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RMS stands for Rose-Marie Swift, a personal make-up artist to a couple of angels amongst others. Rose-Marie has spent years researching the effects of chemicals in beauty products. She sees skin as ''a mirror to your gut'' & RMS is based on not killing ingredients with heat & chemicals. This is the only mineral range we have found so far that's rated by professional make up artists.

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Must haves

  1. 'Un' Cover-up Concealer

    'Un' Cover-up Concealer

    By {RMS Beauty}
    When faced with a pesky blemish, it's tempting to pile on the concealer, but resist the urge and try RMS Beauty's mineral concealer instead. It can be used as a concealer or a light...
  2. Living Luminizer

    Living Luminizer

    By {RMS Beauty}
    An ultra-sheer, mineral illuminating product with a translucent finish that will give skin the kind of glow you normally only get after a long relaxin
  3. Raw Coconut Cream 226g

    Raw Coconut Cream 226g

    By {RMS Beauty}
    There are no secrets with this cream - it's simply pure, certified organic coconut oil, which hasn't been interfered with by heat or chemical treatmen
  4. Defining Mascara

    Defining Mascara

    By {RMS Beauty}
    Ideal for those whose lashes are naturally long and lustrous, Defining Mascara lengthens and separates to create the impression of full, fluttering fringes with just a quick wave of its...