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Deep Cleansing Mask By {Omorovicza}

Deep Cleansing Mask

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    • Emily
      oh mama
      I dished out the pennies for this following some wow reviews from well renowned bloggers. OH DEAR LORD, after the first use I could see a difference. I got a pretty serious break out, but then two or three weeks later (using the mask once a week) I found that I was getting fewer and fewer spots than I might usually expect. You can't expect a product to fix your problems instantly. Stick with it, find your groove and listen to your skin. For me, this mask is in my star product arsenal right along side Alpha-H liquid gold. I really believe you have to spend the pennies to defeat the blemish. It's that - or never touch chocolate/dairy again for the rest of my life... pfffft dream on!
    • Zacharine
      Not again
      The product smells amazing and it does give you this extra luxury feel after using it. However it has done nothing for my blackheads or minimizing the pores after using it several times. It actually makes it worse as it feels like it draws the dirt to the surface but can't get it out so you feel tempted to squeeze which of course is the worst. Not worth the price and not buying it again. (However I love the Thermal Cleansing Balm they do)
    • Marja
      Mwah, mweh
      After having read several raving reviews I decided to spent money on this mask. Well, me being a lifelong user of both high and low end brands (you name them, I've used them) I am somewhat disapointed. True, the mask does work as a good clay mask and is, according to the marketing style of any luxurious brand, very pleasantly scented which, I must admit gives me an extra nice feel altough I know very well that scented skincare ingredients almost never are amongst those that are good for your skin. Bottomline, the INCI list does have some promising ingredients amongst them, some doubtful ones too (at least, to me) and I cannot uptil now justify the asking price < a package of red clay, mixed with water almost does the same job BUT without the luxury feel/scent/convenience of use. So probably, being the cosmetics junkie that I am, I might be persuaded into trying one more item of this brand. Not sure yet.
    • Librarian
      Oh my word! This product is amazing. My skin looked and felt so clean and fresh It seemed to even out my complexion and plump. Worth every penny.
    • Student
      Not that promising
      I used the mask 8 times so I think I can give a fair review.

      This mask does even the skin tone and calm your skin but doesn't really help with blackheads, pores or impurities beneath the skin.

      I honestly don't think it's worth the money.
    • Beauty Blogger
      Hero Product
      I suffer quite badly from congested skin, which is also dry, and always leads to terrible acne if I'm not very strict about my skincare routine. I frequently get little bumps under the skin which take months to dislodge. I've used lactic acid cleansers, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid spot treatments... they're all fine but dry out the skin.

      This is my saviour.

      The first time I used it I was a little disappointed, it didn't seem to do much. After 6 weeks of using it once per week my skin is nearly bump free and incredibly clear - I can't imagine being without it now. It feels very soothing when on, though I do sometimes feel a tingle after a few minutes.

      I tend to use it after a run or steamy bath/shower when my pores are open to get the most benefit. The next morning my complexion is wonderful. My must-have skin care product, well worth the price.
    • -
      Lovely product / Definitely works
      I really like this product - it does a great job of cleaning my skin, especially the congested nose and chin areas. Goes on well, tingles just a bit while it is doing its work. I find I like to remove it as shown on the Omorovicza site: with a small towel/washcloth, dampened, it really gets great results. Omorovicza advises following up with the Queen of Hungary Mist - I haven't tried this yet but I just might because I am slowly being converted to their products.

      All in all, this is one of the better masks I've tried. It does exactly what it says: deep cleanses but without drying your skin out or being, in my opinion, overly aggressive. It's a keeper. Only down side so far is the fact that the jar is really small so you don't get that much for your money. That said, I use very little and it's enough to cover the face (versus the more "liberal" application per instructions). The small amount seems to work so I'll be continuing to use.
    • Film Director
      It works
      This is serious stuff. This mask really does a profound cleaning job!
      After applied it becomes warmer.
      Worth the price. REALLY CLEANS.

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  • After washing your face and neck, apply at least a generous 50p-sized dollop to the face and neck (avoiding the eye contours). After it dries, use warm water to scrub away. Rinsing away works best with an Omorovicza cleansing mitt or regular muslin cloth. You should be able to peel it off, but rinsing works best. TOP TIP:If you do it before a shower, the steam in the bathroom will help open your pores. This will draw any toxins in your skin to the surface so do not do a mask before a big event.