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Living Luminizer By {RMS Beauty}

Living Luminizer

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    • Lynn Taylor
      {Make Up Artist}Lynn Taylor
      Creates a gorgeous 3D look
      The RMS luminizer is great to give a glow to lackluster skin and can be applied on the brow bone along with a bronzer, which you apply below the lumizer to create a 3D look and fabulous cheekbones! Also adds a little glam to a smoky eye, and softens the look.
    • Kenneth Soh
      {Make Up Artist}Kenneth Soh
      Kit staple
      This organic range was created to heal and nourish skin the products were used on. The ingredients used are all raw and food grade thus promising the Living and Nourishing qualities. It's surpassed everything I've expected from an organic range! This beautiful radiant illuminator is based on coconut and Castor oil and is so light and illuminating without any stickiness or oiliness. I was originally dubious but after using it on all my shoots as soon as I got mine, I can safely say it's stunning and will now be in my kit.
    • Emine Ali Rushton
      {Beauty Editor}Emine Ali Rushton
      A really lovely little highlighter, that looks very natural and flattering on skin. Some highlighters are too chalky or shimmery – this gives expensive healthy gleam, while also being 100% natural, so you can smooth over cheekbones, brows, even eyelids, knowing nothing dodgy is coming into contact with your complexion.
    • Laura
      Dewy perfection
      If you are looking for a natural highlighter (more like a natural luminizer though), look no further. It really does give you that unbelievable healthy glow, unlike most other highlighters which claim to do so when they are really just packed full of shimmer (not even glitter, necessarily, but just "meant to be subtle shimmer" that - to me at least - is still too noticeable and unnatural). This can provide you with that subtle "lit from within" glow, but you can also build it up to be more intense - yet still natural. GENIUS. Besides it is also cruelty free which is a major plus/must in my book. x
    • Helen
      Highlight for grown ups....
      You know those models that appear on polaroid like photographs in magazines? The ones that have this sheeny, translucent, perfect skin. This highlighter gives you that beautiful sheen. There's no micro shimmer in this product and to be quite honest with you, I doubt anyone would have a clue that beautiful glow you were sporting came from a jar. There are so many reasons this product is so popular: It's all natural, it adds moisture to the skin, it's super portable and it screams innocence and angelic glow rather than glitter bomb. When I run out, which will probably be in well over a year I'll definitely replace this. You can also mix this with lipsticks...most definitely a cult product. You need this in your life.
    • Mfourth
      This is the perfect luminizer. It is not to glittery or sparkly. The formula melts into your skin flawlessly and stays put. This is an everyday staple for those not interested in an over the top highlight.
    • ladybird747
      glowing from within
      I am a self-confessed highlight junkie and this product is the bomb! it is sooooo subtle and perfect for my no makeup makeup days! the organic ingredients soothe and care for my skin while imparting a gorgeous subtle glow. love it
    • Nurul Nadhrah Zainal
      My everyday highlighter !
      Most of the highlighters I own are far too shimmery for use during the day, but this one is PERFECT. People can hardly even tell that I have it on because it just blends into my skin and makes it look like I have naturally glowing, dewy skin.

      It comes in a tiny tiny pot; but don't be discouraged ! I use this almost every single day for nearly two months now and I've barely scratched its surface !
    • Charlie
      Really great product
      I was dubious as to whether I should spend this much money on a beauty product but after reading the reviews I splashed out and I'm so glad I did! As most other reviews state, it gives a very subtle dewy glow which is ideal if you aren't a fan of shimmery/glittery highlighters. Also, a little goes a long way so even though it comes in a pretty teeny pot I'm confident it will last me a long time.
    • Alicky
      Great product
      Moisturising and adds a lovely sheen to cheek bones. Is pricey, but only need a tiny bit each time so worth it.
    • mica
      Subtle, natural glow
      It is rather pricey, but if you want something natural-looking and luminous, it's worth the splurge. Plus, it has a slightly solid balm-like consistency which means that the product will last you a while!
    • Gulnara
      После многочисленных отзывов заказала и теперь это мой must have, создает мягкое свечение на коже, идеален для подсвечивания кожи вокруг глаз и лица. Очень экономичен, текстура мягкого бальзама. Обязательно куплю еще, думаю что одной баночки хватит не меньше чем на год.

      Google translated:

      Now it is mine, a must have, this creates a soft luminescence on the skin, it is ideal for sensitive skin around my eyes and persons. It is very economical, the texture of a soft balm. I won't have to buy this very often, I think that one jar will suffice for over a year.
    • James
      Feels nice
      The Living Luminizer has a nice cool goldy shade and makes nice eyes. It´s good for a business day, not to glittery! I also put it around my eye a little bit. Great buy!
    • Jen
      Stash Staple!
      This has now become a stash staple for me! I love the dewy look, but don't like having any noticeable glitter on my face. This is so perfect. It gives skin a gorgeous, healthy sheen with NO GLITTER in sight! I get that if you're used to more 'stark' highlighters you may think this doesn't do enough...but really it gives you the most gorgeous, natural glow, as if you take really good care of your skin. Plus it has a great INCI (ingredients) list...didn't break me out at all and my skin is very fussy!
    • -
      Because of the reviews and some online hype I jumped at the chance to buy this despite the high price for a highlighter. When it arrived I was quite shocked at how small the pot is, it is tiny. I have been wearing it on my cheeks and as instructed for three weeks now and I have to say how disappointed I am. Yes it does give a nice sheen but it is so subtle you hardly notice it. I have used many cheaper highlighters which are half the price and give off a much better glow – still subtle and natural – but this one is almost non-existent. I am going to give it another couple of weeks but do not think i will re-purchase :(
    • Cece
      Perfect for the dewy look!
      I've had this for about 3 months now and I love it. as someone with dry skin I am always on the quest for glowing dewy skin, and this is such a great little product. I hate anything slightly glittery and this is perfect, it has the loveliest sheen on the skin, very translucent which I love as you can build up how much you want to highlight. This is a staple for my make up bag now!
    • -
      J'adore !!!
      Un petit produit malin qui fait bien son boulot!! A utiliser aussi bien sur les parties charnues du visages pour les mettre en valeur que sur le dessous des sourcils pour agrandir le regard ! Effet éclat sans le côté paillettes, tenue parfaite... et sur peau bronzée c'est juste magnifique !
    • buyer
      Rms living luminizer
      It provides a really natural glow! I use it in different ways, to enhance different areas... cheekbones, as light eyeshadow, on lips..it also feels great on the skin, very nourishing(i have dry skin)..will definitely be a staple in my make up bag!
    • RETAIL
      gives you that just-took-a-nap-had-sex-and-had-a-bath look...
      I absolutely couldn't live without this luminizer. It perks up any skin tone and blends really well. I first read about RMS beauty in the book No More Dirty Looks, they gave it such a great review I wanted to try it and I've been hooked ever since. I have also used the Lip2Cheek which is great too. Just need to work my way through the rest of the products and review them now...
    • student
      I love it!
      Looks really natural + it's good for you!

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  • Apply sparingly with fingers. Blend over the cheek bones, brow bones, down the bridge of the nose and at the bow of the lips. Great as a lip gloss on its own, or in combination with the Lip2Cheek and Cream Eye Shadows for a more shimmery mouth. Mix sparingly with Un-Cover Up for a radiant sheen. Great for adding a glimmer to the eye - apply very lightly only over eye lid. Keep product at room temperature out of direct sunlight. If product melts, put in the fridge to restore to its proper form.