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Jessica and Alexia started Cult Beauty in June 2008 because as (borderline obsessive) beauty consumers they had been disappointed one too many times. A mass of quarter-used, ‘meh’ products cluttering up their bathrooms inspired them to create a shop where a panel of experts make sure that everything on this site is ‘sell-your-granny’ good.

You have discovered a beauty hall of fame, curated by a panel of top hair and beauty experts – who aren’t allowed to recommend anything they are financially tied to – that you can shop in the knowledge that anything you buy will be outstanding. Grannies, be afraid!

But what makes a product ‘Cult’? Here are the guidelines we give our expert panel:

  • Does it do what it says on the tin, exceed your expectations and then introduced some new ones? Would it have to be prised from your cold, dead hands?
  • As soon as you try it you want to tell all your girlfriends about it – well at least the ones you like – it becomes brunch gospel.
  • You squeeze out every drop… and cut the packaging or sharpen it down to the nub, while all other products languish in your cabinet.
  • It’s found in every make up artist’s kit, you see it all the time backstage at fashion shows to turn partied-out models with distressed, lank hair into the goddesses you see in the show pictures.
  • Celebs swear by it and will even talk about their obsession without being paid a penny from the company for promotion….yup, that is “cult”!