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Beauty Elixir By {Caudalie}

Beauty Elixir

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    • Kristi
      This is my favorite mist. I love everything about it.
    • Selma | MeteoBeauty.com
      Pep up that skin Caudalie!
      A very fine treat for dull, tired skin that is packaged in a luxurious glass bottle is something everyone would appreciate. It does have alcohol and perfume high in the ingredients list so that's the reason why I won't award it with the five-star-treatment. However, it is very lovely face mist. It has a unique, a bit bitter menthol scent.
    • Olya
      This spray feels like heaven, so fresh and light, my skin feels and looks pampered and glowing with health.
    • Sal2mrs R
      Beauty elixir love
      Love this product so nice on the skin.
    • Caroline Hirons - Beauty Blogger
      I can feel it working...
      I use this at the toner stage of my routines in the mornings – mainly when I’m suffering from rogue breakouts or want my skin to ‘perk up’ – and although designed to ‘smooth features, tighten pores and give the complexion a burst of radiance’ I find that it literally dries up my spots. I can feel it working – in a good way – and my spots are worse when it runs out.
    • Lisa
      Smells lovely
      I have two bottles of this-one small and one large. The large one has a green line at the top that disperses when I shake it (I take it that it is just the contents settling). I mainly use it at night - I have used it during the day-and I have to say that the smell itself is aromatherapy-crisp and fresh and it does feel tight on the face. Beyond that I can't comment.
    • Svetlana
      Addicted to BEAUTY ELIXIR
      One of my favorite beauty products! A MUST HAVE!
    • lola
      Thank you Mrs Bekham for suggesting this products!
      I've discovered the beauty elixir thanks to Victoria Beckham who tweeted about it. She was right, it's just amazing. I use it in the morning to set my make up and throughout the day as it give a nice glow and tightens pores. I will definitely buy again! A MUST HAVE.

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  • Hold the glass bottle 30cm from your face, close your eyes and mist all over, it smells gorgeous so take a few deep breaths. Use as a toner under your moisturiser, or between your foundation and powder to set your make-up. Eau de Beauté can also be used throughout the day to refresh your face and boost radiance of your skin.