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    DavinesOI Conditioner 75ml<p>Quirkily cool yet results-driven, Davines&#8217;s &#8216;OI&#8217; range is powered by roucou oil (pronounced ru &#8216;ku) &#8211; a &#8216;secret&#8217; ingredient beloved by native inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest, who rely on the fruits of the &#8216;Lipstick Tree&#8217; to protect their skin and hair against the sun and other daily stresses. </p><p>Intensely replenishing, Davines have harnessed the potency of this wonder-extract to create a range of shine-enhancing, moisture-boosting hair care treatments &#8211; suitable for all hair types, these exquisite products are perfect for nourishing, smoothing and &#8216;controlling&#8217; weakened, dry or tempestuous tresses. By combining high-grade natural ingredients with first-rate scientific rigour, Davines&#8217;s founders the Bollati family have expanded their Parmese research laboratory into a multi-national hair care business with an inspiring range of original and authentic products, beloved by discerning celebrities and beauty buffs all over the world. Available in two sizes, pick from either 250ml or 75ml for home <em>and</em> away. </p>DAV033_TRAVEL539480046082476925 stars, based on56 reviews 12.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Davines OI Conditioner

    OI Conditioner
    ( 75ml )

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    • Why it's Cult


      Davines’s gentle, softening and voluminising conditioner is brimming with roucou oil – a potent Amazonian extract derived from the fruit of the achiote – it’s 100 times richer in beta-carotene than carrots and helps to stimulate melanin synthesis (and in turn, maintain your hair’s natural pigment), while its ellagic acid content works to neutralise free radicals and thus protect against cellular damage caused by UV exposure. Incredibly nourishing, this also helps to accelerate the drying process, while shielding strands’ structure from the ravages wrought by heat styling. Just apply through lengths of towel-dried hair – leave for 2-3 minutes then rinse, to leave your locks feeling like silk. The cocktail of nourishing ingredients promotes hair’s shine and manageability, for enviable polish, a super-smooth, frizz-free finish and incredible, salon-worthy ‘oomph’.

    • Description

      Quirkily cool yet results-driven, Davines’s ‘OI’ range is powered by roucou oil (pronounced ru ‘ku) – a ‘secret’ ingredient beloved by native inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest, who rely on the fruits of the ‘Lipstick Tree’ to protect their skin and hair against the sun and other daily stresses.

      Intensely replenishing, Davines have harnessed the potency of this wonder-extract to create a range of shine-enhancing, moisture-boosting hair care treatments – suitable for all hair types, these exquisite products are perfect for nourishing, smoothing and ‘controlling’ weakened, dry or tempestuous tresses. By combining high-grade natural ingredients with first-rate scientific rigour, Davines’s founders the Bollati family have expanded their Parmese research laboratory into a multi-national hair care business with an inspiring range of original and authentic products, beloved by discerning celebrities and beauty buffs all over the world. Available in two sizes, pick from either 250ml or 75ml for home and away.

    • How to use
      Apply the right amount of product evenly to shampooed and towel dried hair, working section by section. Leave on for 2-3 minutes, then comb. Rinse off thoroughly.
    • Full ingredients list
      Aqua/ Water / Eau, Cetaryl, Alcohol, Glycerin, Cetrimonium Chloride, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cetyl Alcohol, Benentrimonium Methosulfate, Benentrimonium Chloride, Panthenol, Ethyhexyl Methoxycinnamate. Phenypropyldimethysiloxysilicate, Benzyl Alcohol, Parfum/ Fragrance Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil/ Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Citronellol. Bixa Orellana Seed Extract.

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    Davines - OI Conditioner

    Davines OI Conditioner Reviews

    Shampoo and conditioner
    Bought the shampoo and conditioner after my daughter in law told me about the products, the best ever and never had so many comments about the shine and condition of my hair. Love it
    Good but smells of incense
    I’ve tried a sample from one of the last orders and overall is a very nice conditioner that leaves hair shiny, light and with a beautiful natural volume, I have medium length fine wavy hair and need a tiny amount of product. The perfume is a big no for me: it smells of incense and the perfume is really overpowering, vanishes once you rinse but I’d prefer a less overpowering fragrance.
    Curly hair
    Love this conditioner. Leaves my hair feeling very smooth and shiny. Also lasted quite a long time so good value for money.
    Saving my hair
    My hair has been in the worst state since bleaching and dying it a lot during lockdown 1. I had to have loads cut off and even after that it was still struggling. I had tried lots of hair masks but using this along with other Davines Oi products has absolutely saved my hair! It’s actually soft and thankfully I don’t think I’ll have to get loads cut off again so I’m more than happy!
    Silky hair but not sure about the scent
    This conditioner is so nourishing and makes your hair really soft and silky. I used this after the OI shampoo during a weekend away where I was in and out of swimming pools. This pairing got all the chlorine out of my hair and really moisturised my hair - I was so impressed! The only issue is I'm not a massive fan of the smell but it isn't offensive enough to stop me from using it.
    Makes my hair feel great but has silicones
    Although it has gentler and water soluble silicones, I wish it had less or none at all. In the meantime, it smells great, makes my bleached frizzy hair crazy soft and manageable. Also, brings out my curls as well. A million times better than the olaplex bond maintenance conditioner (which has similar silicones to this).
    Silky hair
    This is probably the best conditioner I've ever used, results wise. I have fine hair that tends to get dry and this is brilliantly hydrating without making my hair limp. It does smell truly terrible (a headache perfume vibe) but I can deal with that for the results. Just.
    I’ve been using Davines products for a long time but I still can’t get over how amazing their products are Oi conditioner makes your hair super soft shiny and smell gorgeous I highly recommend!!
    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the scent of the Oi range, they are good products but I am obsessed with the smell, it is hands down the best smell I have ever smelt. I first tried it at a hair salon and immediately asked what the smell was, since then I have bought the whole range, Shampoo, Conditioner, hair butter, oil, spray, hand cream, and perfume. I just can’t stop smelling my hair when I’ve used it. I’ve used loads of hair products but this is the first one I have ever really loved the smell and will continue to buy because of how amazing the smell is. I honestly cannot understand how some reviews don’t like it, it is the main reason I buy it, and because the Oi products use natural ingredients.
    The best
    I swear by Davines and Oi is their best range for my fine but full hair. I’ve been using for a couple of years and wouldn’t use anything else now.
    This conditioner is the best I’ve ever used. My hair is silky and shiny and it smells Devine too!
    Only conditioner I will buy from now on
    I have bought and used five of these, and the results are amazing! This is the only conditioner that saved my damaged bleached hair, it made my hair silky-smooth. I travel constantly and I bring it anywhere I go because I just simply cannot wash my hair without it anymore. The texture feels denser in contrast to other conditioners, and the smell is a bit strong but I like it.
    I have tried this because it was recommended by a friend, and I was a bit skeptical at first, especially because it's not exactly a cheap product...but OMG it works!! Never in my life have I had such soft and silky hair, takes the frizz away too! So worth the money, and it lasts for months!!!
    This transformed my hair
    My hair is long and thick and prone to “rat kings” at the back - not after this! This conditioner is smoothing, hydrating without being greasy and wipes out any knottiness so I just have soft, shiny hair. This worked fantastically with my normal shampoo, but pairing it with the OI shampoo also added an extra dimension of softness, would definitely recommend.
    Nice but not for me
    I was excited to try this based on all the good reviews. My hair is curly, fine with some frizz. Unfortunately, I felt this was a bit heavy for my hair but can see where thicker hair types would benefit from it. Not a bad product, just not the best for my hair type.
    Love it
    I’ve been using OI shampoo and conditioner for the past 5 months or so. My hair is dry and frizzy due to bleaching and hair styling but using these products has made a remarkable difference. My hair is far softer, less frizzy and it really brings out my natural curl (rather than my hair being fluffy as it was before). Product smells gorgeous and is really lightweight on my hair. It may seem a bit pricey but a little goes a long way. I ran out of product and had to revert to a store bought shampoo and conditioner as an interim measure whilst I waited for delivery and really noticed a difference (not in a good way). I’ll never use anything else now. Can’t recommend enough :)
    Holy grail of hair conditioner
    I moved to the UK from NZ about 9 months ago, and my hair completely changed. It became all dry and frizzy. Can safely say that this conditioner saved my hair - it’s back to being soft and normal looking!
    Pure Luxury!
    Fabulous conditioner! I've got very dry and damaged bleached blonde hair and this conditioner really does the trick. It's extremely thick but dissolves lovely into hair, leaving it full of volume but silky smooth. Don't be put off my price, this conditioner will last months! Will definitely re-order.
    Not for my thin hair
    It's too heavy for my thin and straight hair. I need to use a microscopic amount unless I want my hair to look oily and almost dirty right after a shower.
    Nothing special
    I have thick, quite frizzy dry hair which needs A LOT of moisture, I didn't see any results I could not get with the previous less expensive brand I used, unfortunately.
    Great conditioner
    This is a great conditioner for dry hair. The smell is quite strong, but I like it and it does linger on your hair. The conditioner can be used with shampoos from other brands.
    OB freaking SESSED!
    There is not a single product from this range that I don’t love. Makes your hair feel amazing and don’t even get me started on the smell. Everything about OI shampoo and conditioner is amazing!
    Best conditioner I’ve tried!
    Got this as a free sample & one use is all it takes to impress me. My hair smells good and feels strong (I have fine thin hair bleached multiple times so it has quite weakened), easy to comb and looks volumised until the next day! I wanted to buy the full bottle but it doesn’t ship to my country (Brunei) for some reason :( Need to get my hands on the MELU conditioner too.
    Rich conditioner
    Leaves hair feeling soft and lovely. Great for dyed hair.
    Just beautiful
    Ultra hydrating conditioner; absolutely fabulous. Three months in and have barely used a third of the jar. So much win.
    I have extensions, and they get dry and tangled very easily, but this conditioner makes my extensions super soft and smooth. I really cant recommend it enough. I use this conditioner once a week, and leave it on for about 5/10 minutes while I'm in the bath, so the steam makes it feel like a mask, then rinse. I have so many compliments on my hair - and it smells amazing too!
    The smell is awesome i'm addicted.
    Favourite conditioner ever!
    This product is just AMAZING! I tried so many different conditioner for my hair, more than I can count, but this one is just a miracle product. My hair feel so soft after it, it is easy to brush them and they feel so much more healthy. I am in love and I would definitely recommend it. Thanks Davines for saving my hair.
    Been using the conditioner and shampoo for about two months. My damaged hair ends are layered, about half a teaspoon is enough to coat it. I've received compliments that it looks glossy - first time ever.
    The best conditioner for super damaged hair
    I’ve never been a fan of Davines as I’ve tried many of their products (my salon uses Davines) but never found one that worked for me...well, I had a sample of this and immediately had to buy it, it’s the only conditioner that makes a difference on my super-processed bleached, long and fine hair. It has a thick consistency and feels more like a mask, but it leaves your hair feeling hydrated and super soft (which I hadn’t felt in years!). I can’t live without it!
    The Best
    I never want to use any other conditioner ever again. This stuff is unbelievable. Thank you Davines!
    The best conditioner for my hair
    I love all OI series, it makes my hair fresh and silky.
    Ol conditioner
    This is just divine I love it It leaves my hair so shiny and healthy
    The OI products are dreamy
    Love this conditioner, it’s rich and nourishing but washes out beautifully, leaving my hair silky smooth without the stickiness or heaviness that you get with some conditioners. The shampoo, butter, oil and milk are great too
    Oi conditioner
    I cant live without it now, using this with oi shampoo, my hair feels so much more healthy and soft, i will never go back to the drug store after finding Davines and the smell is amazing.
    Left my hair silky, put the fragrance is overpowering
    I bought the small size of this to try, as I’m looking for a new regime to help add volume. This, combined with the shampoo, left my hair silt smooth but didn’t give me the volume I’m looking for. I also found the smell completely overpowering- to the extent that it feels anti-social to use it if I were going to be in close contact with other people.
    Saved my dry hair
    I was looking for a mask to help hydrate my dry ends. I have very long hair and I look after it as best I can, I normally use Briogeo and recently Drunk Elephant haircare. I needed so extra moisture as DE conditioner wasn’t doing enough and honestly this was the beat purchase ever. I love it. It doesn’t smell great but it has done wonders for the condition of my hair. Silky smooth and so easy to manage, oh and super shiny!!
    Love the smoothness hate the smell
    Loved how soft and silky this made my hair. I used the shampoo conditioner and milk spray and all the Ol range have a very strong chemically scent which I didn't like. To the point where I washed my hair and my boyfriend went to hug me and was repelled by the smell. I would buy again if it had a lighter/fresher scent but for now will continue the search for the perfect shampoo/conditioner.
    Buy this, don’t get the shampoo!
    I bought this along with the OI shampoo but if I ordered again I would buy the conditioner solo. Based on the size of the tub I thought it would get used up quickly but a little goes a long way. Also, you leave it in for a few minutes in the shower before rinsing out so it’s more of a treatment than just a standard conditioner which I think warrants the higher price tag. The scent isn’t for me, it’s a bit like toilet cleaner but others seem to like it so to each their own, it wouldn’t put me off buying it again.
    This conditioner is OK. It does the job a conditioner should do but isn't amazing. I wouldn't buy again. Personally, I find the smell of the product quite overwhelming and unpleasant. Looking forward to finishing the product!
    This is a fab brand
    Every product I have bought have this brand is fabulous. They don't test on animals and have minimum packaging. Your hair will feel and smell wonderful. Other brands do not compare. Enjoy!
    Divine Davines
    This smells delicious, slightly foams to make teasing out knots ridiculously easy and makes my hair feel luscious and look shiny. It’s a winner!
    The smell of this makes me sick
    This conditioner did not wow me, it doesn't do anything my other conditioners can't do. It does stand out though, with the absolutely sickening smell that stays on the hair. I cannot stand it, and I will wash my hair again ASAP just to get rid of this stench because it literally makes me sick.
    The best!
    I have very long, thick hair that leans on the dry side. This conditioner makes my hair feel soft and smooth and brings out my curls - and I need to use way less of it than I do with other products. It does have quite a strong botanical smell, but it's not unpleasant. The packaging is great, you can get even last bit out without any wastage.
    The best conditioner!
    This must be the best conditioner I've ever tried. It leaves my hair ultra smooth and feeling strong. It's really thick too, so a little goes a long way. Great for over processed, bleached hair like mine!
    Davines OI conditioner
    Fabulous! My hair is easy to style now and looks like I’ve just left the salon! Luxurious and beautifully fragrant and doesn’t irritate my sensitive scalp. I use it with their shampoo, it’s such a treat and a little goes a long way so well worth it!
    Used to really love this conditioner until I realised it contained silicones, which ultimately dry out and damage hair over time. Will not be re-using and have switched to a Green People shampoo and conditioner.
    The best conditioner
    This is the best conditioner ever! When I went away for a couple of days and had to use another conditioner, my hair went so dry in comparison. Literally feel like my hair would be a state without this! The tub is a little bit of a faff (trying to use it in the shower) but at least with a tub you can get every last bit out!
    This is hands down the best conditioner ever and l have tried many many high end ones. It leaves the hair soft, frizz free, shiny with no tangles and it has a beautiful fragrance. Use it with the shampoo and finish with their famous conditioning spray. I have also noticed that my hair doesn't need shampooing so often.
    Best conditioner ever
    Oh and smells soooo good. It leaves my hair so shiny and smooth. People often comment on how healthy my hair looks like. A little goes a long way so it does last longer than you think. It is a bit pricey but worth every penny. I am on my second bottle and very happy with it.
    5/5 :)
    Really Love It
    I'm still getting used to the scent of this conditioner but that's one small con next to a massive list of pros to this product. I have colour treated, damaged, course but fine hair and this leaves my hair buttery soft, lightweight and easy to style. And along with the shampoo it has started to bring back my natural wavy texture after years of chemical damage had left my hair limp. So this will become a staple in my hair routine.
    Favourite Conditioner
    I use this and the matching Davines shampoo. I don’t use this every wash but will do as a once a week treatment or when my hair is in need of urgent TLC. It saved my hair after three weeks of hiking when it was incredibly matted. It is super hydrating. A little goes a long way and the pot lasts me for ages. As with the shampoo, I don’t love the smell but it doesn’t linger and it hasn’t put me off using it.
    Love love love this conditioner. I usually have to use masks , but this is more than enough to threat my dry hair. And it smells delicious.
    Amazing product
    This stuff is unbelievable, I swear. I'm on my fourth jar, makes your hair feel&smell amazing and the combing is effortless. 5 stars. Will continue buying forever. Use it with the Oi shampoo and you'll be hooked :)
    Best conditioner!
    This conditioner is great in all aspects: smell, texture, results. It is not heavy as mask but quite nourishing though. Smell is fantastic as with all Davines products. And results are amazing: nourished and beautiful hair.
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