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    Recommended to us by nutritional expert Karen Cummings-Palmer, BeautyWorksWest’s ‘Youth’ all-natural food supplements were developed by French doctor and world-renowned anti-ageing specialist Dr. Daniel Sister. “A pure blend of free-radical busting Marine Algae and skin firming Amino Acids in quantities that count” says Karen, “’Youth’ is the perfect beauty booster, and even more essential for those who still occasionally skip breakfast (naughty). It's like food for the face and will help to support your muscles, your bones and your mood – but requires commitment! Take this two times a day as instructed, for a subtle but tangible increase in ‘gorgeous’ in four to six weeks.” Sounds almost too good to be true, but the unparalleled potency of ‘Youth’ not only helps fortify bones and support the immune system, but accelerates cellular repair and wards against free radical attack, to protect and preserve your skin’s youthful integrity.

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