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    CaudalieVinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner<p>A naturally purifying, wonderfully refreshing step to add to your routine, Caudalie&#8217;s Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner battles blemishes while preparing skin perfectly for subsequent treatments. Perfect for treating combination skin, this wonderful concoction acts like a &#8216;vacuum for your pores&#8217;; it&#8217;s formulated with 100% natural salicylic acid, antioxidant, age-defying grape polyphenols, organic rosewater and antibacterial organic essential oils of rosemary and peppermint to purify skin without drying it out. With its 100% natural scent (it smells fresh and spa-like thanks to the essential oils and rose water) and weightless water-like texture, it delivers a light, surprising &#8216;breath&#8217; of freshness with each application.&nbsp;</p>CAU0831625335229300025055 stars, based on45 reviews 18.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Caudalie Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner

    Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner
    ( 200ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Centred around the exceptional age-defying powers of the grape, Caudalie is a cutting-edge skin care line that will transform your skin (and instantly give you über-chic French pharmacy points). A gift from the skin care gods for combination, breakout-prone skin, this refreshing, purifying toner is formulated with 100% natural salicylic acid, grape polyphenols and organic essential oils to visibly reduce imperfections, refine skin texture and tighten the appearance of pores. It smells sublime (the scent it 100% natural) and won’t irritate or dry out easily offended complexions.

    • Description

      A naturally purifying, wonderfully refreshing step to add to your routine, Caudalie’s Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner battles blemishes while preparing skin perfectly for subsequent treatments. Perfect for treating combination skin, this wonderful concoction acts like a ‘vacuum for your pores’; it’s formulated with 100% natural salicylic acid, antioxidant, age-defying grape polyphenols, organic rosewater and antibacterial organic essential oils of rosemary and peppermint to purify skin without drying it out. With its 100% natural scent (it smells fresh and spa-like thanks to the essential oils and rose water) and weightless water-like texture, it delivers a light, surprising ‘breath’ of freshness with each application. 

    • How to use

      Morning and evening, on cleansed skin, with a cotton pad. Do not rinse. Avoid eye contour area.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua/Water/Eau, Alcohol Denat.*, Rosa Damascena Flower Water*, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Water*, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside*, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Juice*, Salicylic Acid*, Cymbopogon Citratus Leaf Oil*, Lavandula Hybrida Oil*, Melissa Officinalis Leaf Oil*, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil*, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil*, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Phytate, Arginine, Citric Acid, Citral*, Citronellol*, Geraniol*, Limonene*, Linalool* (182/035)

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    Caudalie - Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner

    Caudalie Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner Reviews

    Loved it!
    I love this toner! Helped soothe out my breakouts and very relaxing on the face... quick to dry as well so I can easily apply the next product.
    Amazing toner
    Amazing toner for anyone with enlarged pores. I love the feeling after the application - leaves the skin incredibly smooth, clean and refreshed.
    Great for dark spots
    After suffering from a major acne breakout! I used this over time and it has reduce the appearance of my dark spots massively! It has also helped with reducing the amount of big spots I get. I still get spots but they are much smaller and go quicker.
    Made my skin super inflamed
    Beware because this product has tons of alcohol which made my skin really dry and inflamed. I would not recommend it, you might as well put gin on your face as a toner. I thought Caudalie was a good natural brand so I'm kind of surprised that they'd add alcohol here.
    Good product
    Love it so much. Definitely buying it again.
    Favourite toner!
    I love this toner as it doesn't dehydrate my face, leaves it feeling really soft and clean and it's not too harsh on my skin. I even love the smell (I know some people don't) as it smells really clean and refreshing. Definitely seen an improvement with my skin with no spots when I regularly use this- I will continue to keep buying this - super well priced too!
    A must have for spot prone skin
    I've started to introduce this product into my routine in the evening after cleansing my skin and I absolutely love it! I love salicylic acid ( as I am spot-prone) however, it can sometimes make my skin a little dry but this product did not do that at all and is gentle enough for everyday! It also smells incredible - like a mixture of rose and citrus!
    Amazing toner, it doesn't leave my face too dry and it also removes a lot of impurities leaving the skin good to receive the moisturiser. It's my new favourite!
    Perfection for ages 20-35
    I bought this as I started breaking out about a month ago and couldn’t seem to get control of my face. I also had little spots under the skin of my forehead that I wanted to get rid of. As a last resort, I thought I would try this as I love all of Caudalie’s products. I was not disappointed as this is INCREDIBLE! Cleared up my spots within a week and now everyone is commenting on my glow.
    Holy Grail
    I originally got this toner as a “free sample” and couldn’t believe how much of a difference it made to my skin, I had to purchase the full size! I have very sensitive combination skin, and it’s not drying at all! It doesn’t burn either like many other toners. I was never fully sure of the purpose of a toner until I got this! It cleared up my acne/lumps and bumps on my skin, almost overnight, when nothing else has ever done. 100% recommend! My skin is glowing!
    Acne Soother
    I have normal, sensitive skin that started seeing breakouts aged 21. Most "acne" products (ie. washes and creams) dry me out and give my skin a dull appearance without actually solving the problem. I started out using Pixi's Glow Tonic because it's so raved about but I think that glycolic acid is too harsh on my skin. Initially, I used a sample of Vinopure, but eventually ended up buying a whole bottle because it cleared my skin up really beautifully. Some of my acne returned after around a month of use (I think my problem is related to hormones rather than surface issues), but I can see a definite improvement everywhere; I do not have zits, my skin is GLOWING. The deep pimples I do have seem to heal a bit faster and leave behind less dark marks. Besides these important benefits, the stuff smells divine (in my opinion) and feels like a real treat to apply. I like the idea of having a really minimal skincare routine because, as mentioned above, my skin's sensitive and I don't have much faith in products, but I do believe this is one to invest in. It has made anxious confrontations with my mirror feel like more of a spa night. I use Bioderma's micellar water to cleanse first, Vinopure to tone, Timeless Beauty's Vitamin C&E Ferulic serum if I've been in the sun that day, and am still on the hunt for a moisturiser that works for me... the first two products have become definite staples though and I'm using all my willpower not to mindlessly test out the rest of the line all at once... I will likely try their anti-mark serum next!
    Used On Combination Skin...
    PROS: I love the smell! I like the way it really gets off any residue or oil left from previous products. It helps to calm any breakouts or inflammation and my skin doesn't feel stripped after, but fresh. CONS: The strong smell of essential oils could be off putting, but i love it! WOULD I BUY AGAIN? Yes, Even though I love to try new products ill keep repurchasing this one.
    One of the best toners
    So soothing and non irritating toner.I have acne prone skin and I love this.
    This product - in fact - this entire Vinopure line has been a complete skin saver! After ending hormonal birth control, my skin completely freaked out and I was suddenly experiencing horrific acne in my 30s! After only a few days use of this toner, along with the serum and mattifying moisturizer, my skin was visibly clearer. This toner makes my skin feel fresh and it has a lovely scent. This bottle has a permanent home on my counter!
    Really good!
    It helps clearing out any spots I have and doesn't irritate my skin! I use this toner before 'Vinopure Blemish Control Infusion Serum' by Caudalie
    Great Toner!
    This helps a lot with my closed comedones & whiteheads on my forehead. It's just not great for the rest of my skin which is dry, so I have to counteract it with hydrating serums and creams.
    Good for prone skin pimples
    It is suitable for oily skin. I use this toner as 1st step of my skin regimen as I still have sometimes pimples. This toner prevents pimples and also heal skin from pimples faster.
    Not for me unfortunately
    I’ve used this for 3 weeks already but see no improvement or changes with my skin. My usual toner is Pixi Glow Tonic which unfortunately my skin finds immune now so I was looking for another toner which may keep my spots under control. The smell is like a diffusing oil mix but I find this toner drying. After applying to my skin, it doesn’t feel moisturized at all. It just dries and makes skin feel tight. It hasn’t had any effect on my spots. Will not be repurchasing again. But 3 stars as it doesn’t make my skin worse so it’s ok I guess.
    Unfortunately this didn’t work for me. I found it too strong for my sensitive, combination skin and it seems to make me break out more! Not to waste money, I now use it on my neck, upper back and chest areas, which has been ok!
    BEST product ever
    You don't want this toner, you NEED it. For unknown reasons my pores were looking huge for a while and I started getting tiny bumps under ny skin. Two days after using this toner and I started seeing a huge improvement. I've been using it for a week and I swear on all that is holy, my pores have shrunk. Even my makeup looks so much better! Be warned however, this smells like a mix if rosewater and Vicks Vaporub.
    It really clears your skin!
    I was using the Glow Tonic for the longest time with no result. Switched to this and I'm never going back. Use it every night and wake up with clearer skin every morning. This is a holy grail! It tingles in a minty fresh way and doesn't irritate my skin.
    Love it
    Have not been using it for a long time to give the full review however, I like how fresh my face feels after using it and I cannot get enough of its amazing smell. Very suitable for sensitive/ dry skin just make sure you use a good moisturizer on top of it ❤️
    Amazing for clear skin
    I was having a really bad breakout for about a month and decided to purchase some new skincare. This brand is defiantly worth it, my skin cleared up within a week, and I have stopped taking my tablets from the doctor! I could not recommend more. The ingredients are simple yet very effective.
    Stopped my breakouts.
    I think this is one of the best toners I have used for a long time. It has stopped my breakouts of spots. I like how it has cleared my skin. I am menopausal and have had whiteheads and open pores. I will buy this again and would recommend it if you have a oily or combination skin.
    Caudalie​ toner
    Amazing product❤️
    I would say it's an average toner, I won't know until l have used the whole bottle if l would purchase again, no visible difference in my skin since l started using it...
    love it !
    loved it, finished the whole bottle. will re purchase
    My go-to toner
    This is a real treatment toner; I'm on my second bottle and absolutely love the results which I continue to see. My skin is more refined, even-toned and much more supple. The scent is very fresh and whilst some won’t enjoy it, I quiet like it.
    Smells So Good
    I kept seeing rave reviews about this product. When I first opened the bottle, I couldn’t get enough of the scent! Used it on my face and it removed all traces even though I wasn’t even wearing any makeup. Skin was left smooth, soft and fresh. Absolutely love this product!
    32 year old with breakouts!
    I’d been having constant breakouts around my chin and mouth for years (hormone related). I was super fed up so my doctor recommended taking the Yasmin pill but I was also recommended using this Cauldalie salicylic acid and the combination has cleared up my skin to the point where I feel confident not wearing make up now. I ran out of the Cauldalie a few months back and immediately broke out again so now I use it every night after taking my makeup off with micellar water.
    Excellent product
    I am in my late 20s with oily-combination skin, acne-prone with acne scars and red blemishes. I started using toners recently and I really like this product. I was sceptical at first but I see a difference after using it for 2 months now. Would buy again!!
    I now know this is a staple
    I have fallen in love with this toner and the brand as a whole. This is definitely a game-changer and has been using consistently for about 2 weeks. My skin is quite on the dry side and this doesn’t strip it at all. I can see a massive difference in my skin, it has made it so clear and can already see it is definitely helping decrease the size of my pores. With each use, I can see my skin becoming clearer and clearer, I rarely ever leave reviews but if you’re thinking of getting a toner this is definitely worth trying out! The smell isn’t overpowering either which is quite nice! Will be buying again.
    Game changer!
    This absolutely saved my dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin! I now have a completely clear complexion that glows and even attracts compliments. This stuff is so gentle but so effective. I highly recommend.
    This product right here is what you call a toner! Perfect for dry/ combination skin. Doesn’t leave your skin irritated or dried out but fresh, plump and clean clean clean! The bottle lasts a while as a little goes a long way. The smell is fresh and zingy, but not overpowering at all. Staple fave! Will forever be a purchase.
    Great Toner
    I bought this after seeing Priscilla Ono use it in her makeup tutorials and all I can say is it's a really great toner. My skin always feels extra clean and I have noticed a massive reduction in spots and blemishes in the 3 weeks I've been using it.
    I love this stuff! It's a proper toner, leaves your face feeling clean and is amazing on my combination skin, which feels fresh and revitalized. It's gentle, I love the smell, the fact that the bottle lasts a while, the bottle is practical and well designed. A skincare must have.
    So good!
    Love this toner for my skin. Stops my normal monthly break outs and leaves my face really refreshed.
    Lovely toner
    I love this toner by Caudalie. It smells nice and makes my skin feel lovely after I have used it. My skin always feels so clean and fresh after I have used it both morning and evening, and find I only need a small amount on the cotton wool pad when using this toner.
    Must Have
    I tried the very popular Pixi Glow toner before using this one and didn't see any visible difference. I was always one of those people who believed the toning step could be given a miss in your daily skin routine. But the Claudalie toner made me change my opinion. I love this one so much! My skin actually glows after using it and I look forward to my CTM every day coz I love using it. It smells divine and I love dabbing it onto my face every day, twice a day!
    Amazing, amazing, amazing!
    This product is one of my favourite skincare products I have ever discovered and used. It's so gentle, really removes impurities, skin feels clean but not sticky, greasy or pores filled with extra oil. My skin has definitely improved since using this product and spots have been reduced and it keeps sebum at bay and skin glowy and matte. Staple in my skincare routine. The lovely scent is added extra!
    Not that impressed
    I'm not seeing the difference in my skin. Smells nice and feels great but I don't see a difference like I do with others toner... Sorry.
    Amazing product!
    My pores are less visible, complexion improved and overall good looking skin. This product delivers its promise. Love, love and Love!
    Love it
    I like this toner a lot. I love the smell and the feel of my skin after using the toner. It's not sticky. Skin looks clean, calm and smooth.
    Nice :)
    I like this toner a lot. I've been using it already for a month, both morning and evening after washing my face and before applying my serum. It calms my sensitive skin and has a nice, subtle smell.
    Great for combo skin
    This is a really lovely addition to any skincare regime, especially if your complexion's 'having a moment' and not behaving. Smells gorgeous and I definitely noticed that it calmed down my angry red spots overnight (without drying).
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