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    BeYouBeYou Patch<p>An incredibly intelligent plaster to help ease your period pain and cramps, these BeYou Monthly Patches are 100% natural and made from steam-distilled eucalyptus and peppermint-derived menthol that create a 'cooling tingle' on application. Long-lasting <em>and</em> slow-releasing, each patch slowly delivers a cramp-numbing sensation to skin over 12 hours. The menthol and eucalyptus scent also provides a light, invigorating aroma that will help uplift you. Simply apply to the area of concern, day or night, you can apply them to your back, abdomen and even to your legs (it can take up to 30 minutes for them to start working) and then get dressed and carry on with your day. Incredibly discreet, easy to apply and remove (they don't hurt like normal plasters!), you'll wonder how you ever went without these before - watch out trusty hot water bottle, BeYou Patches are coming for your title. Finally, they're also vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable too! What's not to love?</p>BEY0011905250605536099955 stars, based on53 reviews 7.99Cult BeautyNew
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    BeYou BeYou Patch

    BeYou Patch
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    • Why it's Cult

      Determined to help alleviate period pain, BeYou boasts a range of Holy Grail natural products that offer stress and pain-free alternatives to aim to keep pesky period cramps and pains at bay, meaning you can carry on going about your day without Mother Nature getting in your way. Phewph! The brand's first creation, the BeYou Monthly Patches - formerly known as the Cooling Period Cramp Relief Patches - are 100% natural and infused with steam-distilled eucalyptus and menthol to help provide long-lasting and slow-releasing relief from period pain and cramps throughout the day. The patches (which come in a set of five) produce a 'cooling tingle' as well as an uplifting and invigorating scent that will make going about your day-to-day as stress-free as normal.

    • Description

      An incredibly intelligent plaster to help ease your period pain and cramps, these BeYou Monthly Patches are 100% natural and made from steam-distilled eucalyptus and peppermint-derived menthol that create a 'cooling tingle' on application. Long-lasting and slow-releasing, each patch slowly delivers a cramp-numbing sensation to skin over 12 hours. The menthol and eucalyptus scent also provides a light, invigorating aroma that will help uplift you. Simply apply to the area of concern, day or night, you can apply them to your back, abdomen and even to your legs (it can take up to 30 minutes for them to start working) and then get dressed and carry on with your day. Incredibly discreet, easy to apply and remove (they don't hurt like normal plasters!), you'll wonder how you ever went without these before - watch out trusty hot water bottle, BeYou Patches are coming for your title. Finally, they're also vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable too! What's not to love?

    • How to use

      Step 1: Peel off the protective liner from the cuts in the middle. If you can, try not to touch the sticky back of the patch as it may reduce how effectively it sticks to your skin.

      Step 2: Place the patch uniformly over the area you want the cooling effect. You can apply your patch wherever makes you feel comfortable. Pro Tip: It can take 20-30mins before you start feeling the cooling sensation.

      Step 3: After using, peel the patch off slowly and throw in the bin! If you're worried about hair, just use some warm water to help! We always advise taking the patch off in the shower, once it has been wet and the adhesive has loosened up a little.

    • Full ingredients list

      Mentha x piperata (Menthol Oil), Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus Oil), Tracaganth Gum Rosin Ester, Guar Gum Rosin Ester, Mineral Oil

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    BeYou - BeYou Patch

    BeYou BeYou Patch Reviews

    Life saver
    I suffer with a condition called endometriosis and usually on the first 2 days of my period my pain can become excruciating to the point where I will need a hot water bottle refilled every 10 minutes so it’s boiling hot to help ease my pain. This is my first month trying and they are amazing! Any time I can feel the pain coming on they just work their magic and it starts to fade into a dull ache that is more comfortable for me to deal with. They have a very strong menthol smell which I actually quite like. Will definitely be buying more each month!
    I've been using these for about 3 years now. Absolute godsend, it allowed me to reduce the amount of painkillers I had to take. Helps period and non-period related pain, used it on my knee once, the pain magicked away. They're so good, got a few friends to try them and they were amazed, one of them has endometriosis and she wasn't expecting much relief from it, but was pleasantly surprised. It's worth a try!
    Indeed amazing
    I was sceptical, having had horrible period pains every month, I've tried a lot. These definitely make me feel so much better! Cannot recommend it enough, just makes life easier and far more survivable.
    A lifesaver
    I get the worst period pains ever and I hate having to take painkillers all the time. I wear one of these when I go to work and the relief it gives me is absolutely amazing, I am actually able to get on with my life for once! Absolutely recommend!
    Instant relief
    It was a miracle for my back pain. The cooling effect is instant and instantaneous!
    I have endometriosis and suffer terribly each month with period pain, eg co-cocadmol doesn't normally touch the sides it's that bad. However, these patches used along with painkillers have been a game changer for me. Would thoroughly recommend them.
    Very Satisfied
    I bought the patches a couple of months ago but was a bit septic about them so I kept them in the bathroom drawer for the last cramps that I could take. Then last month it really hit me and I could do nothing for about an hour and since it's Winter I wasn't ready for the cold towel again, I was so desperate that I was even thinking about taking a pill (and never do!), then I remembered these patches! And there was no better time to try them on, I was septic and in so much pain but after 10 min they started to kick in and I felt like I just woke up from a bad dream! My day completely changed and I could just enjoy it without thinking about how heavy my bleeding was, lol. I already recommend it to my girlfriends and I'm going to keep buying them online until they are available in the stores in Portugal. THANK YOU TO THE CREATORS OF THESE PATCHES, you deserve a place in Heaven for sure.
    These are worth every penny! I’ve always suffered with intense cramps, even more so after having two babies and was a little skeptics labour trying these but honestly... they work straight away! They didn’t irritate my skin/stretch marks and it’s like it’s not even there! I wish I’d have known about these to pop in my hospital bag for after I gave birth... they would have been a godsend!
    I admit, I was a bit skeptical at these, with the price being a bit higher for me personally, I think 7.99 is a lot for some patches.... however... I can say worth every penny!!!! They smell menthol but it’s not overpowering and the pain relief is pretty much instant and it lasts all day even night. These are absolutely fantastic, much better than a traditional hot water bottle or period pain heat patches which i had always used. I have stocked up after feeling such relief with these I don’t want to be without. I really rate and love these.
    A godsend
    Brilliant. This morning my endometriosis pain was l so debilitating I couldn’t get off the sofa. A pack of these patches arrived for me at 1 pm, I applied one, and by 1:30 I was up and moving. Since then I’ve done housework, gone shopping and generally been able to do things I’d been unable to for days. The pain hasn’t completely gone - my stomach still feels a little uncomfortable - but it’s alleviated it hugely. I’ll definitely order more.
    I get really painful pre-period cramps. These just arrived in the post and amazing really helping me already. Stick on easily and after about 20 mins gradually feel it becoming more intense. It feels like deep heat but has no spell. Fantastic and all-natural going to but some more right now!
    I was very excited to try these as I read so many good reviews and I have always suffered from severe cramps on the first day of my period. However they did not work for me at all which was very disappointing as they are not cheap.
    Where has this been all my life?
    When I first saw the reviews on the Cult beauty site, I thought its worth a shot. The more I got older, my period pains got progressively worse...until I tried these. WOW. Not only does this eliminate the pain, the essential oil ingredients used is heavenly. I have suffered for so long with my pains, to the point of being sick/screaming in agony, but my god all women needs this in their life. It is unbelievable. Goodbye painkillers.
    Amazing for endometriosis and pcos
    Most amazing product for my endometriosis and PCOS! Gets me through work! I work abroad sometimes and it gets me through the flights. Last week I worked in Amsterdam and was due on so had a flare. It massively took the edge off! The patches are incredible!
    These little lifesavers have changed my period cramps for the better! Within 5 minutes of popping a patch on my cramps disappear, making it possible to go about my daily life! They smell absolutely incredible and last ages, certainly a must have if you like me have endometriosis or heavy painful periods!
    I have very hard times for the first 2 days, when I am on painkillers, can't stand and might even throw up. These patches have cooling effect and very nice calming scent. I put it on for night prior to the first day, and happily survive it through. For last 3 months I have taken meds only once, it was a really bad day. But for me it's a very good result.
    A lot of (uncalled for) hype...
    I have diagnosed endo and adenomyosis and I can assure you that these patches alone do not solve the crippling pain that I have during my period. In the latter days of my period, they provide some relief mostly because of their nice smell. The use of them earlier in my period leads to terrible nausea and absolutely no assistance for pain and that's with the anti-spasmodic and prescription pain medication I take. Once again if I can get past nausea, then it's just a nice smell and a tiny bit of extra heat (though later a cooler heat) that may help you. I think the super positive reviews are bit disingenuous and misleading and I feel they are not genuine reviews. Buy them if you want, but don't hold any hope for any chronic pain that you have to miraculously disappear because of these patches alone.
    It works!
    Was very skeptical about the product, but it's so effective for me. It only takes few minutes to feel the change. Thin and comfortable, the great smell is a bonus. I would definitely purchase again and recommend them to others.
    Comforting but not drug replacing
    So long lasting, easy to use, simple to apply and remove, smells lovely and is actually quite soothing for cramps but it only just takes the edge off for me so not a replacement for painkillers but I’d definitely purchase again.
    These are amazing
    Adore these patches. They are super comforting and have this wonderful tingling feeling which I love. They don’t take away 100% of my pain but enough that my medication intake has reduced drastically. I love ❤️❤️❤️
    Endometriosis life saver!
    I have severe pain with endometriosis every day, even when not on my period, and these help my pulsating ovaries and debilitating uterus cramps! Can’t fault them! Witchcraft if you ask me. So so so good! I’m in bed rest most days, but if I need to go out I wear one of these, I can do normal things again! They have given me a life back!
    Absolutely amazing!
    I suffer really bad period pains and this has been amazing! Goodbye to pain reliefs and hello to this! Can be used in bed and I can on with my normal day. This will be my fourth purchase!! Recommend to everyone!
    So good!
    I have severe endometriosis and these help so much! I still have to take my prescription drugs from the doctor but I’m able to go out whilst I have my period which is a first in many years! Thanks Cult Beauty for stocking this brand.
    These are fantastic for period pain. I have Endometriosis and these have really helped me deal with my symptoms. Highly recommend to anyone suffering cramps or even back ache!
    The best period pain relief!
    I have suffered with very painful period pains from the beginning and I hated the fact that the only way to get through it was to religiously take pain killers. The first time I tried these I was amazed. I got thought the whole day comfortable and pain free, which is a miracle for me. They stick on prefect and do not come off, even after a long day. I am so glad I have found these as I no longer have to take pain killers which is so much better for my body, would 100% recommend!
    Game changer
    Changed my life. This is the best product/subscription I buy each month. It has a huge positive impact on my life. Lasts around 6 hours for me. Due to suffering with endometriosis I am in pain most days. But these natural products allow me to continue my days as normal as I can.
    Not just a period pain reliever, it’s a life saviour!
    These patches have changed the whole period pain game! Being a person who’s very sceptical about using new products but I was amazed to know that this product is 100% natural based and works for 12 hours. I absolutely love the discreetness of the patch so it’s can be worn under anything and can’t been seen, it’s comfortable and the best thing for me is the sensational tingling and the really nice smell it has. I’m a endometriosis sufferer and having really bad period pains is a nightmare but using these patches have been my life saver. I would definitely recommend this product.
    Must have for period cramps
    These patches are a godsend for period cramps. They make sleeping during my period so much easier.
    Bye bye hot water bottle
    I used to use self-heating patches or a hot water bottle when I had cramps/aches & pains, but after hearing good things about this product I bought it. The price is a bit high, but I found the cooling menthol patches work even better than the usual heated ones I'd buy. I also like how it works on my period cramps AND back pain.
    I have always suffered with such bad cramps and as soon as these kick in you completely forget about it. Amazing if you don’t want to take tablets every few hours. Completely natural as well! You can also get them on subscription every month. If you don’t like tingly/menthol feeling then this isn’t for you. I’m obsessed
    Miracle product
    I never leave reviews but this really deserves one. I have suffered from debilitating cramps since I was 18 and these have really given me my life back! I tried everything from prescription painkillers, hot water bottles, baths and nothing made much of a difference. I bought these not expecting much and now they are a holy grail, I don't even need to think about using anything else. 100% worth trying if you suffer from bad cramps, nausea, or stomach issues during your period!
    Love these!
    For nearly a year now I have been experiencing the worst period pain of my life, it’s so bad I wouldn’t even describe it as period pain. When it hits it leaves me in agony for hours, all I can do is curl up on the floor until it passes. I’ve been back and forth trying to get some sort of diagnosis and I’ve been trying to find anything that might help in the meantime alongside meds I’ve been prescribed. When I heard about these I had to try them. Yesterday the pain hit me hard and whilst the patch didn’t get rid of the pain it made it somewhat more bearable. They are comfortable and I find the smell relaxing. Would honestly recommend these to anyone who is struggling with similar pain!
    I was skeptical at first with these as not usually one for aromatherapy and essential oils. These definitely take away the edge when it comes to period pain. Usually would be taking painkillers 3 or 4 times a day on the 1st day of my period when the pain at its peak. One dose or painkillers and one of these strips just under my belly button and I am comfortable for the whole day. The adhesive on the strips keeps them on all day but does not itch or irritate my sensitive skin. Also, the strips have a lovely cooling effect which is nice if you are like me and your period puts your inner thermostat on the blink!
    Didn't work
    I really wanted these to work... I was super excited to try them but sadly they didn't do much for me. They smell nice, and you don't feel them at all, but they I still needed painkillers
    Great product
    I've used one pack of these so far. I only needed to use each patch on first day of period which is always the worst for me- so one pack was enough for me to cover five months. It smells great for me- I live eucalyptus / menthol. It starts working within 30 mins from applying and It sticks well to my abdomen. It doesn't take the pain away fully, but it makes it bearable (I still take some painkillers with it, but just one dose- not every 3-4 hrs I would need without these patches) and I'm able to move about and do things. I'm about to order two more packs now! Highly recommended this product!
    Not a fan
    I had high expectations for the product, but unfortunately, it didn't do much to me. You feel a cooling/tingling feeling around the in pain area but I felt it caused much more pain than soothing. It might work for other people though...
    Miracle patches!
    These are amazing! Aside from the fact they are completely natural & vegan friendly... they work instantly. I originally bought them for my awful monthly periods but since I’ve been using them for my restless legs!! You won’t be disappointed with these!
    Give it a go!
    I was very apprehensive as I have struggled with painful periods since I was 13. I am now 32 and also suffer with endometriosis.These gave me hope and also worked rlly well despite still feeling pain. But where my pain was a 10/10 before it’s a 5/10 with the patches. I’d say I got the most relief in the first 6-8hrs and had to change them after.Definitely a long term purchase!
    Definitely Help
    These definitely take the edge off the cramps for me and are long lasting.
    I saw these on Zoe Sugg's story and was intrigued to see if they worked so I ordered some. They are actually amazing and relieved the cramps in about 10 minutes
    These certainly do help, but not enough that I can stop taking my tablets for period pain altogether. I’ll definitely still be buying them again to use together with my tablets for extra relief. I’d say if you have mild pain they would work for you.
    Ok product
    I used this 3 times when I have had my period and it’s helped a bit but I would recommend using it when your out and about but at home using a hot water bottle.
    It does work
    Я приятно удивлена, эти пластыри действительно помогают. Однако не так быстро и эффективно, как обезболивающее, по крайней мере, в моем случае. I am pleasantly surprised this really works. However, not as fast and effective as an analgesic, at least in my case.
    It’s okay
    Smells annoying, nothing special about it
    A godsend!
    I suffer from major pain and have done for years on end now, so I decided to purchase these after reading the reviews. I used two on the heaviest day where I cannot move or get out of bed. Within 10 minutes it was as though I was pain-free. The relief is sensational, the warming/cooling sensation brings so much comfort. No need for hot water bottles anymore or taking painkillers every 4 hours, I will just carry on using these. Thanks CB for stocking these!
    These help A LOT!!!
    I can't be without these now and find them very helpful with reducing pain and leaving me more comfortable! I can't really explain what I go through each month as it's more of an intense 2+ hours than an all-day occurrence. I can find myself waking up to doubling over in pain; the pain is so bad that I am normally sick and can't hold down medicine; because of this I've looked for alternative methods to reduce the pain and for the fact my body rejects taking medicine to reduce the pain as it just makes me sick!. After trying these last month I was amazed at how well they work and how instantly too! I wasn't sick for the first time in months and did feel slight pain still but nothing as worse as what it was before! I normally find a bath helps which was problematic with having these pads on but even so I feel they helped enough that I manage to get a bath later on in the day without being in the pain I used to be! I will reorder these every month now and even have a pack ready to take on holiday with me as I couldn't be without them now! Don't hesitate, buy these if you suffer each month as they really do help!
    Amazing product, smells insane and actually works.
    Amazing !
    Best thing since sliced bread, I suffer with PCOs and colitis - this helps so much. Really lovely cooling sensation.
    So glad I found these, I’ve suffered for years with really bad period pain and these have helped massively. They give the full 12 hour pain relief unlike other products on the market - you don’t have to break the bank unlike other pain relief pads on the market. I would suffer mostly in bed at night so was very glad that you can wear these during the night. They have made my period a lot more bare-able! Will definitely be purchasing again in time for my best period!
    Bye Bye Pain Killers
    In my teens and early twenties I couldn't relate to people that had period pain, I had never experienced it. Go a few years on from that and I found myself regularly standing in the pharmacy asking for the strongest thing I could get my hands on just to get in to work then eating them like sweets all day, with the additional guilt that I wasn't doing my body any good combating it in this way. I can now say I am 3 months pain killer free during my period thanks to these patches and can go about the day completely normally. I use them preventatively if I am suspicious it's about to get bad and always for bed. They're also amazing for any type of muscle strain - so I can manage to get through a gym workout with them on now and use them afterwards when I have done myself a mischief!
    Life saver
    The patches are a life saver I can get really bad cramping throughout the month ( I have suspected endometriosis) so cramping can get pretty intense. Since I have found these patches I have been able to cut down on the amount of painkillers I used to need to take. Also they are 100% natural so I don't get the tiredness like I would from painkillers I would take if I didn't have these patches.
    I can’t live without these beauties! 100% the only pain relief I will use! I have Endometriosis and they work so well. Headache-gone Cramp-gone Back pain-no more Leg ache-good bye! Must try!!
    Period Pain Saviour
    I'm not going to lie, I was sceptical but I'm so glad I tried these out. They smell incredible, were instantly cooling and the 'tingle' sensation eased/distracted from the chronic period pain I get that normally leaves me in the fetal position on my bathroom floor. I've used these before bed, first thing in the morning as well as during work and on dates. They're so discreet, long-lasting and unlike plasters, these peel off without ANY pain! I'm obsessed!
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