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    THE INKEY LISTVitamin B, C and E Moisturizer<p>Uniting a cocktail of essential skin vitamins including vitamins B3 (niacinamide), B5 (pantothenic acid), anti-inflammatory vitamin E and brightening vitamin C, THE INKEY LIST's Vitamin B, C and E Moisturizer is an all-rounder moisturiser that is perfect for morning and evening use.</p><p>The perfect starter moisturiser for anyone wanting to figure out their skin care, THE INKEY LIST's multi-tasking Vitamin B, C and E Moisturizer unites a cocktail of good-to-skin ingredients that help balance oil levels (niacinamide), hydrate (hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 also known as pantothenic acid), protect (vitamin E and C) brighten (vitamin C). Use day and night to keep skin in tip-top condition and watch the results!</p>INK0352085550604222973465 stars, based on61 reviews 4.99Cult BeautyNew
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    THE INKEY LIST Vitamin B, C and E Moisturizer

    Vitamin B, C and E Moisturizer
    ( 50ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      THE INKEY LIST’s aim is simple: break through beauty jargon to deliver a straightforward take on the skin care’s most-wanted ingredients (right up our street). A succinct collection of hero products formulated by a crack team of experts and scientists, this range incorporates all the industry heavy-hitters – from retinol to hyaluronic acid – and allows you to customise your regime to suit your skin’s ever-changing needs. The products contain as few ingredients as possible, all of the highest quality and at ‘give-it-a-go’ prices. Advanced skin care for the price of a couple of coffees? Who could refuse…

    • Description

      Uniting a cocktail of essential skin vitamins including vitamins B3 (niacinamide), B5 (pantothenic acid), anti-inflammatory vitamin E and brightening vitamin C, THE INKEY LIST's Vitamin B, C and E Moisturizer is an all-rounder moisturiser that is perfect for morning and evening use.

      The perfect starter moisturiser for anyone wanting to figure out their skin care, THE INKEY LIST's multi-tasking Vitamin B, C and E Moisturizer unites a cocktail of good-to-skin ingredients that help balance oil levels (niacinamide), hydrate (hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 also known as pantothenic acid), protect (vitamin E and C) brighten (vitamin C). Use day and night to keep skin in tip-top condition and watch the results!

    • How to use

      Apply morning and evening at the end of your skin care routine.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water/Eau), Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Cetearyl Alcohol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Stearic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Niacinamide, Panthenol, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Dehydroacetic Acid, Lecithin, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil.

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    THE INKEY LIST - Vitamin B, C and E Moisturizer

    THE INKEY LIST Vitamin B, C and E Moisturizer Reviews

    Good moisturiser but not for my oily skin, stated that it can be used for combo/oily skin but i thought it was too rich for it! Made my skin look brighter and glowy so if you have dry or normal skin this would be great
    I like this one
    I just ordered my third bottle of it. I love it. I like that it’s got vitamin B and C in it :) Light feeling and layers well in my routine
    Excellent Moisturizer
    Bought this moisturizer for my daughter who suffers from acne. She's tried several other moisturizers all with an ok effect. After trying this one a few times, her skin is smoother & she loves it. Great price too.
    Great product, definitely need to restock
    I have suffered from acne since the teens hit. Dealing with the scarring and spots was so impossible until I found this product. I have been getting compliments on my skin and it has never been better! Just wish I could get it in 100ml so it lasts longer.
    Perfect for my dry prone skin!
    I love how this moisturiser is so light and serum-like, a little bit goes a long way and leaves your skin feeling like there’s barely anything on it (but in a good way!). I can’t stand thick, pure-blocking moisturisers that leave you feeling greasy, so this is perfect for me.
    Very good product
    I have used this moisturizer both in winter and spring, I have combination skin and I am very satisfied. My skin is nourished and moisturized, there is almost no scent and the texture is good enough. A small amount of product is necessary and it may take quite a while. It went great under the make-up.
    Not moisturizing enough
    Didn't work for my combination skin. It is so light and not moisturizing enough for me.
    I have been using his for 1 week now in the AM AND PM. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my skin texture, tone, pores and blackheads. Everything is so much better. I’ve tired many brand but the Inkey list is by far the best.
    The Best
    I have very dry and sensitive skin. This moisturizer caters to my skin needs without being overbearing or clogging my skin. It’s very thin but works. It’s amazing, honestly, I’m definitely going for my second bottle.
    Nice moisturiser
    This moisturiser does what it say.. It keeps your skin hydrated and fresh however I run through this really quickly, it doesn't last very long if you use twice a day and I felt I needed at least two 'pea-sized' drops if not more! Overall good value for money but probably more useful if you have skin that needs less moisturising
    Not too bad
    I used this as a nighttime moisturiser for a couple of months. For the price and description, I can't complain too much - I wanted something really neutral and not fragranced and this fit the bill. However, I never felt like I had actually moisturised after applying this. It does recommend using a HA serum or something with it to be fair, and that would definitely be necessary. I didn't see too great an effect from the vitamin content but I didn't experience the dry patches of skin - just didn't feel nicely absorbed and soft. Overall, not a bad moisturiser but I think my expectations of the Inkey List have gotten too high!
    Amazing moisturiser, definitely recommend this and will order again.
    The inkey list
    This moisturiser has worked wonders
    It’s okay
    It’s a nice moisturiser but it’s not hydrating. I’m still struggling with dry patches on my face even though I’m using this 3 times daily.
    This is the best moisturizer I've used so far. It makes my skin feel smooth, it doesn't leave a greasy residue and a little goes a long way. It's very hydrating but still great for my combination skin type. I'd definitely purchase it again.
    Love it
    My skin looks so much better now, and it has only been a month. Highly recommend it. The delivery of the product, however, leaves quite a lot to be desired.
    When I first used this a lot came out (the nozzle opening is wide and a small squeeze can lead to waste), so that was a little disappointing. The moisturizer is ok, it's smooth and refreshing which is lovely; I have naturally oily/combination skin, and I don't like anything too thick or greasy. This is very light and my skin sucks it in instantly. However, I don't feel very moisturized after using it. I think this would work best with a decent serum underneath, at the moment I'm trying Q10 but I feel it needs something more hydrating.
    Perfect for me!
    I love this product! This moisturiser is great if you kind of hate to moisturise - it doesn't leave your face feeling horrible and sticky for ages, but still moisturises the skin. I have combo/oily skin and its fine for me, but if you're seriously dry you might need something more heavy-duty. It also doesn't break me out which is great, because everything else I try seems to break me out. Cons: doesn't come in a bigger size, and the packaging can shoot out way more product than you need.
    Left me with a bad breakout
    Wanted to try a new moisturiser and used it alongside my usual Inkey List skincare routine. After a month of troubled skin, I came to the conclusion it could be this moisturiser. After just 3 days of not using it, my skin is already improving! Do not recommend, unfortunately.
    It's okay
    I bought it because I thought it would go well together with hyaluronic acid (and it does) + it's not expensive. However, as for someone with dry skin, seems like not the best product. I guess it could be nice for summer as it is so light but for me it just felt plain. Overall it's okay, left me feeling neutral about it. It's fragrance free, leaves the skin feeling silky, that's nice. What I liked the least was the packaging - it seems very basic, not thought through - the opening is too big, too much product comes out. Would I buy it again? Maybe for summer but I'm more looking forward on trying other products. Would I buy it for any more than £5? No. Ps. I do quite like the design of the box.
    Beautiful moisturiser for summer and combo skin
    Light, gel-like, and glowing, this is a great budget moisturiser for combination or oily skin types. My skin is dry, so this wasn't the most hydrating formula for me, however, I really saw that when combined with SPF, it helped to give my skin a glow and my skin felt very moisturised! I think this would definitely be great in hotter climates as it's got a cooling sensation.
    My New Best Friend!
    This has to be the BEST moisturiser I have ever used! My skin is so soft and bright! This moisturiser has rescued my skin!
    Light, effective, great texture
    Doesn't leave a residue, skin feels smooth (in a nice 'normal' way) and calm after use. Great when paired after hyaluronic acid.
    Good Moisturizer
    I wanted a basic moisturizer, hydrating, not too occlusive, without special actives, and without fragrance or other typically irritating ingredients. This one was the most basic I could find in Inkey List's products, and I wasn't disappointed. I will repurchase again. It's a bit sticky in the first minute after applying, but it ends up absorbing well into the skin. The skin doesn't get either dry or too oily. It's not one of those moisturizers that leave the skin super smooth. Just normal. I've been using it in the summer/fall. The first few times I used it, it tingled a bit in some sensitive parts of my skin, like around the nose and lips. Inkey's support said it could be the small % of vitamins in the moisturizer. But my skin got used to it, and I didn't have any adverse reaction like redness, or anything of the sort. The bottle lasted 2 months, but many times I applied too much of it. A little goes a long way, and the big opening of the bottle doesn't help with that, the product slides right out.
    Boon for oily skin
    A must have for oily skin. No clogging and smooth finish is what this moisturizer gives me. It is value for money and I would definitely repurchase this one...and why not!
    Holy grail for combo / oily skin
    I have combo/oily skin and this is hands down one of the best moisturizers I've tried (which include some really expensive ones). I use it normally in the afternoon/evenings as I prefer to use alternatives that include SPF in the morning. Great gel-cream texture that absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and nourished - without shine or sticky feel. Works also great to use as buffer for retinols or to seal in other evening serums. Fantastic product, unbelievable value for money.
    A little bit goes a long way and it doesnt feel heavy on the face
    Nice overall
    Type of skin: Combination Shade of skin: Medium/Dark A nice moisturiser overall. It’s a nice between a cream and a gel which is quite lightweight but gives a good covering. A large pea sized amount is enough for your face and neck, so a small bit goes a long way. The main drawback is where my skin is dryer, it tends to make my skin feel quite tight. It works better when using it under other moisturisers or sun screen but by itself it doesn’t hydrate for long enough.
    Good, basic moisturizer
    This moisturizer ticks almost all the boxes: moisturizes my combination skin well, vitamins C and E to make the skin glow, excellent price. The only drawback is my skin struggles a bit to breathe with it, resulting in some sweat accumulation. Maybe it's the coconut oil? I'll revisit this product in the winter.
    Good thing
    I have normal-to-combo sensitive skin which quickly gets clogged and dehydrated. And this moisturiser fits me perfectly for the summer. It doesn’t irritate, doesn’t clog my pores and gives just enough hydration and it just feels so good upon application. Will definitely be in my favourites.
    Change the package design.
    Moisturiser is pretty basic and feels it. The screw lid isn't very practical as the moisturiser tends to come out of the tube pretty fast. The moisturiser itself is quite light which is nice.
    Waste of money
    It made my face really dry and irritated
    A good moisturiser.
    It is very lightweight and serum-like, as another reviewer said. It does leave my skin feeling very sticky though for ages and when I put sun protection on top, it is even stickier. I think it would be a very good nighttime moisturiser too. It is easy to apply and spreads easily.
    Great for full body
    I love this moisturiser for its price as well as formula. Using this on my face as well as body leaves skin with hydrated glow. The thin gellish texture makes it easy to use on arms and legs.
    Not moisterising enough
    Didn't feel like I'd used any moisteriser at all, and my skin looked dry.
    Nice product.
    I have combination skin and it does a good job. It’s not overly hydrating so maybe not good for dry skin. Be careful when using with active ingredients like lactic acid, I used another serum and my face got sensitive and hot, my mistake though.
    Повторный заказ
    and I liked the cream. for oily skin, the very thing: it does not weigh down, it is very light and gives a feeling of freshness and purity. it is quickly absorbed, does not leave stickiness, I use spf on top, tone and everything is perfectly friendly with each other.
    Absolute Garbage
    It squirts out all over the place. The volume is tiny, not even worth £7. It leaves ur skin dry and tacky like an SPF. Zero hydration. I was so glad to be done with this product! It would maybe be ok with another moisturiser on top. It's just a silly idea to put all these ingredients in one thing, well, The Inkey List didnt execute it well
    It is okay but it is not for oily skin. I have extremely oily skin and this made it even worse. It feels nice and if your skin is neutral you will like it.
    I really liked this product. The gel is very lightweight and soothing to the skin. It sits well under sunscreen and makeup. Really good product at a great price.
    Basic ASF
    Basic ASF moisturiser but it's so GOOD! I've got combination skin and a lot of moisturisers I have tried in the past have left my face so oily as I always wear sunscreen on top of it but GURRRRL this moisturiser feels so light and refreshing on the skin even after putting sunscreen on, doesn't make my skin oily or shiny but leaves it bright and glowy (there's a difference). Would highly recommend it to everyone I MEAN LOOK AT THE PRICE IT PUTS HIGH-END PRODUCTS TO SHAME!
    It’s okay
    I bought this because I liked the idea of a moisturiser with brightening ingredients and it’s a great price. However, I have combination skin with dry patches and I didn’t think it did that much for me. Also, the moisturiser is pretty small so only lasted about 2 weeks with daily use. Didn’t hate it but wouldn’t repurchase it. Probably avoid if you have a drier skin type.
    Isn’t bad for the price but wouldn’t recommend for dry skin
    I used this moisturiser for quite a few months. I have very sensitive skin and this didn’t cause my skin to break out at all or cause any bad reactions. One good thing about it is that it doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy and it is quite light. My skin is quite oily skin anyway so don’t want a really heavy moisturiser but this did leave my skin feeling quite tight and not very hydrated after using it sometimes, occasionally I had to dip back into it after 10 minutes and add more to my face so it didn’t feel so tight, due to this I have ended up changing to a new moisturiser. It isn’t the worst moisturiser, else I wouldn’t have used it for as long as I did, but I guess you get what you pay for.
    (Essay) Okay!! So...I just HAD to leave a review, hoping to help anyone that reads this. I spent a lot of money getting The Ordinary range, convincing myself it was amazing because of all the hype. Introduced each product slowly and over a long period of time following the guidelines. No hate on the brand but it just wasn't for me. After arguments with myself it did create more problems and I kept thinking it was just my skin and I'm just purging. I did however like The Ordinary Glycolic Toner for my mild hormonal acne and I did notice a difference with the product. The time came to reorder it and it was out of stock. So I looked for an alternative and in enters THE INKEY LIST. I was so sceptical in trying this brand so I only ordered the glycolic toner (given it's a higher %) and this moisturiser. HONESTLY, I wish I'd tried it sooner! To say I've swapped brands/ingredients quickly it has been gentler on my skin and I keep waiting for some kind of skin outbreak...but nothing! I LOVE how this moisturiser feels when I apply it and doesn't feel sticky. It feels very hydrating. I always wake up with more of a glow to my skin. The toner doesn't even sting and it helps with my mild acne texture. I know I've a little way to go but I know for certain I'm in the right direction. For the price its definitely worth a try.
    the best one so far! amazing how little product you need for one application. it lasts for ages! I have dry combination skin. the creams I've used before didn't moisturize enough. they either made my skin break out or left it tight and dry. this one leaves it deeply moisturized and super soft. the texture is water-based and not creamy, which I find most suitable for my slightly blemished skin. the opening is quite large, squeeze carefully.
    Great product!
    I love this product! Does not feel sticky and sinks into the skin pretty quickly. As I have oily/combination skin, it's very tough to find a good moisturizer as a lot of heavier moisturizers easily clog my pores. However, I have found this moisturizes the skin very well without clogging pores! The only point of critique is the rubber-smell (it's a no-fragrance product) and that the tube squirts out a lot of product, so squeeze carefully ;).
    Love the product..
    The moisturiser itself is lovely. I use this is the morning as it’s super light weight and perfect for my oily skin. The reason for the 4 stars is the tube tends to squirt out a lot more than you actually need so you have to be super careful to not waste product. I haven’t tried this under makeup yet, though!
    I really like this moisturiser. I have combination skin and most of the moisturisers I have tried have too much oil but this one is perfect and gives a sufficient amount of moisture and doesn't leave any oil on the surface of my skin.
    Summer moisturiser?
    I have combination/oily skin and I love the light texture of this moisturiser. However, I am finding that my skin definitely needs something heavier during the winter season. I would buy again but for summer weather.
    yucky feeling
    The thing I dislike most is the way your face feels right after this. Do you know That feeling when the tiny little hairs on your face. the peach fuzz I guess it's called, sticks to your skin? And the eyebrows get sticky as well? That's what this cream does. Not nice at all. Also, the container's opening is too large and too much product comes out at once. I wouldn't repurchase.
    I saw the how good the review and boy was I wrong I did try for 2 months just to make sure that I'm breaking out and that my skin wasn't purging. I've got the worst break out in life.
    Simple moisturiser
    This moisturiser isn’t too heavy on my skin, although after a long time my face does sort of get greasy but that’s just life. It’s a simple formula with vitamins that are supposedly good for the skin, though I haven’t noticed a huge difference. I really appreciate that it is fragrance free since my skin hates fragrance of any kind, and actually I think it smells like a cherry bakewell lol! 4/5 because the actual product is rather small and it leaks into the lid as well as dispenses very fast.
    Good for oily skin
    Even though it has coconut oil which can clog the pores, I think the percentage of it is low. Hence, can be used on oily skin.
    such a good moisturizer
    I got this in the summer and I have used it all summer, for the last 4 months. I have oily skin and this feels divine on my skin. I use it as a topper for my hyaluronic acid and I just love it. Having 3 vitamins, and such a lightweight and easily absorbing formula is sooo amazing. I cannot believe I found an affordable moisturizer and with such a nice formula. Just got my second bottle. :)
    Liking it
    Really light weight and easy to apply, I use this before spf as advised on the box. Doesn’t really have a strong smell. Been using for a week but I have noticed a smoother skin texture so liking it so far.
    Not enough hydration
    Lightweight moisturizer but not enough hydration for dry and sensitive skin =. However this is good to wear under makeup because it is not greasy. I think people with oily skin type are definitely gonna love this.
    Quality product for low price
    I have very dry skin and have little white dots caused by sun and this cream along with serum helped me to get rid of it. But yes all depends of skin condition and type. But I would definitely recommend the product.
    so la la
    i wouldnt buy again, too light for my combo skin. Maybe oily skin people will like it.
    Saved my skin!!
    I was struggling with my skin with lots of little under the skin bumps. I am very sensitive and can never find a moisturiser that doesn’t break me out or give me any texture. This stuff is amazing - repaired my skin barrier and has cleared and kept away all breakouts! 10/10 recommend. The only thing is, I wish it had a pump.
    Great moisturizer
    10/10 would recommend this moisturiser. It really light but really nourishing and leaves my skin feeling amazing. Also because it combines so many helpful ingredients it cuts down on the steps in my routine.
    Would definitely recommend
    Normally I use rosehip oil as my moisturiser as I like to use clean products but saw this and fancied the idea of getting more vitamins into my skin. It’s so nice and feels nourishing and leaves your skin kinda matte/not oily at all. My skin is soft all the time and not sure if it’s my combined skincare atm but this definitely plays a part!
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