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Beauty Elixir By {Caudalie}

Beauty Elixir

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    • Boonyarat
      Smells good
      A quick pick-me-up during the day or in-flight. The scent is strong and some people might not like it. I don't see any difference on skin improvement though.
    • Line
      I'm addicted
      I can never be without this. I use it morning and night after using an exfoliating toner and sometimes to set my makeup. It really calms my skin down and makes it glow. I've gone through numerous bottles and I will always have a backup ready.
    • Kirby
      Love, love, love
      Elixir really is the right word for this little glass bottle of goodness. I use it morning and night, and often throughout the day when I feel like my skin just needs a lift. It's smells gorgeous: fresh and clean and citrusy, and it just works.
    • rosyposyposyrosy
      Love it mainly for the scent
      I love the beauty elixir and cannot be without it. A spritz of this before my moisturizer freshens up my face and the scent is very relaxing.
    • AiAi
      I love this product! The smell, the way it feels, the packaging, its all wonderful. It's so refreshing to spritz on your face in the morning before you moisturise and at night after you've taken your makeup off and it smells so fresh and clean!
    • Kristi
      This is my favorite mist. I love everything about it.
    • Selma | MeteoBeauty.com
      Pep up that skin Caudalie!
      A very fine treat for dull, tired skin that is packaged in a luxurious glass bottle is something everyone would appreciate. It does have alcohol and perfume high in the ingredients list so that's the reason why I won't award it with the five-star-treatment. However, it is very lovely face mist. It has a unique, a bit bitter menthol scent.
    • Olya
      This spray feels like heaven, so fresh and light, my skin feels and looks pampered and glowing with health.
    • Sal2mrs R
      Beauty elixir love
      Love this product so nice on the skin.
    • Caroline Hirons - Beauty Blogger
      I can feel it working...
      I use this at the toner stage of my routines in the mornings – mainly when I’m suffering from rogue breakouts or want my skin to ‘perk up’ – and although designed to ‘smooth features, tighten pores and give the complexion a burst of radiance’ I find that it literally dries up my spots. I can feel it working – in a good way – and my spots are worse when it runs out.
    • Lisa
      Smells lovely
      I have two bottles of this-one small and one large. The large one has a green line at the top that disperses when I shake it (I take it that it is just the contents settling). I mainly use it at night - I have used it during the day-and I have to say that the smell itself is aromatherapy-crisp and fresh and it does feel tight on the face. Beyond that I can't comment.
    • Svetlana
      Addicted to BEAUTY ELIXIR
      One of my favorite beauty products! A MUST HAVE!
    • lola
      Thank you Mrs Bekham for suggesting this products!
      I've discovered the beauty elixir thanks to Victoria Beckham who tweeted about it. She was right, it's just amazing. I use it in the morning to set my make up and throughout the day as it give a nice glow and tightens pores. I will definitely buy again! A MUST HAVE.

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  • Hold the glass bottle 30cm from your face, close your eyes and mist all over, it smells gorgeous so take a few deep breaths. Use as a toner under your moisturiser, or between your foundation and powder to set your make-up. Eau de Beauté can also be used throughout the day to refresh your face and boost radiance of your skin.