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    Sarah Lee & Christine Chang
    Sarah Lee & Christine Chang
    K-Beauty Ambassadors
    Bloggers, YouTubers and co-founders of Korean beauty agency Glow Recipe, this dynamic duo were amongst the first to spot the growing thirst for all things South Korean, and established a platform from which to share trends, tips and recommendations for all those grappling with new and foreign beauty terminology. Dividing their time between New York, Seoul, Hong Kong and Paris, Sarah and Christine have worked alongside thousands of women worldwide, on a quest to learn and understand their beauty rituals - as well as the products behind them. They're also self-confessed 'skin care fanatics' and have tested countless sheet masks, splash masks, essences and snail serums to share the good, the bad... and the bizarre. Authorities on K-Beauty, they'll be sharing their SoKo know-how with us as we venture into this world full of weird, wonderful and infinitely 'wantable' Eastern promise.
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    Pressed Serum - Tundra Chaga

    My anti-ageing secret...
    I’m constantly trying new products and it’s impossible to finish a full jar of product. This Chaga Pressed Serum is an exception to that rule... it’s an anti-ageing secret of mine, and it's beloved by fellow South Korean beauty junkies! I also love that I can travel with it easily - it has a really unique, 'custardy' (leak-proof) consistency - Christine


    Pressed Serum - Crystal Iceplant

    my go-to serum and moisturiser in one
    I’m constantly looking for multi-taskers with a high concentration of natural, active ingredients that are great for anti-ageing and hydration. This is my go-to serum and moisturiser in one, with a lightweight formula that also grips my make up for a flawless finish. I have combination skin so I love using gel-like textures for my morning skin care routine. Iceplant is great for hydrating the skin even in the harshest environment, which I tend to expose myself to a lot (flights, streets of New York, office with heaters or AC’s on)! - Sarah


    Vital Treatment Pulp Essence - 8 Nourishing Beans

    We all know that pulps in juices are more nutritious - same goes for this essence!
    Treatment essences are my go-to when it comes to either quickly patting on skin for kick-starting hydration from step 1 of my routine, or even mini-masking with 5-6 cotton pads while I multi-task. I love being pampered and taking care of my skin while working with my laptop at home and this is the best product for it! The next generation of essence, ‘pulp essence’ enhances the skin-nourishing benefit with innovative micro-capsules that 'dissolve' on application; we all know that pulps in juices are more nutritious - same goes for this essence! - Christine


    Patting Splash Mask - Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey

    This innovative treatment helps to cleanse, balance, and treat my skin in 15 seconds
    I travel a lot and often sleep no more than 5 hours on week days, so I like using ‘pick me up’ products with vitamin C that can instantly brighten and smooth. I love applying Blithe’s Citrus & Honey Splash Mask in the morning as a brightening treatment, and I usually use it instead of a foam cleanser. This innovative treatment helps to cleanse, balance, and treat my skin within just 15 seconds (I use it while I'm in the shower) - Sarah

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    Sarah Lee & Christine Chang| K-Beauty Ambassadors
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