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Molecule 01 Travel Size Refill (30ml) By {Escentric Molecules}

Molecule 01 Travel Size Refill (30ml)

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    • Rachel
      Great scent
      I decided to try this after reading the reviews in the hope of being chased down the street simply because I smelled so good, especially as this has never happened to me before. I haven't been chased down the street but weirdly enough I have had lots of people compliment me on my perfume which is a bit of a first. Smells great.
    • watcherwoman
      So unique
      I love this perfume. I spray it on myself throughout the day just to smell it. Its Beautiful! The travel size price makes this completely unique and wonderful smell affordable too!
    • IS
      Molecule 01
      I was complimented on it the first time I wore it. Unfortunately I cant smell it on myself at all. A pity as it does smell lovely when I first put it on.
    • Blondebombshell
      Received Molecule 01 very swiftly from CB great service, love the smell however I cannot smell it on myself at all, it smells very strongly on friends but very faint on me.
    • -
      When They Love You But They Don't Know Why
      This has been my go to scent for over 10 years now. Remember smelling it on a female friend and commenting how lovely it was. She told me it was unisex so I asked if I could try some. When she put it on it was hard to notice any scent, very subtle. That afternoon I had the first of dozens of compliments asking me what I was wearing.

      The unique and intangible equation about Molecule 01 is that it really doesn't smell the same on everyone. For me though, the compliments are almost daily. I find that people react as if something has touched their senses on a deep level. "You always smell so good.' 'You smell gorgeous, what is that", etc. 01 is my scent for life.

      Two bottles a year works just fine. Shame the travel sizes aren't a little bit more cost effective otherwise I'd have one in my bag everyday. It's a five star scent but here I'll give it four stars, just because the 100ml is £65.50 and the 30ml is £38. That and the fact that Molecule never seems to be included in Cult Beauty offers. Still my favourite scent of all time. For me it works an absolute treat. I may not be able to smell a thing but others around me love it!
    • Shegsie
      Lovely on me
      Ordered the travel version in case it was a failure. Initially it smells chemically but this fades to a not unpleasant black pepper scent which then turns into something bordering floral but a deep floral but not spicy floral. I haven't had people rush up to me to ask what I'm wearing but neither have I had people running in the opposite direction. I think it smells stronger to other people rather than yourself. Happy with purchase and would buy again.
    • Linny
      Beautiful smell, last's all day. Love it smells fresh and sexy!
    • Solihull
      Lovely smell, love it. Everyone asks what perfume I have on.
    • Celebrity Beauty Stalker
      Beauty Writer
      It was love at first sniff and my inner soul had to have Molecule 01! A child from 5 metres will compliment you.
    • PR Director
      Lives up to the hype
      I've been familiar with thus fragrance for a few years after noticing it in various people. As a Miller Harris devotee it has taken me a while to get around to buying molecule 01. I'll be using both from now on. It is true what they say there is something incredibly magnetic about Molecule 01!
    • Blameitonmywildheart
      I'm already a fan of Escentric 01. Bought the 30ml size of Molecule 01 so I could try it out without committing to a larger and more expensive bottle.

      I prefer niche fragrances to the mass market department store favourites. I don't like to smell like everyone else.

      Molecule 01 changes throughout the day and smells different on everybody. A truly magical and unusual perfume.

      I think I'll get another bottle for my sister for Christmas.
    • Freelance Media Producer
      Bloody awful
      I feel compelled to write this as this perfume has given me a few skin tags around my neck and has brought me out in spots! I thought it might be a coincidence so I stopped using it, after a few weeks of a lot of aloe Vera on my neck to get rid of the rash I thought I should try again and the rash came back. I have never had a reaction to anything before so this is definitely trouble for my skin. Just thought I should share this with you, and all for nothing as my husband said it smelt of nothing on me.
    • -
      I like this Refill because it is cheaper, but is the same as the travel size, without the box.

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