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    NEW Escentric Molecules Travel Size Perfumes

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    Pick Your Perfect Scent

    Pick a fragrance that suits you
    Your perfume speaks volumes about you. It heralds your arrival, prolongs your departure, can inspire adoration or provoke a dormant memory. It is the ultimate accessory, unseen, unforgettable and something unique to you, so let us help you find the perfect fit… —– If you like {white linen, crisp cotton, seaside air and neutral tones} you’ll love ————————- CB I Hate Perfume {WINTER 1972} …which instantly evokes an untouched, frozen landscape; with bare trees silhouetted against a clear night sky and the sharp snap of twigs underfoot. ‘Sleeping earth’ is how creator Christopher Brosius describes this scent’s underlying grassiness; a refreshing heart which thrums beneath notes of ‘frozen forest’ and ‘falling snow’. Miller Harris {CITRON CITRON} …a bright, zesty fragrance that... Read More

    Accentuate Your Escentricity

    Escentric Molecules Body Wash
    Escentric Molecules’ founder Geza Schoen, has revolutionised the fragrance world. His pared-back yet distinctive scents grant wearers an enthralling aura, without ever smothering or overwhelming. Simply put, these react with your pheromones, so you’ll always smell incredible, and unlike anyone else.... Read More

    Lily Pebbles ‘Hearts’ Cult Beauty

    Introducing the beautiful Lily Pebbles – make up maven and founder of brilliant blog ‘What I Heart Today‘ – who like us, is obsessed with all things beauty. We religiously check her blog, twitter, instagram, facebook and youtube channel to keep up to speed with what she’s loving, recommending (and occasionally loathing) and suggest you do too… if you aren’t one of the gazillion clever bodies who do so already. Below we’ve showcased some of Lily’s Cult Beauty must-haves – the products that piqued her magpie-like curiosity and more than lived up to her expert expectations. So now there’s no need to take our word for their stand-out excellence – trust Lily who knows a great thing when she tries... Read More

    Learn more about our founders’ favourites…

    Everything that makes the ruthless Cult Beauty cut had been thoroughly tried, tested and put through its paces… but, just like every parent has a favourite child (*we jest*), our founders – Jessica and Alexia – have their faves from amongst our swathe of fantabulous products. They’ve spilled the beans on the CB booty they keep coming back to, and which everyday essentials they’d put up a serious fight for… Shop Founders’ Favourites >> JESSICA DELUCA, CO-FOUNDER and CEO >> << There are few things lovelier than a hot bath at the end of a long day, and REN’s Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil makes the whole experience a million times more indulgent. There’s a reason it’s got a permanent... Read More

    Cult Beauty in ES Magazine

    CB in ES
    When London’s Newspaper, The Evening Standard decided to feature a piece entitled, “Santa’s Got the Sack – Let Digital Elves Sort Your Shopping” they selected Cult Beauty as THE place to find your beauty gifts. They even did a shoot with me in our warehouse surrounded by treasure! See below: Click the following product names to read more about the products mentioned: Ying Yu Jade Facial Rollers, Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts... Read More

    Christmas Gift Ideas – Nathaniel the Nerd

    M01 Featured
    When conversing with Nat one always gets a nagging feeling that he’s calculating complex algorithms, just to use up some of the spare brainpower. You met in the Uni library, you were rocking and crying in a corner muttering “words…all…gone…life…over!”, he was trying to get to the printer. He recovered your thesis and saved your degree, and you enabled him to meet girls. Last year you asked him what he wanted, the answer involved such a complex awry of numbers and symbols that you opted out and got him socks. With all the life-saving tech advice you’ve had from him over the years, it’s time to get creative: Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 (100ml – £64, 30ml – £27) is a... Read More

    Don’t be like the rest, add a little Escentric-ity

    No-one wants to smell like everyone else and this boutique British brand, Escentric Molecules, is the perfect solution. Each collection 01, 02, 03 is built around a specific scent molecule (technical term aroma chemical).... Read More

    Take Molecule 01 on your travels!

    We make no secret of the fact that Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules is one of our all-time favourite fragrances. It’s the scent that’s always guaranteed to get someone asking you “What are you wearing?” every single time you put it on. And we’re in good company – Daisy Lowe, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss are all fans.  Now we can take it on holiday too, as it comes in a 30ml travel size – hurrah! The dinky bottle is just as cool and minimalist as the full-size original and it’s ideal for keeping in your handbag or packing in your suitcase for spritzing on the go. Developed by Geza Shoen, one of the hottest perfumers around, Molecule 01 is... Read More

    James Corbett’s cult picks

    Cult Beauty expert and A-list hair stylist James Corbett flew in from NYC to share his expertise with our customers at the Cult Beauty pop-up shop at Selfridges recently. And after testing out some of our newest brands on some very willing guinea pigs, he now has a new list of favourite cult products! Here James explains what he’s currently loving and why… “Rahua finishing treatment.  A tiny bit goes a long way.  A must for distressed locks.  The instructions say to leave in but I rinse it out so as not to weigh down locks, and hair is still amazingly hydrated & easier to comb. Tela Balance Shampoo.  It is delicate but amazingly efficient in cleaning without stripping.  Especially... Read More