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    • MrsCox
      Not for me...
      While this cleanser has it's merits, it just doesn't compare to the Emma Hardie I'm afraid. Eve Lom didn't perform as well across the board, and I also didn't care for the smell. However, the Eve Lom packaging is much better and more robust than the Emma Hardie. Overall, I wouldn't purchase again, and I'll be sticking with my beloved Emma Hardie Balm.
    • Venus
      Prefect cleanser
      I love the smell. It does the best job deep cleansing a dirty face (removes make up and relaxes the skin especially after the whole day at work). It 's the best cleanser I've ever used. I will buy it continuously.
    • Kindred Spirit
      Brilliant! but that smell...
      I took a travel size sample with me on holiday and had to use it for a while week. Works very, very well. Unfortunately, I couldn't stand the smell. Normally, I am OK with herbal/ medicinal scents but this one was so strong that after a week I couldn't bear it any more. If you are sensitive to smells steer clear from this baby.
    • Jo
      It is my must forever
      Best thing ever. Cleans well, big pot is enough for a year for me. Doesn't smell that nice but you get used to it. Together with asian DHC oil it will be the best cleanser ever for me.
    • -
      Deserved of the hype
      I had often pondered why this product was such a beauty aficionados choice of cleanser, having always been wary of mineral oil based products. But my rational side figured it after all a cleansing product rather than a leave on treatment. The smell is quite different to any other cleanser on the market, pungent and somewhat medicinal which I love as it makes it feel like a real hard hitting product.

      This is excellent for massaging the skin and thoroughly dissolves the day. Crucially for me this leaves my combination skin feeling incredibly balanced, with a sumptuous silky texture, to the point where I wouldn't be concerned if I had no follow up night products. I now have this in a 500ml vat so as to never be without. Give it a go!
    • Bookworm
      Great product
      I am reviewing this on a sample product that i was sent during Cult Beauty's recent birthday celebrations. And the few uses I had have converted me. The cleanser consists of a yellow paste that smells of cloves and I was intially wary, believing that it would lead to breakouts. But it hasn't AND its even managed to reduce the size of some of the pores around my nose. I was unconvinced, however continued use has me convinced. Its on my wishlist and I can't wait to get started.
    • Mama Extraordinaire*
      Effective & calming
      I've been using this since 2004 & I'm devoted. It always thoroughly cleanses and calms my skin no matter what the day or life is throwing at me!
    • -
      Cleansing and relaxing!
      Have never been much of a cleanser type of girl but I can't stop using this one. Texture feels soft and exfoliating at the same time and it really gets rid of all make-up/polution your skin might have.
      Also, love the smell (I think it's the cloves extract).

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  • Take a blob of the cleanser & warm it in the palm of your hand. Apply straight onto dry skin & massage in for a minute, starting with your face & finishing with your eyes (so you don't smudge black everywhere), spend extra time massaging where make up is heaviest & it will melt it away. Take your muslin dip in warm water & squeeze most of it away. Wipe away your eye make up, rinse the cloth again then hold it against your face to steam & activate the oils, then wipe it all away with cold water.