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    MALIN + GOETZEucalyptus Deodorant Travel<p>Clear of aluminium, alcohol, baking soda, parabens and synthetic fragrances or dyes, MALIN + GOETZ&#8217; Eucalyptus Deodorant is perfect for those looking for a natural alternative to aluminium-based deodorants. The cruelty-free and vegan formula takes its odour-dispelling abilities from citonellyl and refreshing eucalyptus oil to grant all-day protection. With a transparent gel texture, it glides on easily, quickly absorbs and leaves no stains &#8211; plus it comes in both full (73g) and travel (28g) sizes so you need never be without!&nbsp;</p>MGO018_TRAVEL190908526350070594 stars, based on39 reviews 12.00Cult BeautyNew
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    MALIN + GOETZ Eucalyptus Deodorant

    Eucalyptus Deodorant
    ( 28g )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Striving to create gentle, high-quality products for even the most sensitive skin types, MALIN + GOETZ pairs natural ingredients with advanced technology to create everyday essentials and targeted treatments that not only grant exceptional results, but do so with minimal fuss and complication. A natural deodorant, this cruelty-free and vegan formula is enriched with odour-neutralising citronellyl and refreshing eucalyptus oil for all-day wear.

    • Description

      Clear of aluminium, alcohol, baking soda, parabens and synthetic fragrances or dyes, MALIN + GOETZ’ Eucalyptus Deodorant is perfect for those looking for a natural alternative to aluminium-based deodorants. The cruelty-free and vegan formula takes its odour-dispelling abilities from citonellyl and refreshing eucalyptus oil to grant all-day protection. With a transparent gel texture, it glides on easily, quickly absorbs and leaves no stains – plus it comes in both full (73g) and travel (28g) sizes so you need never be without! 

    • How to use

      Apply daily to clean underarms. Appropriate for underarms after shaving.

      There is a transitional period when integrating any natural deodorant into your regimen. For a short period of time, you may find yourself perspiring more than usual – this is your body releasing any built-up toxins. After detoxing, your body will stabilise, and you will perspire less. Absorbs without residue, staining or irritation.

    • Full ingredients list

      Propylene Glycol, Aqua|Water|Eau, Sodium Stearate, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol, Citronellyl Methylcrotonate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Sodium Hydroxide.

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    MALIN + GOETZ - Eucalyptus Deodorant

    MALIN + GOETZ Eucalyptus Deodorant Reviews

    Love it!
    Mixed emotions from this one
    Nice packaging, but low efficiency. Would recommend other products.
    I walk everywhere and in the winter wear so many layers cause I HATE the cold and this turns me into a bit of a sweaty mess in the underarm areas. I like this cause I can really apply a nice thick layer in the morning and I smell nice and fresh that it still discretely there at the end of the day.
    Much better out there
    I bought this one as the shop which sells my usual natural deo was closed in lockdown and the reviews were good. Trying this one though has made me look forward to everything opening even more so I can go back to the old- this one doesn't work at all! Utterly useless- and that's trying in the winter, working from home, dread to think how bad it'll be in the summer!
    I have previously stayed away from roll-on deodorants because I didn't think that they would work or be strong enough for me. This however keeps me fresh all day long. When I first smelt it, it reminded me of Vicks VapoRub but when on the body it smells really fresh and clean. It applied well and absorbed quickly. A bonus: I am always wearing black and this did not stain any of my clothes! I have officially put my aerosol deodorant away!
    The only one that works
    Like many, I’ve tried all the non aluminium / natural deodorants and always come back to this one, it simply works! The smell is clean, not over perfumed and the larger size lasts me up to 8/9 months. Of course nothing natural will ever compare to the effectiveness of a deodorant filled with chemicals but that shouldn’t be the goal - this is the best on the market in terms of natural deos. Be sure to give your body a couple weeks to adjust to this, you won’t regret!
    Amazing product
    It was my first time experiencing a natural deodorant and to my pleasant surprise, it worked really well for me. It has a strong, rosemary-like scent which personally doesn't bother me very much. By the end of the day, however, there is no trace of body odor which is just amazing! This deodorant is working better for me than a normal one. Highly recommend.
    Works brilliantly
    The only natural deodorant that worked for me. The texture is great, doesn't leave any marks on the clothes. The subtle eucalyptus scent is lovely and leaves your armpits feeling fresh.
    Unfortunately, this deodorant really let me down. I trialled it out twice to make sure I perhaps didn't put enough on the first time? But both times, by the end of the day I could definitely smell odour and did not feel fresh. Luckily I was working from home! I would have felt so uncomfortable if I had been out and about.
    Nice scent, not sticky at all. But too 'weak' for me, might work fine for people who barely sweat but for me (who unfortunately sweats a lot) this doesn't cut it.
    Horrible irritation - going in the bin
    I was wooed by all the positive reviews of this and I decided to make the leap to natural deodorant. Unfortunately this product just isn’t for me. I didn’t go through any sort of smelly “transition” like the sites warn you might, but I did find the scent of this stick itself to be unpleasant. It smells very antiseptic when you first put it on, and I found as the morning went on I would catch a whiff of the smell and think for a second it was BO (but it wasn’t, it was eucalyptus). The worst thing for me though is this gave me INCREDIBLY bad irritation under both arms. After one week I was kind of red and chapped and I chalked it up to sweating more (and you will sweat with this, obviously), thinking it’d get better. After two and a bit weeks the skin under both arms was absolutely raw, almost like a burn, and I had to call it quits. I switched to another brand of natural deodorant and now after using that for just over a week the irritation is completely gone and healed. So, unfortunately, something in this Malin & Goetz one really doesn’t work for my skin. Bit of a waste of money, but there you go.
    Great, Long-Lasting Deodorant
    Although I'm not a huge fan of other Malin + Goetz products and have had numerous bad experiences with more "natural" formulas or substitutes for deodorants, this is by far the best deodorant I've ever used and I don't think I'll be switching to another one anytime soon. It's fresh, not too thickly scented (if that's important to you), and rolls on very easy, and has good ingredients. It may seem quite pricey, but I've been using this deodorant for a year and I am still on the same stick (it lasts quite a while, which is another plus point. I personally feel that the price is worth it). I live in a very hot climate where sweating is inevitable, and no other deodorant has worked as well on me as this one has. It doesn't ever feel sticky, does not leave any 'white-cast' whatsoever, and smells really fresh and gentle. I'm going to stick to using this deodorant since it works so well when using it where I live and also while traveling. Highly recommend you give this deodorant a try.
    Great if Breastfeeding too
    As a 2nd-time mum who is breastfeeding again, I have tried a few natural deodorants with no joy. However, this deodorant has been life-changing! It goes on cool and keeps me feeling fresh all day. Not only does it smell amazing there is no stickiness feeling when you’re running around after a toddler too! Excellent product which I’ll be continuing to use long after breastfeeding too!
    Great hard working deodorant. Loads of product, great delivery and keeps me from stinking. Love it
    Love it!
    I am 100% converted, at the beginning, I did find that I was sweating a little more than usual but now I have been using this for over 2 weeks that has completely gone and I have that fresh smell feeling all day long.
    If you want to switch to a natural deodorant...
    I'd recommend giving this one a go. I've tried three different, aluminum-free deodorants over the last 6 months and this one is the best performing. The scent is great and its hard-working for a natural deodorant. I'd recommend reapplying if you're generally on the warmer side and give it some time for your body to get used to it. Also, the travel size is great for on the go!
    Takes some getting used to but...
    I love it! Transitioning from an antiperspirant deodorant to this meant I had to get used to feeling a little damp at times. However, it has a wonderful, crisp scent that keeps you smelling fresh all day. Converted!
    I have the travel size and I will purchase the full size because this deodorant is it for me, no more nasties on pits.
    Makes me feels sweaty
    I wanted to love this. I’ve been using natural deo company and loving it but I was seduced by a roll on and not having to use my fingers. This just makes me feel sweaty and damp.
    Very poor
    First time I’ve bought this particular deodorant (I usually use another well-known brand natural deodorant). Thought I would give this a try as less expensive than my usual brand & I had a discount. I found it completely ineffectual. Doesn’t work as a deodorant & caused a slight irritation. Disappointed.
    Fresh and chemical-free
    I like this a lot. As with any transition from chemical antiperspirant to deodorant, there is going to be a period of purging as it were, whereby the aluminium etc from your usual antiperspirant has to leave your body before you can really experience the benefits of the deodorant. Thankfully, I've spent much of lockdown "purging" my armpits (after years of abusing them with aerosol antiperspirants) so when I tried this it was a wonderful pleasant surprise. It has a wonderfully fresh scent, keeps my underarms from the dreaded pigmentation aerosols cause, and even better I don't get any odour. Converted!
    Would recommend
    I bought the full size last year and it's still going! It takes a few weeks to get used to so I'd recommend starting in the cooler months as you'll still sweat at first. I like the scent too
    Love it
    I bought this in my long search for a "natural" deodorant. I had no expectations and it was, essentially, a blind buy. Let me tell you, it has my go-to deodorant. It does not irritate my skin, it doesn't leave any marks and it smells great. It smells like fresh eucalyptus and I've never noticed any armpit odour when wearing it. It even holds up after a workout. I've bought a smaller size as well and carry it in my bag. Will keep buying it!
    It works!
    The smell, texture and duration of service put this on my favourites list.
    Sadly didn't work for me
    I know this is such a popular product but it didn’t seem to work for me. I do understand why people like it, in comparison to other more natural deodorants the application is so easy. That being said, I wasn’t too pleased with the results and was not feeling fresh by the end of each day.
    Not a fan of the smell.
    I really wanted to love it, but it smells exactly like a Vicks candy (folks in India would get it). Everytime I apply it, it reminds me of Vicks and it puts me off! It's not long-lasting too so you have to reapply.
    Sadly does not work
    My eco-warrior daughter has badgered me to change my deodorant. The fragrance of this deodorant is divine (1*), but I was so disappointed with its performance- after giving it a few weeks to see if my body adjusted to a natural deodorant, I was still experiencing body odour a few hours after applying. I have since bought a much cheaper brand (natural) which works perfectly for me.
    Not my cup of tea
    Was considering buying it, though it's not possible to get it shipped to my country (yet, hopefully). Got the mini version in a recent goody bag. It has a smell of a candy or some lemonade which is ok, but I would prefer it to be less intense. As for the effect, it doesn't do much - not blocking the smell, not reducing sweating. It has no white or yellow cast, feels soft on the skin. It dries in a while due to it's soft texture (I guess). Won't purchase the full version.
    This smells lovely, but quite simply does not work. A few hours after applying I can definitely smell body odour. Will be going in the bin.
    My search for a natural deodorant that works has been tough. I tried one with baking soda and while it work from a BO POV, it reacted with my skin. So I decided to try this one, it smells refreshing, and it sort of works. Most days I don’t smell awful, but if I do too much exercise I do begin to get a smell from myself, or sometimes when I wake up I feel like I smell (and I shower a lot - at least twice a day). I also have to reapply this throughout the day. It looks like it will last longer than some other natural deodorants even with me reapplying it so often but it’s not reliable as a deodorant, especially for the price. My search will continue.
    I bought this as I was looking for an alternative aluminum-free deodorant that was more effective than the last one I had. I was a bit reluctant due to the price but based on good reviews I thought I would give it a go. So happy I did as it’s definitely value for money. The size is a lot bigger than I expected and it is 100% effective for me. Smells quite strong but it’s a really nice fresh scent and when on don’t notice it. It does the job whilst being natural. Best Natural one I have tried so far. Will always buy this now.
    Sad story
    This deodorant - works. I can not deny it, that there is no feeling of sweatiness for 24 hours and that there are no bad odours for 12 hours (6 for sure!). Yet something is off with it. I have been using it for months now and tried it multiple ways (on the freshly hairless armpit, on the hairy armpit, working out, sitting all day, freshly showered, before bed, etc) and every time, after 2-4 hours my armpits would chafe. What the actual cosmic mischief is that? I have never in my life chafed under my armpits before. I don't chafe when I am not even using any kind of deodorant, but sweating a lot! Whatever this deodorant has in it, it gave me seriously painful chafe-scars. I'm very sad. I want to stop using aluminium based deodorants, but it is just not happening.
    A very good deodorant
    I am pleased with my purchase. The product works well evan though I don't really sweat that much, even working out. It is not an antiperspirant so you will get a bit wet but it doesn't present a problem for me. The price is keeping it from getting 5*.
    Trully great
    After pregnancy I've noticed I've started sweating a lot more. This is really beautiful deodorant, that helps with odours. Stays all day, smells really nice, and most importantly, I feel fresh whole day! It does not stain my clothes, which is super important. Amazing product!
    Not worth it for the price
    If you perhaps sweat like a Disney Princess, and by that, I mean nothing, then congratulations you've found your HG natural deodorant. If on the other hand, you do any kind of physical activity even just basking in a slightly warm office, then this will be decidedly disappointing. Wore this for a gym class and left halfway to quickly reapply my other natural deodorant.
    Fresh smell, easy to put on, doesn´t irritate, no smell all day, no stains on my clothes.
    Finally don't need to try another natural deodorant!
    After trying so many different natural deodorants, I have finally found one that works, doesn't leave marks, I don't have to rub it in and smells great. No longer need to carry around 'real' deodorant 'just in case' as this is totally reliable. If you've not used natural deodorant before, don't expect not to sweat...you're meant to sweat, just not smell!
    Amazing !!
    I love this deodorant. Smells so fresh and feels so natural while still really working. Absolutely no armpit smell all day, even after exercise. Plus it doesn't leave any marks on clothes - a huge bonus.Try it, you won't be disappointed!
    The Best
    This is hands down the best natural deodorant I have ever used, and I have tried a lot. It goes on so smoothly, leaves no residue and smells amazing. And the effects last all day. I will never use another deodorant again. I have found the one!
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