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    Luxury Face Oil By {RODIN Olio Lusso}

    Luxury Face Oil

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      • Charlotte
        I love this oil, it's my absolute favourite and despite its hefty price will continue to buy it. It sinks in easily and leaves a glow and I think it helps contribute to a more even skin tone and less break outs. And I love the smell.
      • Palermo
        Definitely not worth the hype
        I really, really wanted to like this product but after using the entire bottle, I really couldn't see a difference in my skin. Two stars because it didn't have a negative effect.
      • -
        david lim
        Luxury oil mecca
        I would call Rodin Olio Lusso the luxury facial oil mecca, given its hefty price tag of £ 90. This divinely scented oil ( you may disagree if you can't stand the earthy jasmine aroma ) is the best facial oil I had ever used.

        I wouldn't give you the false reassurance that this oil is non greasy at all. For God's sake, it's an oil, of course it'll behave like any other oil. However, Olio Lusso is fluid light in texture & it's the lightest facial oil / massage oil I had ever used. I can endorsed that the texture & weight of this oil is not going to be any heavier that any of your high end, equally expensive night cream.

        Does this oil fight wrinkles / turn back time / firms & de-sag ? No, Linda never claims that.

        Is it worth its cult status & astronomical price tag ? Yes, IMO.

        This fabulous face oil leaves my skin soft, pacified, plumped & glowing, and I really enjoy its aromatherapeutic effect. This cult facial oil & its application is a ritual, a rather pampering ritual that brings that helps your skin to be its best.

        Many claims that they could make a similar concoction with home made recipes. Well, if you could produce a blend as outstanding as Rodin's, you could try; But unless you've tried Rodin Olio Lusso, you've no idea how divine this oil is. ( Trust me, I had tried some homemade blends utilising the most exclusive jasmine oil & rose otto essential oil, they're of course great, but none even come close to Rodin's creation )

        So, yes, I am converted.
      • -
        Camilla Peace
        Nourishing for dry skin
        I love everything that Millie Kendal recommends, so when I saw this come up I had to give it a try. I'm a real fan of face oils for my combination skin, as they seem to defy logic and balance the oily and dry areas all to a nicely even texture. I use four drops morning and four at night and then a foundation with SPF. I have to wait a little while for it to soak in before adding make up otherwise the foundation gets a little greasy, but if I cleanse well beforehand I only have to wait 2-3 minutes and use that time to massage my face. This leaves a great surface to work on and makes the fine wrinkles disappear at least for a few hours. can't recommend highly enough, thanks Millie.
      • Self-Employed
        Great oil...
        This oil is an over-priced facial oil which you could actually make by yourself if you felt like it. Its really nice to use for a facial massage before turning in at night. I think it is impossible to wear in the daytime: just oily. I gave three stars because it is overpriced For what it is.

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    • To experience an extraordinary sense of well-being, apply 2 to 3 drops morning and night to a cleansed face and neck. If you do this straight after a bath or shower while the skin is still slightly damp the facial oil will lock in the moisture for a beautiful finish. This incredibly versatile oil can be used as a moisturiser, to mix with foundation or to remove make-up.