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    Jouer CosmeticsPowder Highlighter Rose Quartz<p>A powder incarnation of Jouer&#8217;s best-loved {Highlighter}, this perfect Powder Highlighter diffuses flawlessly to draw attention to your favourite features. Incredibly pigmented and enriched with ultra-fine, luminosity-boosting pearls and light-refracting pigments, this can be worn alone or layered over Jouer&#8217;s gorgeous cream highlighter to achieve an intense, lit-from-within skin finish. Choose from &#8216;Celestrial&#8217; (duochrome lilac pink), &#8216;Rose Gold&#8217; (a bright metallic rose gold), 'Skinny Dip' (a golden peach) and &#8216;Tan Lines&#8217; (a shimmering deep peachy bronze), and use a brush (or fingertips) to dust along your cheekbones, brown bones, cupid&#8217;s bow and collarbones &#8211; or anywhere you deem deserving of a little extra glitz.</p>JOU073 Rose Quartz8185020122365 stars, based on66 reviews 19.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter

    Jouer Cosmetics
    Powder Highlighter
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    Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter Rose Quartz Mini Swatch
    Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter Citrine Mini Swatch
    Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter Topaz Mini Swatch
    Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter Celestial Mini Swatch
    Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter Skinny Dip Mini Swatch
    Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter Rose Gold Collection Mini Swatch
    Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter Tan Lines Mini Swatch

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    • Why it's Cult

      Jouer Cosmetics’ Powder Highlighter comes in four, flattering shades to help you find your perfect light. With a super-soft, velvety texture that blends seamlessly to lend skin an ethereal, ‘soft focus’ glow, the buildable formula can be applied sparingly for subtle skin enhancement, or layered to achieve a stunning ‘strobed’ effect.

    • Description

      A powder incarnation of Jouer’s best-loved {Highlighter}, this perfect Powder Highlighter diffuses flawlessly to draw attention to your favourite features. Incredibly pigmented and enriched with ultra-fine, luminosity-boosting pearls and light-refracting pigments, this can be worn alone or layered over Jouer’s gorgeous cream highlighter to achieve an intense, lit-from-within skin finish. Choose from ‘Celestrial’ (duochrome lilac pink), ‘Rose Gold’ (a bright metallic rose gold), 'Skinny Dip' (a golden peach) and ‘Tan Lines’ (a shimmering deep peachy bronze), and use a brush (or fingertips) to dust along your cheekbones, brown bones, cupid’s bow and collarbones – or anywhere you deem deserving of a little extra glitz.

    • How to use

      Use a soft powder brush (or fingertips) to dust along your cheekbones, brown bones, cupid’s bow and collarbones – or anywhere you deem deserving of a little extra glitz.

    • Full ingredients list

      Mica, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Zinc Stearate, Silica, Dimethicone, Aluminum Calcium Sodium Silicate, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Tin Oxide. May Contain / Peut Contenir [+/-: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxide (CI 77499)].

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    Jouer Cosmetics - Powder Highlighter

    Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter Reviews

    Lovely soft creamy texture, pigmented. Gives beautiful gentle healthy glow to my skin, though it's buildable and you can make more shiny look. Luxurious packaging.
    The best highlighters
    I’m a highlight hoarder, I have so many as they’re my favourite product and the jouer highlights really are my tried and true holy grail. Especially in the shade citrine - only downfall is they’re really soft so shatter easily, but when this happens you can just press it down back into the pan, it just doesn’t look as pretty anymore...
    B L I N D I N G
    I bought shade Citrine, perfect for my yellow toned pale skin, and found a beautiful, blinding highlighter, even if I only swirled the brush on the pan once. I hate glittery highlighter and this formula carries very thin glitters. Definitely would recommend, for the ones looking for a more sheer glow just hit the pan softly before applying.
    Powder Highlighter
    Love these highlighters, so buttery, soft and intense. Really recommend!
    I've been using this highlighter (shade citrine) for more than a year now and I'm in love with it. It doesn't have talc, which is extremely important for acne prone skin. It also shines on the gods and every time I wear it someone compliments me about my highlighter. Totally recommend if you are a highlight addict.
    This is my first time getting something from Jouer and I'm mind blown. I got the highlighter in citrine and my God it a beautiful. I only need the smallest amount and it's blinding, it's blendable and soft. The pigment is amazing and I just love it. Would deffo recommend and try more.
    My go to highlighter
    Absolutely love this highlighter! It can be used as a subtle glow or built up to completely blinding. A huge plus with this highlighter, is that it "melts" into the skin - it doesn't give any texture away.
    This is amazing, without a doubt the best highlighter I’ve ever used!! Perfect for a subtle glow or a blinding strobe. Blends beautifully!! It also doesn’t remove ur foundation or any other products when applied on top. Would recommend.
    I really like it, leaves a beautiful glow on the skin. My skin is light and the citrine shade is almost too dark for me. Not for very fair skin tones because of the colour range.
    Amazing highlighters
    Wow I love these. They leave such a glow without being too metallic, I also find contrary to some other reviews that they don’t create as much texture on my skin as other highlighters I have used, the colours are gorgeous and apply beautifully. Rose gold is my favourite but I also love rose quartz for cooler makeup, tied with ABH so Hollywood & Laura Gellar Gilded honey my favourite highlighter, although I would say I feel Rose Gold is the most unusual of my favourites.
    I have the shade Citrine, this is my favourite nighttime highlighter. I have many daytime subtle ones, but Citrine is my perfect nighttime highlighter as its not very subtle but its not a metallic stripe either.
    Gorgeous highlighter but I was expected more of a gold tone.
    Good but not great - Rose Quartz
    When I first applied it I absolutely loved it. It made my skin look like it just had this beautiful natural glow. After having used it several times the product has changed from a smooth surface to having some small dips in it. I feel that now it tends to pick up more glittery bits and I noticed that it looked less like a natural sheen and more like a light foil on the skin. If you apply 1 layer with a soft hand it is still nice to wear but not my holy grail highlighter.
    Shimmer Shimmer
    I'm not normally a fan of highlighters! However, I eat my words. I love the colour and it was the description that drew to the product. Shimmering Champagne Pink. I purchased the highlighter in Rose Quartz and I may just have to try out the others when payday comes around.
    Beautiful and natural, but not traveler-friendly
    This highlighter is easily my favourite item in my makeup bag, it feels amazing, it's very natural and not at all shimmery, but can still be built up to give an extreme 'wet look'. But, and here's the thing, because it's so silky and soft, the product breaks very easily. Pretty much within the first month of purchasing it, without ever dropping it or shaking it, just keeping it in a little makeup bag that I brought along when I went out, it shattered completely. I tried fixing it with rubbing alcohol, and while that worked for a week or two, it shattered again and again. If you're not the kind of person that travels around a lot and/or likes to do touch ups, I'd recommend this in a heartbeat, but as for me, I'm going to have to find another highlighter that doesn't give the inside of my bag a makeover.
    Beautiful glowing highlight
    Recently purchased this highlight in the shade Citrine. I absolutely love this highlight for a soft natural 'glow from within' type of highlight therefore I love to wear this through the daytime but you could still wear it to go out at night if you apply it a bit heavier. Despite it looking natural it still has a beautiful sheen to it and has amazing pigmentation. The packaging feels very luxurious which is also an added bonus. Would recommend to anyone.
    Amazing pigmentation
    Stunning highlighter with an iridescent shine, I'd say similar To Becca Champagne Pop but just a shade lighter. The reason for 4* review is I've noticed this makes you look a 100 years old, not like other highlighters where they melt into the skin and look wet, at first it does and after a few hours starts to crumble/crease/curdle on the face almost. Not sure as to whether it just doesn't work with fix plus. Have used on many clients and have come back saying the same.
    Not sure if the formula has changed or I just expected it to be a lot creamier, but it is not as glowy as I imagined. The formula feels similar to the balm's Mary Lou and to be honest, Mary Lou shows up more on my skin tone. I purchased the shade citrine in the latest restock. The packaging is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with the product, it just did not live up to its YouTube hype.
    Lovely glow but
    The formula is way too soft and literally broke up within the first week of having it. Really disappointed.
    Best highlighter I've ever used
    I got mine in the shade citrine and it's the most beautiful gold but unique to any other highlighter that I own. So creamy and it gives the most intense glow!! Only downside is that because it's such a soft formula mine broke when in my handbag :(
    Must have
    I bought this product as of the hype surrounding their new launches. I bought Citrine and it is amazing; the most amazing glow I've ever experienced. Not chalky on my skin and just makes me look like a goddess. Would recommend!
    Nice glow highlighter
    I have this highlighter in Rose Quartz and I would like to say it was great choice! It is pinkish and gives very beautiful natural glow which lasts all day (at least 8 hours). As for me - the best highlighter I have ever had!
    I have both Citrine and Topaz shades. Thought that I'd love Citrine better but Topaz is my favourite!! Their texture is more like a cream-to-powder like which makes it look 'wet' on skin and easily to blend. Definitely suits those who like blinding highlighter!!
    Omg it's perfect ! Very Nice gold for my pale skin, and very pigmented... Love that
    Just got mine in the shade citrine and I just love it highlighter I have ever tried. I love Cult Beauty's service as well .
    The best highlighter I've used, better than mac, Anastasia Beverly Hills! The only downside is it's really crumbly! I put it back together with mac fix plus and it hasn't caked out! Amazing and worth the money.
    Amazing colour and pigment but crumbles!! Mine is now beyond repair ):
    When I first opened the packaging and swatched it on my hand, it was SO pigmented!! And it felt creamy as well, I actually thought it was cream for a second. For the price, its definitely worth it, BUT its very mine shattered into crumbles very quickly :(
    A very nice highlighter
    The price point is right! I bought the shade topaz as citrine was out of stock and im glad I got it! A good dupe for Becca Champagne Pop! Nicely pigmented.
    I love Citrine so much. Dumped my other highlighters for it. it's so soft, and creamy, almost wet! I adore it. Does not emphasize pores or skin problems. LOVE. I wish they would have more shades!
    It's Like no other highlighter I have tried, it's amazing! Not chalky or grey like other highlighters, gives a stunning glow. Very pleased with my purchase. I bought Topaz.
    So pigmented !!
    The first thing I did after opening the packaging was swatching it on my hand and oh my god it was so pigmented and creamy-ish. I love the colour; its really beautiful and its worth the hype. I got it in the shade Topaz.
    Lovely highlighter!
    I purchased two shades, Citrine and Rose Quartz. They are amazing! So pigmented and they look beautiful on the skin. Used them none stop since I got them. If your unsure and wanted to try only one I would suggest Citrine.
    Love Skinnydip
    I love skinnydip, its blinding, creamy and lasts for ages. One of my favourite highlighters. A little goes a long way, I like using it in my inner corners too.
    This highlighter is so nice, the pigment is amazing. I just love it. However, I've bought two of these highlights and both have just randomly fallen apart. I swear I'm not throwing them around and accidentally breaking them, they are just randomly breaking. This was a big problem as it was difficult for me to use it and that was annoying as this highlight is lush. Also, I thought it was just me, but I bought one for my cousin and within a couple of weeks, hers had also randomly fallen apart.
    Citrine - Becca Dupe
    My holy grail highlighter would be the Becca Champagne Pop but I wanted to branch out to others so looked at swatches online and decided Citrine would be closest to my HG shade. I have fair skin and this looks like a slightly subtle and lighter version of Champagne Pop but I love it all the same! It's so gorgeous and soft to the touch in the pan. Based off description I'd say Topaz would be a closer dupe due to the peachyness but if you're worried that it would be too dark then Citrine is your best best. So gorgeous! I love this Jouer highlighter. Plus it makes me feel boujee!
    Rose Quartz
    This highlighter though...sweet momma take me to church! I love everything about this highlighter.
    This is a highlighter with no chunks of glitter, after seeing Mary Lou Manizer (my first highlighter I never strayed from) would fade at the end of the day with multiple large flecks of glitter across my face, I was horrified. I began hunting for no-glitter highlighters and this highlighter is it. You do need to find the best brush to apply this with as I've found some brushes work awfully and others maximise the glow.
    It's a very beautiful highlight however on my skin it's not as blinding as I thought it would be. I have kind of pale skin but I also have to bear in mind I got mines in the winter hardly any sun and I did get compliments when I was in good lighting but I think I will truly see how blinding it is in the summer because when I'm in good lighting it's definitely blinding.
    I thought Becca was the king of highlighters. Wrong. If strobing is your thing, Jouer's Powder Highlighter is the product you seek. The thing should contain a warning: "even moderate use may cause excessive highlighting". Builds beautifully, (lighter Becca shades tend to be a bit all or nothing). Can go a touch cakey tho, but nothing a dab or two with a blender can't fix. Girls this will make you glow. Love it.
    I Love this highlighter, it´s the perfect champagne colour. It gives such a blinding glow and suits my skintone when i´m fair and when i´m more tan! <3 I would definitely repurchase and recommend.
    For anyone who likes the idea of a gold highlighter but doesn't like the stripe of yellow they tend to leave on your skin - this highlighter is for you! It's not yellow-gold at all but is still gold. However, it probably still is a little too dark for my very pale skin. I always use a facial mist/setting spray with this highlighter, it really helps the powder meltdown and gives you a glow that looks smooth and doesn't pick up on skin texture too much. It is a fairly large pan and I feel like it will last for a long while but I do think it is a little pricey, especially considering how many other highlighters are on the market now.
    Love it
    I bought the shade citrine and I have light skin with golden undertones. It gives a glossy finish and it can be subtle or blinding which makes it versatile. I wore this as soon as it arrived and my roommate commented how beautiful my highlight was. Definitely would repurchase and recommend.
    This is a beautiful product which I would buy again due to its gorgeous natural shimmer, however it is very fragile and does break easily, so handle with care.
    I bought it because many youtuber and instagramer love it, and well, it's pretty but too expensive. There are so many highlighters from drugstores which are better and even a lot cheaper. I don't think its worth the hype.
    Beautiful but flimsy
    My absolute favourite highlighter, the glow is insane. However it is extremely breakable - shattered mine after only having it a month or so. Easily fixable with rubbing alcohol but loses its buttery texture which is a downside. Would repurchase, but it is definitely not appropriate to travel with and extreme care should be taken with storage.
    Hermoso tengo de todas las marcas más conocidas pero este para mí es el mejor me encanta. ***Beautiful I have all the best known brands, but this one for me is the best I love.***
    Worth the hype
    Ok, so at first I thought this was overhyped as it wasn't a blinding highlight. But since I have been applying it using a damp blender sponge, it gives the most beautiful sheen. The shade I got is citrine and it matches my skin tone beautifully. It doesn't give a wet highlight look but it's gives a nice sheen without emphasising texture on my skin. I can only achieve this effect with a damp blender sponge though, i don't use a brush to apply this.
    Gorgeous but breaks easily
    I purchased this highlighter in Citrine. It's a gorgeous golden highlight and it does feel buttery. the only downside to this product is that mine started falling apart even tho it was literally sat on top on my dressing table. Something to bear in mind if you do want to take it with you - it will shatter easily - hence 4 stars rating.
    I own nearly 50 highlighters and Citrine is definitely my favourite! It is the best highlight I have found in a long time! Yes it's very soft but just be careful with it and you'll be just fine!
    Amazing but fragile
    I bought the shade citrine and it is my favourite highlighter so glowy it looks wet, good quality. But be careful it is really fragile mine has shattered can't wait for it to come back in stock to repurchase.:(
    not pale enough
    I bought Rose Quartz and although I love the texture and glow it gives I find it not light enough for my really pale skin. It looks amazing from the side but from the front it kinda looks like soft pink blush. I will continue to use it though cause I really like it but mostly in the summertime.
    Amazing highlighter
    First product from Jouer and not disappointed in the least. Great quality, great packaging and gives a lovely glow.
    Nice but not amaze!
    I was really excited to try this, so I got myself a Pink Quartz. The packaging is nice, but I didn't feel like the highlighter added much. Yes it is creamy and has good pigmentation, however, I had to get a lot of the brush and on my skin to make an impact.
    I ordered this highlighter in "pink quartz" and it really good for pale skin tone. Everything is perfect... from packaging to color and pigmentation .
    A bit overhyped
    Citrine has been elevated to almost holy grail status with beauty bloggers/vloggers and based on this I bought it as soon as it came back into stock recently. It's nice. It's pretty. It highlights. Do I think its lives up to the hype? No I don't. It's a bit crumbly and feels very fragile. The mirror inside is small and a bit pointless. Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfectors in Moonstone and Opal as well as The Balm's Mary-Loumanizer are quite frankly the best highlighters on the market. And I'd know, owning a substantial collection of them now.
    Not happy
    This highlighter is so so amazing. Pigment is amazing and it is so blinding!! However, when I ordered it arrived smashed. Cult Beauty sent me a second one, which smashed itself in my make up bag. Smashes sooo easily which is such a shame as it is amazing.
    The formula of these highlighters are amazing! They are almost a creamy powder they just melt so beautiful onto the skin. I have rose quartz and just ordered citrine too!
    Amazing highlighter, perfect glow - my HG!
    I have this highlighter in "Rose Quartz", and have literally been wearing it nearly every day since getting it. It is a lovely pale pink highlighter which gives a fantastic natural glow. The texture is so creamy and smooth, it gives an airbrushed look to the skin and stays that way all day. The staying power really is something - I've worn this on nights out and it's still looking perfect even after dancing til sweaty! I will definitely be re-purchasing this, it's my holy grail highlighter for sure.
    Best highlighter found!!!
    This is simply the best. It looks great on and lasts all day. Really a fantastic product, I just wish I'd found it earlier.
    A bit disapointed
    So I bought this expecting amazing things as i usually like to GLOW TO THE HEAVENS (without the glittery mess). This didn't live up to expectations, seemed quite dull didn't glide on that great and generally did nothing for me. love it though on my eyelids for an everyday fresh look!! think I'll stick to my gilded honey!!
    Crumbled after a few uses!
    Bought the citrine shade after all the hype & agree the colour is beautiful - however using the small morphe fan brush to apply the soft brush really dug into the pressed powder & after only using it 3 times it has crumbled away at every corner. Never had a product do this unless dropped - which this hasn't been. Disappointing!!!!
    Beautiful shimmery highlighter
    I purchased this highlighter after reading recommendations online, and I ordered the Rose Quartz shade as my skin is very pale with pink undertones. It gives a beautiful, iridescent highlight over your cheekbones but be careful not to overload your brush (not supplied). The packaging is very high-end and the price is good for the size of product you receive.
    May be the best highlighter I have!
    I have tried so many highlighters, from Chanel to Nyx. So I was curious and ordered Citrine. And believe me girls and boys, its so beautiful! Its really pigmented but not in a bad way. It's soft and almost creamy feeling! You need to try it!
    I ordered citrine the moment I saw it and I am in LOVE!! This highlighter is the bomb
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