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The ingredient at the heart of the 100% organic rahua products is the nut that lends the brand its name. The women from the Quechua-Shuar tribe have used rahua nut oil for centuries to maintain luscious locks - the extraordinarily small rahua oil molecule penetrates deeply and fortifies the hair's cortex making it less likely to split or break and enhances your colour. Rahua Shampoo is a cult classic.

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  1. Conditioner


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    This 100% natural, organic conditioner contains nourishing Rahua oil, which is harvested by hand from the Amazonian rainforest & combined with aloe, g
  2. Finishing Treatment

    Finishing Treatment

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    If your hair's looking and feeling frazzled and brittle, give it some serious loving with this finishing treatment from rahua. The silicone-free, crea
  3. Omega 9 Hair Mask

    Omega 9 Hair Mask

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    Jam packed with nourishing Omega 9, rahua's latest offering is the kiss of life for hair that's in terminal crisis. This rejuvenating mask penetrates deep into the hair, where it sets to...
  4. Shampoo


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    The wonder ingredient in this organic shampoo is Rahua Nut oil, which is harvested by hand by indigenous tribes in the Amazon and is famed for its abi