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    PixiRose Oil Blend<p>When the sister of {<a href="https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/pixi" target="_blank">Pixi</a>}&#8217;s creator &#8211; a trained aesthetician and facialist to Sweden&#8217;s A-list &#8211; requested a skin care line she could use in her specialist treatments, Pixi&#8217;s &#8216;skintreats&#8217; was born. Marrying affordability with efficacy, Pixi&#8217;s skin care solutions have quickly acquired legions of devotees &#8211; from top beauty bloggers and editors, to die-hard customers who&#8217;re totally addicted to their simple-yet-sophisticated range.</p> PIX02159598851908300085 stars, based on47 reviews 26.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Pixi Rose Oil Blend

    Rose Oil Blend
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      A delectable silky serum, {Pixi}’s stunning Rose Oil Blend is infused with a powerful complex of youth-boosting oils to enhance elasticity and leave your skin luminous. Rejuvenating and regenerative, the cocktail of sweet almond, rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate seed and rose geranium oils smells delectable – and deep-conditions your complexion; fortifying its fabric to promote resilience, refine skin texture and quickly recapture lost radiance. A gorgeous treatment for anyone concerned with dehydrated, dulled or sagging skin, this ‘feeds’ your cells and maintains moisture levels, so you look years younger and lit-from-within. Glow forth!

    • Description

      When the sister of {Pixi}’s creator – a trained aesthetician and facialist to Sweden’s A-list – requested a skin care line she could use in her specialist treatments, Pixi’s ‘skintreats’ was born. Marrying affordability with efficacy, Pixi’s skin care solutions have quickly acquired legions of devotees – from top beauty bloggers and editors, to die-hard customers who’re totally addicted to their simple-yet-sophisticated range.

    • How to use
      Use AM & PM. Massage 2 to 3 drops onto cleansed, toned skin. For extra hydration & glow, add 1 or 2 drops to your moisturiser before applying.
    • Full ingredients list
      Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Punica Granatum Seed Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil.
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    Pixi - Rose Oil Blend

    Pixi Rose Oil Blend Reviews

    Feels beautiful
    I love using this. It leaves my skin feeling silky and hydrated, perfect under moisturiser during the day. It doesn't feel heavy or oily at all.
    This is a must have!
    I love using this Rose Oil Blend in the evening as a facial treatment however, being such a versatile product I do mix a few drops with my moisturiser and use it in the morning also. The oil absorbs very quickly despite having a very thick consistency. The scent is truly heavenly, yet the best bit is that my skin has never looked better. No spots since I started using it, no dryness, my skin looks luminous and smooth to the touch.
    "All on one moisture and treatment product"
    It's a moisturising superfood oil for your skin, it's deeply hydrated and absorbs quickly when put onto your skin. If you love oil, you will love the smell of rose geranium which uplifts and soothes your skin at the same time. You can also add it to moisture when your skin is feeling extremely dry.
    Lovely versatile product
    This is such a lovely and versatile product! I mix a few drops into my foundation and moisturizer to leave my skin looking positively radiant. A truly beautiful product!
    Basically cured my eczema!
    This stuff is amazing, I suffer from eczema, psoriasis and rosacea and this stuff has helped so much. I haven't had it flare up in about a year now?! I recommend using this only in the morning/before makeup with your moisturiser because if you use it at night time I think it's just too oily. Also a bonus, it lasts for months! I use a lot of it daily and I replace mine every 3 months, sometimes longer. (& it smells great!)
    I love this oil and I’m on my third bottle already! It does wonders for my skin and I also like mixing it in with my foundation to give me a more dewy look. The smell is divine as well.
    Rose Oil Blend!!!!!
    Super gentle and super caring! I love this product and its scent so much! Definitely one of my personal must haves!
    I love Pixi products and use them all the time. I was very disappointed with this oil, it wasn't hydrating, nourishing or even nice to put on my face. I would not recommend for any skin types. I am now using it on my feet before I go to bed (to use it up) and it still is not doing a good job. A lot better oils on the market for the same price, if not less. The product itself smells lovely.
    Expected more
    I love the bottle & the smell but I expected more results after using it frequently every night.
    Nice enough...
    I haven't really noticed this doing much for my skin, but it is nice and moisturising and smells amazing. The smell is really strong, but if you like rose scented things then it's nice. I like to mix this into my foundation too. For the price though, I wouldn't repurchase as there's cheaper products that have the same effect.
    What a treat
    This just smells divine!!! I use 3 drops of this oil together with La Roche Posay Ultra Night Creme and they work so well together. I wake up in the morning with a bouncy bright complexion. I also noticed that since I started using this, my skins pigmentation looked more even. I have Pityriasis Alba and steroids are the best way to treat it but this oil is helping heal my skin. Can highly recommend this!!!
    It's there.
    It is a VERY oily product so I just add 1-2 drops to my moisturizer in the evening, and it's enough for my really dry skin. I don't really feel like it does much for me, but the smell is really nice, hence the 3 stars. It's not bad, so I will use it up, but won't purchase again.
    Lovely rose oil
    If I use too many drops my face can't take it all. But when mixed into my moisturiser this is just a lovely nourishing oil. I use it after intense exfoliations, or when I feel like my skin needs a bit of extra care. I have a combination skin, and it's worked well for me :)
    I wanted to love this
    I just don't enjoy wearing this oil or the consistency in application, unfortunately. It also smells so so strong! If you are a big rose scent fan you may enjoy the lingering strong scent. It feels like slathering a fragrance or essential oil onto your face. I upped my rating as didn't notice any negatives (or positives) and the ingredients are meant to be quite nourishing but who knows what the ratio of the contents are. I would probably just purchase a pure rose-hip seed oil in future.
    Like wearing a filter
    I can't describe how satisfied I am with this product. It hydrates my skin for the whole day when I apply it in the morning. It leaves my skin soft and luminous (filterlike). It also calms my skin and reduces redness. This oil deserves an award! If you have dry blotchy skin, this product is perfect for you!
    Love it
    I use this before going to sleep and in the morning my skin feels super soft and glowy. I've been using this for a week now and it also feels like my foundation applies so much better after I started using this!
    Godsend - winter essential.
    As I have a combination to dry skin I've been very curious to try a facial oil for a long time. And as a Pixi fan - my choice fell on this one! This oil made me forget all the flakiness I used to get from dryness (which none of the hydrating facial creams was solving btw). I use this AM and PM, and my skin feels deeply hydrated, the oil skins right into the skin making it soft and dewy. On top of that, I feel like it protects my skin from cold winter weather (in Russia) and not letting it dry as it normally does. What's important for me - this doesn't leave uncomfortable residue on the surface of the skin.
    This oil definitely makes my skin more hydrated and soft. It doesn't absorb instantly, but I put it on at night and let it absorb whilst I lounge around. In combination with other products I think this has helped the fine lines on my forehead. Only thing is after a few uses the dropper which I keep on as the lid stuffed up and it is so annoying to get it off every time (it still works fine its just a hassle to take it off to use it!). I don't really get a nice smell from it? it smells a bit weird?
    Absolutely lovely.
    I use this occasionally when my skin needs that extra boost in terms of dryness and fatigue. It works wonders and is really nice to mix in with a gel moisturizer as well.
    Just perfect.
    I love everything about this. It smells divine, and makes my skin super soft. A little goes a long way, so even using it twice daily I think it'll last me a long time.
    Amazing oil
    I'm in love with this oil. Great value for money
    Lovely oil at a good price
    I'm a big fan of facial oils and if you're someone who's dehydrated and in need of a night-time facial oil or serum and would like to start on a lower price point, this is the one you have to get. It smells gorgeous and although I wished it had a bit more slip, it moisturises well and leaves my skin looking plump and rested when I wake up in the morning.
    Nice oil
    This oil smells nice, has a light texture, and leaves my skin looking better the next morning. I use it at night only. Great value for money!
    This makes my skin feel and look so amazing! I apply it as prep before my foundation and I absolutely love it feels so lightweight feels like water for my dehydrated skin!
    Great Oil
    I have dry skin and I like to use this oil every other night. It leaves my skin really hydrated and it absorbs quickly. Whenever I use this before I go to sleep, I always wake up with softer skin.
    Smells good, easily absorbed
    This oil is good for all types of skin. Very easy to apply and absorbs fast.
    Didn't like this at all. Very very strong smell, not in a good way and I feel like it makes my acne scars and spots show more.
    Nice product
    I am a big fan of oils after an evening cleanse or for non-makeup days. I would not say this is the best oil I have ever used (I have about 7 in my collection currently) but is far from the worst. I think this could be a bit strong if you have very sensitive skin as its quite rich. Have not seen any noticeable results however as I alternate between different oils.
    Love it!
    Such a nice oil, it is a treat to my skin. I have very sensitive skin, this doesn’t irritate and blends nicely. I love it.
    Pixi rose oil blend.
    Perfect to add a couple of drops to your foundation and just dab around the eyes when your make up is complete.
    Amazing product
    Smells amazing. I use it day and night. It hydrates and smells amazing if you like rose, but it's not a strong smell. Love it
    Packaging let down...
    The actual oil formula is perfect. Makes your skin so soft and hydrated and youthful looking in the morning, but I hate this product because of the packaging. The gold band around the top of the pipette came off very quickly, leaving it just white and plastic which doesn't look very glamorous, but now the actual pipette has come away from the white plastic bit which means that I can't actually close the bottle itself without the oil spilling out everywhere. I wanted to write this review on the packaging because even though the oil itself is worth the price, the packaging lets it down completely. Luckily I had the oil in a gift set so it was at a reduced price but I am so disappointed that just after a few uses it has become impossible to even close, I can't travel with it and because I can't close it I fear that the product might dry out slightly or become dirty. Disappointed.
    I have sensitive skin and I wanted something for overnight. I apply it over The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid and my skin looks and fills so good in the morning. After cleaning my face I mix a few drops with Embryolisse face cream and it gives me the perfect glow. I will repurchase it for sure.
    I was so excited to try this out, but unfortunately, it broke me out. At first, I believed it was something else, but I switched this oil to the ordinary plant squalane, and the breakouts stopped. I’m quite sad because I really like PIXI, however, this just didn’t suit my skin. The smell was rather nice, though. (I have acne prone, dry and sensitive skin.)
    Favourite skin product of all time
    Absolutely amazing. Beautiful smell (yet contains no perfumes), sinks in well, always leaves my skin glowing, soft and smooth - nothing else compares to this. Don't just take my word for it, buy it! (it also contains 0 chemicals and is 100% natural which is great).
    Your little helper
    I absolutely love this product, it smells beautiful and feels amazing. I have acne-prone, combination skin and this help me clear up my skin. It absorbs into your skin very quickly just make sure you only use a drop or 2 and not more.
    Not for combination or oily skin
    I recently heard that even oily combination skin types can/should be using face oils as part of their skincare, so I bought this one. It doesn't sink into the skin and leaves my face feeling greasy even the next morning, which I don't like. Using a sparing amount helps a bit, but it still didn't produce any noticeable benefits. Maybe it works for dry skin though.
    My favourite oil
    This oil did wonders for my dry skin! I was finally able to reduce the dry patches and moisturize my skin thoroughly. Since the first use, I've noticed differences. My skin is more hydrated and luminous. The smell is perfect as it is quite soft and aromatic without being too much.
    love this oil
    If you have dry skin then this oil is for you. I have been using this for a couple of months and my face feels so soft. Sometimes I put 2 drops on my brush before i put my foundation and it gives an amazing glow to the face.
    Better than expected
    Really didn’t expect to like this as much as I did. But it was very softening and absorbed well. I also really hate rose scented anything but find this bearable. Hasn’t replaced my usual oils but if I ever pick it up I’m not disappointed.
    Changed how I feel/look
    I had had a very dry skin and I live in a very dry climate, I used to have an issue where when I tough my face, especially around the nose it felt like my skin is peeling off and harsh which disgusted me. After starting using this oil I haven't had any issue since, my face felt like a baby skin from how soft it became and everyone around me noticed a difference and started asking me what I am using and the reason why I had glow in my face. This is a very beautiful and amazing oil which lasted for 3 months now and I use 3 times a day. I don't think I will search for any alternatives as I am happy with the results. One issue I am having is with the tube and it is very slippery.
    Beautiful oil
    Love love love this oil. It's smells absolutely amazing and makes skin look so glowly and fresh without looking greasy or feeling heavy on the skin. Definitely notice a difference in my skin when I use this. Also applied before makeup makes everything go on so much more beautifully.
    I'm going on to my second bottle now. This is a beautiful product. Great for smoothing, softening and plumping the skin. I mix two drops into my moisturizer and sometimes in with my liquid foundation for a dewy and bright complexion (makes foundation look amazing). I also use it three times a week at night as a moisturizer and wake up to softer, fresher skin. A pricey product but will last a while. Highly recommended.
    Skincare staple
    This is an absolute staple in my skincare routine. It provides me with glowy hydrated skin, it's not too greasy for my dehydrated skin so I use it both AM and PM. I also have sensitive skin, and this does not irritate it at all. It is soothing, so for some everyday TLC this is wonderful!
    Lovely oil
    I'm on my second bottle of this. It's got a lovely light rose scent, really subtle, and softens my (dry-ish) skin whilst calming blemishes. I use it overnight and also in the morning before I add SPF moisturiser, and it's not at all greasy or heavy.
    Just lovely
    This is an amazing oil. I use it after the glow tonic at night as an easy night time step after cleansing and I found it really helped to smooth and soften my skin. I have really sensitive and reactive skin and I found the oil did not irritate my skin whatsoever. My only issue with this oil is the bottle. Part of the bottletopper came off after about a month of use which was quite annoying. It didn't cause any leakage but it did make it harder to open the bottle. All in all a great face oil for my dry and sensitive skin, but maybe not the greatest packaging with the one I got.
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