oily skin and this primer is really good - controls oil well. I used primer with drugstore foundation and with high end foundation and both times it did what it says: keep skin matte for several hours.
    The worst
    I tried this primer as my face tends to get a little oily throughout the day, luckily I got a sample first, it’s a really heavy consistency & doesn't apply evenly, it was also super drying- I found that it made my makeup stick weird in some places & didn’t last 5 hours!
    Perfect for oily skin
    Finally!!! A primer that actually does what I want it to. I have oily skin and have been really struggling to find a way to stop my make up sliding off my face. Using this before double wear foundation means I finally have the base I have been pining for.
    Holy grail
    This is the first product I have taken the time to come and review, purely because it is amazing. I've always had oily skin and found that after about 30 minutes after applying my foundation, my face would become very shiny/ oily in certain areas. Used this product for the fist time last weekend and it did not disappoint my face stayed matte all night long, withstanding a night out dancing...no shine. Well worth the £28 as you only need a small amount, 5*, highly recommend.
    Love it
    I do still get oily by the end of the day but this makes my foundation look smooth and flawless and my foundation doesn't move! I pat this into my skin and then let it absorb then apply foundation, would definitely buy again. Completely changes the way my foundation sits on my skin.
    Careful Application Required
    The first time I used this product I honestly thought it was the answer to my oily skin ruining my makeup. However, since then I have discovered a problem with it, it has to be fully blended into the skin with a completely even coverage all over otherwise it makes foundation look really cakey in patches where it clings to the primer. Definitely made no different to pore size either and I still get oily after about 2-3 hours wearing this. However, for the first few hours, it does keep your skin nice and oil free.
    Tried this out as a cheaper alternative to Houglass's mineral veil primer. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for me. For one that has super oily skin, it doesn't minimize my pores and it made me my face into an oil slick just an hour after applying. Tried different ways of putting on my face, patting, rubbing, using a brush etc. I wanted to love it, but it made me shine like the sun hours after. :/ Not for me, seems like I'll be sticking to Hourglass's.
    First of all I'm a dog groomer so my face is constantly getting wet dog shampoo over it, blasted with dryers, working up a sweat wrestling dogs to get their nails cut etc! I have medium oily skin which usually gets oilier after about 3 hours at work. The foundation I use helps a lot, but doesn't stop it, until I got this primer! It is seriously magical! Keeps my face matte whatever I'm doing with my day, whether I'm In the sun, working up a sweat, at work like I don't need to touch my makeup up at all It stays perfectly in place and matte!! Especially paired with Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder! Given that all skin types are different but if you struggle with keeping oil at bay this is DEFINITELY worth a try!!!
    Controls oil but broke me out
    It does what it says- it controls oil quite well and it is not silicone based. However, do not buy this if you are extremely prone to breakouts. I am and got acne after one use, which got only worse but disappeared a couple of days after I stopped using this.
    Makeup lasted and nice oil control!
    My makeup stayed put for about 8+ hours. I have super oily and live in a humid subtropical climate. This helped control my oil and kept my matte until lunch which quite the miracle. My makeup looked nice and I just needed a few blots to make it to the evening. This didn't really help with blurring or minimising the appearance of pores, but I'm very satisfied with the oil control.
    Not the worst
    The worst primer I've probably ever used. It's super drying and leaves you looking dry and scaly if you use too many times. Feels super thick on the skin too, and then it balls up! Would rather save my money.
    I Should Have Listened To The Reviews...
    This has to be the worst primer ever to apply, it's a shame because it actually works in getting rid of shininess. But my oh my this stuff makes your makeup patchy, scaly and dry. Total waste of my money. I give up on all these gimmicky primers.
    It takes a while to learn how to use this, and the first few times I used it my makeup looked HORRIBLE, patchy, cakey and just a mess. BUT it gets better. I found that the best way to use it is by using the smallest amount only in the places of your face that get really oily (it is so drying). You also need to work very quickly to spread it out and then pat it into your skin when it starts to get tacky and then let dry for a minute or two. Once it's set there's no turning back lol. Then I suggest using a sponge to apply your foundation, as a brush gave me horribly streaky and cakey results. I found that using the Estee Lauder double wear foundation compliments this well. This way I don't even need to set my face with powder and it looks amazing from morning till dusk, with a minimal shine.
    Do Not Wear With Foundation
    This primer is lovely on its own; mattifying and smoothing, however, it does not work at all with foundation. Literally, as soon as I put any foundation on, within half an hour the foundation is patchy and scaly. I've tried this primer with various foundations thinking maybe the two formula's just didn't go but after using it with 5 different foundations with different applicators (brushes, beauty blenders, even fingers) I have admitted defeat. Like I said, its lovely on its own but I wouldnt reccommend it under foundation.
    No shine what so ever
    I work around food so it makes you very sweaty and it makes me very oily without makeup, my makeup stayed on a full 12 hours and didn’t go shiny at all, this is a lifesaver and is now going to be used every day in my makeup, I applied it to around my nose, chin and forehead as well as a little tiny bit on my cheeks and warmed it up in my hands before.
    It is patchy, but I looveee it. It is the first primer that keeps me matte for more than 45 min. It last all day more than 10 hours. And you can fix so it isn’t patchy. If you have very oily skin you need this in your life.
    good matifer
    Use on the top instead of primer. I put it in my office. I usually use a very tidy drop before noon when I see the shine on my nose. It works.
    I've bought this primer 3 times now, can't go without it. I have oily/combination skin but a lot of primers contain silicone which does not agree with my skin. But this one is the best!! I use it daily and don't need to touch up, even after a 12-hour shift at work. I LOVE IT! People I know love it, so these negative reviews are surprising. Once dried it turns white, but it keeps the oil away and keeps your makeup on for the whole day. Anyone who reacts badly to silicone and has oily skin MUST TRY THIS!
    The one and only, the best
    After trying lots of primers that claim to keep oily skin matte, I can honestly say that this is the only one that works and I will not be buying another again, in fact, I'm going to bulk buy. Keeps me matte all day. However, beware, this primer doesn't work with certain foundations and using too much can make your foundation look cakey so only use where you get oily and a little goes a long way. The first one I bought lasted around 8months and I wear makeup most days.
    My foundation goes on so patchy over this primer. I bought this to use on target areas like my nose and chin where I get a tiny bit oily if I’m going to be wearing my makeup for over 12 hours, I can see it being excellent at mattifying but it’s just too difficult to get an even application on top. Originally I didn’t have any issues with it pilling, but I do now which I assume is due to skincare, perhaps need to allow a lot longer to let skincare absorb before applying this.
    The worst one ever
    I tried this primer and I'm very oily around my t-zone this does nothing to help I promise don't buy this.
    Such a shame
    This primer does create a lovely matt base. It’s very thick, very drying, and doesn’t play well with any liquids on top of it. It peels and makes it very difficult to apply anything over the top.
    Doesn’t work, ruins your makeup
    It’s like a paste and quickly dries on your skin. I have a oily tzone and that’s where I only used for. It doesn’t absorb well and if you press it or rub it, it turns into flakes. It doesn’t work well with a few foundation I tried with, Estée Lauder, Huda Beauty and Illamasqua. I used by watt blender to pat the foundation on avoiding staging at any sorts. It’s patchy and looks dry. Literally I can’t think anything worse I’ve bought in the last few years. Luckily I only bought the smallest size to try and obviously it’s going in the bin. I tried Veil from hourglass, it works wonders. Everyone’s skin is different. Try a small size if you’ve not used it before. It might work for you but sadly it didn’t for me.
    Because primer
    Love this primer the best I’ve bought in my entire life does exactly what it says and your face stays matte and unbelievably flawless just don’t use too much.
    Mecca matte poreless primer
    This is hands down an oily girls best friend. It truly does deliver on a matte complexion for hours. However recently I have noticed it's not working with my too faced foundation. Makes it patchy. With that being said I refuse to give up on this old faithful. I use a damp beauty blender to add that little bit of moisture and blend the dry patches out.
    I tried it this morning on a red hot day no oily skin. I will be buying full size. My skin is so oily. There are very few products can control my oily skin but this one can.
    I’ve used better.
    Fairly disappointed with this if I’m honest. Very tacky and does not sit well on the face, in fact it doesn’t help your foundation application at all. I felt like I had milk of magnesia on my face! I’m very surprised as I have always loved Becca cosmetics.
    Didn't work for me
    I tried this several times, with different moisturisers and foundations, but it didn't work. It was too drying and it made my pores (on cheeks around the nose) look even larger than without it.
    Okay in winter, pills and slides in summer
    I have very big pores and a super oily t-zone and live in a super humid climate, so in the winter this is good provided I use just a little amount. It needs to be applied with a sponge at any time, as unfortunately it just doesn't sink in any other way. In the summer, this just pills like crazy, to the point it is unusable and relegated to my winter kit. It is better than Porefessional and I can see it working for those with drier skin types, but unfortunately, I can't go above 3 stars as I can only use it half of the year.
    Bit disappointed - it worked then it didn't
    I have quite oily skin and work in a hot environment so most make up will slide off my face by the end of the day. When I first used this, it was amazing, but after the first go, it didn't really seem to do the job anymore and in fact, my make up looked worse than without it. Maybe I'm not applying it correctly but it's very weird.
    One of my faves
    I have been using this primer for years - I have quite oily skin and it is the only primer that works in the summer heat. No other primer seems to come close.
    This primer is one of the best choices in the market for acne prone skins since it is not silicone based. But be aware: do not use it on an already irritated skin or with a water based drying foundation. That happened the first time I used it...Since then I use it under shiseido’s UV protective Liquid foundation and I am really happy with it-my face looks fresh even after the gym! And do not skip the part that you rub a small amount with your fingers until it feels soft and warm before you apply it on your face (just for few seconds).
    Live saver
    I have an oily t-zone plus I sweat buckets. I only use a tiny amount of this in my problem areas like my t-zone and forehead. The primer covers my pores and makes me matte but allows the sweat to come through without lifting makeup. I barely touch up my makeup throughout the day or night of partying. It works even better with the YSL eclat primer.
    Good for oily skin
    Okay so I use to struggle with oily skin. Within 2 hours I was a oily mess so I bought this and at first it didn't do anything for me, but I had spent a lot of money so I used it and after my skin finally got used to it a year later it really does control oil for up to 9+ hours. However, it is very difficult to apply, leaves white marks, looks quite caked under foundation, and foundation needs to be applied quickly on top so it doesn't cake up as fast. It does have more down sides, however it is the only primer that controls my oily nose for as long as I need...50/50 about this product.
    This primer is what I use to control my oil, I feel as if it's a hit or miss, some days I use this and I can be oily in a few hours, some days I use this and I'm matte for days!! It also dries funny too leaving white patches on foundation if not tapped in or blended properly which is very unappealing. It doesn't minimise pores either.
    At first was disappointed with this product. I was putting it on under my foundation, and it didn't look good, and I was as shiny as ever. I have EXTREMELY oily skin. I can put on a matte foundation and primer, and guarantee you I'll be shiny as anything in under 45 minutes. However, I stumbled across a video on youtube, which says to pack this product on,'OVER your foundation. So I tried that. And oh my God!! I can the whole school day (7am - 4:15pm) and not even have to powder once! This stuff is the best thing I have ever bought in my life, so please buy!!
    Controls oil but doesn't minimize pore appearance for me
    I have given this product many chances, however it hasn't worked for my skin. I got a free sample of this in my summer gift bag from Cult and it was one of the main reasons as to why i was so excited for the bag. Nevertheless, I was disappointed with the product especially given that the normal size tube is relatively expensive.
    I was really desperate to try this product because I struggle with open pores. Unfortunately this primer really didn't work for me - the texture is very drying and and it made my make up flake terribly. I tried it several times, but it didn't appear to minimize my pores at all.
    Best ever primer
    After watching a Makeup YouTuber rating this primer, I just had to give it a try. My skin gets oily 10 minutes after cleansing, toning and moisturising. It's the best primer I've tried, it kept my T-zone matte until I took my makeup off and I didn't have to use a blot paper once. I definitely recommend anyone with oily skin to give it a try.
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